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哈尔滨市医科大学第二医院网上预约挂号南岗区儿童医院怎样预约Billionaire casino tycoon Lui Che-woosays Macau’s gaming industry was heading into a “new era”, following a sharp drop in revenue caused by Beijing’s crackdown on corruption and ostentatious spending.亿万富翁、大亨吕志和(Lui Che-woo)表示,在中国政府打击腐败及奢靡之风的运动导致营收急剧下滑之后,业正进入“新时代”。Mr Lui’s Galaxy Entertainment yesterday reported a 9 per cent rise in full-year revenue to HK.8bn (US.3bn), making it one of the sector’s better performing operators in 2014. Melco Crown, for example, suffered a 6 per cent drop in income over the same period. However, Galaxy admitted 2014 was a year of two contrasting halves, with group revenue falling 15 per cent in the quarter ending December 31. Mr Lui called last year “one of the most challenging periods in the history of Macau”.昨天,吕志和旗下(Galaxy Entertainment)报告全年营收增长9%,达到718亿港元(合93亿美元),从而使该公司成为2014年业内表现较好的运营商之一。相比之下,新濠亚(Melco Crown)在同一时期的利润遭遇了6%的下滑。不过,承认2014年前后两个半年的对比十分鲜明。在截至12月31日的一个季度内,集团营收下滑了15%。吕志和称,去年是“史上挑战最大的时期之一”。Robert Drake, Galaxy’s chief financial officer, acknowledged that China’s high-profile campaign to root out corruption, along with the slowdown in the economy, had taken its toll on the sector in the second half of the year. Turnover in Galaxy’s VIP gaming rooms dropped 16 per cent in the fourth quarter, in keeping with broader trends in the sector.首席财务官罗伯特#8226;德雷克(Robert Drake)承认,中国高调的反腐运动和经济放缓,在2014年下半年令业付出了代价。该年第四季度,贵宾室的营业额下滑了16%,与业内整体趋势相符。Analysts expect overall gaming revenue in Macau to start growing again in the second half of this year, though largely thanks to the favourable base- effect of last year’s contraction.分析师预计,业总体营收会在今年下半年再次开始增长,不过这在很大程度上要归功于去年缩水导致的较低基数。Like high-rolling gamblers, investors have shunned Macau’s casinos over the past year. Bloomberg’s index of Macau gaming companies has fallen 55 per cent since January 2014. Galaxy’s shares have fallen 56 per cent.和出手阔绰的赌客一样,去年投资者也回避了。自2014年1月以来,彭(Bloomberg)企业指数已下跌55%。的股价也已下跌56%。Galaxy announced a special dividend of HK.28 per share while noting that it is “virtually debt free” with a net cash position of HK.2bn. Last year it paid two special dividends totalling HK.9bn.公布了一项每股0.28港元的特别股息计划,并指出该公司“几乎毫无负债”,净现金头寸达82亿港元。去年,该公司曾付总计49亿港元的两次特别股息。Shares in Galaxy finished 3.2 per cent higher yesterday, in a broader market that was up 1.5 per cent.昨天,股价收盘时上涨3.2%,相比之下大盘上涨了1.5%。 /201503/365929黑龙江九院好吗 The world’s airlines have pledged to “never let another aircraft vanish” as they laid out plans to ensure that aircraft in flight can be properly tracked to avoid a repeat of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.全球航空公司承诺“不再让另一架飞机消失”,它们已制定计划,确保飞行中的飞机得到妥善追踪,以避免马航(Malaysia Airlines) MH370航班失踪的事件重演。In a sign of how the industry seeks to learn lessons from the disaster, the International Air Transport Association on Tuesday said it would create a “task force” to examine the options available for tracking commercial aircraft. Conclusions would be published by December.国际航空运输协会(International Air Transport Association)周二表示,将成立“特别工作组”,研究追踪商用飞机的可用选择。结论将最迟在12月公布。这一迹象表明,航空业希望从此次灾难吸取教训。The development came as Malaysia released an official transcript of the last words spoken in the cockpit, saying there was “no indication of anything abnormal”.与此同时,马来西亚公布了MH370驾驶舱的最后通话内容的官方记录,表示其中“不存在任何不正常迹象”。