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A new study shows that regularly eating fast food isn#39;t just bad for your waistline, it can also damage your liver in ways that are surprisingly similar to hepatitis.最新研究显示,经常食用快餐油炸食品不仅会让人肥胖,还会损害肝脏,而且对肝脏的损伤类似于肝炎。The results were revealed on the television program, #39;The Doctors,#39; where it was found that even just a month of eating fast food can cause significant changes to your liver.电视节目《医生》播出了这一研究结果。吃快餐油炸食品一个月,就可引起肝脏的明显变化。French fries in particular were dangerous because of the extra ingredients added.研究显示,法式炸薯条危害很大,缘于其中过多的添加物。#39;We know that they are adding salt, and cooking it in fat, but they#39;re also putting sugar on them too. Why sugar? Because it helps get them golden crispy,#39; said Dr. Drew Ordon, who appears on the show.德鲁#8226;奥登医生在节目中说:“大家都知道其中添加了盐,用油炸制而成,其实薯条中还加了糖。为什么要加糖?因为那样可以让薯条颜色金黄,口感酥脆。”Foods like fried chicken and onion rings were especially bad for the liver.炸鸡、炸洋葱圈等食品对肝脏的危害也很大。#39;The amount of fat and saturated fats creates a condition called fatty liver,#39; Ordon said.奥登说:“油脂和饱和脂肪酸的堆积导致了脂肪肝。”He said the changes in liver enzymes are in line with the effects of hepatitis. That disease can ultimately cause liver failure.他说,快餐油炸食品引发的人体内酶的变化类似肝炎。这种疾病最终会导致肝功能衰竭。The US has 160,000 fast food restaurants serving an estimated 50 million customers every day.美国有大约16万家快餐店,每天向5000万消费者提供快餐。#39;We#39;re all guilty, and every now and then you have to splurge, but the problem is that so many people are getting into eating fast food, especially kids, as their staple, and I think that#39;s the point,#39; Ordon said.奥登说:“我们都感到内疚,常常不得不吃这些。但问题是,相当多的人已经养成了吃快餐的习惯,尤其是儿童,他们把快餐当成主食。我觉得这是问题所在。”Just ordering a salad won#39;t help as Ordon warned that any item marked healthy or fresh at a fast food restaurant likely has added chemicals, as there aren#39;t clear regulations for those foods.只吃沙拉也没用。奥登提醒消费者,快餐店中标明健康新鲜的食品也常常被添加多种化学物质,而这方面美国目前尚无限制使用的明确规定。#39;Some places actually put propylene glycol on the salads, which is anti-freeze, the reason behind that is that it prevents wilting,#39; said Ordon. #39;And although they say a little anti-freeze isn#39;t going to hurt you, obviously given a choice you don#39;t want to be eating anti-freeze.#39;奥登说:“有些地方会在沙拉中添加丙二醇。这是一种防冻剂,也可用于保鲜。尽管他们说一点点防冻剂无损健康,但显然如果可以选择,谁也不愿意吃下防冻剂。” /201302/225878One objection to “Abenomics”, the reflationary creed adopted by Japan’s new government, is that it will erode hard-earned savings. Instead of simply grabbing them over the weekend – as has become fashionable in certain parts of Europe – the government hopes to siphon them off gradually through gentle inflation.对“安倍经济学”(Abenomics,日本新政府采取的通货再膨胀信条)的一种反驳观点就是,它将侵蚀人们勤苦攒下的储蓄。与欧洲一些地方已经比较流行的在一夜之间攫取人们储蓄的做法不同,日本政府希望逐渐通过缓和的通胀来“吸走”人们的储蓄。This is a dastardly plan. It is unlikely to prove popular with the over-60s, who make up a quarter of Japan’s population, but who control two-thirds of its vast household assets. It is a good idea all the same.这是一个残忍的计划,它不太可能会受到60岁以上的人的欢迎,这些人占日本人口的四分之一,却掌控着日本家庭资产的三分之二。但这依然是个好主意。