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虹口区去色素痣多少钱上海美容祛黄晒斑哪家医院好Taiwan has accused China of abducting eight of its citizens from Kenya as cross-strait relations come under strain before the inauguration next month of a new Taiwanese president who is less friendly to Beijing. 台湾指控中国大陆从肯尼亚强行押走8名台湾公民。与北京方面不那么友好的台湾新总统将于下个月宣誓就职,眼下台海两岸关系正处于紧张状态Taiwan’s foreign ministry said the citizens were deported to China on a Chinese airliner on Friday after being acquitted of phone fraud in Nairobi earlier this month. 台湾外交部表示,这几名台湾公民上周五被一架大陆班机遣送至大陆。本月早些时候,这几人在内罗毕被宣判电信诈骗罪名不成立The foreign ministry accused Beijing of an “uncivilised act of extrajudicial abductionand called for the release of its citizens. It said on Tuesday that the Kenyan police were trying to deport to China 37 more Taiwanese citizens connected to the case. 台湾外交部指控北京方面的行为是“非法掳人的不文明行径”,并要求大陆释放其公民。周二,该机构表示肯尼亚警方正试图将与该案有关的另外37名台湾公民遣送至中国大陆Since their split at the end of the Chinese civil war in 1949, Beijing has claimed that self-governing Taiwan is one of its provinces. 1949年中国内战结束时两岸分裂,自那以来北京方面一直声称台湾是中国的一个省Only 22 nations maintain diplomatic relations with Taipei, while the vast majority of countries including Kenya respect Beijing’s “One Chinapolicy by refusing to acknowledge Taiwan as a separate entity. 只有22个国家维持与台湾的外交关系,包括肯尼亚在内的绝大多数国家则遵重北京方面的“一个中国”政策,拒绝承认台湾是一个独立的实体Taiwanese-Chinese phone fraud gangs targeting victims at home have established themselves in a range of overseas territories with weak law enforcement from Southeast Asia to Africa. 以同胞为目标的中国大陆和台湾电信诈骗团伙,已经在从东南亚到非洲的多个执法力度较弱的海外地区建立据点In a similar case in 2011, the Philippines deported 14 Taiwanese who were suspected of involvement in phone fraud to China. They were returned to Taiwan after several months of negotiations between Beijing and Taipei, which signed an agreement on joint crime-fighting and cross-strait judicial assistance in . 011年的一宗类似案件中,菲律宾曾将14名涉嫌卷入电信诈骗的台湾人遣送至中国大陆。经过北京和台北几个月的磋商,这些人被送返台湾。台海两岸曾009年签署一份共同打击犯罪和两岸司法互助的协议(文首图为台湾立委陈亭妃展示一份两岸司法协议)Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council, which manages relations with Beijing, said the Kenyan deportations “ignore the rapport built between both sides since 2011 when dealing with similar cases 负责与北京方面关系的台湾陆委Mainland Affairs Council)表示,肯尼亚遣送事件“罔顾双方自100年(即公011年,译者注)起处理类似案例所建立之默契”Given that the eight deportees were found not guilty by the Kenyan court, it said their transfer to China “violates the basic rights of our peopleand that “the mainland side should take full responsibility of the serious impact on the cross-strait relationship 陆委会表示,考虑名被驱逐者已获肯尼亚法庭宣告无罪,他们被遣送大陆“严重侵害我民众基本权益”,“对于两岸关系的严重影响,陆方应负完全责任”The dispute over the deportees from Kenya comes at a sensitive time for cross-strait ties, with Tsai Ing-wen to be sworn in as president next month after winning a landslide election victory in January as she rode a wave of anti-China feeling. 围绕肯尼亚遣返者的争端,发生在两岸关系的敏感时期。下个月,蔡英文(Tsai Ing-wen)将宣誓就任台湾总统。今月,得益于一波反大陆情绪,蔡英文在选举中取得了压倒性胜利Beijing has long been hostile to her Democratic Progressive party, which wants the island to cut its economic reliance on China and has historically called for Taiwan to become fully independent. 长期以来,北京方面对蔡英文所在的民进Democratic Progressive Party)一直怀有敌意。民进党主张台湾切断与大陆的经济联系,并曾呼吁台湾完全独立Ms Tsai has pledged to maintain peace and stability across the Taiwan strait but will not find it easy to reassure Beijing about her intentions without upsetting hardliners in her own party. 