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Google’s takeover of Motorola MobilityGoogle收购托罗拉移动部分Patently different截然不同The battle in the mobile industry takes an unexpected turn移动通信行业之争出现意外转折Aug 20th 2011 | from the print edition WHEN smartphones were still young and computing tablets not yet born, some analysts predicted that the market for mobile devices would sooner or later look much like that for personal computers (PCs): there would be a clear division of labour and intellectual property between makers of hardware and software; a dominant operating system would emerge; and Apple would again become a niche player.在智能手机初现江湖、平板电脑尚未问世之时,有些分析人士就预言移动通信设备市场迟早会变得和个人电脑PC市场一样:软硬件制造商之间分工明确,拥有各自的知识产权;有一个操作系统会一统江湖;而苹果将再次扮演只做特定群体买卖的角色。If proof is still needed, Google’s takeover of Motorola Mobility is the strongest sign yet that this will not come to pass, at least in the near future. On the contrary, the mobile-device industry will bear a closer resemblance to its other parent: the market for old-fashioned, voice-only handsets.不过至少在短期内,这一预言是不会成真了,假如你一定要我给个据,Google收购托罗拉就是最有力的明。相反,移动设备行业的市场状况倒是会与它的另一位生父更为相似,那就是:只有通话功能的老式手机。Start with intellectual property. In contrast with PC makers, firms in the telecoms industry have long fought over patents. If such disputes are even more common over today’s mobile devices (see article), it is because they are exceedingly complex and based on intellectual property from many different industries.先从知识产权说起。与PC制造商相比,电信企业对专利的争夺由来已久,而由于移动设备极其复杂,其知识产权来源于各行各业,知识产权纠纷在今时今日会变得更为普遍。Gaining control of Motorola’s big patent portfolio will provide Google with ammunition in the ongoing battle between mobile platforms. Android, Google’s operating system for smartphones and other devices, has taken the world by storm. Its global market share is approaching 50% (see chart). Yet Apple and Microsoft have found a way to slow down, and even benefit from Android’s advance: going after makers of smartphones running Android for patent infringements.将托罗拉庞大的专利网收入囊中,这为Google参与激战正酣的移动平台争夺战提供了弹药。Google开发的智能手机及移动设备操作系统安卓Android正席卷全球。其全球市场份额正接近50%(见下图)。不过苹果和微软找到了应对之策,这两家公司甚至还从安卓的发展中受益:状告安卓智能手机制造商专利侵权。201108/150886India Launches First Unmanned Mission to Moon印度22日头一次发射探月太空船  India has launched its first unmanned mission to the Moon. The mission is a major boost to the country's space program, as India joins Asian nations China and Japan in exploring the Moon. 印度发射了第一艘无人探月飞船,从而加入了中国和日本的行列,成为另一个对月球进行探测的亚洲国家。这次发射是印度太空计划的一次重要进展。The unmanned Chandayaan-1 spacecraft blasted off from a launch pad in Sriharikota in southern India, shortly after dawn, Wednesday, as the nation watched on television. 星期三凌晨,无人驾驶的“月球飞船一号”从印度南部斯里赫里戈达岛的发射台上轰然起飞,印度全国通过电视转播观看了发射。Scientists applauded and hugged each other. The head of the Indian Space Research Organization, G. Madhavan Nair, calls it a perfect launch and says everything is going according to plan. 科学家们鼓掌欢呼并互相拥抱。印度太空研究组织的领导人马达范·奈尔说这是一次成功的发射,并且说一切都按照计划进行。"It's a historic moment, as far as India is concerned…..We have started our journey to the Moon and the first leg of the journey has gone perfectly well," said Nair. "It's a remarkable performance by the launch vehicle, every parameter was on the dot….Today what we have started is a remarkable journey for the Indian spacecraft to go to the Moon and try to unravel the mysteries of the Moon."  他说:“对印度来说,这是历史性的一刻。我们已经开始月球之旅,而旅程的第一步骤走得都很完美。发射器的表现十分出色,每一个参数都十分准确。我们今天开始的是印度探月太空飞船的精采旅程,并且尝试著揭开月球的神秘面纱。”It was clearly a moment of celebration for scientists in charge of the mission. 对于主持这项任务的科学家们,这显然是欢庆的一刻。"