The reason for welcoming this intergenerational theft is that, for 20 years, Japan has prioritised the interests of older generations over younger ones. That is not only unfair. Penalising youth is also not the best way to build a nation’s future. Taxing the old through inflation is one way to redress what has been a long squeeze of one generation by another.赞成这种代际“盗窃”的理由是,20年来,日本一直注重的是年长一代的利益,而不是年轻一代。这不仅不公平,而且损害年轻人的利益也不是塑造一个国家未来的最好方式。通过通胀向年老一代征税,是纠正长期以来一代人“压榨”另一代人的一种方式。Most of the squeezing has taken place in the workplace. The pre-bubble generation, those who got jobs before the 1990 asset-price crash, had a fairly straightforward path to prosperity. After negotiating “exam hell”, they proceeded to good universities and from there to big companies that would recruit them straight after graduation. In return for life-long loyalty, employees would be given a job until retirement with ascending seniority and pay.大部分的“压榨”都发生在工作场所。泡沫之前的一代人,也就是那些在上世纪90年代资产价格崩溃之前获得工作的人,有一条通往富裕的直接道路。在经历了“考试地狱”之后,他们进入好的大学,毕业之后直接获得大企业的聘用。作为终生忠诚的回报,员工在退休之前都有工作保障,并且职位和薪资也在不断上升。This happy system was not for everyone. Even in the fast-growth decades, the lifetime employment model only covered about 30-40 per cent of employees. But its creed sp further than that. In 1990, just one in five employees was classified as non-permanent.但并不是每个人都能享受这种幸福体系。即使是在快速增长的那几十年,终生就业模式也只是覆盖到30%到40%的员工。但持有这样信条的人却远远超过这一比例。1990年,只有五分之一的就业者被认为是非永久性的。That all changed when the bubble burst. As companies paid back debts and slowly reined in expenses to match reduced revenue prospects, they cut costs. Naturally, there were some lay-offs. But in Japan, far fewer workers lost their jobs than in societies with more flexible labour laws and less sense of loyalty to existing employees.泡沫破灭的时候,所有的一切都发生了变化。公司既要偿还债务,又要因为未来收入下降的前景缓慢控制开销,因此它们会削减成本。很自然就会出现一些裁员。但相比有着更灵活劳动法和对现有员工忠诚感较低的社会,日本失业的工人较少。Thus those who bore the brunt of restructuring were Japan’s youth, who were simply not hired by big companies but shunted into casual work. As a result, about 35 per cent of workers are now casual or part time. Such jobs are held overwhelmingly by younger workers and women. Youth unemployment is more than twice the national average at about 10 per cent.因此受到重组影响的首当其冲的就是日本的年轻人,他们没有被大公司雇佣,而是从事临时工作。因此,目前大约有35%的人是临时工人或者从事兼职。从事这种工作的人绝大多数都是年轻人和女性。因而年轻人的失业率大约为10%,是全国平均水平的两倍以上。Dimmer employment prospects for young people have not been the only problem. Younger workers have been expected to contribute more than today’s retirees to the state pension. To add insult to injury this will pay out less. Many younger people have opted out altogether. Having taken a look at Japan’s finances – chronic fiscal deficits and gross public debt at 230 per cent of output – they have concluded there may be no payout at all when they retire.年轻人面临的问题不仅是黯淡的就业前景。一直以来年轻的就业人员对国家养老金的贡献都要多于现在的退休人员。更糟糕的是,未来他们得到的会更少。于是很多年轻人干脆选择退出。看看日本的财政状况——长期财政赤字,公共债务总额高达国内生产总值(GDP)的230%——他们认为等到他们退休的时候,或许根本就拿不到养老金。