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Seattle Grace may get its fair share of mundane illnesses, but we can always expect an extraordinary case to pop up from time to time. Take a look at some of the weirder cases the doctors of Grey Anatomy have had to deal with lately.西雅图圣恩医院(Seattle Grace)的医生们不仅治愈了无数常见病症,而且攻克了不少极端复杂的病例下面就请跟我们一起来回顾一遍《实习医生格蕾(Grey Anatomy)中的那些形形色色的奇怪病例吧~Field Amputation现场截肢手术In 801, the leg of a woman became trapped under her car after she and her husband were swallowed by a giant sinkhole. The leg needed to be amputated in the field in order to save her life. Owen and Callie desperately tried to walk the husband through the procedure, but ultimately Owen had to go down and heroically perm the procedure when the husband couldnt.还记得第八季第一集里的那个不幸遭遇路面塌方后与丈夫被困地下的受害者吗?由于她的一条腿被汽车压住无法移动,所以只能截肢求生尽管赶事故现场的欧文(Owen)和凯莉(Callie)极力劝说受害者的丈夫实施救援,但最终还是欧文深入地下,并且出色地完成了截肢Nerd Stampede!宅男总动员Not that the injuries were all that weird, but the people and circumstances surrounding it were. There was a stampede at a local comic book convention and the victims were trucked in still in costume. There was a hobbit that got beat down by an ogre of a man, a Dr. Who fan with his ear ripped off and no feeling in his lower body, and a zombie nurse with fake lacerations that fooled Richard at first.有时令人觉得怪异的并不是病情,而是病人以及当下情势比如某科幻小说展发生了踩踏事 故导致急诊室里到处都是穿着奇装异的宅男们“霍比特人”(hobbit)被“食人魔”(ogre)揍了一顿;一个“神秘士”(Doctor Who)的死忠粉丝的耳朵被撕裂了,并且下半身失去了知觉;还有一个“僵尸护士”身上的假伤口竟然连理查德(Richard)都没看出来South of the Equator杰克森老妈的震撼初登场Transplant surgeries take place at Seattle Grace all the time; heart, liver, lungs….PENISES. The great Catherine Avery, also Jackson mom, was in town to perm this revolutionary surgery. All the residents were clamoring to work with this legend of a woman, but the honor went to Meredith. Meredith had to leave in the middle of the surgery and April took over. Butter fingers Kepner accidentally shredded a precious vein, then Jackson stepped in to save the day.器官移植手术在西雅图圣恩医院很常见;我们经常看到剧中移植心脏,肝脏,肺,甚至还有生殖器杰克森的母亲,同时也是医术精湛的凯瑟琳·艾弗里(Catherine Avery)医生来到西雅图进行一例极富创新精神的器官移植手术,所有的住院医师都争着抢着要和这位传奇人物合作,但机会最终花落梅尔迪斯(Meredith)然而艾普丽尔(April)接替了被迫中途退出手术的梅尔迪斯之后却笨手笨脚地刺破了一条重要血管,好在杰克森补救及时,手术才得以顺利完成Out of Body Experience“心”的启示Ok this one didnt exactly involve a patient. A donor heart was attached to a machine to keep it pumping and then placed in a box. Cristina was tasked to keep an eye on it until a team showed up to take it away. Needless to say she wasnt that thrilled about the situation until Richard inmed her that the heart was the key to everything she wanted. (Earlier, Teddy told Cristina to make a wish list of surgeries she wanted to perm). Cristina channeled the heart-in-a-box mojo and finalized the list she had been agonizing over.本案例的主角是一颗心脏,一颗被装在透明盒子里,靠机器维持跳动的心脏而克里斯汀娜(Cristina)则负责保管好这颗捐赠者的心脏,将其完好地交给来取器官工作人员不用说,克里斯汀娜一开始对此颇有怨言,直到理查德提醒她这颗心脏正是解答她所求之事的钥匙于是克里斯汀娜便如同中了魔咒一般,苦苦思索后终于列出了自己想做的手术清单Eye of the Beholder旁观者清A young girl had a large shard of glass stuck in her eye after a horrific accident. Julia, Mark girlfriend at the time, was called in to remove the glass. It was touch and go quite some time and Derek was y to pull her from the surgery, but she rallied and saved the eye.