This is the beginning of a new era…..Words don't come, OK…..today it is a red-letter day…our baby is on the way to the moon," one scientist could be heard saying. “这是新时代的开始。言语难以形容。今天是重要的一天。我们的宝贝飞船正在飞往月球的路上。”The Chandrayaan-I, which means Moon Vehicle, is being sent on a two-year mission to orbit the Moon and scan its chemical and mineral composition. A key objective will be to look for water. The spacecraft carries 11 instruments. Five are Indian, three are from the European Space Agency and two from the ed States. A gadget from the spacecraft will land on the Moon to pick up some dust for analysis. 月球飞船一号背负著两年的计划,将循环月球轨道,并且扫描其化学与矿物成分。探索水分将是重要的目标之一。这艘太空飞船运载著11台仪器。其中有5台来自印度,3台来自欧洲太空局,两台来自美国。太空飞船上的一台设备将登陆月球,收集一些尘土以供分析。This is India's first space mission beyond the Earth's orbit. If successful, the million project will be a major step forward for India's space program. 这是印度的第一次超越地球轨道的太空任务。如果成功的话,这项耗资7千9百万美元的飞行任务将使印度的太空计划向前迈进一步。It is also being seen as an effort by India to catch up with Japan and China, which have aly sent unmanned spacecraft to orbit the Moon. In particular, China has been forging ahead in space exploration, putting astronauts in space and carrying out its first spacewalk. 也被视为印度要追上日本与中国的一项努力。日本与中国已经送出无人驾驶飞船环绕月球轨道飞行。中国尤其已经在太空探测上取得领先,太空人跨出太空舱,并且实行了太空漫步。India, too, has drawn up ambitious programs. It plans to send an astronaut into space by 2014 and a manned mission to the Moon by 2020. 印度也制定出雄心勃勃的计划。它计划在2014年之前让太空人跨出太空舱,并且在2020年之前实现月球登陆。India started its first space program in 1963, developing its own satellites and launch vehicles, and has a foot-hold in the multibillion-dollar commercial space-launch business. 印度在1963年开始其太空计划,发展了自己的卫星以及发射太空飞船,并且跨足拥有几百亿美元商机的商业太空飞船发射生意。200810/53776World Health Assembly Discusses New Health Challenges世卫敦促各国预防甲型流感流行  The annual World Health Assembly has opened with delegates from 193 member countries discussing how to protect people from diseases such as the swine flu virus that is sping around the world.世界卫生大会年会开幕,来自193个成员国的代表们正在讨论如何防止人们感染目前正在世界流行的甲型H1N1流感等疾病。World Health Organization Director-General, Margaret Chan, says the world is facing multiple crises, on multiple fronts. And, these are occurring at a time when the global economic crisis is making it more difficult to maintain good health, especially in the developing world. 世界卫生组织总干事陈冯富珍说,世界目前在许多地区面临多项危机。而目前的全球经济危机让人们保持健康的体魄更加困难,发展中国家尤其如此。The WHO Chief says the new Swine Flu A-H1N1 virus shows how health challenges are changing.世卫组织总干事陈冯富珍说,新的甲型H1N1流感病毒说明,我们面临的健康难题正在如何发生改变。"The world today is more vulnerable to the adverse effects of an influenza pandemic than it was in 1968, when the last pandemic of the previous century began," said Margaret Chan. "The speed and volume of international travel have increased to an astonishing degree. As we are seeing right now with H1N1, any city with an international airport is at risk of an imported case." 陈冯富珍说:“跟1968年即上世纪最后一次流感瘟疫的情况相比,当今世界更加难以应对流感疫症产生的负面影响, 国际旅行的速度和人次以惊人的速度增长。正如我们现在看到的甲型H1N1流感,每一个有国际机场的城市,都有可能有输入性病例。”Dr. Chan says increased interdependence among nations creates a great potential for economic disruption. This means the gap between the haves and the have-nots will grow even larger than it aly has. 陈冯富珍说,国与国之间相互依赖的增加,也极大的增加了经济崩溃的可能性。这就是说,贫富之间的差距会更大。"Today, about 85 percent of the burden of chronic diseases is concentrated in low and middle income countries," she said. "The implications are obvious. The developing world has, by far, the largest pool of people at risk for severe and fatal H1N1 infections." 陈冯富珍说:“如今,慢性病这个沉重负担有大约85%集中在中低收入国家。其中的含义显而易见。就目前来看,发展中国家有更多的人会面临感染甲型H1N1流感的这种严重致命病毒的最大风险。”