Deflation has been the main culprit in Japan’s 20-year economic drama. But, ironically, it has also been the saviour. Part-time workers may get miserable wages, but that is not so bad when prices are back at 1990 levels. Interest rates on savings are derisory but they provide a positive return when measured against falling prices. The government too may have a huge debt but it is easily serviced when 10-year Japanese government bonds yield less than 1 per cent.日本20年的经济低迷中,通货紧缩一直都是罪魁祸首。具有讽刺意味的是,它也是一个救星。兼职工作者的工资或许很低,但如果物价回到上世纪90年代的水平,也还是能够过得去的。尽管储蓄利率低得让人嗤之以鼻,但考虑到物价下降,储蓄的回报还是正的。日本政府或许背负着沉重的债务,但当10年期国债收益率低于1%的时候,履债还是比较轻松的。Japan’s households own about tn of net assets, a little less than the government’s gross debt, and considerably more than its net debt. Since more than 90 per cent of public debt is owned by Japanese, the problem is more about distribution of pain than risk of default. One way of looking at Japan’s debt is as deferred tax. Instead of paying tax, Japanese savers have lent money to the government so that it can spend more than it can raise in (deflationary suppressed) revenue.日本家庭大约拥有12万亿美元的净资产,略低于政府总债务,但却远远高于其净债务。由于90%以上的公共债务都是由日本人民持有,因此问题与其说在于债务违约的风险,还不如说在于债务之痛的分配。可以将日本债务看作递延税。日本储蓄者不是以纳税的方式,而是以借钱给政府的方式,使得政府的出能够高于(被通缩抑制的)收入。Now the government could tax workers directly through higher income tax or indirectly through higher corporate tax. But that seems unfair since younger people have aly paid a price through reduced opportunity and earnings potential.现在政府可以通过更高的所得税直接向工人征税,或者是通过更高的企业税间接征税。但这看起来是不公平的,因为年轻人已经因为就业机会和潜在收入的减少而付出了代价。Alternatively, the government could tax those who accumulated wealth in the good years. Inflation is one way of doing that. So is inheritance tax. And indeed, the government plans to raise estate tax from 50 per cent to 55 per cent.或者,政府也可以向那些在繁荣时期积累了财富的人征税。通货膨胀就是一种方式,遗产税也是。实际上,政府正在计划将房地产遗产税从50%提高到55%。The intergenerational conflict is not as stark as the above analysis makes it sound. In practice, younger people with less well-paid jobs often live with their parents. There is even a term for it – parasite singles. Grandparents indulge their grandchildren by running down their savings to pay for luxuries or education, a pattern now being encouraged with tax exemptions on some intergenerational transfers.代际冲突并没有上述分析让人感觉的那么激烈。实际上,收入不高的年轻人通常与父母生活在一起。甚至还有一个专门的词来描述他们:“单身寄生族”(parasite singles)。祖父母会倾其储蓄为孙辈购买奢侈品或者是付教育费用,现在的一些代际转移付免税措施就鼓励这种模式。Generational rebalancing can go too far. Taro Aso, the 72-year-old finance minister, recently joked that old people should “hurry up and die” so that they did not drain the public purse. Such horrible insensitivity aside, robbing retirees to pay for the next generation is no panacea.代际再平衡可能会走极端。72岁的日本财务大臣麻生太郎(Taro Aso)最近开玩笑说,老年人应该“赶紧去世”,这样他们就不会挤占公共资金。且不说其冷漠无情,抢劫退休人员为下一代省钱也并不是万灵药。More must be done, too, to shift money from cash-hoarding companies to cash-hungry households. Productivity must also be raised. Indeed, Prime minister Shinzo Abe’s plans could come unstuck if wages – stagnant or falling for years – fail to keep pace with hoped-for inflation.必须采取更多行动,将钱从囤积资金的公司转移到缺乏资金的家庭。同时还必须提高生产力。实际上,如果数年来一直停滞不前甚至是在下降的工资没能跟得上预期通胀,那么安倍首相的计划可能就会失效。Still, part of the point of moving from deflation to inflation is to help tomorrow’s earners and wealth creators. If Japan’s savers have to lose a little in the process, so be it.