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The US Supreme Court has handed two landmark victories to gay Americans and advocates of same-sex marriage, ordering the federal government to recognise legally married gay couples and paving the way for the resumption of same-sex weddings in California.美国最高法院(US Supreme Court)做出两项裁决,一项要求联邦政府承认合法结婚同性伴侣的权益,另一项为加州让同性婚姻再度合法化铺平了道路。对美国同性恋人群和同性婚姻拥护者来说,这是两个里程碑式的胜利。The rulings, both with 5-4 majorities, come amid a seismic shift in the US in public attitudes in favour of same-sex marriage. Crowds of people waved rainbow flags outside the court in celebration yesterday, while social conservatives condemned the decision as an affront to natural order.这两项裁决(投票结果均为5票对4票)做出之际,美国公众对同性婚姻的态度正在发生巨大变化,更多人转向认同同性婚姻。昨日,许多人在法院外面挥舞虹旗以示庆祝,而社会保守人士则谴责这两项裁决是在对抗人类自然秩序。President Barack Obama applauded the decisions. “The laws of our land are catching up to the fundamental truth that millions of Americans hold in our hearts: when all Americans are treated as equal, no matter who they are or whom they love, we are all more free.”美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)对裁决表示赞赏。他说:“我们国家的法律正在改进,以求符合一项无数美国人心中信仰的基本真理:当所有的美国人——不论他们身份如何、取向如何——都能受到平等对待时,我们所有人都会更加自由。”The Supreme Court did not answer the fundamental question about whether gay and lesbian people have a right to get married. Instead, with its decision to overturn a central plank of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman, the majority of the justices declared that the federal government must grant the same rights to all legally married couples.美国最高法院并未回答同性恋人士是否有权结婚这个根本问题。但该法院以多数票裁定1996年《婚姻保护法》(Defense of Marriage Act,将婚姻定义为“一男一女的结合”)核心条款违宪。这所表达的意思是,联邦政府必须让所有合法结婚的伴侣享有同等权利。Under Doma, same-sex marriages were not eligible for the 1,110 federal benefits – from the ability to file taxes jointly to pension inheritance – that straight couples enjoyed. Twelve states and the District of Columbia now allow same-sex weddings.根据美国目前的《婚姻保护法》,同性婚姻中的伴侣不享有异性婚姻伴侣享有的1110项联邦福利——从共同报税权到养老金继承权。目前,美国已有12个州以及哥伦比亚特区允许同性结婚。“This [Doma] places same-sex couples in an unstable position of being in a second-tier marriage,” Justice Anthony Kennedy, the swing vote on the court, wrote in the opinion for the majority. He sided with the four liberal justices on the court in finding Doma unconstitutional.投出决定性赞成票的大法官安东尼#8226;肯尼迪(Justice Anthony Kennedy)在撰写多方意见时称:“(婚姻保护法)将同性婚姻置于二等婚姻的不稳定地位。”肯尼迪与最高法院中的另外4名自由派法官一起,裁定《婚姻保护法》违宪。In the second decision, one that was not split along ideological lines, the Supreme Court gave the green light to California to allow same-sex marriages. The justices said the proponents of California’s ban on same-sex marriage had no right to defend it against a lower court’s ruling that same-sex couples who wanted to marry in California should be able to do so. The state of California declined to defend the ban, which was passed by voters in 2008.美国最高法院的第二项裁决为加州允许同性结婚开启了绿灯。在做出这项裁决时,投赞成票和投反对票的法官并不是以意识形态划分阵营的。法官们称,加州同性结婚禁令的持者们无权对抗一个低级法院的一项裁决,即想在加州结婚的同性伴侣有权这样做。加州拒绝为这项在2008年由选民通过的禁令作出辩护。The justices sent the case back to a lower court with instructions for it to dismiss the case.法官们将该案发回低级法院,并建议其驳回该案。Together, the rulings amount to a double boost for advocates of same-sex marriage.上述两项裁决相当于为同性婚姻的持者提供了双重鼓励。 /201306/245703