一个年轻女孩因遭遇了一场可怕的事故而眼睛里插入了一块玻璃碎片马克(Mark)当时的女友茱莉亚(Julia)临危受命要取出玻璃,而且必须极为迅速地完成这一步骤担任主刀医生德里克(Derek)原本已打算让茱莉亚退出这台手术,不过茱莉亚一鼓作气,成功地挽救了病人的眼睛Marathon of a Procedure手术马拉松Two conjoined twins were to be separated in a surgery that would last 18 hours and required multiple sets of doctors. Arizona was a little overprotective since she cared these children since they were born. No need to worry though, the doctors pulled it together and successfully completed the surgery.这台分离一对连体双胞胎的手术被称为“马拉松”的原因在于该手术至少将持续18个小时,并且需要数组医生搭档完成手术过程中,从两个孩子出生就一直在照顾他们的亚利桑那(Arizona)似乎有些关心过头也焦虑过度了其实没必要担心,因为在各位医生的共同努力下,手术完美结束Going in 5th Gear梅尔迪斯“因祸得福”Is that the sweet smell of kielbasa in the hospital? Why yes it is because a guy came in with his hand stuck in a meat grinder. At first the doctors were going to simply amputate the arm, but Meredith suggested saving the patient arm by replacing the mangled thumb with one of his toes. Callie was very impressed and gave Meredith her secret study method as a reward.医院里怎么会飘着波兰香肠的味道?原来是一个可怜人把自己手指卡在了绞肉机里医生们最初是决定为他实施截肢手术,但梅尔迪斯提出可以用病人的一只脚趾来代替他无力回天的那只手指,避免了截掉整个手臂凯莉非常欣赏梅尔迪斯的这个建议,便决定把自己的学习秘诀当做奖励传授给梅尔迪斯 150莱芜人民医院冰点脱毛多少钱莱西市妇幼保健医院靠谱吗?Ramp;B singer Beyonce took top honors in a list of best-dressed celebrities of , while bald Britney Spears won the booby prize most shocking style moment after shaving her head. Ramp;B歌手碧昂丝获得年度最佳着装艺人称号,布兰妮·斯皮尔斯排在最末 People magazine's annual best- and worst-dressed issue hits newsstands on Friday featuring numerous Hollywood stars, all given a nickname to describe their taste in couture. 《人物杂志一年一度的“最佳和最差穿着”专刊将于本周五上架,本期特刊对众多好莱坞明星进行了一番大盘点,并根据他们的穿衣风格给每人起了个“绰号” Beyonce, 6, was dubbed "The Showstopper," while actress Cameron Diaz walked into the top as "The Legs," and actress Katie Holmes, who is married to Tom Cruise, graced the list as "The Classic." 6岁的碧昂丝被称为“眼球捕手”,影星卡梅伦#86;迪娅茨跻身前十名,被誉为“美腿佳人”,“阿汤嫂”凯蒂#86;赫尔姆斯则被誉为“优雅天使” "Beyonce just looks amazing every time she goes out," assistant managing editor Cynthia Sanz said. "She likes to show off her curves and she is very glamorous." 《人物杂志副总编辛西娅#86;森茨说:“碧昂丝每次亮相都魅力四射她爱秀自己的曲线,她非常迷人” Beyonce has her own fashion line, "House of Dereon," that mixes hip hop influences with feminine touches like lace and ruffles that she launched with her mother, stylist Tina Knowles, in . 年,碧昂丝和她的母亲、造型师蒂娜#86;诺里斯创建了自己的时装品牌House of Dereon,这一品牌主要将嘻哈风格与蕾丝和褶边等具有女性特点的东西融合在了一起 Last year, mer "Friends" star Jennifer Aniston topped the list after a er's vote, but this year the magazine did not seek ers' input. 去年,《老友记女星珍妮弗#86;安妮斯顿被读者评为“最佳穿着名人”,但今年《人物杂志并没有邀请读者来参与这一评选 Other women in the top included Penelope Cruz, Jessica Biel, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon, Gwen Stefani and Ali Larter. 跻身最佳穿着名人榜前十位的女星还包括佩尼罗普#86;克鲁兹,杰西卡#86;贝尔、德鲁#86;巴里莫尔、珍妮弗#86;洛佩兹、瑞茜#86;威瑟斯彭、格温#86;斯蒂芬妮和艾丽#86;拉特 the men last year, singer Justin Timberlake was named "Trendiest," and praise went to British soccer star David Beckham, who recently moved with wife Victoria to Los Angeles. 去年,歌手贾斯汀#86;蒂姆伯雷克被评为“最时尚穿着”男星,英国足球巨星大卫#86;贝克汉姆也榜上有名 This year Beckham again made the list, alongside Terrence Howard, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and George Clooney. 刚与妻子维多利亚乔迁洛杉矶的小贝今年再次入选,同时入选的男星包括泰伦斯#86;霍华德、强尼#86;戴普、布拉德#86;皮特和乔治#86;克鲁尼青岛胶南市整形医院排名榜


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