而且,从通货紧缩转向通货膨胀的部分意义在于,帮助未来的工薪阶层和财富创造者。如果在这个过程中,日本的储蓄者必须有一点损失,那也只能如此。 /201303/232069You are never too old to learn. This is never too right for a man who started his ballet dream at the age of 79. An 88-YEAR-OLD man starred in his first ballet production Sunday after learning to dance at the tender age of 79. Retired teacher John Lowe, of Witchford, Cambridgeshire, has been busy perfecting his pirouettes ahead of his role in Prokofiev's The Stone Flower. The pensioner, who has 11 grandchildren, said: "I practise each day and I've got a rope at home that I use to pull my leg up higher. "I'm lucky that I don't have any problem with the routines but that's because I exercise." Mr Lowe started ballet nine years ago, having watched his daughter Alison become a professional dancer. "I think it's a wonderful thing to do and I can't understand why more men don't do it," he said. "There's nothing effeminate about it — you have to be incredibly fit to dance. I see some people crawling around, hunched over smoking a cigarette — they should be doing ballet. "It's a wonderful feeling. I had always wanted to dance and it's never too late to learn." Mr Lowe, who is part of the Lantern Dance Theatre Company, acted a lumberman in the play. 活到老,学到老。这句话用在一位79岁开始“追逐”芭蕾之梦的老人身上最贴切不过了。 上周日,一位88岁的老人上演了他的芭蕾“处女秀”,他在79岁那年才开始学芭蕾。 这位老人就是来自(英国)剑桥郡威奇福德市的退休教师约翰#8226;劳伊。劳伊的“处女秀”是普罗柯菲耶夫的芭蕾舞剧《宝石花》,在演出开始之前,他一直在练习脚尖旋转动作。 现享受退休金的劳伊共有11个孙子。他说:“我每天都练功,我家里有根绳子,专门用来吊腿。” “我很庆幸自己做这些动作没什么问题,不过这主要是因为我经常锻炼。” 九年前,劳伊看到女儿艾莉森成为一名职业舞蹈演员,便开始学习芭蕾。 他说:“我觉得跳芭蕾是件十分美妙的事,我不明白为什么大多数男性都不愿意做这件事。” “其实芭蕾并不‘女人气’,反而需要健康的体魄才能跳好。我看到一些人四处闲逛、弯腰驼背、叼着烟——他们应该考虑去学芭蕾。” “跳芭蕾的感觉很美妙。我一直都想学会跳舞,只要你想学,年龄永远不是问题。” 劳伊目前是“灯之舞剧团”的一名演员,他在剧中饰演一名伐木工人。 Vocabulary: tender age:the time when you are young or do not have much experience(幼年或没经验的年龄段) routine:a set of movements(一套动作) /200801/25618

女性调查:你是企业管理层中的一员吗?Poll: Women hold senior positionsAre you holding senior management positions?Ninety-one percent of companies on the Chinese mainland have women holding senior management positions, ranking second in the world, after the Philippines, according to the results of a survey released yesterday.The poll, conducted by Grant Thornton, an accounting firm based in Hong Kong, covered 32 economies.Hong Kong and Taiwan also rank high on the list, with 83 percent and 80 percent of their firms having women in senior positions.In the Philippines, 97 percent companies have women holding senior positions."The findings suggest that China businesses focus on capability and performance when appointing senior management, and not on gender," said Alison Wong, partner of specialist advisory services at Grant Thornton.On average 65 percent of the companies in the world have women in senior management positions, the survey shows. China is ahead of many Western countries, including the US, Canada and Britain."Despite some people's perception about traditional gender bias in Chinese society, it is positive to note that todaythree places across two shoresachieve such a high proportion of business with