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3 Fast and Festive Christmas Wreaths3款喜庆圣诞花环 快速搞定有妙招It doesn#39;t take hours to fashion these Christmas wreaths that welcome visitors to your home in holiday style!如今,制作喜迎宾客的圣诞花环不再需要花费大量时间了!Merry Musical Accent愉悦的音乐之声Invite carolers and neighbors to warm up in a front hall echoing with the joyful sounds of the season.邀请颂歌者与邻居在回响着欢愉的节日颂歌的前厅做好准备。Shiny brass jingle bells, horns, and little toy drums blend with tiny scrolls of sheet music, sprigs of holly, and a festive holiday bow to trim the wreath above and trumpet #39;Happy Holidays#39;!装饰音乐之“环”的材料有:金灿灿的黄铜门铃、号角、小玩具鼓、微型乐谱、冬青树枝以及喜庆的圣诞“结”。音乐之“环”的“宣言”是——“节日快乐”!For the Kitchen 温馨的厨房Red gingham ribbon twirled and tied in a big bow cooks up a hearth-warming country look for this wreath.红色格子布的缎带缠绕在蝴蝶结上,为这款花环平添一份暖意浓浓的乡村味。Silver tea balls and measuring spoons add holiday sparkle and shine. Cinnamon sticks tied with red raffia lend a spicy scent tucked among jolly Christmas cookie cutters. For a fun finishing touch, try penning some whimsical recipe cards for #39;Reindeer Treats,#39; #39;Elf Snacks,#39; and #39;Santa Sugarplums.#39;而银色的茶球(茶包)及量匙又增添了节日的光。红色的酒椰与肉桂棒系在一起,其散发的辛辣之味,在圣诞饼切的“欢快飞舞”下“藏”了起来。至于厨房的布置,若要趣味十足,不妨试试各种搞怪的食谱卡片——如“驯鹿餐”、“精灵点心”或“圣诞老人糖果”等。Powder Room Pretty盥洗室的“小清新”Christmas is a time for memories and surprises in unlikely places. Brighten your guest bath with a seaside theme that combines beachcombing memories with special treasures collected on family vacations.或许,在一些我们不常注意的地方,圣诞节会给我们带来惊喜,并留下美好的回忆。“海滩风格”的客用浴室就是个不错的选择,以举家出游时收集的“珍宝”(贝壳、海星等)为装饰物,搭配海滨生活的美好回忆的圣诞花环真的能让浴室“亮丽”不少呢。We freshened up this wreath with starfish and tiny tulle bags filled with sweet-smelling potpourri , then gave it all a wash of gala gold and red ribbon.之后,要是能在花环上点缀上海星,挂上沁人心脾的香袋(袋中是多种花瓣与香料制成的混合物),涂抹上节日的“金色”,再配上红色的丝带,“浴室花环”或可更加“亮丽”。You could also use seashells, sand dollars, or small pieces of driftwood and beach grass.当然,你还可以使用贝壳、海胆或小块浮木以及水草。 /201212/216515

A model presents a creation at the Oscar de la Renta Fall/Winter 2012 collection show during New York Fashion Week February 14, 2012.一名模特正在2012纽约秋/冬时装周上展示奥斯卡;德;拉的设计。 /201202/1715071. Leave the past in the past过去的就过去了When you meet someone new, leave any negative feelings or past heartbreaks just where they should be;in the past.当你遇见新的合适的对象,让以往所有的消极情绪或伤心事都留在过去。2. You won#39;t meet someone new in your living room宅在家里你遇不到新对象Well, maybe a cute guy will deliver your new sofa, but chances are you#39;re going to meet someone by getting out there and trying new things;online dating, taking a class, etc. Tell everyone, especially your married friends, that you#39;re looking to meet someone and ALWAYS go to parties. Because you truly never know who you#39;ll meet.好吧,也许会有个帅小伙把你订的沙发送货上门,但更实在的是你要走出门口去相遇,并尝试一些新鲜的玩意儿--网络交友、参加学习班等等。告诉别人,尤其你那群已婚的朋友,你在找对象,你也总会参加聚会。因为你真的不知道你会不会遇见那个TA。3. Give the guy a chance给他一个机会When you were 20 your list was ;he must be tall, dark and handsome.; Try going against type. It just might be a perfect fit.当你20岁时,你的理想要求是;他必须要高,黝黑的肤色,还要帅。; 抛开这些标准再试试。也许他会成为你的完美另一半。4. Look at blind dates like a first date把相亲当初次约会看待Many women met their husbands on blind dates, and you can too! If you#39;re not sure you want to sit in a noisy restaurant, go out and do something fun. One of my friends went to a baseball game, and she and her date each brought a friend. They had a blast and got married one year later.很多女性都是通过相亲遇到他们现在的丈夫的,你也可以!如果你不太想坐在嘈杂的饭馆里,那就去外面,玩一些有趣的。我有个朋友是在一次棒球比赛相亲的,她和她的约会对象各自带了一个朋友去。他们玩得很开心。一年后,他们结婚了。5. Time is on your side慢慢来Take your time in getting to know your guy and don#39;t feel in a rush to meet his children or have him meet yours. It starts with the two of you. Make sure this is someone you want in your life.