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Donating sperm is one of the most generous things a man can do, as it gives others the chance to have a baby.捐精是一个男人可以做的最慷慨的事情之一,因为这可以给予别人拥有孩子的机会。The number of sperm donors has seen a sudden rise after a local newspaper reported that Chongqing sperm bank has been put into operation.据重庆当地一家报纸报道,在重庆精子开业之后,捐精者一下子多了起来。After three years of preparation and construction and one year of trial operation, the sperm bank finally got approval from Chongqing Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission.经过三年的准备和建设,以及一年的试运行之后,这家精子终于得到了重庆市卫生和计划生育委员会的批准。Potential candidates need to make an appointment for health examination before donation, said a doctor at the sperm bank. Every day, the sperm bank arranges 15 people to donate their sperm.精子的一名医生表示,有意愿捐精的潜在候选人需要在捐献前做体检。每天精子会安排15个人进行捐精。According to the introduction of the bank, only married or single men who meet requirements such as being 22 to 45 years of age, a height of at least 1.65 meters, being in good health, with well-formed features and having education at junior college level or above can donate sperm.据这家精子介绍,只有已婚或达到包括年龄在22到45岁之间,身高至少1.65米,身体健康,功能健全,具有大专及以上学历这些要求的单身男子才可以进行捐精。They must also be confirmed as not having hereditary or sexually-transmitted diseases through laboratory examination. Six months after the sperm donation, a volunteer will be required to have a blood test again. Only after one is confirmed that he hasn#39;t been infected with HIV can his sperm be qualified for supply to the outside.他们必须通过实验室的检测,以明没有遗传性或性传播疾病。在捐精之后的六个月,志愿者将会再接受一次血液检查。只有在确定捐献者没有感染HIV之后,他的精子才有资格向外捐献。Usually, only 24 percent of male applicants who meet the initial criteria qualify and not all qualified applicants become donors at last, said the doctor.医生表示,通常只有24%的申请者能满足最基本的合格标准,而且也不是所有合格的申请者都最终能成为捐献者。A sperm donor can earn as much as 5,000 yuan (US$ 771.9) once. Every walk-in applicant will have 50 yuan of transportation allowance.据悉,一位捐精者每次可以得到5000元人民币(771.9美元)。每个走进精子填写资料的申请者将会获得50元交通补贴。 /201604/440142

Are you an authoritative parent? A new study has found that harsh parenting may increase a child#39;s risk of obesity and poor physical health in adulthood.你是独断专权的父母吗?一项新的调查发现,严厉的教养可能会增加孩子成年后患有肥胖症的风险,他们的身体健康状况也会很差。According to researchers, attempts by one parent to counterbalance the harsh behaviour are not always effective in lessening that risk.根据研究人员透露,父母中的一人试图努力平衡另一人严厉的行为是不会有效降低这种风险的。;Harshness leads to problems with physical health and no matter how hard a spouse tries, they may not be able to erase those effects,; said lead study author Thomas Schofield from Iowa State University in the US.“父母的严厉态度导致了孩子健康状况的下降。不管另一方如何努力平衡,这种不良影响也不会消除的,”美国爱荷华州立大学这项研究的带头人托马斯·斯科菲尔德说道。;Instead of saying, #39;I#39;m the law and my wife is the gospel#39; or something like that, better to acknowledge that in terms of harshness, your spouse is not going to be a buffer for the child, so behave responsibly,; Schofield added in the paper, published in Social Science and Medicine.斯科菲尔德在《社会科学与医学》杂志上发文补充说道:“不要总是说#39;我扮演严父,我妻子是慈母#39;这样的话了,你更应该多去了解严厉给孩子造成的不良影响,你的另一半再怎么样也不能为孩子起到缓冲作用,所以要为自己的行为负责,”Researchers taped the interactions of 451 two-parent families to assess parenting behaviour and look at changes in the child#39;s health several years later from adolescence to young adulthood.研究者共录下了451个双亲家庭的亲子互动来评估父母的行为,并且以此判断孩子从青春期到成年的身体健康方面产生的变化。The results indicated that the differences in physical health and BMI were not evident at the beginning of adolescence. The effects persisted into young adulthood after many had moved out of their parents#39; homes.调查结果显示,孩子的身体健康和身体质量指数的差异在青春期初期并不明显。这些影响会在他们成年离开父母后显现出来。;The best thing we can do is to encourage parents to not be harsh. If we want to make sure we#39;re protecting children#39;s health and positive physical health into young adulthood, the best and safest conclusion is to avoid being harsh,; Schofield advised.斯科菲尔德对此建议道:“我们能做到的就是鼓励父母不要太过严厉。如果想确保我们是在保护孩子以及成年后的身体健康的话,那么最好、最安全的结论就是避免成为严父严母。” /201605/441383