Dr. Chan urges the international community to do everything it can to help developing countries from bearing the brunt of disease pandemics. And she says while the world is right to be concerned about a possible flu pandemic, it should not let these worries overshadow or interrupt other vital health programs.陈冯富珍敦促国际社会尽一切努力避免发展中国家承担疾病流行的打击。她还说,尽管世界目前担心可能发生的流感疫症,这些担忧不应该遮挡或者干扰我们实施其它生命攸关的健康计划。She says health ministers attending this week's Assembly should take the opportunity to respond to threats to their health systems. She says a priority is to finish the job of polio eradication. 陈冯富珍表示,出席这个星期世界卫生大会的卫生部长们应该抓住机会对本国、本地区医疗制度遇到的威胁做出回应。她说,一项首要任务是完成根除脊髓灰质炎即小儿麻痹症的工作。She says the global campaign that WHO started in 1988 is very close to achieving its goal of ridding the world of this terrible paralytic disease.陈冯富珍说,世界卫生组织1988年开始的这项全球性运动其最终目标是,在全世界消灭这种给人造成麻痹的可怕疾病,现在这个目标接近实现了。05/70324Asia Pacific Travel Industry Sees Recovery By End of Year亚太旅游协会:今年会有复苏迹象 The top travel industry group in Asia expects a modest recovery in travel to the region late this year, despite the global financial downturn. Travel analysts say the industry faces business closures as part of the economic rebound. 亚洲一个航运业机构预计,尽管全球金融系统萎靡不振,今年亚洲地区的航运业务还是会出现适度的恢复。航运业分析师认为,这个行业将面临商家破产和部分业务开始复苏并存的局面。The Pacific Asia Travel Association says the industry in the Asia-Pacific region could show signs of recovery by the end of . 亚太旅游协会表示,亚太地区的航运业可能会在年年底之前出现一些复苏的迹象。A new PATA report says in Southeast Asia, international arrivals will grow to almost 77 million by 2011, up from more than 62 million in 2007. 该协会发布的一份新报告说,东南亚地区的国际游客数量将会在2011年达到7700万。2007年的数量是6200万。Travel agents, hotels and airlines have faced tough times, with visitor arrivals to the Asia-Pacific region falling nearly three percent in late 2008. Destinations such as Thailand, Cambodia and Hong Kong, heavily dependent on tourism, have particularly suffered. 2008年下半年,到达亚太地区的航空游客数量减少了约三个百分点,旅行社、酒店和航空公司的日子都很不好过。泰国、柬埔寨、香港等高度依赖旅游业的地方遭受的损失特别严重。PATA's strategic intelligence director, John Koldowski says the association sees late as a "turning point" for the regional travel industry. 亚太旅游协会战略情报部门负责人约翰·科尔多斯基(John Koldowski)说,该协会认为年年底将是这个地区旅游业的一个转折点。"We believe that we might see signs of [recovery] that happening towards the end of the third quarter of this year, quite possibly the fourth quarter, but we are probably talking first and second quarter of [20] 10 before we can start to see some of that movement that is consistent," said John Koldowski. 科尔多斯基:“我们认为,我们可能会在今年第三季度结束的时候,也很可能是在第四季度看到复苏的迹象。不过,我们要开始看到这个行业好转的势头能够持续下来可能会是在明年第一或者第二季度。”But, he warns, the hard times are not over yet. 不过,科尔多斯基警告说,艰难的日子还没有过去。National tourism organizations in the region have countered the slump with new advertising. Promotions by South Korea lifted arrivals by 25 percent in January and February. Similar promotions underpinned the industry in Taiwan and India. But arrivals to China, Thailand and Japan all declined.  这个地区的各国的旅游机构通过加大广告力度来减小业务下滑的势头。韩国的促销活动把一、二月份的国际游客数量提高了25%。台湾和印度采取的类似措施也对各自的航空旅游业产生了一定的积极效果。不过,中国、泰国和日本的国际游客普遍减少了。The International Aviation Transport Association says global passenger traffic will contract by two percent this year, but recover in 2010.  国际航空运输协会预测,全球的客运今年会下降两个百分点,但到2010年会有所复苏。In 2008, airlines suffered an overall loss of nearly .5 billion, but the loss is expected to shrink this year to about billion. 2008年,航空公司总体亏损近85亿美元,不过,今年亏损幅度可望减少到50亿美元。Koldowski says he expects the travel industry to face major structural changes as it recovers. Some airlines, hotel chains and other businesses may fail or have to change their operating practices. 