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MRS. OBAMA: Hello! (Applause.) Well, hellothere. Yay, yay, yay! You guys rest. Sit yourselves down. Welcome to the White House – or the buildingacross the street from the White House. (Laughter.) It’s the samething. I am so glad you all could joinus as we celebrate African American History Month. And I want to thank Valerie for thatintroduction and for everything she’s doing to have our backs and to take careof stuff in this country every single day.I also want to give a bigshoutout to all the college students here from schools in and around D.C. andBaltimore. Yay to all of you. (Applause.) You’re working hard, right?STUDENTS: Yes.MRS. OBAMA: Getting the grades, right?STUDENTS: Yes.MRS. OBAMA: That’s all I’m going to say. (Laughter.) Very proud of you all. And I would also like torecognize all of you representing some of our country’s leading women’sorganizations. And, as Valerie said,thank you for being here today and working so hard to get folks signed up forhealth care over these past few months. This is a little bit of a reward for your hard work, right? Just a little something.And finally, I want to thank ourspecial guests that are here with us – Michele Norris from National PublicRadio, as well as the cast of “The Trip to Bountiful.” Blair Underwood – ah! (Laughter and applause.) Vanessa Williams – the men go, ah! (Applause.) Keke Palmer, my girl. (Applause.) And of course, theone and only Cicely Tyson. (Applause.) Yes, indeed! I told Ms. Tyson I’m trying to be like herwhen I grow up. (Laughter.) This is so exciting. It is a wonderful movie, and I am so thrilledthat we had the opportunity to show it here at the White House. And I had the pleasure of seeing the Broadwayplay last summer in New York with my girls, and we were blown away by thisstory of persistence and hope and the ties that bind us all together. It’s a story that makes us thinkback to the house we all grew up in, right; the things that our moms and dads,grandparents used to say to us, the path that all of us have taken to come hereand be who we are today. And nowheredoes that sense of home come through more clearly than in Ms. Tyson’s movingportrayal of Carrie Watts. That was alot of dialogue, that was a lot of monologue to remember. I can barely remember what I’m supposed to dothe next hour. (Laughter.) Impressive.This was a role Ms. Tyson hadbeen waiting to play for decades, and it’s a role that helped her win a TonyAward for Best Actress in a Play – and that’s in addition to all the otherOscar nominations and the three Emmys that she’s aly won. But Ms. Tyson’s story is about so much morethan honors and accolades. It is reallyabout character – can we say that again, young people – character anddetermination. And it’s about breakingbarriers not just for herself but for all of us who are blessed by herlegacy. Ms. Tyson grew up in the New YorkCity tenements, and her father was a carpenter and her mother cleanedhouses. And as a child, Ms. Tyson soldshopping bags on the street to help her family get by. And after she graduated from high school, shetook a job as a secretary, and then pursued modeling and acting. But this was the early ‘60s, and thereweren’t many roles for black women – still a challenge today. So Ms. Tyson took whatever parts she couldfind. Two of the first characters sheplayed on stage were prostitutes. Andsoon after, she was offered a third role – again, as a prostitute. But this time Ms. Tyson said no, because shebelieved that playing only those types of roles was demeaning not just to herbut to black women everywhere. And asshe later said – and these are her words – she said, “When I became aware ofthe kind of ignorance that existed, I made a very conscious decision that Icould not afford the luxury of just being an actress. I decided that I had some very importantthings to say, and that I would say them through my work.” She said, “There are people who wave bannersand picket,” she said, “my platform happens to be my