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2018年11月15日 12:21:24 | 作者:飞度新闻权威医院 | 来源:新华社
Wednesdays aren#39;t usually popular days to have a wedding, but this Wednesday is very popular because the date is December 12, 2012 – 12/12/12.周三本不是结婚的“旺日”,但本周三全球却迎来了结婚潮,因为恰逢2012年12月12日(12/12/12)。We caught up with one bride, who, like thousands of others around the globe, will be tying the knot in two days.我们联系到将在这天结婚的一位新娘,全球将有数万人在这一天结婚。Deborah Thomas is trying on dresses for her wedding in two days. She wants the dress to be perfect.黛拉-托马斯正在为两天内的婚礼试穿婚纱。她想要一套完美的婚纱。;It#39;s a little bit too much bling for what I like. I like something very simple and elegant.;“对我来说这套婚纱太闪亮了,我想要简单一些、优雅一些的婚纱。”She and her fiancé chose December, specifically the 12th of December for their wedding, because of the numbers 12/12/12.她和她的未婚夫选择了12月12日举行婚礼,因为这一天是“12/12/12”。Deborah and her ex-husband will be re-married on this iconic date -- this time for good.黛拉和她的前夫将在这有纪念意义的一天复婚,而这次婚姻将是永恒。The two are not alone. 12/12/12 is a very popular date for weddings and the last of this type of repeating numbers for the century.有很多新人选择在这一天结婚。2012年12月12日掀起了结婚潮,这一天也是本世纪最后一个年月日重复的日期。Beside the interesting numbers, for Deborah and Adam, the date holds extra meaning.除了日期有纪念意义外,对黛拉和亚当来说,这一天还有其他含义。;That was the day we met. We actually met at a Christmas party and... he lost a game of pool so he had to take me to dinner,; says Deborah.黛拉说:“这也是我们初遇的日子。我们其实是在一场圣诞派对上遇见的,他玩儿游戏输了,因此要请我吃晚餐。”Many other couples will be doing the same thing.还有众多新人选择在这一天结婚。;43 percent of brides want to get married on an iconic day such as 12/12/12. it#39;s an important date for fiancés to remember. They like the numbers, they feel it#39;s lucky,; says Mandy Sommer, David#39;s Bridal.大卫的新娘曼迪-萨默说:“43%的新娘想在有纪念意义的一天结婚,比如2012年12月12日。这是未婚夫要铭记的重要的一天。他们喜欢这个日期,感觉这一天很幸运。”And because Deborah believes it#39;s bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her dress before the wedding, Deborah wants Adam, who may be watching, to know this: ;The ones we tried on today are not what we picked out… I didn#39;t want him to see me in the actual dress.;因为黛拉认为新郎在婚礼前看见新娘穿着婚纱很不吉利,因此她想让也许正在观望的亚当知道:“我们今天试穿的婚纱不是我们选出的婚,我不想让他看到我穿着当天婚纱的样子。”Some believe 12/12/12 signifies the universe#39;s entering Age of Aquarius, a time believed to bring harmony, understanding, and peace to earth, all important qualities for a good marriage.有些人认为12/12/12象征着宇宙进入了“宝瓶宫时段”,人们认为这一时段会带来和谐、理解、地球的和平、以及对一段美好的婚姻生活来说所有重要的特性。 /201212/213942TOP 10 MOST HATED SOUNDS1010大最招人讨厌的声音1.Nails on a chalk board1.指甲划过黑板的声音2.Someone being sick2.别人感到恶心呕吐而发出的声音3.Car alarm3.汽车防盗报警器的声音4.A dentist#39;s drill4.牙医电钻发出的声音5.Someone spitting5.吐痰的声音6.A yapping dog6.乱叫的犬吠7.Screaming baby/children7.婴儿、小孩的哭闹声8.Someone talking with their mouth full8.满嘴食物时说话的声音9.Someone grinding their teeth9.磨牙的声音10.Someone#39;s knife grinding on a plate10.刀刮盘子的声音 /201209/197942

