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2019年01月19日 10:32:03

哈尔滨省第三医院口碑咋样啊哈医大一院是私立吗Witnesses in Somalias capital say at least 10 people were killed and more than 15 others wounded when militants attacked a major hotel Wednesday.索马里首都的目击者说,武装分子星期三袭击当地一家大酒店,至0人丧生,超过15人受伤。A Somali lawmaker told VOA that two parliamentarians were killed during the attack. He said a third lawmaker was injured.索马里一名议员告诉美国之音说,两名国会议员在袭击中丧生,还有一名议员受伤。One of the lawmakers at the hotel described the attack, saying: ;As I was sleeping in my hotel room, I was shocked by a huge explosion. A flying door and window fell on me. I ran toward the back door of the hotel and managed to survive,; he said.当时在酒店的一名议员描述袭击的情景时说:“我正在房间里睡觉,被巨大的爆炸声震醒。飞来的一扇门和窗砸到我身上,我从酒店后门跑出来,死里逃生。”A freelance journalist working for VOA reported seeing five dead bodies lying in front of the hotel.一名为美国之音工作的自由撰稿人报道说,他看到酒店门前躺着5具尸体。Most of the casualties were reported to be caused by a car bomb that detonated while many people were performing evening prayers.据报大多数伤亡是由一辆装满炸药的汽车在很多人进行晚间祈祷时引爆造成的。The assault on Mogadishus Ambassador Hotel came hours after Somali officials said a top commander of militant group al-Shabab was killed in a late-night military operation.对加迪沙“大使酒店”的突袭发生几小时前,索马里官员表示,激进组织青年党的一位最高指挥官在一次深夜军事行动中被击毙。Mohamed Mohamud allegedly masterminded the April 2015 attack on Kenyas Garissa University College that left 148 people dead, nearly all of them students.这名青年党头目穆罕默德·马哈茂德涉嫌策划了2015月在肯尼亚的加里萨大学学院的袭击行动。那次袭击导48人丧生,几乎全部是学生。来 /201606/448120哈尔滨九州电话

哈尔滨市第一专科医院做孕检多少钱黑龙江省哈尔滨市一院剖腹产怎么样South Koreas Defense Ministry warned Monday that North Korea could conduct another nuclear test at any time.韩国国防部星期一警告说,朝鲜有可能随时进行另一次核试验。Spokesman Moon Sang-gyun declined to give more information beyond saying a potential test could take place in an unused tunnel at the Punggy-ri site where North Korean has previously carried out tests in its effort to develop nuclear warheads that can fit on a missile.韩国国防部发言人文相均表示,朝鲜有可能在丰溪里核试验场的一条未使用过的隧道进行核试验,除此之外,没有提供更多的信息。朝鲜先前一直在这个地点从事核试验,发展与导弹相匹配的核弹头。The latest test happened Friday. It was the fifth that North Korea has done and the most powerful to date.最近一次核试验发生在上周五。这是朝鲜的第五次,也是迄今威力最强的一次核试验。The U.N. Security Council denounced the test, saying it was a flagrant violation of sanctions imposed during the past decade in response to North Koreas nuclear activity. A council statement pledged to work on ;appropriate measures; in response.联合国安理会对此提出谴责,说这是公然违反了过0年针对朝鲜核活动而实施的制裁。安理会发表声明,承诺要采取“适当措施”作为回应。At a U.S.-South Korea defense meeting Monday in Seoul, South Korean Deputy Defense Minister for Policy Yoo Jeh-seung said the biggest threat to the alliance between those two nations is North Korean leader Kim Jong Un who considers nuclear weapons ;tools of survival for the regime.;星期一,在首尔举行的美韩防务会议上,韩国国防部政策副部长柳济胜说,美韩两国联盟最大的威胁是朝鲜领导人金正恩,因为他认为核武器是“朝鲜政权生存的工具。”The U.S. and South Korea joined with China, Russia, Japan and North Korea in six-party talks aimed at curbing the North Korean nuclear weapons program in exchange for aid, but those negotiations broke down in .美国、韩囀?中囀?俄罗斯、日本以及朝鲜的六方会谈旨在以援助作为交换条件来遏制朝鲜的核武器项目,但是谈009年以失败告终。来 /201609/466476The billionaire founder of Metersbonwe, one of China’s best-known fashion brands, has gone missing, the latest in a series of Chinese business people and financiers apparently embroiled in the country’s anti-corruption campaign.中国最知名时尚品牌之一美特斯邦Metersbonwe)的亿万富翁创始人失踪,这是明显因卷入中国反腐斗争而失踪的一系列中国商界人士和金融家中的最新一例。