“In a world where our every move seems to be tracked, there is disbelief both that an aircraft could simply disappear and that the flight data and cockpit voice recorders are so difficult to recover,” said Tony Tyler, Iata director-general, as the association opened its annual operations conference in Kuala Lumpur.国际航空运输协会总干事汤彦麟(Tony Tyler)表示:“在我们的一举一动似乎都可以追踪的当今世界,人们很难想象一架飞机竟然会消失,而飞行数据和驾驶舱语音记录器这么难回收。”该协会的年度运营大会在吉隆坡开幕。“Air France 447 [which crashed in the South Atlantic in 2009] brought similar issues to light a few years ago and some progress was made. But that must be accelerated. We cannot let another aircraft simply vanish,” he said. “And it is equally clear that governments must make better use of the passenger data that they mandate airlines to provide.”“几年前,法航(Air France)447航班(2009年在南大西洋坠毁)揭露了一些类似的问题,我们取得了一些进展。但我们必须加快这一过程。我们不能再让另一架飞机就这么消失,”他表示,“同时,各国政府显然必须更好地利用它们要求航空公司提供的乘客数据。”Iata represents 240 airlines comprising 84 per cent of global air traffic.国际航空运输协会代表240家航空公司,占全球航空业务量的84%。The search for flight MH370 has entered its fourth week, with 10 planes and nine ships searching a roughly 120,000 sq km area west of the Australian city of Perth on Tuesday.对马航MH370航班的搜寻工作已进入第四周,周二有10架飞机和9艘舰船在澳大利亚珀斯以西大约12万平方公里的搜索区域进行搜寻。The effort is being run by an organisation set up by the Australian government, known as the Joint Agency Coordination Centre. It is headed by retired air chief marshal Angus Houston. The JACC will continue to work with Malaysian authorities.搜寻工作由澳大利亚政府成立的联合机构协调中心(Joint Agency Coordination Centre)负责。该中心由已退休的澳大利亚空军上将奥古斯#8226;豪斯顿(Angus Houston)领导。该中心将继续与马来西亚政府合作。 /201404/283659About 100 years ago, Pablo Picasso set off to the Musée du Trocadéro in Paris to study some plaster casts of Romanesque sculpture. Legend has it that, once inside the museum, he took a wrong turn. He ended up in a room of African masks. Picasso’s false move changed the way he looked at the world. He went back to his studio and made some changes to a painting he had been working on.大约在100年前,毕加索(Pablo Picasso)动身前往类学物馆(Musée du Trocadéro)学习一些罗马式雕塑的石膏模型。按照后人的传说,毕加索进入物馆后,拐错了弯,最后进入一间非洲面具的陈列室。毕加索走错了路,却改变了他看待世界的方式。他回到自己的工作室,对他一直采用的绘画方式作出了一些改变。It was a group portrait of five prostitutes, looking defiantly at the viewer. Picasso changed three of the women’s faces into something that resembled the masks he had just seen. And with those few brush strokes, “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” upset the course of 20th-century art. It was painting’s “African moment”, when artists turned their back on the academic strictures and barren themes of western art history, and re-found the energy and simplicity that had been lost over the centuries.这是一幅由5个的肖像构成的画作,画中人物挑衅地注视着观赏者。毕加索把其中3张女性的脸换成了与他见过的面具类似的样子。在几笔笔触的作用下,《亚维农的少女》(Les Demoiselles d#39;Avignon)搅乱了20世纪的艺术进程。这是绘画界的“非洲时刻”,这一刻艺术家放弃了学术上的狭窄以及西方艺术史上沉闷无趣的主题,再次找到了已经消失了几个世纪的活力和质朴。In the changed world of the 21st century, that story aly sounds ridiculous. Globalisation has shrunk the cultural and business worlds, while the rapid dissemination of material unleashed by new technologies means there are no wrong turnings any more, just the frenetic and relentless criss-crossings of more and more information superhighways.在时过境迁的21世纪,这个故事听起来有些荒唐。全球化缩小了文化和商业世界,新技术释放的材料被迅速传播,这意味着不会再有拐错的弯,而只会有在越来越多的信息高速公路上狂热而无情的纵横交错。There are ever fewer discoveries to be made by the established cultural superpowers as they ransack the rest of the world’s artistic traditions. In London alone, there is art, theatre and cinema on offer from all over the world on a weekly basis. Divergent literary forms cross-fertilise to form new hybrids: you find magical realism set in the suburbs of Paris, satirical haikus bouncing around the internet, the taut prose of the great mid-century American authors used to describe village life in central Asia.