Prevented From Taking Bicycle Onto Subway, Did Arrogant ;Lawyer Sister; Actually Slap a Police Officer?昨天,一段“女子地铁掌掴警察高喊我是律师激怒群众”的视频在网上出现,被网友转发达几十万次,视频中有围观者称,看到女子掌掴民警。昨天,记者实地探访,实此事件确实发生,但对于民警是否遭掌掴未予实。On the Beijing subway during the morning peak period, a woman violated rules by carrying a bike into the station, then ignored the guards and instead shouted ;I am a lawyer, in the ed States I can bring a bike on the subway!; After her outburst, she then attempted to claim the police officer hit her and violated her personal freedom, to which the surrounding crowd responded with booing and criticism.该视频的简介中称,事发地位于地铁刘家窑站内。一女子违规携自行车强行进站,后被民警拦下。民警拍照取时,她上去打了民警一嘴巴,并自称是律师。In the , the woman, who is in her twenties or thirties, can be seen wearing a gray suit. Opposite her stands three police dressed in police uniforms, one of whom recorded evidence throughout. The woman says: ;I am not your law enforcement target, why do you limit my personal freedom?; A man in the crowd wearing a white shirt responded that he personally witnessed her slapping the police officer earlier. After arguing in turn with other people in the crowd, the woman continuously made cellphone calls. In order to not affect the order of the subway, the police proposed going to the police station, but the woman refused. She said she did not do anything wrong, the administrative law do not require that she need go to the police station. ;The subway rules are only its internal regulations, they cannot be used to restrict my basic rights, and can not violate my property rights.;视频中显示,该女子二三十岁,身着灰色长款西。她对面站着3位身着公安制的民警,其中一人一直在摄像取。该女子说:“我不是你们的执法对象,为什么限制我的人身自由?”一围观的白衣男子则回应称,亲眼目睹她掌掴民警在先。在与周围群众争吵过后,该女子不断拨打电话。为不影响地铁运行秩序,民警提议去派出所被该女子拒绝。她说,她没有犯错,行政法律未规定她这样的人需去派出所。“地铁运行规范只是其公司内部规章,不能限制人最基本的权利,不能侵犯我的物权”。A passenger witness surnamed Yang told reporters that when police first took out their camera to take evidence, the woman suddenly rushed forward and slapped the police in the mouth. The police who was hit then grabbed her right arm, while another police held her left arm.目击乘客杨先生告诉记者,当民警取出相机取时,该女子突然扑上去给了民警一个嘴巴。“被打民警顺势抓住她的右胳膊,另一民警拖住了她的左胳膊。”昨晚,地铁刘家窑站安检人员实,前天下午6点多,地铁A口安检处,视频中的女子推着一辆折叠式儿童自行车进站,“她只有手包通过了安检机,不顾阻拦,推着自行车就往入站楼梯走”。安检人员和站内民警追赶至站台,才将其拦下。对于后续的事情,他们并不知情。刘家窑地铁公安警务站工作人员也称,确实存在此事,当事民警属于宋家庄站派出所,但详细情况并不清楚。截至昨晚11点30分,北京市公安局公共交通安全保卫总队(分局),仍未对此事作出任何回应。 /201204/178338

You spend lots of time and money shopping online during the past year and somehow you lost track of both.去年,你将大把的时间和金钱都花在了网购上,但对这两笔数字却一无所知。That’s why when you received you annual statement from Alipay, the Chinese third-party online payment platform, you probably got a nasty surprise.这就是为何当你收到第三方付平台“付宝”的年度账单时,会感到有惊无喜的原因了。The annual statement, which shows consumers’ personal spending and online payment patterns, caused a stir when it was released by Alipay on Jan 15. Many micro-bloggers shared how much money they spend shopping online, mostly on Taobao, and how they felt after discovering the extent of their consumption. As you may have guessed, most of them were shocked by their statement.