科尔多斯基说,他估计,航运业在复苏的时候可能会出现重大的结构调整。某些航空公司、连锁酒店和其它的一些业务不是破产,就是要改变自己的运营方式。"The industry will come through it but it will be a radically different industry," he said. "The aviation sector could be very, very different in its guise. However, I think we will come through it but not all businesses will survive." 科尔多斯基:“这个行业会渡过难关的,但是整个行业的面貌会跟过去有很大的不同。航运业看上去将非常、非常不一样。但是,我认为我们会渡过难关的,但并不是所有的公司都能生存下来。”By 2008, tourist arrivals to the Asia Pacific region had nearly doubled, to 385 million, from a decade earlier. During the same period, global travel rose by one third. 截至到2008年,亚太地区的旅游人数达到3.85亿人,几乎比10年前翻了一番。同期,全球的旅游人数增加了1/3。04/66241Tornadoes in the South南部龙卷风Out of the whirlwind旋风过后The South cleans up after the deadliest storms in 86 years 86年来最致命风暴过后,美国南部开始清理工作May 5th 2011 | JEFFERSON COUNTY, ALABAMA | from the print editionPLEASANT RIDGE BAPTIST CHURCH, set on a busy commercial street in Hueytown, a dozen miles south-west of Birmingham, was open for business. So was the Dairy Queen across the street, and the nearby Publix grocery store. Traffic was thick on Hueytown Road. But the church’s business was not strictly ecclesiastical. It was also serving as a Red Cross shelter for those left homeless just a few miles away. Church members were collecting donations of clothes, water and toiletries. And at the Publix, signs at the checkout counters told shoppers they could help their neighbours with donations added to the cost of their groceries.休伊镇位于伯明翰西南部十几公里处,普莱曾特里奇浸信会教堂便坐落于这个小镇一条繁忙的商业街上。教堂刚刚开门迎客,对面的DQ冰激凌店和附近的帕布克斯杂货店也都开始营业了。休伊镇的马路交通十分拥挤。这座教堂并不严格限定仅向基督徒开放,它也作为红十字会收容所帮助方圆几公里的无家可归者。教会成员会收集人们捐赠的衣、饮水和梳洗用具。而帕布克斯杂货店收银台前摆放的标牌也提示顾客,小店将把他们在此花费的一部分钱款捐献给一旁的教会。Such is the nature of tornadoes: even large ones rain intense destruction on relatively small areas. The one that ran from Tuscaloosa north-east to Birmingham was immense, 1.5 miles across and 80 miles long, with winds exceeding 165 miles per hour. Parts of Alabama were utterly ruined, but most of the state was untouched. More than 300 tornadoes tore through the region between April 25th and 28th, an unprecedented number. They killed around 340 people in seven states, with the bulk of the deaths in Alabama. Not since 1925 have more people been killed by tornadoes in a single day, and not since Hurricane Katrina has there been a deadlier natural disaster in America. 龙卷风实质上是一种拥有强大破坏力的、小范围的空气涡旋。在塔斯卡卢萨县形成,一路向东北方向奔袭,席卷至伯明翰的龙卷风威力巨大,时速超过165英里,留下了一条宽1.5英里、长80英里的废墟带。亚拉巴马州部分地区完全被毁,但该州大部分地区未受到袭击。4月25日至28日期间,超过300场龙卷风席卷此地,数目空前频繁。龙卷风造成美国7个州大约340人遇难,其中绝大多数位于亚拉巴马州。这是自1925年以来单日造成遇难者人数最多的龙卷风,也是自卡特里娜飓风之后美国发生的最为致命的自然灾害。201105/135168

Republicans Face Possibility of Big Losses in US Congressional Races共和党在美国国会或遭遇重大挫折 Republicans face the prospect of significant losses in the House of Representatives during next month U.S. election. Most analysts see Republicans losing at least 20 House seats, but some predictions put potential losses at 30 or more in the 435-seat House. While Americans have generally negative views of Congress, Democrats have taken advantage of a general trend of dissatisfaction. 共和党在下月举行的大选中将在众议院面临重大损失,大多数分析家认为,共和党可能会失去至少20个众议院席位,但还有一些预测认为共和党在众议院总共435个席位中可能会失去30席或30席以上。尽管美国人对美国国会的看法大体上是消极的,但民主党利用了民众的普遍不满趋势。Although a number of issues will be on the minds of Americans when they go to the polls on November 4, the most dominant is the global financial crisis which most analysts agree is pushing voters toward making major changes in Washington, and Republican candidates are vulnerable across the country. 虽然当美国选民于11月4日走进投票站时心目中有很多问题,但是他们最关心的是全球的金融危机。