蔡英文曾承诺维持台海两岸的和平与稳定。不过她会发现,在不得罪民进党内强硬派的同时让北京方面对她的意图放心,并不是件容易的事。来 /201604/437348奉贤假体植入丰胸多少钱 Victor Cha, a White House adviser on North Korea during the George W Bush administration, described the reclusive nation as “the land of lousy options It is a reality the Trump administration is now facing weeks after it ordered a review of its strategy toward the aggressive, isolated country.曾在小布什(George W Bush)政府期间担任白宫朝鲜事务顾问的维克托?Victor Cha),把朝鲜这个封闭的国家描述为“艰难选择之地”。这是特朗普(Trump)政府下令重审美国对这个充满侵略性、与世隔绝的国家的战略几周之后所面临的现实。Rex Tillerson, US secretary of state, will visit Asia next week in an attempt to “try and generate a new approach to North Korea The former Exxon chief may struggle to find fresh ideas. Here are his options:国务卿雷克斯?蒂勒Rex Tillerson)将于下周出访亚洲,试图“尝试和形成一种新的对朝策略”。这位前埃克森美ExxonMobil)掌舵人也许很难找到新想法。这里是他的几个选项:Cut a deal达成协议On the campaign trail last year, Donald Trump said he would be willing to sit down for a burger with Kim Jong Un.在去年的竞选中,唐纳德?特朗Donald Trump)表示,他愿意和金正恩(Kim Jong Un)一起坐下来吃汉堡。The suggestion, while unlikely given North Korea’s supreme leader has not ventured past his own borders since he ascended to power, raised the prospect that the US under a self-professed dealmaker president could strike a landmark agreement.鉴于朝鲜最高领导人自上台后从未冒险离开本国,这一提议不大可能实现,但它增加了自封为交易撮合者的总统领导下的美国与朝鲜达成一项里程碑式协议的可能性。The notion has some currency among North Korea watchers, who believe the country would be more inclined to negotiate on its nuclear and ballistic weapons programmes if its back was not against the wall.这个想法在一定程度上获得了朝鲜观察家的持。他们认为,如果不是毫无退路,朝鲜将更愿意就其核武器和弹道武器计划展开谈判。“If the US really hopes to achieve peace on the Korean peninsula, it should stop looking for ways to stifle North Korea’s economy and undermine Kim Jong Un’s regime and start finding ways to make Pyongyang feel more secure,wrote John Delury, a professor at Yonsei University, in a recent Foreign Affairs article.不久前,延世大学(Yonsei University)教授鲁乐John Delury)在《外交政策Foreign Policy)撰文称:“如果美国真的希望实现朝鲜半岛的和平,那么就应该停止想方设法扼杀朝鲜的经济和破坏金正恩政权,而要开始想办法使平壤方面感到更安全。”“This might sound counterintuitive. But consider this: North Korea will start focusing on its prosperity instead of its self-preservation only once it no longer has to worry about its own destruction.”“这听起来可能违反直觉,但请考虑一点,朝鲜只有不再担心自己被摧毁,才会开始关注其国内繁荣,而不是自卫。”Such a deal might entail the cancellation of US-South Korea military drills or even the prospect of an official peace treaty on the Korean peninsula in exchange for a moratorium on Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons development.这样的协议也许包括取消美韩军事演习,甚至包括就朝鲜半岛问题签署正式和平条约、换取朝鲜暂停开发核武器的可能性。On Monday Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi said such a “dual suspensionwould help break the security dilemma. Beijing, a long-time ally of Pyongyang, is widely seen as pivotal player in any scenario.中国外长王毅周一表示,这种“双暂停”将有助于摆脱安全困境。外界广泛认为,朝鲜的长期盟友中国在任何解决方案中都是一个关键角色。The carrot and stick胡萝卜加大棒For most officials and experts, including former US director of national intelligence James Clapper, the possibility of voluntary de-nuclearisation is a lost cause.对于包括前美国国家情报总监(DNI)詹姆克拉珀(James Clapper)在内的大多数官员和专家而言,朝鲜自愿弃核的可能性根本不存在。Yet for others it must be the first step. Without it, the world is simply “borrowing tomorrow’s peace according to Chun Yung-woo, a former leader of South Korean negotiations with the North.