Metersbonwe suspended trading in its shares on the Shenzhen stock exchange yesterday while the company said it was investigating reports in the Chinese media that Zhou Chengjian, its chairman, had been picked up by police.昨日,美特斯邦威在深交所上市的股票停牌,该公司表示正在调查中国媒体上有关董事长周成建被警方带走的报道。The company is a household name on the Chinese high street and Mr Zhou was China’s 65th-richest man last year, according to the Hurun Rich list, with a fortune of Rmb26.5bn (.01bn). The company said in a second statement last night that it was unable to reach Mr Zhou or the secretary of the board, Tu Ke.美特斯邦威是中国商业街上家喻户晓的品牌,在去年的胡润百富Hurun Rich List)上,周成建是中国排名5位的富豪,身家达65亿元人民币(0.1亿美元)。昨晚,该公司在第二份声明中表示,无法联系到周成建及董事会秘书涂珂。Mr Zhou is the latest high-profile private sector businessman believed to have been caught up in the investigations, and his disappearance follows the detention last month of Guo Guang挀栀愀渀最 of the conglomerate Fosun, which owns Club Med.周成建是据信被卷入反腐调查的知名私营部门商界人士中的最新一个。在此之前,旗下拥有地中海俱乐部(Club Med)的企业集团复Fosun)的郭广昌上月曾被警方带走。Mr Guo went missing for several days and was later reported by his company to be assisting authorities with an unspecified investigation. Sources close to the company later said he was not a target of that investigation.郭广昌失踪了几天,后来复星表示,郭广昌被带走是为了协助当局对某案件的调查。知情人士后来表示,郭广昌并非调查对象。Until recently, the mainland private sector had been largely spared in the Chinese Communist party’s anti-corruption drive. Mr Guo’s detention therefore sent shockwaves through China’s business community.直到不久以前,在中国共产党的反腐行动中,内地私营部门基本得以幸免。因此,郭广昌被带走一事在中国商界引起了轩然。Dozens of government officials, state-owned company officials and financial industry executives have also been investigated or detained in recent months.最近数月,遭调查或拘留的还有几十名政府官员、国企领导和金融行业高管。Mr Zhou, a former tailor who became rich after founding one of China’s first nationwide fashion brands, went bankrupt twice before he was 18, but repeatedly relaunched businesses until he was successful. Metersbonwe succeeded by selling fashionable clothes more cheaply than foreign brands such as Hamp;M and Zara and targeting college students and recent graduates.曾经是裁缝的周成建在创立中国首批全国性时尚品牌之一后发家致富。他8岁以前曾两度破产,但他一次次东山再起,直至取得成功。美特斯邦威依靠出售比Hamp;M和Zara等外国品牌更便宜的时尚饰成功,面向大学生和新近毕业的学生。Mr Zhou told the Financial Times last year that he ended up running the village shop in the rural village where he was raised, in eastern Zhejiang province, because he was “lazierthan other members of the family. Mr Zhou recreated part of his village home inside the headquarters of his clothing brand in suburban Shanghai, complete with vegetable fields tilled by his elderly father.去年,周成建告诉英国《金融时报》记者,小时候他因为比家里的其他人更“懒散”,曾在他长大的浙江省东部的一个村子里打理村中商店。周成建在美特斯邦威位于上海郊区的总部园区重建了他在村子里的家的一部分,连同由他年迈的父亲耕种的菜地。来 /201601/422173依兰县处女膜修复手术多少钱Donald Trump will be the Republican candidate for president. He might even become president of the US. It is hard to exaggerate the significance and danger of this development. The US was the bastion of democracy and freedom in the 20th century. If it elected Mr Trump, a man with fascistic attitudes to people and power, the world would be transformed.唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)将成为共和党的总统候选人。他甚至有可能成为美国总统。这一事态意义重大、极度危险。美国是20世纪民主和自由的堡垒。如果对人和权力持法西斯主义态度的特朗普当选美国总统,世界将会彻底改变。Mr Trump is a misogynist, a racist and a xenophobe. He glories in his own ignorance and inconsistency. Truth is whatever he finds convenient. His policy ideas are ludicrous, where they are not horrifying. Yet his attitudes and ideas are less disturbing than his character: he is a narcissist, bully and sper of conspiracy theories. It is frightening to consider how such a man would use the powers at the disposal of the president.