随着老牌文化大国不断探寻世界其他地区的艺术传统,它们的发现越来越少。仅在伦敦,每周便有来自世界各地的艺术、戏剧和电影可供选择。百花齐放的文学形式在相互影响下形成新题材:你能发现巴黎郊区的魔幻现实主义布景,互联网上颇为流行的讽刺俳句,以及本世纪中期伟大美国作家创作的齐整散文被用来形容中亚乡村生活。The countries that constitute the emerging markets of the world — defined for these purposes by the World Bank Atlas categorisation of a gross national income per capita of less than ,746 — are, in many cases, aly leading players on the world’s arts scene.在很多情况下,构成新兴市场的那些国家,已经是世界艺术舞台上的主角了。世界(World Bank)的全球发展地图将人均国民收入低于12746美元的国家定义为新兴国家。Their economies may be playing catch-up with the world’s most developed nations, but their cultural offerings are aly there. It is inconceivable to think of a global cultural discussion without reference to African literature, Asian cinema or the visual art scene of the Americas.新兴国家的经济也许还在追赶世界上最为发达的国家,但它们的文化产品已经赶上了发达国家。如果一场全球文化讨论没有提到非洲文学、亚洲电影或者美洲视觉艺术,那简直是不可想象的。The reasons for this self-confident blooming over the course of the past century are manifold. Some are related to Picasso’s “African moment”. Artists are always in need of formal refreshment, if only to react against their own traditions. As they began to travel, they encountered alien cultures, which in turn influenced their own work. The new mass media helped to sp the word.关于百年来这种自信绽放的解释有很多。一些原因与毕加索的“非洲时刻”有关。艺术家总是需要形式上的新鲜补充,即便只是为了反抗他们本身的传统。当开始旅行时,他们会遇到异国文化,这反过来会影响他们自己的作品。新的大众媒体有助于传播讯息。Each country, too, has developed its own popular culture tradition. For years, India has been the biggest film-producing country in the world, with roughly double the output of US movies. Bollywood blockbusters traditionally have been treated with disdain as “bad girl, good girl, bad guy, good guy, romance (with no kisses), tears, guffaws, fights, chases, melodrama”.每个国家也会发展自己的流行文化传统。多年来,印度一直是世界上最大的电影出品国家,其电影产量几乎是美国的两倍。宝莱坞大片通常会被轻视为“坏女孩、好女孩、坏男人、好男人、浪漫(没有接吻)、眼泪、爆笑、打斗、追逐、情节剧”的代名词。But that very e comes not from a patronising westerner, but from India’s own Satyajit Ray, the country’s most distinguished director, who helped to form a “parallel cinema” movement in the 1950s that produced beautifully crafted works that found respect all over the globe.但是,这种描述并非来自傲慢的西方人,而是出自印度最著名的导演萨蒂亚吉特#8226;雷伊(Satyajit Ray)之口。上世纪50年代,雷伊帮助造就了“并行电影”(Parallel Cinema)运动,该运动带来的精美作品赢得了全球的尊重。Each nation has mirrored this bifurcation between a vigorous, accessible and profitable cultural sector, and one, often subsidised by governments, that champions more difficult and ambitious work. The best of these offerings find cultish box office success far outside the country of their origin: the small gems of Iranian cinema, the visually sumptuous movies of the Chinese new wave, the melancholic masterpieces of eastern Europe — all are avidly followed by an international audience.每个国家都有这种分化现象:一方面是充满活力、普通人喜闻乐见、有利可图的文化产业,另一方面是往往由政府资助、以更难懂和更加雄心勃勃的作品为代表的文化领域。这些作品中最优秀的代表会在本国以外取得丰厚的票房成功:伊朗电影佳作、中国新一代视觉盛宴型电影、东欧忧郁系杰作——这一切都受到国际观众的热情追捧。The art market, that shrewd and volatile performance indicator of cultural preferences, has not been slow to cast its voracious eye over emerging nations. A couples of decades ago, examples of the best Chinese contemporary art could be purchased for between ,000 and ,000 a piece. Those prices increased spectacularly in the intervening period, reaching respectable, if not quite Picasso-esque, levels: an oil on paper landscape by Wu Guanzhong sold for a record .5m in November 2011.