多数分析家认为,这一关切将推动选民要求华盛顿进行重大变革,从而使全国各地的共和党候选人普遍处于脆弱地位。Currently, Democrats hold a 235 to 199 advantage in the 435-member House, with one seat vacant. Though Republican leaders have tried to maintain an optimistic public face, there were some early negative signs in 2008. 目前,民主党在众议院的435个席位中占有235席对199席的优势,其中一个席位空缺。虽然共和党领导人曾试图保持一种乐观的公众形像,但在2008年出现了一些早期的消极迹象。Early in the year, three key state districts held by Republicans for decades shifted to Democrats in special elections seen as important early indicators. 今年年初,共和党主导了几十年的三个关键州的选区在特别选举中转向民主党,这被视为重要的早期征兆。Among them was the seat held by former Republican House speaker Dennis Hastert, where a Democratic candidate benefited from fundraising and an endorsement by Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. In the southern states of Louisiana and Mississippi, two key seats also fell to Democrats.At the same time, since the 2006 mid-term election, Republicans leaving Congress, either retiring or running for higher office, outnumber Democratic departures by a margin of 29 to six. 与此同时,自2006年中期选举以来,共和党人因为退休或另有高就而离开国会的比例和民主党相比为29比6。Debates in House races reflect concerns about the economy and the recent government rescue plan for the financial markets.  众议院举行的竞选辩论反映出对经济和政府最近救援金融市场计划的关切。Democrats and Republicans contrast what they would do in Washington if elected, but also reflect a lot of common ground on the financial mess. 民主党或共和党当选后会在华盛顿采取截然不同的行动,但是他们对金融乱局的问题有很多共同点。In Ohio's 15th district, which narrowly went Republican in 2006, Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy faces Republican Steve Stivers. 在2006年以微弱优势倒向共和党的俄亥俄州第十五选区,民主党候选人玛丽.乔.基尔罗伊在选举中和共和党候选人史蒂夫.斯蒂夫斯对阵。"We need to move in quickly to eliminate and put more oversight and more regulation so the risky behaviors on Wall Street and [in] the banking industry that brought us to this crisis, come to an end," says Kilroy. 基尔罗伊说:“我们必须迅速采取行动,对华尔街和华尔街的业进行更多的监督和调控,彻底根除他们所采取的导致我们陷入这场危机的冒险做法。”"We need to make sure that what they are going to do is going to work," Stivers says. "We need to make sure that it is going to be a smart investment and that the taxpayers aren't going to be left holding the bag for Wall Street."  斯蒂夫斯说:“我们必须确保他们的措施有成效。我们必须确保这将是一个明智的投资,不会让纳税人被华尔街套住成为替罪羊。”In Colorado, where opinion polls show Barack Obama has opened a significant lead over John McCain, the House contest between Republican House incumbent Marlyn Musgrave and Democrat Betsey Markey featured this exchange about energy policy. 在科罗拉多州的民意调查显示,奥巴马以较大优势领先于麦凯恩。该州众议员的竞争在现任众议员共和党的马斯格雷夫和民主党的马尔凯之间展开。他们最近对能源政策针锋相对地交换看法。"My opponent has voted against every piece of renewable energy legislation that has come before the Congress in the past four years," says Markey. 马尔凯说:“我的对手在过去四年里对提交到美国国会的每一个再生能源的提案都投了反对票。”"I will always vote against a bill if it has pork [extraneous spending] in it, and a tax increase and those are the reasons for my no votes on those bills," Musgrave says. 马斯格雷夫:“我将继续投票反对一项需要巨额花费,同时还需要增加税收的法案。这就是我没有投赞成票给这些法案的理由。”In addition to the economy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have also worked against Republicans, who are also weighed down by President Bush's poor public approval ratings.  除了经济之外,伊拉克战争和阿富汗战争也对共和党不利。同时共和党还受到现任总统布什低迷的民众持率的拖累。Democrats are out-spending Republicans in House races by almost four to one, with Republican congressional campaign managers forced to make tough choices on where to direct funds.An internal Republican party document recently reported by U.S. News amp; World Report, and the multimedia political news organization Politico, described 58 Republican House seats as being at some level of risk, with as many as 34 seats in serious danger of shifting to Democrats. “美国新闻与世界报导”杂志和多媒体的政治新闻组织“政治新闻报导”最近披露了一份共和党的内部文件,表明共和党在众议院里有58个席位面临一定程度的风险,其中34个席位有转向民主党的严重危险。