The contents of a woman#39;s handbag have long remained a mystery to men around the world.全球各地的男性都好奇女生的手提包里装了些什么。But the truth is a lot dirtier than one could ever have imagined.但真相却比任何人想象的都要“脏”得多。German research found 10,000 different bacteria are present in just a few square centimetres of handbag, making it dirtier than your average toilet seat.德国一项研究显示,手提包里面仅仅几平方厘米的面积里,就生活着约1万种不同的细菌,脏的程度甚至超过一般的马桶座圈。So how does your bag get so disgustingly filthy?那么你的包包是如何变得如此肮脏,让人厌恶的呢?The Herald Sun spoke with My Bag Spa owner Alex How from Melbourne, who has found food scraps, rubbish and even dog or cat urine in handbags.《先驱太阳报》采访了“包包水疗”的店主,来自墨尔本的亚历克斯-豪,他在女性手提包里发现过食品残渣、垃圾甚至猫的尿液。#39;Dog and cat pee are the worst and we have to wear gloves and a mask to remove those smells or else our skin starts to itch,#39; Mr How said.豪先生说,“猫的尿液是最糟糕的情况,我们不得不带上手套和口罩来清除异味,否则皮肤会开始发痒。”#39;Some bag users put rubbish in their bag and totally forget about it.“一些包包的主人把垃圾放在包里,之后完全忘了这回事。”#39;Wine, all sorts of food scraps and sauces and cigarettes are things that build up over years. It can be quite ugly when the bags come in for service.#39;“这些年,我们在手提包里发现的酒渍、各种食物残渣和酱汁、以及香烟等物品越来越多。这些手提包送来接受务时实在太难看了。The bacteria from your hands can also contaminate your bag#39;s lining, with much of the dirt trapped between the lining and the leather exterior.手上的细菌也会污染手提包的衬里,大部分污物夹在衬里和外皮之间。The Herald Sun spoke with online cleaning agent Helpling partner manager Roxanna Pelka, who said handbags are dirtier than your average toilet, as toilets are cleaned more regularly.《先驱太阳报》还采访了在线家政务提供商Helpling的商户经理洛克珊娜-佩尔卡,她说手提包比一般的马桶要脏,因为人们更经常地清洁马桶。She ed the Science World Report 2013 that revealed handbags have about ten times the amount of microbial activity than a toilet seat.她引述《2013年科学世界报告》的话说,手提包上的微生物活性大约是马桶座圈上的10倍。But not all handbags are rife with bacteria, with a bag#39;s quality mainly dependent on the user.但并非所有的手提包都遍布细菌,手提包的质量主要取决于主人。 /201606/447741