但对于其他人来说,弃核必须是第一步。曾任韩国对朝谈判主要代表的千英Chun Yung-woo)表示,没有这一步,世界只是在“透明天的和平”。Previous deals with North Korea have been undercut by mutual distrust and a lack of transparency in Pyongyang. The breathing space gained from reduced tensions ultimately helped the regime propel its weapons programmes.以前与朝鲜达成的协议,因彼此猜忌和平壤方面缺乏透明度而受到削弱。从紧张减轻中获得的喘息空间,最终帮助朝鲜政权加快了其武器研发计划。Critics of a deal scenario, including Mr Chun, argue that sanctions must be ratcheted up to the point where the Kim regime is on the edge of collapse. Then aggressive diplomacy must be enacted to force Mr Kim to abandon his nuclear ambitions.包括千英宇在内的对达成协议的前景持批评态度的人认为,必须加大制裁力度,直到金正恩政权走到崩溃边缘。接着,必须启动强势的外交攻势,迫使金正恩放弃他的核野心。Such experts believe the young marshal will only negotiate when faced with overthrow at home borne out of economic turmoil.这些专家认为,只有在国内面对经济动荡引发的政权被推翻危险时,这位年轻元帅才会进行谈判。“Sanctions should be a tool to bring North Korea back to the negotiation table,said Yang Moo-jin from the University of North Korean studies in Seoul.“制裁应该成为使朝鲜回到谈判桌的工具,”首尔朝鲜研究大University of North Korean Studies)的杨武仁(Yang Moo-jin)表示。This line of reasoning, however, is undermined by the ineffectiveness of the current round of sanctions, the most severe yet.然而,当前这一轮制裁未奏效,削弱了这种推理思路。这轮制裁是迄今最严厉的一轮。The US could bolster these measures with a secondary boycott of Chinese companies doing business with North Korea, said Kim Jaechun, a professor at Sogang University, but that “would do irreparable harm to its ties with China西江大学(Sogang University)教授金宰Kim Jae-chun)说,美国可以通过抵制跟朝鲜做生意的中国企业,加大制裁力度,但这“将给美中关系造成不可挽回的损害”。Another option would be to freeze North Korea out of the international banking system a possibility that gained ground on Wednesday with reports that Swift, the financial messaging service, had banned three North Korean banks.另一个选项是把朝鲜赶出国际体系——周三,这种可能性有所加大,有报道称,金融通讯务商Swift已禁止三家朝鲜使用其系统。Pre-emptive strike先发制人的打击The likely consequences of an attack on North Korea would be so catastrophic the option is rarely discussed seriously.攻击朝鲜造成的可能后果将极为惨重,以至于这一选项很少被认真讨论。In the 1990s US President Bill Clinton considered it, only to be dissuaded by estimates of 1m South Korean casualties in retaliatory strikes from Pyongyang.0世纪90年代,美国总统比尔?克林Bill Clinton)考虑过该选项,但朝鲜的报复性打击可能给韩国造成100万伤亡,令他放弃了。The South Korean capital, Seoul, sits a little more than a marathon-run from the border between the two countries the most militarised zone on earth.韩国首都首尔与朝韩边境的距离略大于马拉松跑的全程长度。朝韩边境是世界上军事化程度最高的区域。Mr Cha on Wednesday said the chances of a strike were “not high because the North Koreans are now getting more and more sophisticated维克查周三表示,军事打击的可能性“不太大,因为朝鲜军队的能力越来越强”。“In the end the North Korean actions are going to predetermine the outcome of the [US] policy review?.?.?.?The North Koreans are really not giving Trump any room on this.”“最终,朝鲜的行动将预先决定(美国)政策审查的结果……朝鲜人在这方面真的没给特朗普留下任何空间。”来 /201703/497260The news that Donald Trump has in effectsecured the Republican party’s nomination for the US presidency took me back toEurope in 2002. Back then it was a huge shock when Jean-Marie Le Pen, afar-right candidate, made it through to the last two in the French presidentialelection. I remember going to the EU press room in Brussels the morning afterMr Le Pen’s initial success, and witnessing the horror and shame of my Frenchcolleagues.唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)实质上锁定了美国共和党总统候选人提名的消息,令我回想起了2002年的欧洲。