work.”Now, just hear that, young folks,for a while, as you start pursuing your opportunities. There is more to your life than just pursuingyour own work. So much of what we all dowill impact everyone who follows us. Soin the decades that have followed Ms. Tyson, she has used her work to carrythat banner forward, even if it meant waiting years between roles until shefound one that was acceptable to her. But, as we all know, make no mistake, she found those roles. They found her. It was undeniable. She’s won accolades for her portrayals ofstrong, resilient women like Harriet Tubman, a sharecropper’s wife, KuntaKinte’s mother in the famous miniseries “Roots” – we all know “Roots,” we allgathered round to watch “Roots” – (applause) – and now, Carrie Watts. And that’s truly what we arecelebrating this month – those who moved us past ignorance with their wisdomand perseverance, those who demanded more from the world around them, and thosewho reached for higher standards through their life’s work, whether that’s as amovie star like Ms. Tyson or the millions of folks out there like Carrie Watts –folks who did their work in a classroom or in a congregation or around thekitchen table. Because it is that slow, grindingwork of progress that all too often, like Bountiful itself, goes unnoticed,almost forgotten. But we will neverforget, right? Because, as Carrie Wattssays from in front of her old house at the end of the movie, she said, “We’reall a part of this. We can never losewhat it’s given us.” And that’s what African AmericanHistory Month is all about. It’s abouthonoring those who came before us. It’sabout resolving to do our part to live up to that example. So let us all resolve today to do justthat. But let’s do that every day, notjust February. (Laughter.) There’s a lot of days in the year, let’s justkeep doing it. And we are counting on our youngpeople – let me just say for a moment – to take up that mantle. So in order to do that, you all have to beright. You have to have your stufftogether. You have to be clear of mindand clear of heart. You’ve got to beeducated, because we’re counting on you. We’re not going to solve these problems in our lifetimes, but we’regoing to pass them on to you. So that’swhy we’re so proud to have you here, and so proud to have you be a part of thisconversation. So I’m going to turn it over andlet you get to the business of talking, but I want to encourage all of you tofeel at home. Raise your hand, askquestions – especially our young people. Jump in, use your voices. Becausethis is a rare opportunity – do not be shy about it.And I want to thank you all forbeing here. I want to thank you all foreverything that you do for your families and for our communities and for ourcountry. We are so proud of you. And now, it is my pleasure to turn this stageover to my dear friend Michele Norris who is going to open things up for awonderful panel discussion with the cast. So thank you, guys. Have a good time, and God bless you all. (Applause.)201501/356820。

  • The third one I want to talk about quickly is the progression dynamic,第三个我想快速讲一下的是进步动机,where you have to sort of make progress,当你不得不进步的时候,you have to move through different steps in a very granular fashion.你很规律地一步一步前进。This is used all over the place, including LinkedIn, where I am an un-whole individual.这种动机在各地都适用,包括Linkedln,我并没有全部完成。I am only 85 percent complete on LinkedIn, and that bothers me.只完成了85%,我很在意这个。And this is so deep-seated in our psyche这种进步的动机在每个人身上如此根深蒂固that when were presented with a progress bar以至于当我们面对一个有进度条的任务,and presented with easy, granular steps to take to try and complete that progress bar, we will do it.它会细分成很多小的步骤,让你会愿意尝试完成这个进度条,We will find a way to move that blue line all the way to the right edge of the screen.我们会尽力移动那条蓝线,一直移到屏幕的最右边。This is used in conventional games as well.这一动机在传统的游戏中也有所体现。I mean, you see this is a paladin level 10, and thats a paladin level 20,我的意思是,你看这是圣骑士10级,那是圣骑士20级,and if you were going to fight, you know, orcs on the fields of Mordor against the Raz al Ghul,当各位将士准备前往多攻击半兽人,youd probably want to be the bigger one, right.