As the capital of the ed States, Washington DC is not one of the 50 states. It#39;s a ;federal district,; hence ;District of Columbia,; shortened to ;D.C.;作为美国的首都,华盛顿特区并不在美国的50个州之内。它是一个;联邦特区;,因此,;哥伦比亚特区;缩写成为;D.C.;。But that could soon change, as they are currently bidding for statehood. If that happened, Washington DC would become the 51st state, and its leaders would give it an entirely new name.不过,这一情况可能很快就会发生变化了,因为其目前其正在致力于获得州的地位。一旦成功,华盛顿特区将成为第51个州,而它的州长也将授予它一个全新的名字。That name could quite likely be ;New Columbia,; an old name that was approved by voters in a 1982 referendum in which Washington DC tried for statehood. It originates from Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, who is obviously a critical part of U.S. history.这个名字很有可能是;新哥伦比亚州;,是在1982年华盛顿特区想要升格为州的全民公投中,被批准的一个老名字。它起源于意大利探险家克里斯托弗·哥伦布,而他显然是美国历史上关键的一部分。Of course, some long time DC residents are anxious about the name change. Columbus#39; reputation as a hero has undergone quite a sea-change since the 1980s, with many seeing him as a brutal conqueror rather than a noble explorer.当然,长时间以来特区居民一直对名字的改变充满担忧。自上世纪80年代以来,哥伦布作为一个英雄的美名经历了翻天覆地的改变:很多人将他视作野蛮的侵略者,而非高尚的探险家。According to Matthew Green, an associate professor of politics at Catholic University in Washington DC, ;It#39;s hard to come up with a name that would honor the city#39;s political, living and symbolic dimensions equally.;据华盛顿特区天主教大学的副教授马修·格林表示:;现在很难找出一个能与这座城市的政治、生活和其他象征性维度相匹配的名字。;People are joining in the conversation on social media, adding in their opinion about the name change and possible statehood.更名和升州事宜引起了网友们在社交媒体上的热烈讨论,很多人分享了他们的观点。#NewColumbia? You#39;ve gotta be kidding me!! Please stick to Washington DC. Capital City!— Roro Tetreault网友Roro Tetreault说:#新哥伦比亚州?别开玩笑了!还是华盛顿特区好,首都好!Presumptive Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton supports the change along with Bernie Sanders, but nothing is set in stone yet. The statehood issue will probably be debated at the Democratic National Convention in July. Until then, we#39;ll just have to sit tight and see what happens.此外,民主党候选人希拉里·克林顿和伯尼·桑德斯都持这个方案,但是没有什么是一成不变的。获得州地位的问题极有可能会在七月的民主党全国大会上商议。在此之前,我们就静观其变吧。 /201607/454448

A majority of Chinese provinces have performed well in reducing airborne pollutants and have a good chance of reaching the targets set in the Action Plan on Air Pollution Prevention and Control by 2017, according to an assessment by the Chinese Academy of Engineering released last Tuesday.中国工程院上周二发布的评估报告显示,全国多数省份大气污染物有显著下降,有望在2017年前实现《大气污染防治行动计划》设定的目标。However, Beijing appears to have a tough challenge ahead, according to the assessment.不过,根据该项评估显示,北京市似乎仍面临着艰巨的挑战。To assess the midterm performance of the action plan, the Ministry of Environmental Protection authorized the engineering academy to conduct the assessment.为了检测该行动计划的中期效果,国家环境保护总局授权中国工程院进行评估。;Most provinces have finished the major tasks, and reduction of particulate matter has reached or surpassed the midterm targets.; said Hao Jiming, an environmental studies academician at Tsinghua University who led the assessment.领导此次评审的清华大学环境研究院院士郝吉明表示:“大多数省份已完成了主要任务,而且颗粒物的减少工作已达到或超过了中期目标。”The assessment said major airborne pollutants including PM2.5 and sulfur dioxide have been reduced greatly, and the days with good air quality have increased nationwide.评估报告称,PM2.5和二氧化硫等主要大气污染物大幅减少,全国范围内空气质量良好的天数增加。But the assessment also exposed some problems. For example, seven provinces, including Liaoning and Jilin, not only failed to reduce PM10 concentrations but saw increases.不过评估报告也指出了一些问题。比如,辽宁、吉林等七个省份的PM10浓度不降反升。Beijing, which has faced a tough challenge in meeting the 2017 goals, was supposed to reduce PM2.5 to 60 micrograms per cubic meter on average, but its concentration last year averaged 80.6.北京应当将PM2.5平均浓度降至60微克/立方米,但去年这一污染物的平均浓度却达80.6微克/立方米,该市在实现2017年的考核目标上面临严峻的挑战。;The current control efforts in Beijing were not strong enough to facilitate such a large cut in PM2.5,; said He Kebin, dean of the School of Environment at Tsinghua University.清华大学环境学院院长贺克斌表示:“北京市目前的控制措施还不足以完成如此大幅度的降低PM2.5。”Beijing plans to replace coal consumption for winter heating with electricity, which generates less pollution. The reduction of coal burning is one of Beijing#39;s difficult challenges, but success would enable the capital to reach its 2017 goals, he said.他说道,北京市计划采用煤改电的方式来过冬取暖,这样可以产生更少的污染。减少煤炭燃烧是北京市面临的难题之一,但是该措施的成功实施将会使得首都完成其2017年的既定目标。 /201607/454697

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