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2019年02月19日 21:13:32 | 作者:飞度排名健康调查 | 来源:新华社
India’s Supreme Court has banned new luxury diesel vehicles in Delhi and doubled a recently imposed “green tax” on trucks coming into the city — the latest in a series of tough measures to curb pollution.印度最高法院已禁止豪华柴油车在德里上牌,并将近期对驶入德里的卡车开征的“环保税”提高一倍。这是印度一连串遏制污染的强硬措施中的最新一例。The ban on the registration of new diesel vehicles with engines of two litres or more will initially be in force only until March 31. But it is a warning sign to India’s car industry of the growing backlash against diesels — especially larger, heavy sport utility vehicles popular among the wealthy.这项禁止发动机排量在2升及以上的柴油车上牌的禁令,将只试行至明年3月31日。尽管如此,它对印度汽车业来说还是一个警告,它提醒印度汽车业注意:柴油车正受到越来越大的反对,尤其是受富裕阶层欢迎的车体较大较重的运动型多用途车(SUV)。According to the Society of Indian Automotive Manufactures, 37 per cent of all passenger cars sold in India during the financial year to March 2015 were diesel variants, and the share of diesels in total car sales has been rising in recent months.根据印度汽车制造商协会(Society of Indian Auto Manufacturers)的数据,截至2015年3月的上一财年里,印度市场上售出的所有乘用车中柴油车占37%,而且近几个月里柴油车在汽车总体销量中的占比还在不断上升。However, about 90 per cent of the SUVs and other utility vehicles sold last year, and many German-made luxury cars, are fuelled by diesel, which is substantially cheaper than petrol.此外,去年售出的SUV及其他类型多用途车有90%左右为柴油车,很多德国造的豪车也是如此。柴油要比汽油便宜不少。“The rich can’t be allowed to buy luxury diesel cars and SUVs and pollute the air with adverse consequences on the health of the rest of the population,” the court said on Tuesday, a day ahead of its formal ruling.印度最高法院在正式颁布禁令的前一天表示:“不能允许富人购买豪华柴油车和SUV来污染空气,而对其他民众的健康造成不良影响。”The court also doubled a “green tax” on trucks that it imposed last month in a bid to deter highly polluting commercial vehicles from driving through the capital unless they had business there. It has also banned trucks more than 10 years old from entering the city.印度最高法院还将对卡车开征的“环保税”提高了一倍。该税是从上月开始征收的,目的是劝阻高污染的商用车辆没事办就别从首都经过。印度最高法院还禁止车龄超过10年的卡车驶入德里。Environmental activists hailed the court decision as a much-needed move to put the brakes on the deterioration of Delhi’s air quality.印度最高法院这一决定受到环保人士的欢迎,他们称这是一项极为必要的、阻止德里空气质量恶化的举措。 /201512/417466;Red envelope; gifts via mobile devices, popular in China during festivals, have brought a new challenge in the fight against corruption.过节时,手机红包非常流行,这给反腐带来了挑战。Cheng Wenhao, director of the Anti-Corruption and Governance Research Center at Tsinghua University, said that passing money on the instant messaging tool WeChat ;may be a disguised gift to someone close to officials who can help solve a problem for them;.清华大学反腐管理中心程主任说,通过实时通信工具微信汇款是一种变相送礼,以此要求政府相关人员帮忙办事。The gift, often called hongbao or ;lucky money;, is a person-to-person transaction and seen as fun, ;but it may become a breeding ground of corruption if we don#39;t pay attention;, Cheng said.这种送礼又称红包,是一种人与人之间的交易方式,很多时候被视为方式,但是不经注意可能会成为腐败的滋生地。Stricter inspections targeting bribery in cyberspace was also developed in Gansu province, in a move to implement the ;eight-point rules; that were put forward by the central leadership to restrict bureaucracy, reduce red tape and formalities and ban the lavish use of public funds, the website said.甘肃省严格监察网络贿赂,以此来实行中央号召的“八点原则”,来限制官僚主义,减少官样文章和形式,杜绝滥用公款。Cheng added: ;Although the amount of a transaction on WeChat is not big, 200 yuan () each at most, it is not a small number when it is accumulated.程主任还说:“尽管每次微信上的交易数额不多,每次最多只能200元,但是累积起来就不是个小数额了。”Under the current Criminal Law, anyone offering more than 10,000 yuan (,550) in bribes faces at least a five-year prison sentence. The invisibility of WeChat ;lucky money; makes it difficult for disciplinary inspectors to trace, Cheng said.现行刑法规定任何人贿赂超过一万元都将面临最短五年监禁。微信红包的无形让监察人员很难追踪。He suggested that inspectors should inspect every industry and keep their knowledge in technological fields up-to-date.因此程主任建议监察人员应该监察各领域,及时更新自己在技术领域的知识。Fan Hongmin, deputy president of the School of Public Management at Zhengzhou University in Henan province, praised the disciplinary inspection authorities#39; practice of forbidding government officials from receiving WeChat lucky money and electronic gifts. ;The practice reflects that our anti-corruption work is catching up with the times and has no dark corners,; Fan said.河南郑州大学公共管理学院范副院长赞扬了监察机关对于防止政府官员收微信红包和电子礼物所做出的努力。范称:“这反映了国家反腐工作与时俱进,没有盲区。”A spokesman for WeChat provider Tencent, who declined to be named, said that offering such bribes is absurd because the transactions can be tracked. He added that so far he has not heard of any instance of bribery on WeChat.微信是腾讯旗下产品,一位拒绝透露姓名产品发言人表示,他觉得这样的贿赂十分可笑,因为微信红包交易是可以追踪的。迄今为止,他还没有听说过微信上贿赂的例子。 /201511/409771