艺术市场是有关文化偏好的精明而易波动的表现指标,在将贪婪的目光投向新兴国家时从不迟钝。大约20年前,中国最好的当代艺术作品可能以每幅2万至3万美元买到手。自那以来,这些作品的价格大幅提高,达到了相当高的水平,即便还赶不上毕加索作品的身价:2011年11月,吴冠中的一幅风景油画以创纪录的2350万美元售出。The growing market for Chinese contemporary art is a good indicator of what the developed world looks for in the arts of the emerging nations: not only novelty value, but also a feeling that the art is helping to define those countries’ sense of nationhood. Often the artists have to work on forbidden themes and in defiance of repressive governments.日益增长的中国当代艺术市场,很好地表明了发达世界在新兴国家艺术中所寻找的东西:不仅在于新奇价值,还有一种艺术正在帮助界定这些国家的民族认同感的感觉。艺术家往往不得不挖掘被禁的主题,无视政府的压制。Much of that sense of danger and existential heft has disappeared from the art of the developed world, which becomes tied down in ever more internal formal dialogues. The art and literature of those countries that are still finding their way towards greater economic prosperity and civic maturity feel like it matters. There is no greater allure for any art-lover than that.此类危险感以及存在的凝重感大部分已从发达世界的艺术中消失(后者越来越拘泥于内向的形式对话)。在那些仍然向着更大的经济繁荣和更成熟的公民社会摸索着前进的国家,艺术和文学给人的感觉是它们是重要的。对艺术爱好者来说,没有比这更大的诱惑了。 /201505/376339哈尔滨九院电子病历

甘南县私密整形多少钱Just one week ahead of David Cameron’s trade visit to China, the Office for National Statistics confirmed that, for the first time, Chinese citizens account for the largest group of migrants to the UK, with 40,000 coming to Britain in 2012 compared with 29,000 in 2010.就在戴维?卡梅伦(David Cameron)对华贸易访问前一周,英国国家统计局(Office for National Statistics)确认中国公民首次成为移民英国人数最多的群体,2012年进入英国的中国人有4万人,相比之下2010年为2.9万。China’s rise to top spot is partly because of India’s sharp decline – caused by steep falls in the number of Indian students coming to the UK to study. While Indian arrivals topped 60,000 in 2011 and 65,000 in 2010, the number has now fallen to 37,000 after a clampdown on student visas and Home Office rhetoric about cutting immigration from outside the EU.中国升至移民人数榜首,部分是因为印度移民人数出现了剧烈下滑,主因是到英国学习的印度学生人数剧烈减少。尽管2011年和2010年从印度移民至英国的人数分别以6万人和6.5万人位居第一,今年在英国收紧学生签及英国内政部宣称要减少欧盟(EU)外移民人数之后,这一数字下跌至3.7万人The latest statistics show the number of visas being granted to Indian students has fallen 24 per cent.最新统计数据表明,发给印度学生的签数量已下跌了24%。China’s new dominance in the immigration table represents a partial success for the coalition, which has been striving to build links with the country. But critics urged ministers not to pursue new diplomatic ties at the expense of existing friendships.中国在移民人数中新占据的首要地位在一定程度上表明了英国政府的成功——这届政府一直在努力加强与中国的联系。不过,批评者敦促政府官员不要以牺牲传统友好关系为代价培养新的外交关系。Mark Hilton, head of immigration policy at business lobby London First, said there was a “worrying decline” in markets such as India. “While we must engage with new markets like China, we ignore our traditional ones – which remain much larger – at our peril,” Mr Hilton said.商业游说团体London First移民政策主管马克?希尔顿(Mark Hilton)表示,印度这类市场出现了“令人担心的下滑”。希尔顿表示:“尽管我们必须努力与中国这类新市场接触,但如果我们忽略了依然大得多的传统市场,那将是非常不利的。” /201311/266650黑龙江省第四人民医院的地址 哈尔滨南岗妇产医院预约