你或许想用那个大块头,对吧。I would.我会想要右边的。And so people work very hard to level-up.所以人们拼了命想升级。;World of Warcraft; is one of the most successful games of all time.“魔兽世界”是一款卖的很好的游戏。The average player spends something like six, six-and-a-half hours a day on it.平均每个玩家每天花大概6到6.5个小时玩这个游戏。Their most dedicated players, its like a full-time job.最专注的玩家,恐怕是全职的。Its insane. And they have these systems where you can level-up.这简直是疯了。游戏系统规定可以升级。And thats a very powerful thing. Progression is powerful.这个很强大。进步的驱动力是巨大的。It can also be used in very compelling ways for good.这也可以被用来做好事。One of the things that we work on at SCVNGR我们在SCVNGR做的一件事情就是is how do you use games to drive traffic and drive business to local businesses,想出利用游戏的手法,对当地企业进行操作,to sort of something that is very key to the economy.这对经济发展非常重要。And here we have a game that people play.这里我们给大家设计了这样一个游戏,They go places, they do challenges, they earn points.他们到一个地方,完成挑战,赢得经验值。And weve introduced a progression dynamic into it,我们已经把进步动力的方式引入游戏之中,where, by going to the same place over and over,人们通过一次次到相同的地方,by doing challenges, by engaging with the business,不断地完成挑战,参与经济活动,you move a green bar from the left edge of the screen to the right edge of the screen,会使的一根绿色的进度条从屏幕的左边不断向右边推移,and you eventually unlock rewards.最终你能得到奖赏。And this is powerful enough that we can see that it hooks people into these dynamics,这种方法也很有效,它能够激起人们的进步动机,pulls them back to the same local businesses, creates huge loyalty, creates engagement,不断把他们拉回到同一个当地企业,建立巨大的客户忠诚和亲密关系,and is able to drive meaningful revenue and fun and engagement to businesses.这给企业带来了可观的收入,和承诺。These progression dynamics are powerful and can be used in the real world.这种进步的动机很强,可以在现实生活中使用。201601/423454。
  • Hi, everybody. Our country is home to some of the most beautiful God-given landscapes in the world. Were blessed with natural treasures – from the Grand Tetons to the Grand Canyon; from lush forests and vast deserts to lakes and rivers teeming with wildlife. And its our responsibility to protect these treasures for future generations, just as previous generations protected them for us. Since taking office, Ive set aside more than 260 million acres of public lands and waters – more than any President in history. Last month, we announced that 11 states had come together with ranchers, and industry groups to protect a threatened species – the sage grouse – without jeopardizing local economies. Two weeks ago, we announced that were creating one new marine sanctuary on the Potomac River in Maryland, and another along Lake Michigan in Wisconsin – part of unprecedented efforts to restore the Chesapeake Bay and the Great Lakes. We also joined a coalition of countries cracking down on illegal fishing that threatens jobs and food security around the globe. And Im going to keep protecting the places that make America special, and the livelihoods of those who depend on them. Well also keep doing what we can to prevent the worst effects of climate change before its too late. Over the past six years, weve led by example, generating more clean energy and lowering our carbon emissions. Our businesses have stepped up in a big way, including just this past week. Some of our biggest companies made new commitments to act on climate – not just because its good for the planet, but because its good for their bottom line. This is how America is leading on the environment. And because America is leading by example, 150 countries, representing over 85% of global emissions, have now laid out plans to reduce their levels of the harmful carbon pollution that warms our planet. And it gives us great momentum going into Paris this December, where the world needs to come together and build on these individual commitments with an ambitious, long-term agreement to protect this Earth for our kids. Now Congress has to do its job. This month, even as Republicans in Congress barely managed to keep our government open, they shut down something called the Land