花点时间去了解你的对象,不要急匆匆地去看他的孩子或是让他见你的孩子。一切从你们倆开始。确保这个男人是你生命中要找到的那个人。6. Someone to come home to有人在等你回家When you#39;re y to move in together you will discover how wonderful it is to come home to the one you love. Be prepared for some give and take;for example, over which of each others#39; belongings stay or go.当你准备好搬到一起住时,你会发现回到一个有爱人在的家是多么的美好!为互相迁就做好准备吧--比如,双方所有物的去留。7. Your wedding, your way你的婚礼,按你的方式来Now you#39;re in love and it#39;s time to have your wedding exactly how you want it. Remember it is all about you and the man of your dreams. Whatever you want is the way to go.现在你正处于热恋,是时候按你想的方式举办婚礼了。记住,你和你梦中情人就是一切,只管去做你想要的。8. Happily ever after can happen to you从此以后幸福常伴你左右It#39;s never too late to find true love. We did, and you can too!真爱永远都不嫌迟。我们做到了,你也可以! /201201/168656A pair of US academics have analysed 52 of the most famous paintings of the Last Supper painted between 1000 and 2000 -- and discovered that, over that period, the portions of food placed before Jesus and his disciples grew astonishingly.近日,美国两位学者对1000年至2000年间绘制的52幅以“最后的晚餐”为主题的著名画作进行分析比较后发现,在这一时期内,画中摆放在耶稣和他的信徒面前的食物份量不断增加。Using computer-aided design technology, they scanned the main dish, b and plates and calculated the size of portion relative to the size of the average head in the painting.研究人员采用电脑设计技术对画中的主菜、面包和餐盘进行了扫描,并计算出食物的尺寸与画中人物头的尺寸之间的比例。Over a thousand years, the size of the main dish progressively grew by 69.2 per cent, plate size by 65.6 percent and b size by 23.1 percent, they found.研究人员发现,在这一千多年间,画中的主菜、餐盘和面包的尺寸分别增加了69.2%、65.6% 和23.1%。The growing size reflects the success of agriculture over the ages, the researchers said.研究人员称,食物和餐盘尺寸的增长反映出这么多年来农业产量的增加。;The last thousand years have witnessed dramatic increases in the production, availability, safety, abundance and affordability of food,; said Brian Wansink, a professor of marketing and applied economics at Cornell University.康奈尔大学营销和应用经济学教授布赖恩·万辛克说:“在过去一千年间,食物的生产、可用性、安全性、 丰富程度以及可购性都大幅提高。”;We think that as art imitates life, these changes have been reflected in paintings of history#39;s most famous dinner.;“我们认为,由于艺术描绘的是现实生活,所以这些变化也反映在这一史上最著名的晚餐的画作之中。”The study, published in Britain#39;s International Journal of Obesity, is co-authored by Wansink#39;s brother, Craig, a Presbyterian minister and professor of religious studies at Virginia Wesleyan College.该研究报告在英国《国际肥胖杂志》上发表,由万辛克和他的兄弟、弗吉尼亚卫斯理公会学院宗教学教授、长老会牧师克雷格共同撰写。The Bible makes no mention of what was eaten at the Last Supper. But the main dishes depicted in the paintings contained fish or eel (18 percent), lamb (14 percent) and pork (seven percent).《圣经》中并未提及《最后的晚餐》中有哪些食物,但画作中出现的主菜包括鱼肉或鳗鱼(18%)、羊肉(14%)以及猪肉(7%)等。 /201507/389412

导读:搞笑、离奇、浪漫、感人,爱情公寓 (iPartment)的热播让我们对这间出租公寓内四男三女之间所发生的形形色色的故事充满了向往。不过,合租生活真有这么美好吗?让我们一起揭开爱情公寓 (iPartment)没告诉你的秘密。Bills split, roommate fun, the kindness of friends and the potential for romance. The two-season drama iPartment (《爱情公寓》), set in Shanghai, has shown us how great it can be to live with others, especially members of the opposite sex. The drama, which tells the story of young men and women sharing two neighboring apartments, has become extremely popular, and is widely regarded as the Chinese version of Friends.分摊的费用、合租的乐趣,朋友的友情,浪漫的爱情。已经播出两季的剧集《爱情公寓》以上海为背景,为我们展示了与他人一起生活是多么棒的一件事,尤其恰逢你的室友是异性时。该剧集讲述了一群租住在两间互邻公寓的年轻男女们身上发生的故事,该剧可谓人气爆棚之作,也被广泛称作为中国版的《老友记》。But sadly, residents of real ;love apartments; have seen a very different side to the story.但很遗憾,那些生活在现实;爱情公寓;的人们经历着与剧集中不同的情节。