当时,极右翼候选人马里#8226;勒庞(Jean-Marie Le Pen)在法国总统选举中一路杀入最后的两人对决,引起巨大震动。还记得在勒庞在第一轮投票中取得成功后的那天早上,我去布鲁塞尔的欧盟新闻中心,见了我的法国同行的恐惧和羞耻。The good news is that Mr Le Pen was soundlybeaten in the final round. The bad news is that, in retrospect, hisbreakthrough marked a turning point in European politics.好消息是勒庞在最终一轮投票中大败。坏消息则是,回想起来,他所取得的突破标志着欧洲政治的转折点。Ever since 2002, the themes that Mr Le Penchampioned —nationalism, a hatred of immigration, denunciation of “unpatriotic”elites,fear of Islam, rejection of the EU, protectionism —have grownin strength in Europe.002年以来,民族主义、对移民的憎恨、对“不爱国”精英的谴责、对伊斯兰的恐惧、对欧盟的抵制、保护主义,这些勒庞一力倡导的主题思想,在欧洲日益发展壮大。The far right has not yet formed agovernment in western Europe. But it has changed the debate and forcedmainstream politicians to embrace some of their themes.极右翼目前还未在西欧哪国组建政府。不过,它已经改变了政治辩论,迫使主流政客接受他们的部分主题思想。I fear that the same thing will happen withMr Trump. The odds are that the “Republican(if that is what he is) will loseto Hillary Clinton in November. But the Trump campaign has aly changed USand world politics and it will make an even deeper imprint in the next sixmonths of campaigning.我担心特朗普身上会发生同样的事情1月,这位“共和党人”(如果他算是的话)很可能会输给希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)。然而,特朗普的竞选已经改变了美国和全球政治,而且他会在今后六个月的选战中打下更深的烙印。Themes and ideas that were on the fringeshave now entered the political mainstream, and they will not disappear if andwhen Mr Trump loses.曾经的边缘主题思想和理念如今已进入政治主流。就算特朗普输掉选举,它们也不会消失。What are those ideas? I would highlightfive. First, a rejection of globalisation and free trade. This, of course, is atheme that Mr Trump shares with Bernie Sanders on the left of the Democraticparty. Its influence can aly be seen in the way in which Mrs Clinton hasbacked away from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal that she oncechampioned.那么,这些主题思想是什么呢?我会重点强调五点。首先是对全球化和自由贸易的抵制。当然,特朗普和民主党左翼的伯尼#8226;桑德Bernie Sanders)都提出了这个竞选主题。它的影响,从希拉里不再持《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定Trans-Pacific Partnership, TPP)就可见一斑——她曾大力持这份贸易协定。The second theme is nationalism, epitomisedby Mr Trump’s slogan of “America First In Europe, nationalism implies arejection of the EU. But the global implications of American nationalism aremuch more serious since the US underpins the whole international securitysystem and issues the world’s reserve currency, the dollar.第二个主题则是民族主义,特朗普“美国优先”的口号就是个缩影。在欧洲,民族主义意味着对欧盟的抵制。然而,美国的民族主义对全球的影响要严重得多,因为美国撑着整个国际安全体系,并发行着全球储备货币——美元。A third idea is the embrace of the notionof a “clash of civilisationsbetween the west and Islam. Even as PresidentGeorge W Bush launched a “war on terrorin 2001, he rejected the idea that theUS is at war with Islam itself. Mr Trump, with his talk of temporarily banningall Muslims from entering the US, has essentially embraced the idea ofinevitable conflict between the west and the Islamic world.第三个主题,是接受西方与伊斯兰世界之间存在“文明冲突”的观点。即使是在乔#8226;W#8226;布什(George W. Bush)总统2001年发动“反恐战争”时,他也抵制住了美国在与伊斯兰世界交战的看法。而特朗普提出的暂时禁止所有穆斯林进入美国,实质上是接纳了西方与伊斯兰世界不可避免发生冲突的观点。A fourth theme is a relentless assault onthe “elite including Washington, Wall Street and the universities. A populistdistrust of elites as been a perennial theme in US politics for decades, if notcenturies. But growing inequality, immigration and the financial crisis havedriven anti-elite rhetoric to new levels. As a New York billionaire, Mr Trumpis an unlikely tribune of the common man. But he has played the cardeffectively during the campaign.