and Water Conservation Fund. For more than half a century, this fund has protected more than 5 million acres of land – from playgrounds to parks to priceless landscapes – all without costing taxpayers a dime. Nearly every single county in America has benefited from this program. It has bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate. Republicans in Congress should reauthorize and fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund without delay. After all, as Pope Francis reminds us so eloquently, this planet is a gift from God – and our common home. We should leave it to our kids in better shape than we found it. Thanks, and have a great weekend.201510/405834。
  • I started choosing only job that im passionate about and from which I knew I could bring meaningful experiences.于是我开始只挑那些我热爱的事情来做,只选那些我知道能汲取到有意义经验的工作。This thoroughly confused everyone around me: agents, producers and audiences alike.这让我身边的人感到很困惑:经纪人,制片人,还有观众也是如此。I made Cotayas Ghost, a foreign independent film and studied history, visiting the Prada every day for four months as I about goya and the Spanish Inquisition.我拍了外国独立电影《戈雅之灵》,为此我学习历史,连续4个月我每天研读戈雅和西班牙裁判所。I made V for Vendetta, studio action movie for which I learned everything I could about freedom fighters whom otherwise maybe call terrorists.我拍了动作片《V字仇杀队》,为此学习了所有自由战士相关的东西,他们也被称为恐怖分子。From Menachen Begin to Weather Underground.从Menachen Begin到Weather Underground组织。I made Your Highness a pothead comedy with Danny McBride and laughed for three months straight.我拍了《王子殿下》,Danny McBride导演的大麻喜剧,这让我足足笑了三个月。I was able to own my meaning and not have it be determined by box office receipts or prestige.我可以决定自己的价值,而不是让票房或名声来决定。By the time I got making BlackSwan, the experience was entirely my own.当我拍《黑天鹅》时,整个经历都是属于我自己的。I felt immune to the worst things anyone could say or write about me, and to whether the audience felt like to see my movie or not.我感觉自己已经刀不入,不管别人怎么说我,也不在意观众是否会看我的电影。It was instructive for me to see for ballet dancers, once your technique gets to a certain level, the only thing that separates you from others is your quirks or even flaws.对我很有启示的是,对芭蕾舞者而言,当你的技巧达到一定高度后,唯一能让你与他人不同的就是你的怪癖甚至瑕疵。One ballerina was famous for how she turned slightly off balanced.有位芭蕾舞者因转圈轻微不平衡而出名。You can never be the best technically, someone will always have a higher jump or a more beautiful line.从技术上来说,你永远做不到最好,总会有人比你跳得更高,或者有更美的姿态。The only thing you can be the best at is developing your own self.你唯一能做到最好的就是发展你的自我。Authoring your own experience was very much what Black Swan itself was about.为你自己的体验做主就是《黑天鹅》中讲述的事情。I worked Darren Aronofsky, the films director who changed my last line in the movie to It was perfect.我说电影的导演Darren Aronofsky把最后一句台词改成了:;这真完美。”Because my character Nina is only artistically successful when she finds perfection and pleasure for herself, not when shes trying to be perfect in the eyes of others.因为我饰演的角色Nina在艺术上的成功只在于让自己达到完美和愉悦,而不是为了试图在别人眼中变得完美。So when Black Swan successful financially and I began receiving accolades.所以当《黑天鹅》获得商业上的成功,而我也开始得到赞扬之时。I felt honored and grateful to have connected with people.我觉得荣耀和感恩的事我接触到了人心。But the true core of my meaning I had aly established.我已经建立了自己价值的真正核心。And I need it to be independent of peoples reactions to me.我需要它不受别人反应的影响。People told me the Black Swan was an artistic risk, a scary challenge to try to portray a professional ballet dancer.大家告诉我《黑天鹅》是艺术上的冒险,演绎职业芭蕾舞者是恐怖的挑战。But it didnt feel like courage or daring that drove me to it.但我觉得促使我去演的并非是勇气或胆量。I was so oblivious to my own limit that I did things I was woefully unprepared to do.而是我对自身局限的毫无所知,我对所做之事压根没有准备。201506/381971。