senior females," Wong said.Almost all Asian countries have more businesses with women at senior levels than the global average, except Japan, whose rate is only 25 percent."Obviously Japan is unique in the cultural perception about women in business and women's role in the family as compared with other parts of Asia, " Wong said.The survey reflects an upward trend in the percentage of women in management roles in most economies, but only the Philippines has achieved true parity in male/female management. 据昨天公布的一项调查显示,中国内地有91%的企业聘用女性担任高级管理层的重要职位,这一比例仅次于菲律宾,位居世界第二。总部位于香港的格兰特·桑顿会计师事务所共在32个国家开展了此项民意调查。香港和台湾地区也高居榜首,分别有83%和80%的公司聘女性任高级职位。这一比例在菲律宾为97%。格兰特·桑顿公司的专家咨询务合伙人Alison Wong 说:“调查结果表明,中国的企业在聘用高级管理人员时,注重的是个人的能力和工作表现,而不是性别。”调查显示,全世界平均有65%的公司聘用女性担任高级管理职位。中国的这一比例超过美国、加拿大和英国等很多西方国家。她说:“尽管有人认为中国社会存在男女不平等的传统观念,但如今,两岸三地聘用女性任要职的企业比例达到很高水平,这是不容置疑的。”除日本只有25%外,几乎所有亚洲国家的这一比例都要高于世界平均水平。Alison Wong说:“很显然,与亚洲其它国家相比,日本对女性在职场以及家庭中的角色这一问题上抱有不同的文化观念。”调查发现,在大多数国家,女性在企业管理层中所占的比例呈上升趋势,但只有菲律宾在企业管理层中的男女比例问题上做到了真正的平等。Vocabulary: three places across two shores : 两岸三地 /200803/31794Is it really? Well, according to Dr. Mao over at Yahoo Health, this is quite true. He also presents some practical things that we could all do to help the environment and be healthier at the same time. Seeing as we have just recently celebrated Earth Day, this topic is quite appropriate, don’t you think? Let’s take a look at some of Dr. Mao’s suggestions.Less Plastic, More HealthLightweight, durable and versatile, plastic is everywhere in our modern world; this is bad news for the environment and our health.He lists down a lot of things at home which are made of plastic. This prompted me to look through some of my things and he is right! Heck, even this laptop I am using has a lot of plastic parts. So what’s bad about plastic?According to Dr. Mao, “many plastics release vinyl chloride and other harmful estrogen-like substances that can lead to cancer, birth defects, hormonal imbalance, and lung and liver disease.”He might be right or he might be overstating things a bit but it wouldn’t hurt to use less plastic.Some practical suggestions? Instead of using plastic containers as the default, why not use glass ones instead? I also like the wooden and ceramic variations as well.Let’s look at a few more things next time. 这是真的吗? 好,通过毛士在雅虎健康网上说的,这的确是真的,他也举了几个我们能够做的实际事情保护环境,同时这些事情更有益于健康.鉴于我们刚刚庆祝的地球日 ,这个话题是比较合适的,你不觉得吗?让我们看看毛士的一些建议吧.少一点塑料,多一点健康。轻便,耐用以及多功能的塑料在现代社会随处可见,这对我们的环境和健康非常不利。他列举了一些在家使用的塑料制品。这促使我审视一些我的东西,我发现他说的对!令我来气的是我的笔记本电脑也用了许多的塑料零件。那么,关于塑料有什么不好呢?毛士说许多的塑料能释放氯乙烯和其他的有害的的雌性激素,人吃了能够致癌,导致出生缺陷,激素不平衡以及肺病和肝。他说的也许对或者是夸张了一点,但这并不对少用塑料的人造成伤害。还有其他的一些实际的建议吗?,既然不用塑料容器是默认,为什么不用玻璃代替呢?我同样喜欢木制的和陶瓷替代品。 /200806/42591