特朗普是厌女主义者,一个种族主义者,还是个仇外者。他以自己的无知和反复无常为荣。他总是以对自己有利的方式叙述事实。他的政策理念要么荒唐可笑,要么令人恐惧。然而与他的态度和想法相比,他的性格更令人不安:他是个自恋狂,横行霸道,喜欢传播阴谋论。这样一个人会如何使用美国总统所拥有的权力?这个问题想想就不寒而栗。Andrew Sullivan, the conservative commentator, recently wrote: “In terms of our liberal democracy and constitutional order, Trump is an extinction-level event.He is right.保守派人士安德鲁#8226;沙利Andrew Sullivan)最近写道:“特朗普的出现,对我们的自由民主和宪政秩序具有毁灭性影响。”他说得没错。It might prove surprisingly easy for President Trump to find people willing to execute tyrannical orders or to compel the unwilling to do so. By exaggerating crises or creating them, a would-be despot can pervert judicial and political systems. The presidents of Russia and Turkey are skilful exemplars. The US has an entrenched constitutional order. But even this might buckle, particularly if the president enjoyed impeachment-proof support in Congress.事实上,如果特朗普当选了美国总统,他可能会轻而易举地找到愿意执行专制秩序的人或强迫不愿意的人执行这种秩序。通过夸大危机或者制造危机,潜在的独裁者可以败坏司法和政治体系。现今的俄罗斯总统和土耳其总统就很擅长此道。美国的宪政秩序根深蒂固。但即便是这种秩序也可能崩塌,尤其是当总统在国会得到的持,能够保其免于弹劾的时候。Mr Sullivan calls on Plato, the greatest of anti-democratic philosophers, in aid. Plato, he reminds us, believed that the more equal a society became the less it would accept authority. In its place would come the demagogue who offers simple remedies for complex problems.沙利文引用柏拉图(Plato)的话来佐自己的观点(而柏拉图是最伟大的反民主哲学家)。他提醒我们,柏拉图相信越是平等的社会越不接受威权。一个平等的社会容易出现煽动家,为复杂问题提供简单化的解决之道。Mr Trump is the pied piper of the enraged and the resentful. He has risen, argues Mr Sullivan, as the man who will “take on the increasingly despised elites Moreover, the media revolution has facilitated this rise by erasing “almost any elite moderation or control of our democratic discourse特朗普对社会中感到愤怒和不满的那些人有神奇的感召力。沙利文认为,特朗普是以这一身份崛起于政坛的——将要“挑战日益受到鄙视的精英阶层”的人。此外,媒体革命消除了“精英对我们民主言论的几乎所有制约或者控制”,为特朗普的崛起提供了便利。Demagoguery is indeed an Achilles heel of democracy. Yet the Athenian democracy, in which Plato lived, did not give way to a domestic tyranny but was rather born from one. It was the Macedonian king who ended it in 338.煽动确实是民主的软肋。然而,柏拉图生活时期的雅典民主政治是从专制政体中诞生的,却并不是被本土专制统治所取代的。直到公元前338年,马其顿国Macedonian king)亚历山大大帝征希腊,才终结了雅典的民主政体。Above all, Mr Sullivan understates the role of elites. In the case of the US, he argues that wealth is unable to buy the presidency. Mr Obama defeated Mr Romney, for example. But money buys influence at lower levels of politics. More important, elites shape the economy and society. If a swath of the people is enraged, elites bear responsibility.最重要的是,沙利文低估了精英们的角色。就美国而言,他认为,金钱无法买到总统职位。奥巴马(Obama)击败了罗姆尼(Romney)就是例子。但金钱可以在较低层次的政治中买到影响力。更重要的是,精英阶层塑造了经济和社会。如果一大群人感到愤怒,精英们负有责任。The righteous attachment of the Democrats to the rights of women and, still more, the cause of minorities, defined by race, sexual orientation and identity, transferred the allegiance of the white, male middle classes, particularly in the old South, to the Republicans. The racial element in “Obama derangement syndromeis quite clear.民主党对女性权利以及少数群体(就种族、性取向和认同而言)事业的正义坚持,让中产阶级白人男性转投共和党——尤其是在传统的南部地区。“奥巴马都不对综合症Obama derangement syndrome)中,种族因素非常明显。Then Republicans treated these supporters to a “bait and switch They needed these votes for what their donors most desired: low taxes, weak regulation, free trade and liberal immigration. To make these causes goals of the Republican party, elites had to turn the government into the enemy. They also had to entice culturally conservative supporters with promises of change that were never likely to be met.随后共和党对这些持者玩了一手“偷梁换柱”。他们需要这些人的选票,来促成他们的金主最想要的低税收、弱监管、自由贸易以及自由移民。