  • And yet, in spite of that, artificial life support has been successful. Barely a year after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, financial markets have stabilized, stock markets have rebounded, and the economy is showing signs recovery. People want to return to business as usual and think of the Crash of 2008 as a bad dream.而尽管如此,人工生命保障系统还是成功地起了作用。在雷曼兄弟破产仅一年时间后,金融市场就稳定下来。股市反弹,经济开始出现复苏迹象。人们想恢复到正常的经济生活中,而把2008年经济崩溃看成是一场噩梦。I regret to tell you that the recovery is liable to out of steam and may even be followed by a ;double dip; although I am not sure whether it will be in 2010 or 2011.很遗憾地告诉大家,经济复苏的进程可能会减缓,甚至可能出现“再次衰退”,尽管我还不确定它会发生在2010年还是 2011 年。My views are far from unique but they are at variance with the prevailing mood. The longer the turnaround lasts the more people will come to believe in it, but in my judgment, the prevailing mood is far removed from reality. This is characteristic of far-from-equilibrium situations when perceptions tend to lag behind reality. To complicate matters, the lag works in both directions. Most people have not yet realized that this crisis is different from previous ones — that we are at the end of an era. Others including me failed to anticipate the extent of the rebound. The confusion is not confined to the financial sphere; it extends to the entire international arena.我的观点绝不是异端,但的确与众不同。周期持续的时间越长,相信它的人就越多。但是,在我看来,大众的想法与现实还是有很大差距的。这正是“远离平衡状态”的典型特征,即认知滞后于现实。更为复杂的是,滞后体现在两个方向。大多数人还没有意识到这次危机不同于以往,没有认识到我们处于一个时代的尾声;而其他人,包括我在内,未能预见到经济反弹的程度。这种混乱状况不仅局限于金融领域,而且还波及整个国际舞台。201409/326443。
  • And then our mothers tell us, Careful you dont fall down, because youll fall over.然后母亲告诉我们,没有跌倒也要小心,因为你还会掉下来。Now, go into the real atmosphere of this planet.现在,进入这个行星真正的大气层。This planet has an inner atmosphere of water;its its inner atmosphere. It has two atmospheres a lesser, outer gaseous atmosphere, a lighter one.这个行星具有一个由水组成的内部大气层。这就是内部大气层。它有两个大气层。外面一个是小点的,气体的大气层,重量较轻。Most of life on earth is in that inner atmosphere.地球上绝大多数的生物生活在内部大气层里。And that life enjoys a three-dimensional existence,which is alien to us.这些生物的享受着一个三维立体的生活空间,对我们来说这简直天方夜谭。Fish do not sit in seats.鱼儿不会坐在椅子里。They dont. Their mothers dont say to little baby fish,Careful you dont fall over.它们不会。鱼儿的妈妈也不会对它们说,没有摔倒你也要小心。They dont fall over. They dont fall.它们不会摔倒,不会的。They live in a three-dimensional world where there is no difference in energy between going this way, that way, that way or that way.它们活在一个三维的世界里,在那里,向这个方向,或那个方向,所需要的能量是没有区别的。Its truly a three-dimensional space.这是一个真正的三维空间,And were only just beginning to grasp it.而我们才刚刚开始理解它。I dont know of any other submersible,or even remote, that just takes advantage that this is a three-dimensional space.我不知道其他潜水器,甚或是遥控潜水器,有没有想到利用这种三维空间。This is the way we should be going into the oceans.这才是我们迈向海洋所要采用的方式。This is a three-dimensional machine.这就是一个三维的机器。What we need to do is go down into the ocean with the freedom of the animals,and move in this three-dimensional space.我们要做的就是像那些动物一样,在这个三维的海洋空间里遨游。OK, this is good stuff.这确实是好东西。This is mans first attempt at flying underwater.这是人类第一次尝试在水下飞翔。Right now, Im just coming down on this gorgeous, big, giant manta ray.此刻,我正在水下和这只漂亮的,巨大的鲾鲼一起。She has twice the wingspan that I do.她的翼展是我的两倍。There Im coming; she sees me.我开了过去,她看到我。And just notice how she rolls under and turns;she doesnt sit there and try and blow air into a tank and kind of flow up or sink down she just rolls.请注意她是如何翻滚和转体。她不是坐在那里,也没有通过鼓气到槽罐里来控制上浮或下沉,她就是翻转。And the craft that Im in this hasnt been shown before.而我的飞船,这是第一次在这里展示的。Chris asked us to show stuff that hasnt been shown before.克里斯让我来这里秀一些从未展示过的东西。I wanted you to notice that she actually turned to come back up.我希望你们注意到她实际上是翻个身又转回来的。There I am; I see her coming back,coming up underneath me.那就是我;我看到她回来了,从我下面游上来。I put reverse thrust and I try and pull gently down.我翻转推进,想慢慢地往下。Im trying to do everything very gently.我试着很小心地做这一切。We spent about three hours together and shes beginning to trust me.我们花了大概三小时,她逐渐开始信任我。And this ballet is controlled by this lady here.而这位女士也主导着这芭蕾。She gets about that close and then she pulls away.一到完结,她就转身离开了。So now I try and go after her, but Im practicing flying.我试着要去追她,但我还在练习怎么飞…This is the first flying machine. This was the first prototype.这是第一架会飞的潜水器。这是最原始的雏形。This was a fly by wire. It has wings.这是次连接导线的飞行。它拥有翅膀,Therere no silly buoyancy tanks its permanently, positively buoyant.没有愚蠢的浮箱,它具有持久的浮力。201501/353765。
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