第四个主题是对包括华盛顿、华尔街和美国各大学在内的“精英人士”的猛烈抨击。民粹主义对精英的不信任成为美国的长期政治主题就算没有几百年,也有几十年的历史。然而,社会不平等的日益加剧、外来移民以及金融危机,已经把反精英的言论推到了新高度。作为纽约的亿万富翁,特朗普不太可能是普通民众的守护者。然而他在选战期间却十分有效地打了这张牌。A fifth and related trend is thedenunciation of the mainstream media as untrustworthy and an embrace ofalternative, conspiratorial narratives that are flourishing on the internet. MrTrump, for example, has promoted the baseless idea that President Barack Obamawas not born in the US. This embrace of conspiracy theories is pernicious fordemocracy, which requires some agreement on basic facts as the foundation fordebate.第五个主题及与此有关的趋势,是对主流媒体不值得信任的谴责,以及对互联网上盛行的另类阴谋论叙事的接纳。比如,特朗普一直在宣传巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)总统并非出生在美国的毫无根据的观点。这种对阴谋论的接纳对民主极为有害,因为民主需要在一定程度上对基本事实的共识,作为辩论的基础。Variants of these five trends are alsoflourishing on the far right in Europe. The governments of Poland and Hungaryare in the hands of parties that preach a Trumpian mix of nationalism, fear ofIslam, distrust of the “liberalmedia and anti-globalism. In France, Mr Le Pen’s daughter,Marine, is likely to make it to the final round of the presidential election in2017.上述五种趋势的变体在欧洲极右翼人士中也十分盛行。执掌波兰政府和匈牙利政府的党派,正在鼓吹混合了民族主义、对伊斯兰的恐惧、对“自由派”媒体的不信任和反全球化的特朗普式理念。在法国,勒庞的女儿马琳(Marine)可能会在2017年的总统选举中进入最后一轮。来 /201605/442989上海黄浦区第九人民医院隆鼻多少钱

上海市第十人民医院光子脱毛多少钱If Hillary Clinton wins the US presidential election in November, three of the world’s five largest economies will be led by women. 如果希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)赢得11月的美国总统选举,那么在世界五大经济体中,三个经济体的领导人都将是女性。Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, Theresa May, UK prime minister, and Mrs Clinton, have all been hailed as role models for women and girls. 德国总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)、英国首相特里萨#8226;Theresa May)和希拉里,都已被誉为妇女与少女的楷模。But the singularity and precariousness of their success raises the question: are women automatically good examples for other women?但是,她们成功的异常性和不稳定性引出了如下疑问:女性会自然而然成为其他女性的好榜样吗?The ability of role models, in portraits and more importantly in the flesh, to influence gender inequality is both encouraging and muddy, says Iris Bohnet, professor of public policy at Harvard University’s Kennedy School.楷模——通过肖像和更重要的身体力行——影响性别不平等的能力既令人鼓舞,又有些含混,哈佛大学(Harvard University)肯尼迪学Kennedy School)的公共政策教授艾里斯#8226;内Iris Bohnet)说。Some evidence on the power of role models is overwhelmingly positive. 有些关于楷模力量的据是压倒性正面的。Ms Bohnet cites the Panchayati Raj act, a constitutional amendment in India introduced in 1993, which stipulated that village councils needed to reserve one-third of their seats, and one-third of their council leader positions, for women. 内特引用了印度993年颁布的一个宪法修正案——《潘查亚特制度法Panchayati Raj act)——该法规定,村委会应保留三分之一的席位、三分之一的领导岗位给女性。Not only did the share of Indian local government posts held by women rise from 5 per cent in 1993 to 40 per cent by 2005, but the new role models the law created had a dramatic impact on families and younger women.993年到2005年,在印度地方政府担任职务的女性比例从5%上升0%。同时,该法造就的新楷模对千家万户和年轻妇女产生了非常大的影响。With the advent of female village leaders, the likelihood that a woman spoke up in a village meeting increased by 25 per cent. 随着女性村领导登场,女性在村会议上发言的可能性提高了25%。