要让这几项事业成为共和党的目标,精英们不得不把矛头对准政府。他们也不得不用永远不太可能实现的承诺,来引诱文化上的保守派持者。In addition, elites on both sides promoted economic changes that ended up destroying trust in their competence and probity. In this, the financial crisis and consequent bailouts were decisive.此外,民主党和共和党的精英们都曾推动事与愿违的经济改革——这些改革到头来却破坏了民众对他们的能力和品行的信任。在这一点上,金融危机以及随后的纾困具有决定性影响。Yet by then the middle classes had suffered decades of real income stagnation and relative income decline. Globalisation has brought huge benefits to many of the world’s poor. But there were significant domestic losers. Today, the latter believe that those who run the economy and polity impoverish, exploit and despise them.然而,到那时为止,中产阶级已经经历了数十年的实际收入停滞和相对收入下降。全球化为世界上的许多穷人带来了巨大的益处,但也让美国国内许多人成为输家。如今,这些输家认为,那些执掌经济和政治的人让他们变得贫穷,剥削他们,还瞧不起他们。Even Republican elites have become their enemy and Mr Trump has become their saviour. It is no surprise that he is a billionaire. Caesar, aristocratic leader of the popular party, brought forth “Caesarism the rule of the charismatic strongman that Mr Trump wants to be.就连共和党精英也成了他们的敌人,而特朗普则成了他们的救世主。特朗普是一名亿万富翁,这并不令人感到意外。凯Caesar)是深受民众拥护的贵族领导人,他却创造了“凯撒主义Caesarism),即特朗普向往的那种富有魅力的强人统治。A healthy republic does not require equality, far from it. But it does require a degree of mutual sympathy. Sudden wealth from new activities conquest in ancient Rome, banking in medieval Florence can corrode social bonds. If civic virtue vanishes, a republic becomes ripe for destruction.一个健康的共和国不需要平等,完全不需要。但它的确需要一定的同情共感。新活动(例如征古罗马以及中世纪佛罗伦萨的业)带来的突如其来的财富,可能腐蚀社会纽带。如果公民道德沦丧,共和国随时就会崩溃。Economic, social and political changes have brought the US to the point at which a significant part of the population seeks a strongman. It must be sobering to Republican elites that their base chose Mr Trump over Ted Cruz and Mr Cruz over everybody else. The party elite played populist games, notably in their adamant refusal to co-operate with the president. Those better at such games have defeated them.经济、社会和政治上的变化让美国很大一部分人口希望出现一个强人。面对所有共和党候选人,共和党基层选民的第一选择是特朗普,第二选择是特#8226;克鲁Ted Cruz),这对共和党精英肯定无异于当头棒喝。共和党精英玩弄过民粹游戏,尤其是在坚决拒绝与总统合作上。那些更擅长此类游戏的人打败了他们。Mr Trump realises that his supporters have no interest in the limited state beloved of conservatives. Their desire is rather the restoration of lost economic, racial and sexual status. His response is to promise massive tax cuts, sustained spending and reduced debt. But he does not need logical consistency. That is for the despised “lamestream media特朗普明白,他的持者对保守派钟情的“小政府”不感兴趣。相反,他们希望恢复自己丧失的经济、种族和性别地位。特朗普的回应是承诺大规模减税、持续出和削减债务。但他不需要逻辑上的连贯性。那些遭到鄙视的“跛脚媒体”(lamestream media,与mainstream(主流媒体)双关——译者注)才需要。Hillary Clinton is a weak candidate, tainted by her husband’s failings and her position in the establishment, and short on political talent. She ought to win but might not. But even if she were to win, that would not end this story.希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)是个实力较弱的候选人,她丈夫的过错和她在建制派中的位置对她造成负面影响,她还缺乏政治天赋。她应该会赢得大选,但也可能会输。但即便她赢得大选,事情也不会就此了结。Mr Trump has called forth new political possibilities. But it is not mainly an excess of democracy that has brought the US to this pass. It is far more the failings of short-sighted elites. Some of what has happened was right and so should not have been avoided. But much of it could have been. Elites, particularly Republican elites, stoked this fire. It will be hard to put out the blaze.特朗普激发了新的政治可能性。但美国之所以走到这一步,过度的民主并非主要原因。一个更为重要的原因是目光短浅的精英阶层的失败。有些已经发生的情况是应该发生的,因此也不应避免。但有许多本可以避免。精英们(尤其是共和党的精英们)烧旺了这把火,扑灭它将非常困难。来 /201605/445568哈市公立三甲医院收费

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