宾县妇女儿童医院做四维彩超检查£48bn scheme may provide relief to the parched north, but at what cost to the drought-ridden south and its displaced farmers?这项耗资480亿磅的工程或许可以减缓炎旱的北方的用水危机,但是旱困扰的南方地区以及那里的农民又为此付出了多少代价呢?On Friday afternoon, China quietly inaugurated one of the biggest engineeringprojects of all time: the South-North Water Diversion, a £48bn, 2,400km networkof canals and tunnels, designed to divert 44.8bn cubic metres of water annually from China#39;s humid south to its parched, industrialised north.在周五下午,中国悄然为一直以来最为重要的工程项目:南水北调揭幕。这项工程是一个耗资480亿英镑,全长2400公里的由运河与隧道组成的巨型网络,旨在从湿润的中国南方向炎热的、工业化的北方每年转移448亿立方米的水。At 2.32pm, the project#39;s ;middle line; officially began carrying water from the Danjiangkou reservoir in central China#39;s Hubei province to Beijing – the distance from Corsica to London. The project, officials say, will save China from a water crisis that could set its development back years.在下午2:32,南水北调的中线工程正式通水:从中国湖北省的丹江口水库引水至北京--这相当于从Corcica到伦敦的距离。官方认为中国的用水危机会让它的发展倒退许多年,而这项工程就将解决这个危机。It has also destroyed Wang Yanhe#39;s life. Wang was born near the Danjiangkou reservoirin 1979, married young and had two children – the family lived between a smallstream and a leafy hillside, and grew a variety of grains. In 2009, seven years after the project was approved, officials informed him that the reservoir#39;s water levels were rising and that his village would be submerged. About 345,000villagers have been displaced by the project to date, and Wang soon became oneof them. The government gave him a home in the Heba New Migrant Village by adusty highway in rural Pingdingshan, a coal-rich municipality in neighbouring Henan province whose name translates to ;flat mountain;.但这毁了Wang Yanhe的生活。Wang在1979年出生在丹江口水库附近,年纪轻轻结了婚并有了两个小孩——一家人在青山绿水之中生活,并种植有许多庄稼。在2009年,也就是在南水北调工程被批准七年后,官员告知他丹江口水库的水位正在上升,他所生活的村庄会被淹没。到目前为止,已经有大约345,000名村民由于这项工程被重新安置,wang很快也成为他们中的一员。政府给了他位于heba移居新村的一处住处,它位于平顶山郊区里一条尘土飞扬的高速公路旁。平顶山是一座煤矿资源丰富的城市,位于邻近的河南省内,它字面上的意思是“平的山”。Then came the drought. This summer was Pingdingshan#39;s driest in 63 years – Wang#39;scorn crop only grew to knee-height, forcing him to abandon his harvest.;Nothing is as good as before,; he said, chain-smoking cigarettes in his concrete-floored living room. His roof leaks; he can#39;t speak the local dialect.Officials promised him 0.2 acres of land, but only gave him 0.15. ;After we arrived, we realised that the land was all dry,; he said. “So it doesn#39;t evenmatter what they promised us.”这之后他便遭遇了干旱。这个夏天是平顶山63年来最为干旱的一年,wang种植的玉米只长到膝盖那么高,这让他无法收获丰收。“没有一样东西是比以前好的”,他在铺着水泥地板的新起居室里不停地抽着烟说道。他的屋顶漏雨,他也无法说当地的方言。官员允诺会给他0.2英亩的土地,但是实际上只兑现了0.15英亩。“在我们到了那以后,我们才发现那里的土地全是干旱的”他说道“他们说要给我们土地说了等于没说”The Henan Daily newspaper announced the line#39;s inauguration in a pithy microblog post on Friday. “Being a peoples#39; engineering project, in keeping with a frugal and pragmatic working style, celebratory activities will be kept as simple aspossible,” it said. ;No officials will take part in the ceremonies.;河南日报周五在一则简短的微中对南水北调中线工程通水这一事件进行了的报导:“作为一项民生工程,将继续贯彻节俭务实作风,通水庆祝活动也将尽量简化,各级领导将不参加仪式”China#39;s booming economy over the past three decades, coupled with a long-held mandateto ;grow first, clean up later;, has been cataclysmic for the country#39;s once-bountiful lakes, rivers and aquifers. Morethan half of China#39;s 50,000 rivers have vanished over the past two decades, according to China#39;s first national census of water,published last year. About 70% of its remaining fresh water is polluted. ;If wecontinue with our business-as-usual model, China will basically run out ofwater,; said Feng Hu, a water analyst with the Hong Kong-based research group China Water Risk. ;Itwon#39;t have enough water to power its economy.;中国过去45年的飞速发展一直秉承着长期以来“先发展后治理”的原则,这对曾经美丽的山川河流都造成了灾难性的破坏。根据去年发表的首份中国水资源普查公报显示,已有超过半数的河流在过去30年间干涸,大致70%的淡水被污染。