Villagers who had been exposed to at least two female chiefs in West Bengal overcame their initial bias against women as leaders and rated male and female leaders equally. 在西孟加拉邦(West Bengal),至少见过两名女长官的村民们克了他们最初对女性领导的偏见,开始对男性和女性领导人平等看待。This category of converts included parents, who were more likely to want their daughters to study past secondary school, thus eliminating the gender gap in aspirations. 改变观念的群体包括父母,他们更可能希望女儿在读完中学后深造,由此消除了男女在抱负上的差距。The Indian legislation, writes Ms Bohnet in her book What Works: Gender Equality by Design, showed that the act of seeing women lead increased women’s self-confidence and their willingness to compete in male-dominated domains, and it changed men’s and women’s beliefs about what an effective leader looked like.内特在她的书《什么管用:用设计来实现性别平等What Works: Gender Equality by Design)中写道,这部印度法律表明,看到妇女担任领导职位,加强了妇女们的自信,使她们更愿意在男性占主导地位的领域展开竞争,这改变了男人和妇女对于有效领导人是什么样子的观念。There is plenty of evidence from elsewhere in the world on the effectiveness of female role models. 世界其他地区也有大量据明了女性楷模的作用。In the US, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission analysed data from more than 20,000 private-sector companies and found that, when the share of female top managers increased, the share of women in middle-management subsequently rose.在美国,平等就业机会委员Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)在分析了万家私营部门公司的数据后发现,当担任高层管理人的女性比例提高时,担任中层管理岗位的女性比例随后也会提高。The US research contains some less good news, though. 不过,美国的研究包含一些不太好的消息。It found that the positive influence of women in top leadership positions on gender diversity at management level diminished over time, suggesting that women at the top play a positive yet transitory role in women’s career advancement.研究发现,随着时间的推移,担任高层领导职位的女性对于管理层性别多元化的正面影响逐渐减小,这似乎表明,高层女性在女性职业进展方面发挥了一种积极但暂时的作用。Richie Zweigenhaft, a professor of psychology at Guilford College in North Carolina, provides one possible explanation for this in his recent book on female and ethnic minority chief executives at Fortune 500 companies. 里奇#8226;威根哈福Richie Zweigenhaft)是北卡罗来纳州吉尔福德学Guilford College)的心理学教授。他在最近一本有关财00Fortune 500)女性和少数族裔CEO的书中对此提出了一个可能的解释。He suggests that the existence of a few trailblazers has allowed companies and political parties to become lazier in promoting women.他提出,少量开拓者的存在,使得公司和政党在提拔女性方面变得懈怠。One of the ironic effects of the past rise in numbers of women at the top, Prof Zweigenhaft argues, may be that the heyday of diversity has come and gone. 威根哈福特教授认为,高层女性人数过往的增长带来的讽刺效应之一,可能是多元化的全盛时代来了又走了。His study found that the number of white women, African-Americans, Latinos and Asian Americans appointed as the chief executives of Fortune 500 companies declined sharply in 2015. 他的研究发现015年,财富500强企业中白人女性、非裔、西语裔和亚裔美国人CEO人数锐减。Now that a few women have made it to the top, there appears to be less, not more, pressure on boards to appoint them.由于已经有一些女性进入最高层,因此董事会继续任命女性的压力似乎减小了,而不是增加了。Such a development is itself open to alternative explanations. 这样的发展本身可能有多种解释。There are just 21 women at the helm of Fortune 500 companies, meaning that even one fewer female chief executive constitutes a large percentage swing. 目前仅有21位女性执掌着财富500强企业,这意味着哪怕减少一位女性CEO也会产生较大的百分比波动。In addition, the fact that women make up just 4 per cent of chief executives may not constitute enough of a critical mass for less senior women to aspire to.此外,女性在CEO中仅%,可能不足以构成让级别较低的女性向往的关键多数。Indeed, having a small number of highly successful women at the top can prove a double-edged sword. 