Where to live—in the city or in the countryside? Different people have different opinions.住在农村,还是城市?不同的人有不同的观点。Some people like living in cities. They think that living in cities has many advantages. First of all, there are always well-developed public transports. Secondly, it is often easier to find work. Besides, the life in cities is rich and colorful; they can go to cinemas, and walk in the parks whenever they want to relax. By contrary, some people prefer to live in the countryside. They think they can live a comfortable life. They can breathe fresh air, drink pure water, and listen to birds singing. In addition, they enjoy the quiet and peace of the countryside.有些人喜欢住在城市。他们认为住在城市有很多好处。首先,那有更发达的交通。其次,更容易找到工作。另外,城市的生活是丰富多的;他们可以去看电影,想放松的时候可以去公园走走。相反的,有些人选择住在乡村。他们认为可以住得更舒适。他们可以呼吸新鲜空气,喝纯净水,听小鸟唱歌。另外,他们喜欢乡村的宁静和和谐。 /201210/204700

While an economic crisis results in untold misery for countries and their people, a new study of health in Cuba has suggested there could be a silver lining during lean times.尽管经济危机会给许多国家及其人民造成难以名状的苦难,但是古巴的一项新健康研究指出,经济困难时期的黑暗也有一线光明。Researchers appear to have implied that people can lose weight during a recession due to a reduction in eating and increasing physical activity.研究人员暗示说,由于摄入食物的减少和体力活动的增多,人们在经济萧条时期体重会下降。Their dramatic findings, published online in the British Medical Journal, were based on a study in Cuba, where the population suffered food and fuel shortages following the economic crisis of the early 1990s triggered by the collapse of the Soviet Union.这一发表在《英国医学杂志》网刊上的引人注目的发现基于古巴的一项研究。20世纪90年代早期古巴在苏联解体后陷入经济危机,古巴民众因此遭受食品和燃料的短缺。This resulted in an average of 4 to 5kg (8 to 11 lbs) being shed by the people and subsequent rapid declines in deaths from diabetes and coronary heart disease.这导致古巴人的平均体重下降了4到5千克(8到11磅),古巴因糖尿病和冠心病而导致的死亡人数随后也迅速下降。The scientists from the University of Alcalá, in Madrid, also discovered that when Cubans put the weight back on, cases of diabetes surged again.马德里的阿尔卡拉大学的科学家还发现,古巴人体重回升后,糖尿病的发病率又再度猛增。The researchers concluded that the Cuban crisis could have lessons Britain.研究人员得出结论说,英国可以从古巴危机中吸取教训。They suggested that an average weight loss of just eleven pounds across the UK could cut deaths from heart disease by a third while the mortality rate of type 2 diabetes, the form of the condition related to obesity, could also be halved.他们指出,英国人口平均体重只需减少11磅,死于心脏病的人数就能减少三分之一,与肥胖有关的Ⅱ型糖尿病造成的死亡率也可以减半。Whole population trends in food consumption and transport policies linked to physical activity could reduce the burden of two major illnesses, said the researchers.研究人员称,全体民众食物摄入量的减少以及和体力活动有关的交通政策可以降低这两大疾病的负担。;During the deepest period of the economic crisis in Cuba, from 1991 to 1995, food was scarce and access to gas was greatly reduced, virtually eliminating motorised transport and causing the industrial and agricultural sectors to shift to manual intensive labour,” said Prof Manuel Franco, who led the international team of researchers from Spain, Cuba and the ed States.这一国际研究团队的成员来自西班牙、古巴和美国,团队的领头人曼纽尔?弗朗科教授说:“在古巴经济危机最严重的时期,即1991年至1995年这段时间,食品和燃气的供给量大幅减少,实质上降低了机动车的使用量,并导致工业和农业部门改用高强度的体力劳动。”;We found a population-wide loss of 4-5 kg in weight in a relatively healthy population was accompanied by diabetes mortality falling by half and mortality from coronary heart disease falling by a third.“我们发现,如果一个相对健康的人口体重整体减少4到5千克,那么糖尿病导致的死亡率会随之减半,冠心病死亡率也会降低三分之一。;So far, no country or regional population has successfully reduced the distribution of body mass index or reduced the prevalence of obesity through public health campaigns or targeted treatment programmes.;“到目前为止,还没有哪个国家或地区能通过公共健康运动或有针对性的治疗项目成功地降低人口的身体质量指数或肥胖发生率。” /201304/237385

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