“如果我们继续我们之前的发展模式,中国的水资源将会耗尽”一位来自香港研究小组“chinawater risk”的水资源分析师,feng hu说道,“短缺的水资源将无法推进国家的经济发展”The project has roots in an off hand comment by Mao Zedong who, onan inspection tour in the early 1950s, said: ;The south has plenty of water,but the north is dry. If we could borrow some, that would be good.; Theproject has three sections: a1,150km eastern line, which runs from the lower Yangtze River to Tianjin; the middle line, from Danjiangkou to Beijing; and a western line, which could someday link the headwaters of the Yangtze and Yellow rivers across the high-altitude Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. The eastern line began delivering waterto coastal Shandong province last winter. The western line remains largely conceptual, so grand in scale that it may ultimately prove impossible to build.这项工程的启动源自毛泽东在50年代前期考察时临时发表地一次,他说:“南方有着充裕地水资源但是北方却很干旱。倘若我们能从南方借点水到北方,那就太好了。”这项工程分为三个部分:一条长达1150km,从扬子江至天津的东部线;从丹江口到北京的中部线;还有在将来某天能将扬子江与黄河的源头穿越青藏高原连接起来的西部线。东部线在去年冬天已经开始向山东省沿海地区输送水资源,而西部线还大大地停留在概念阶段,过于庞大的设计规模或许会让它最终无法被建造完成。While the project could provide somemuch-needed relief, it ;will never solve north China#39;s water problem;, said Jennifer Turner, director of the China Environment Forum at the Wilson Centerin Washington DC. She called the project a ;Band-Aid; rather than a long-termsolution. ;The challenge in the water sector, writ large, is that it is so hooked into supply-side management,; she said. ;It#39;s like the engineers in China have a special tattoo that says #39;nothing is too big#39; – they#39;ll move watermassive distances rather than get deep and dirty into the mess of pushing effective water conservation.;“尽管这项工程能提供一些非常有用的帮助,但是它将永远也无法真正解决中国北部的水资源问题”中国环境论坛的主任Jenniferturner在华盛顿特区的wilson中心如此说道。她将这项工程称之为“创可贴式的补救”,并不能成为长远的解决方案。“水务部门的挑战很明显是在于其与供应方管理之间的联系过于密切”她说道,“这就像是中国的工程师在身上纹了一个写着‘没有什么大事是无法完成的#39;的特殊纹身,他们要跨越极长的距离去运输水,却不愿意去深入到像建造有效的水资源保护区这样的麻烦事中。”In February,Qiu Baoxing, vice-minister of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, called the project unsustainable. ;As thescale of the project gets bigger and the distance gets longer, it is more andmore difficult to divert water,; he wrote. ;Recycled water could replace diverted water. Most Chinese cities are capable of finding more water if we develop water desalination technology and collect more rain water.;二月,住房与城乡建设部副部长qiu boxing称这项工程是不可行的。“随着这项工程的规模变得越来越大,输水距离越来越长,传送水资源也变得越来越困难。”他写道,“再循环水能替代传输水,倘若我们能发展水脱盐技术并且同时收集利用更多的雨水,大部分的中国城市都能够因此得到更多的水资源。Experts saythe south may no longer have enough water to spare. They say the project could decimate the Han River, an important tributary of the Yangtze – about 40% ofthe river#39;s water will eventually be diverted north, despite acute water shortages that aly plague the cities along its banks. In 2011, five months of drought in Hubei province left 315,000 people short of drinking water. The Danjiangkou reservoir dropped to four metres below ;dead water; level,rendering it unusable. Speculation that the South-North Water Diversion project caused this year#39;s drought grew so heated that state media issued a denial. ;Henan province is the recipient of benefits from the (project),; Yang Biantong, aspokesman for Henan#39;s flood control and drought relief department, told thePeople#39;s Daily in late August. ;Not only has it not had a negative effect, the (project) has also been extremely helpful.;专家指出南方地区或将不再拥有足够的水资源。他们认为该项目会使汉水,一条扬子江的主要流的储水量大幅减少——大约40%的降水将会被最终调往北方。而在此之前,严重的水资源短缺已经席卷了这条河流两岸的城市。