的确,少数极为成功的女性担任最高职务可能是一把双刃剑。Anecdotal evidence suggests that if the women in leadership posts are overwhelmingly white, highly educated and often childless this can deter other women who do not fit these categories.坊间据似乎表明,如果身处领导层的女性绝大多数是受过高等教育的白人——而且往往没有孩子——这可能吓阻不符合这些特征的其他女性。The experience of much-written-about superwomen, such as fund managers Nicola Horlick and Helena Morrissey in the UK, or Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook in the US, can sometimes discourage as much as encourage those attempting to imitate their success.新闻报道中常常提到的女超人——比如英国的基金经理妮古#8226;霍利Nicola Horlick)和海伦娜#8226;莫里Helena Morrissey)、或者美国的Facebook首席运营官谢里尔#8226;桑德伯格(Sheryl Sandberg)——既有可能鼓舞那些试图效仿其成功的女性,有时也有可能让后者泄气。Brenda Trenowden, chair of the 30% Club, which campaigns globally to increase female representation at senior corporate levels, acknowledges the problem. 在全球推动增加女性在企业高层任职0%俱乐30% Club)的主席布伦达#8226;特雷诺登(Brenda Trenowden)承认存在这一问题。But she also proposes a solution, suggesting that more senior women need to be encouraged to talk authentically and frankly, warts and all about their rise to top positions. 不过她也提出了一个解决方案:需要鼓励更多高层女性真诚、坦癀?毫无保留地讨论她们晋升至顶级职位的过程。There is no normal for how to go about engineering success or what that might even look like; nor is there is one correct model for getting to the top and that needs to be visibly and candidly reflected in society, she says.她称,对于如何取得成功或者怎样算成功,没有什么正常模式;也没有什么晋升至高层的正确模式,而那需要明显而坦白地反映于社会。Deborah Gillis, president of Catalyst, which campaigns to improve gender diversity at work, argues that the presence of more women in senior positions helps to break down the think-leader-think-male mindset. 致力于推进职场性别多元化的组织Catalyst的总裁德波#8226;吉利Deborah Gillis)认为,更多女性出现在高级岗位有助于打破想到领导就想到男性的思维模式。Ms Gillis points out that women such as Ms Merkel and Mrs Clinton often face biting judgments about their gender, experience, likeability and their appearance. 吉利斯指出,像默克尔和希拉里这样的女性往往面对着外界对其性别、经验、亲和度和外表的尖刻评价。Men who run for office or rise to lead companies are largely free from such criticism and benefit from long-held advantages in politics, business and society as a whole. 参加竞选或晋升到掌门人位置的男性在很大程度上不会遭受类似批评,同时受益于男性在政界、商界和整个社会的长期优势。A critical mass of women at the top should slowly change that.高层女性达到关键多数应该会慢慢改变这一现状。来 /201610/469780上海市第一人民医院绣眉手术价格 闵行区手术疤痕修复多少钱

上海祛老年斑价格 Nigeria’s defense minister said the military under President Muhammadu Buhari has made enormous gains in the fight against Boko Haram.尼日利亚国防部长说,尼日利亚军队在布哈里总统的领导下,在同科圣地恐怖主义组织的战斗中取得了巨大战果。Retired General Dan Ali said Wednesday the military has reclaimed much of the land once occupied by the terrorist group and that Boko Haram has been reduced to waging mostly guerrilla warfare.退役将军阿里星期三说,尼日利亚军队收复了一度被科圣地占据的大部分地区,科圣地的力量已经削弱到基本上只能打游击战了。Ali said the military should be able to clear the terrorists out of the Sambisa Forest within two or three months.阿里表示,政府军应在2个月内将恐怖分子赶出萨姆比萨森林。Shortly after President Buhari was inaugurated as president in May 2015, he confidently declared that Boko Haram would be defeated by the end of the year. Before 2015 was over, Buhari announced that he had succeeded in his pledge, claiming that Boko Haram is now ;technically defeated;.布哈里于2015月就任总统后,宣布将在年底之前击败科圣地015年行将结束前,布哈里宣称实现了自己的诺言,从技术层面讲,科圣地已被击败。来 /201604/434899金山区妇幼保健医院隆胸多少钱闵行开内眼角的费用



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