Among interesting shifts, Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann's chances for re-election were damaged by controversy that followed her call for investigations of members of Congress that she suggested had anti-American views.Democrats are not without their problems. In Florida, a Democrat Tim Mahoney's chances of winning a key Republican seat are threatened by a personal scandal, while Democrats faced tough races in some key states, such as Pennsylvania.  而民主党也非高枕无忧。在佛罗里达州,民主党候选人马奥尼从共和党手中赢得关键席位的可能性受到他个人丑闻的威胁,而民主党人在一些关键州,如宾夕法尼亚州等,也面临著艰难的选战。While Democrats could sharply increase their majority in the House, the picture in the 100 member Senate is less hopeful, where Republicans may still maintain enough seats to block legislation. 虽然民主党可能会大幅增加他们在众议院的多数席位,但是在由100名参议员组成的参议院中,民主党的希望不大,共和党仍可能保持足够的席位来阻挠立法。200810/54011

Mexican Officials May Have Discovered Motive for Killing of US Citizens墨西哥官员可能得知美国公民被杀原因In Juarez, Mexico, authorities say a suspect they detained last week in connection with the March 13 murder of two US citizens has told them the reason for the killing may have to do with treatment of jailed gang members across the border in El Paso, Texas. One of the victims worked as a jailer in El Paso.墨西哥华雷斯市当局说,上周拘捕的一名嫌犯与3月13日两名美国公民被杀案有关,他告知当局,这起杀害事件有可能跟边境另一侧、美国德克萨斯州埃尔帕索市被关押在监狱中的黑帮成员所受到的待遇有关。受害死者之一是埃尔帕索一所监狱的狱警。Investigators in Mexico say the detained suspect Ricardo Valles de la Rosa, 45, claims the ambush of a US couple near the Juarez city hall on Saturday, March 13, was carried out as an act of retribution against Arthur Redelfs, who worked as an El Paso County Sheriff's detention officer and was accused by gang members of mistreating their compatriots there. 墨西哥的调查人员说,被关押的45岁嫌犯罗萨声称,一对美国夫妇3月13日星期六在华雷斯市政府附近遭伏击,这是一起报复行动,针对的目标是阿瑟·雷德尔弗斯。他是埃尔帕索郡警察局拘留中心的狱警,帮派成员指控他虐待他们在监狱中的同伙。Redelfs and his pregnant wife, Lesley, who worked at the US consulate in Juarez, died in their white sport utility vehicle after being shot multiple times. Around the same time, a Mexican man who had been at a social event with the couple just minutes before was killed in similar fashion at another location. 雷德尔弗斯的妻子莱斯莉已经怀,在华雷斯的美国领事馆工作。他们驾驶的白色的越野车遭多处击,夫妻双双死于非命。大约在同一时间,一名墨西哥男子在另外一个地点以同样的方式被击毙,几分钟前他还在一个社交场合跟雷德尔弗斯夫妇在一起。According to Mexican authorities the second victim was also in a white sport utility vehicle and since the gunmen were not sure which one was Redelf's car, they decided to kill the occupants of both vehicles. Such callousness is not unusual in Juarez, where drug-related violence has claimed the lives of more than four thousand, 800 people since 2008. The violence has claimed around 600 victims so far this year. 据墨西哥当局说,这名墨西哥受害者也在一辆白色越野车里。由于杀手不太清楚哪一辆车是雷德尔弗斯的,他们决定对两辆车里的人同时下手。在华雷斯,这种杀人不眨眼的行径屡见不鲜,这座城市自2008年以来已经有4千8百多人死于跟毒品相关的暴力事件,今年已经有大约6百人死于毒品暴力。El Paso County Sheriff's Department spokespersons say they have no information to collaborate the reports coming out of Mexico, but they have said that Redelfs was a well-respected professional. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and other federal law enforcement agencies are providing assistance to Mexican authorities in this investigation, but they have declined to comment on the developments in Mexico.德克萨斯州埃尔帕索郡警察局发言人说,他们从墨西哥方面没有任何相关的信息。不过,他们表示雷德尔弗斯是一位很受尊敬的专业人士。美国联邦调查局和其他联邦执法机构协助墨西哥当局调查此案,但他们不肯对墨西哥方面的进展发表。201004/100443

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