在2011年,时长五个月的湖北旱灾造成315,000人缺少饮用水。丹江口水库的水位线掉落到“死水”线四米以下,这让它不能被使用。关于南水北调工程引起旱灾的猜测日益高涨,甚至引起官媒出面否认。“河南省是这项工程的受益者”,河南洪水控制与干旱救灾部发言人yangbiantong在八月份对人民日报的记者说道,“这项工程不仅不会带来任何危害,它还相当的有益。”Christine Boyle, founder of Blue Horizon In sight and an expert on China#39;s water issues, said the issue boils down to how one defines a drought.In addition to crippling weather droughts – periods of little rainfall – China is also suffering from economic droughts, which occur when the demand for wateroutstrips supply. ;You can#39;t say the South-North Water Diversion is causing a weather drought,; she said. ;But you can say it#39;s intensifying an economic drought.; Many Chinese farmers are aly economically squeezed, andincreasingly erratic weather patterns, perhaps related to climate change –freezing winters, blistering summers, floods and droughts – are now pushing them into a state of emergency.Christineboyle是bluehorizon insight 的创始人,也是中国水资源问题的一名专家,他认为这个问题可以归结到如何去定义干旱。中国在经历严重的自然旱灾的同时,也在经受着经济上的干旱,而这发生在水资源供不应求的情况下。“你不能说南水北调造成了自然干旱”,她说,“但是你可以说它加剧了经济干旱”。许多中国农民已经在经济上受到挤压,而目前越来越阴晴不定的天气(这或许与气候变化有关)-极寒的冬天,灼热的夏天,洪水与干旱-正在把他们逼向紧迫的境地。The South-North Water Diversion project began sending emergency water supplies to Pingdingshan in mid-August and, according to the official newswire Xinhua, the diversion was asuccess. The middle line delivered more than 50m cubic metres of water to the city#39;s Baiguishan reservoir over a month and a half, it said, ;effectively relieving the scarce water supply of Pingdingshan city#39;s one million-plus residents;.根据新华网的报导,南水被调工程在八月中旬已开始向平顶山成功运输紧急供水。中部线在一个半月内向平顶山市的baiguishan水库运输水资源超过5000万立方米,新华网写道:“其有效缓解了平顶山市一百多万居民的水资源匮乏问题”。While that water has flowed into the taps of Pingdingshan#39;s urbanites and the cooling systems of its coal-firedpower plants, farmers on the city outskirts have been left to fend for themselves. Chang Xiangdang, 40, lives with his family of six in Malou Village, population 1,000, a dense cluster of cinder block houses only a few hundred metres from the project#39;s main channel. From his small patch of radish and cabbage, high concrete embankments stretch to the horizon and an arch-likesluice rises like a mirage. ;The channel runs through our town, but there#39;s noway to get the water, no gap in the wall,; he said. Villagers rely on groundwater for bathing and cooking. In previous years, they could dig 20 metres to reach the aquifer. This year, even 80-metre wells are running dry.尽管水被运送到平顶山市居民的水龙头中,煤矿发电厂的冷却系统中,在这座城市郊区的农民们却没有从中受益,他们只能靠自己想办法。Changxiangdang,40岁,一家六口人住在malou村。这个人口1000的村落密集着用煤渣砌成的房屋,距离运输主干道不过几百米。在chang的一小块种植着萝卜和白菜的菜地边,高耸的混泥土堤坝向地平线与拱状水闸门延伸,就像一幅幻影。“这个水道穿越过我们镇,但是我们不能去取水,因为墙面没有任何缝隙。”他说。村民依靠地下水来洗漱,烧菜。 在前几年,他们挖20米深就能找到蓄水层,但是今年挖了80米深的水井也要干了。Chang said the lack of water has thrown his life into flux. Like Wang, the displaced farmer, he has given up on this year#39;s corn harvest. His family has been subsisting on a compensation package that project officials gave him four years ago, when they requisitioned much ofhis farmland. Another dry summer, he says, would leave him destitute. He has considered taking a construction job in the city. ;There#39;s no more water here,; he said. ;I#39;ll do what it takes to survive.;Chang说水资源的短缺已经将他的生活扰乱。像wang一样,这位因南水北调工程而搬迁的农民放弃了今年的收成。他的家庭已经在靠四年前负责该项目的官员征用他的农田时给予他的赔偿金度日。他说下一个夏天如果还是干旱的他将穷困潦倒。他已经在考虑去城市找一份建筑工的工作。他说:“这里没有更多的水了,我得另寻生路。” /201412/348508 <牛人_句子>黑龙江九洲妇科医院是公立还是私立方正县看妇科炎症多少钱



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