Due to high emissions of pollutants in winter and unfavorable weather conditions for the diffusion of pollutants, many parts of China are suffering from heavy air pollution, according to a statement on the website of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.据环境保护部网站消息,近日,受冬季污染物排放量大和不利气象条件的影响,全国出现大范围的重污染天气。China#39;s environmental authority reported that 50 cities, including Beijing and Tianjin, were subject to heavy smog on Wednesday.中国环境保护部报告显示,包括北京和天津在内的全国50个城市在周三出现了重度雾霾。Among the 70 cities in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and environs, 30 cities are affected by ;severe; air pollution, and 20 others are ;heavily; polluted, the Ministry of Environmental Protection said.环境保护部表示,在京津冀及周边地区70个地级及以上城市中,30个城市出现严重空气污染,而另外20个城市则是重度污染。As of 3 p.m. Wednesday, 10 cities had issued red alerts against the smog. The Central Meteorological Observatory at 6 am Wednesday continued to issue an orange alert for smog.在周三的下午三点,共有十个城市发布了雾霾红色预警。而中央气象台23日6时继续发布霾橙色预警。The ministry named and shamed three organizations for environmental protection violations, pledging intensified supervision for air pollution prevention and control and heavier punishment for violations.环保部此次就三家企业的违规污染环境这一行为进行了点名批评,并表示会加强对大气污染防治的监督以及对违规行为的处罚。 /201512/417912

As an Asian country, Singapore has a reputation for being highly Westernized (西方化的), with English among the country’s four official languages. But a couple of signs found on local buses that have recently gone viral (走红) online may say otherwise.新加坡作为一个亚洲国家,一直以来都以高度的西方化著称,并将英语作为该国的四种官方语言之一。但是最近网络爆红的当地公交车上的标识,或许表明事实并非如此。Quite different from the English we are familiar with, the signs , for example, “Here cannot go in!” instead of “You cannot go in from here”, and “Here can charge phone!” instead of “You can charge your phone here”.这些标识读起来与我们所熟悉的英语有很大的不同,打个比方说, (牌子上写着)“不可由此入内”的英文是“Here cannot go in!”而不是“You cannot go in from here”,以及“您可在此为手机充电”的英文写作Here can charge phone!”而不是“You can charge your phone here”。This language that resembles (类似) English is called Singaporean English, or “Singlish”.这种与英语相类似的语言被称为新加坡英语,或者“坡式英语”。The New York Times calls Singlish a “patchwork (拼凑品)” because Singapore consists of migrants (移民) from a variety of countries, including China, India and Malaysia, and they all speak their own versions of “English”.《纽约时报》将“坡式英语”称为“拼凑品”,因为新加坡有很多来自中国、印度和马来西亚等多个国家的移民,他们都说着自己版本的英语。“Everyone who speaks it shapes it,” wrote the newspaper.“ 这一语言是由每一个讲它的人塑造的,”该报写道。For example, in Singlish you can easily recognize influences from Chinese. It includes vocabulary such as “mee siam (米线,rice noodle)” and “da bao (打包,pack food to go)”. Sentence structures like “Toilet where?” instead of “Where is the toilet?” are also adapted from Chinese.比如,你很容易发现中文对坡式英语的影响,包括“米线”和“打包”等词汇。句式结构如“Toilet where?”(厕所在哪)也来源于中文。Interesting and diverse as it may seem, the trend for Singlish is worrying Sinagapore’s government. It is concerned that the dialect is lowering the country’s English standard and may affect its relationship with foreigners. It even launched the Speak Good English Movement in 2000.尽管坡式英语看起来有趣且多元,但新加坡政府正为这一趋势感到担忧。他们担心这种方言正在逐步降低国家的英语水平,而且或许会影响到和外国人的关系。新加坡政府甚至还于2000年发起了“讲纯正英语运动”。But the movement didn’t wipe out the problems as it aimed to. Instead, Singlish has thrived (繁荣), especially among young people who think of it as a sign of being cool and a way to identify themselves as Singaporean.但这一运动并没有奏效。相反,“坡式英语”繁荣发展,尤其是在年轻人当中。他们认为此举很酷,还能明自己是新加坡人。But this doesn’t mean that standard English is being abandoned (抛弃) by young people. In fact, they are much more capable (有能力的) than the government gives them credit (认可) for – many can speak both.但这并不意味着标准英语正在被年轻人所抛弃。事实上,他们比政府认为的更有能力,很多人都会说两种英语。“We are a nation good at code-switching (语码转换) – we know that the way we speak to our friends or bus drivers (yes, often in Singlish) has to be different from how we present ourselves in the boardroom or at school,” wrote Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan, a Singaporean author, in Time magazine.“我们是一个擅长语码转换的国家 —— 我们知道和朋友以及公交车司机说话的方式(没错,通常是‘坡式英语’)有别于在会议室或者学校表现自己的方式。”新加坡作者Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan在《时代周刊》杂志中这样写道。“To actively urge us to give up a language that speaks to the very heart of who we are, that so beautifully represents the melting pot of Chinese, Indians, Malays and Eurasians that we are, is shortsighted (鼠目寸光的), surely.”“急切地促使我们去放弃一门能表达内心,且美妙地代表着中国人、印度人、马来人以及欧亚人这个大熔炉的语言,肯定是鼠目寸光。” /201704/504956

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