While proudly showing off his new apartment to friends, a college student led the way into the den.一个学生带他朋友们参观他的新公寓,甚是得意。What is the big brass gong(锣) and hammer for? one of his friends asked. That is the talking clock, the man replied.那个大铜锣和锤子是干什么用的?他的一个朋友问他。那玩意儿厉害了,那是一个会说话的钟,学生回答。How#39;s it work?Watch, the man said and proceeded to give the gong an ear shattering pound with the hammer.这钟怎么工作的,他的朋友问。看着,别眨眼了,那学生走上前一把操起铜锣和锤子,拼命地敲了一下,声音震耳欲聋。Suddenly, someone screamed from the other side of the wall, Knock it off, you idiot! It#39;s two o#39;clock in the morning!突然,他们听到隔壁墙那边有人狂叫,别敲了,你这白痴!现在是凌晨两点钟了! /201304/235969Wanted: rich older women interested in hot younger guys. Applicants must be over 35, earn at least 0,000 a year or have a minimum of million in liquid assets, entrusted assets or divorce settlement.That's the basis of a speed-datingevent organized by a New York entrepreneur bringing together 20 "sugar mamas" and 20 "boy toys" vetted by an elite New York matchmaker."Symbiosis has allowed ugly rich men to attract young, gorgeous, money-hungry women for centuries; it's now the women's turn," proclaims pocketchangenyc.com, the Web site that Jeremy Abelson is using to promote the event.Set to take place at Manhattan's 230 Fifth club on February 7, it has attracted more than just wealthy divorcees. Nancy Richards, 50, is the owner of a marketing firm and a theater producer in New York and London."Is it truly what I am looking for? No. Is it an option? Why not? In New York City anything goes," Richards said with a laugh.Speed-dating pairs up prospective couples for face-to-face meetings that last just a few minutes. The partners rotate over the course of the evening, allowing participants to make the acquaintance of many potential partners."I find younger guys will usually be totally into you while older guys will be looking over your shoulder at a younger woman," said Gail Garrison, 44, a fashion designer and former model."Younger men expect an older woman to be more accomplished. They are looking for you because you are intelligent. They are not looking for a mother," she said.Abelson, 27, calls it "Natural Selection Speed Date II: Sugar Mamas amp; Boy Toys." He came up with the idea after drawing criticism from feminists for organizing an event last year that paired wealthy older men with young women.More than 5,000 men applied for a place in this year's event. Twenty finalists were selected.The prospective boy toys -- who had to be under 35 -- were screened by Janice Spindel, billed as New York's most exclusive matchmaker."I really think a lot of people will connect," Spindel said. "Age is just a number, and some people are unlisted." 寻人:对年轻帅小伙感兴趣的富婆。报名者必须在35岁以上,年收入不得低于50万美元,流动资产、信托资产或离婚分得资产至少为400万美元。这是纽约一位企业家举办的一项速配活动的报名条件。参加速配的20名“富婆”和20名“花样美男”均由纽约一位著名红娘挑选出来。杰莱米#8226;阿贝尔森pocketchangenyc.com网站上宣传该活动时称:“由于‘共生关系’(译者注:互惠互利)的存在,几个世纪以来,都是丑陋的男富翁吸引年轻漂亮、爱财的女人;现在该轮到女人做主了。”该活动将于本月7日在曼哈顿的230第五俱乐部举行,报名者并不只是富有的离婚女性。50岁的南茜#8226;理查德兹在纽约和伦敦分别拥有一家营销公司和一家影视制作公司。她笑着说:“这真的是我想要的吗?不是。但既然是一种选择,为什么不尝试一下呢?在纽约,一切皆有可能。”活动当晚,速配双方可以面对面地交流几分钟,然后不停地进行轮换,这样大家就有机会认识更多的人。装设计师、44岁的盖尔#8226;加里森曾是一名模特。她说:“我发现年轻男士通常会很专一,而老男人总会盯着比你更年轻的女人。”她说:“在年轻男士看来,年龄较大的女人应该更有成就。他们选择你是因为他们觉得你聪明。他们并不是来找个‘妈妈’。”27岁的阿贝尔森将该活动称为“自然选择速配系列之二:富婆和花样美男”。阿贝尔森去年组织了一次有钱老男人与年轻女士的速配活动,该活动遭到女权主义者的批评后,他产生了这个新想法。共有五千多名年轻男士报名参加了今年的活动,最终有20人入选。应征男士的年龄必须在35岁以下,由号称纽约第一资深“红娘”的詹妮斯#8226;斯宾德尔负责筛选。斯宾德尔说:“我真的觉得很多人能成。年龄只不过是个数字,有些人甚至没有公开。” /200803/28880

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