付宝于1月15日发布了个人年度账单,其中贴出了用户的个人开销以及在线付方式;一张账单随即引起轰动。微上人们(其中大部分为“淘宝控”)纷纷晒出网购账单以及看到自己消费情况后的感想。正如你所料,多数人都被自己的账单雷到了。Chen Si, 23, a senior in Literature of Film and TV at Shandong University of Arts, put a stamp “Can’t bear to look at it” on her statement.山东艺术学院戏剧影视文学专业大四学生、23岁的陈思(音译)在自己的账单上打上了“无法直视”的标签。“Many micro-bloggers said they would rather ‘cut their hands off’ after seeing how every cent of their money was spent online shopping last year. I’m one of them,” Chen said.陈思坦言:“许多主表示在看到自己去年的网购账单时都恨不得‘剁手’,我也是其中之一。”Last year, Chen spent about 10,000 yuan on Taobao — more than 60 percent of online shoppers in the city of Jinan and more than half of her living expenses. Chen, who didn’t buy any expensive items online, had no idea where her money went before seeing the statement, which labeled her as “an upstart of online shopping”.去年,陈思的淘宝账单约为1万元人民币,超过济南市60%的网购用户,占她日常开销的一多半。并未网购过什么昂贵商品物品的陈思在看到自己的账单之前根本不知道钱都花到哪里去了,而她也被贴上了“网购新贵”的标签。“My sttitude to consumption was summarized as ‘economical’, ‘practical’ and ‘home-loving’,” Chen said. “It makes sense because I bought lots of things on discount days such as Nov 11 and Dec 12, and I purchased many home products.”“我的消费态度被总结成‘经济’、‘实用’、‘爱家’,”陈思说,“这点倒是说得通,因为我在‘双十一’和‘双十二’这种折扣日血拼了很多东西,而且我买了好多家居用品。”While many like Chen regret their excessive spending, some are making a big deal out of how little they spent. Zhu Siwei, 25, an accountant from Jinhua, Zhejiang province, spent a total of 489 yuan last year, according to her Alipay statement. Since she posted her consumption status on Sina Weibo she’s been asked by many fellow micro-bloggers how to save money.当许多人同陈思一样为自己的过度消费而后悔不已时,也有人因为花钱少而收到网友追捧。根据一张付宝账单显示,来自浙江金华25岁的会计朱思微(音译)去年只花了489元。她的账单在新浪微上一经晒出,网友纷纷向她讨教省钱妙方。“If you subtract the 38.7 yuan transfer fee, my actual expenditure in 2012 was 450.3 yuan,” Zhu said. “I usually get tied up with work and don’t have that much time for online shopping. I spend most of my money on my personal interests, such as ing books and listening to CDs.”“如果口掉38.7元的转账费用的话,我2012年的实际出就只有450.3元了,”朱思微说,“我平时忙于工作,没什么时间网购。我的钱主要花在了一些个人爱好上,比如买书和CD。”Whether the numbers are surprisingly high or low, Alipay’s annual statement is more than just analysis of users’ different consumption patterns.不管账单上的数字是高是低,是大吃一惊还是喜出望外,付宝年度账单不仅仅是对用户消费方式的简单分析。As Ma Yun, the CEO of Alibaba.com, an online shopping website, once said: “E-commerce is not a business mode or technology, but a way of life.”正如阿里巴巴CEO马云所说:“电商不是商业模式和技术,而是生活方式。”An annual statement reflects a person’s consumption habits and lifestyle. But it’s also a warning that, while online shopping provides us with convenience and a refreshing way of living, we should be cautious about our consumption, especially when it comes to online shopping where money is just a number.年度账单反映出一个人的消费习惯和生活方式,但这同样也是种警告:在网购为我们带来便利与新鲜生活方式的同时,我们也要谨慎消费,尤其是在网购时,因为在那里,金钱只是个数字。 /201301/222718

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