Low rent低廉的房租iPartment: The four-bedroom apartments located in central Shanghai are fully furnished and well decorated, with spacious living rooms. What#39;s more, life seems easy: It appears that the apartments cost each resident less than 2,000 yuan per month. And among the residents are the jobless Ziqiao and Meijia.在爱情公寓中,这间位于上海市中心的四居室公寓可谓是设施齐全,装修精良且客厅宽敞。不仅如此,那里的生活十分悠闲:似乎公寓中的每位成员每月的房租还不到2000元。公寓成员中更是有两位无业游民子乔和美嘉。Huangfu Qijia, 24, technical engineer at Siemens China in Shanghai而现实中,位于上海的西门子(中国)有限公司的一名技术工程师、24岁的皇甫启佳(音译)说:I am sharing a two-bedroom, 60-square-meter apartment with a couple in Pudong District. The monthly rent for each bedroom is 2,250 yuan, which is one third of my salary. I have to work really hard and eat fast food for each meal. And I dare not even ask for any vacation time, as this would reduce my performance-related pay.我同一对恋人一起合租一套位于浦东区的60平米两居室。每间卧室的月租为2250元,相当于我工资的三分之一。我必须要努力工作,而且每顿只能吃快餐。我甚至都不敢请假休息,因为这样会减少我的绩效工资。Funny roomates有趣搞笑的室友iPartment: They have so many fun roommates in iPartment. There#39;s Sekiya, a Japanese animator whose awkward Chinese causes amusement; there#39;s Youyou, an extra who is always upbeat about her unsuccessful acting career; and there#39;s Ziqiao, a lady#39;s man who is only good at flirting.在剧中,;爱情公寓;中住着很多有趣的人。有日本漫画家关谷神奇,他糟糕的中文常常将观众逗乐。龙套演员悠悠,虽演艺事业不顺,却总是保持一种乐观向上的态度;子乔是一个喜欢向女人献殷勤的男人,长处只剩下善于调情了。Wei Qiuming, 25, a tour guide in Beijing而现实中,来自北京的导游、25岁的魏秋明(音译)说:My roommates are all regular people, including a clothes shop owner, a computer programmer, and a supermarket manager. The shop owner is female and the other two are male. Most of the time, we just complain to each other about tough bosses, unfriendly co-workers, and sometimes, bad clients. We don#39;t have much fun time together.我的室友都是些普通人,有装店老板,电脑程序员,超市经理。除了开饰店的是位女士外,其余两位都是男的。大多数时候,我们只是相互抱怨各自苛刻的老板,冷漠的同事,有时也会说说那些糟糕的客户。我们并没有太多一起欢乐的时光。Indeed friendship两肋插刀的友情iPartment: The roommates are always there for each other. For example, when Sekiya had money problems, but was too proud to accept help, Meijia deliberately lost money to him in a poker game. Later, the roommates tried everything to help Yumo get over a painful breakup.《爱情公寓》中,室友们总是会适时向彼此伸出援手。例如,当关谷神奇经济窘迫时,他因为自尊心过强而不愿意接受帮助,美嘉就故意在玩牌时输钱给他。后来,室友们又一起想方设法帮助羽墨走出失恋的痛苦。Li Fei, 23, an editor in Shenzhen Media Group而深圳电视台的编辑、23岁的李飞(音译)说:Currently, I have two roommates, a man and a woman. We seldom talk. Sometimes I need to work from 4 am to 12 am. When I return home, they are at work. And we keep toilet paper and washing powders in seperate bedrooms so that no one else can touch them. Also, wars often break out over dirty dishes in the kitchen, left-up toilet seats and loud music.目前,我有一男一女两位室友。我们很少说话。有时我需要从早上4点一直工作到中午12点。当我回家时,他们都还在上班。为了不让别人乱用,我们都把卫生纸和洗衣粉放在各自的房间里。 而且,我们时常会因为厨房里的脏盘子,没有放下的马桶圈或是吵闹的音乐而爆发争吵。Sweet romance甜蜜浪漫的爱情iPartment: Love happens in iPartment: Wanyu accepted Zhanbo#39;s proposal, and Sekiya and Youyou are now also happy together. Furthermore, the chemistry between Yifei and Xiaoxian is evident. The couples can enjoy half-price rent, free water and electricity as well as the many blessings of friendship.爱情公寓中,爱情无处不在。宛瑜接受了展的求婚,关谷神奇和悠悠现在正幸福地享受二人世界。此外,一菲和小贤之间的感情也愈加明朗化。这些情侣们可以享受半价的房租,免费的水电还有来自朋友的祝福。Hu Xin, 25, an employee at China Merchants Bank in Guangzhou25岁的胡鑫来自广州,是中国招商的一名职员。他讲述了他的经历:I am living with two female colleagues. And I started dating one of the roommates last year. But we#39;ve kept it a secret from our other roommate, as we fear the relationship could create problems for the whole household. For instance, she might feel embarrassed around us. It is so inconvenient for us as a couple.我和两位女同事一起合租,去年我和其中一位开始谈恋爱。我们一直对另一位室友保密,主要是怕影响到合住的关系,比如她也许会觉得和我们在一起有些尴尬。作为恋人,这对我们俩来说真的很不方便。 /201111/161963

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