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n the morning, we start off feeling fresh and rested (ideally, at least). 早晨,我们觉得既清爽又精力充沛(至少理想中是这样)。As the day wears on, sustainedcognitive engagement depletes our mental resources, and our behavior changes for the worse.随着时间流逝,持续的认知投入使我们的精神资源衰竭,而我们的举止也每况愈下。Every day we make decisions that have important implications for our happiness and how we live our lives. 每一天我们会做出对我们的幸福有着重要影响的决定并决定如何生活。Whether we are studying for an exam, preparing for a job interview, or deciding on the best outfit for a first blind date, these very different situations have something in common: They happen at a certain time of day, a time we often can choose or control.不论我们是为了一次考试而学习、为了一次求职面试而做准备或是为了初次约会而决定好好打扮,这些非常特殊的情况有一些共同之处:他们发生在一天中的某一时刻里,而那个时刻经常是我们可以选择或控制的。When making decisions, we often don’t consider how the time of day might affect our choices. 当做决定的时候,我们通常不会考虑时刻可能会如何影响我们的选择。Rather, we decide on a time based on what’s most convenient to us. 更确切的说,我们会选择对我们最方便的时间段。Yet recent research suggests that time of day has an important effect on our behavior and the actions of others.然而最近的研究显示时刻对我们的举止以及其他人的举止有着重要的影响。In addition, time of day influences how we interact with others. 另外,时刻也影响着我们如何与他人互动。In recent research (not yet published), Maryam Kouchaki (of Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management), Dan Cable (of the London Business School), and I reviewed field data from the MBA admissions office of a top U.S. business school. 在最近的研究(还未发表)中,(西北大学凯洛格管理学院的)Maryam Kouchaki以及(伦敦商学院的)Dan Cable和我回顾了一所美国顶级商学院MBA招生办公室的现场数据。Somewhat shockingly, we found that time of day influences admissions officers’ evaluations of applicants as much as their educational background and work experience. 有点令人震惊的是,我们发现在招生办公室对申请者进行评估时,时刻与申请者的教育背景以及工作经验对评估结果有着差不多的影响。Specifically, applicants were evaluated worse later in the day because interviewers conducted less structured interviews as the day wore on. 特别的,在一天中晚些的时候,申请者的评估结果会比较糟,因为随着时间流逝,面试官会进行较少的结构化面试。Interestingly, neither students nor admission officers were aware of the relevance of such time-of-day effects.有趣的是,学生和招生办公室都没有意识到时刻会有这样相关的影响。We know that fatigue tends to accumulate over the day, but we generally fail to consider that our performance suffers as a result. 我们知道在一天中疲劳会慢慢累积,但是我们通常不会考虑到我们的行为会因此而变糟。Add to that the fact that we often feel concerned about being asproductive as we can and thus often turn opportunities for a break into additional work (e.g., eating lunch at our desk). 另外,事实上,我们时常挂念着自己可以尽可能高效一点,因此常常把休息的机会用于额外的工作(如:在办公桌上吃午饭)。We can do better by taking breaks, and by carefully choosing the time of that appointment, interview, or date.我们可以通过休息以及精心选择约定、面试以及约会的时间来做得更好。 /201609/467117

Never leave the car without petrol, don#39;t look through her phone or emails and avoid #39;liking#39; random women#39;s photos on social media.每次都记得给车加油,不要查她的手机和邮件,也不要在社交网站上随随便便给其他女人点赞。These are just three things that men should be doing to ensure their other halves are happy, according to research.据调查,要想让女朋友或者老婆开心,上述三件事只是男性所要做的冰山一角。Other ways to her heart include not being overly needy, surprising her every once in a while, seeing her as an equal in everything and even being happy to watch rubbish TV together, the survey of 2,000 Brits in relationships says.2000个受访的英国女性表示,其它能讨她们欢心的方法还有:不要太黏人、时不时给她们惊喜、不大男子主义、非常乐意和她们一起看血电视剧等等。WHAT WOMEN REALLY WANT FROM A PARTNER:女人最想从伴侣那里得到的到底是:1.Makes you feel safe (66 percent)1.让你有足够的安全感(66%)2.Completely trusts you (62 percent)2.无条件信任你(62%)3.Truly appreciates everything you do (59 percent)3.真心欣赏你做的每一件事情(59%)4.Is a good laugh (51 percent)4.由衷的大笑(51%)5.Says #39;I love you#39; when he feels it (50 percent)5.不扭捏的说“我爱你”(50%)6.Sees you as equal in everything (47 percent)6.不大男子主义(47%)7.Surprises you from time to time (43 percent)7.时不时地来点小惊喜(43%)8.Gives you space (40 percent)8.要给你个人空间(40%)9.Tells you you#39;re beautiful (39 percent)9.要夸你漂亮(39%)10.Never forgets birthdays or anniversaries (38 percent)10.记得生日和纪念日(38%)11.Is not too needy or insecure (33 percent)11.不粘人也不玻璃心(33%)12.Wants to be with you more than his friends (32 percent)12.比起朋友更喜欢跟你待在一起(32%)13.Always cleans up after himself (32 percent)13.要爱干净(32%)14.Respects your privacy (31 percent)14.尊重你的隐私(31%)15.Is a 50/50 parent (31 percent)15.和你一起照顾孩子(31%)16.Is happy for you to spend time with girlfriends (29 percent)16.不限制你和女性朋友出去玩(29%)17.Gets as excited about holidays as you do (28 percent)17.和你一样雀跃地迎接假期到来(28%)18.Always puts the bins out (28 percent)18.倒垃圾(28%)19.Never looks through your phone or emails (27 percent)19.不查你的手机和邮件(27%)20.Thinks you are the bees knees (26 percent)20.觉得你是个出众的人(26%)21.Makes an effort with your friends (25 percent)21.努力融入你的朋友圈(25%)22.Laughs at your jokes (24 percent)22.觉得你的笑话很好笑(24%)23.Watches rubbish TV with you (24 percent)23.和你一起看血电视剧(24%)24.Doesn#39;t check out women in the street (23 percent)24.不在大街上乱看除你以外别的女人(23%)25.Makes you coffee in the morning (22 percent)25.每天早上都给你泡咖啡(22%)26.Wants sex more than once a week (22 percent)26.每周至少一啪(22%)27.Likes your cooking better than his mums (17 percent)27.觉得你做饭比他妈妈做的还好吃(17%)28.Loves your mum (14 percent)28.对你妈妈好(14%)29.Doesn#39;t #39;like#39; random women#39;s pictures on social media (14 percent)29.不在社交媒体上随随便便给别的女人点赞(14%)30.Never leaves the car without petrol (12 percent)30.每次都记得给车加油(12%) /201611/476904

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