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Shortly before lunch time,an eighty-year-old gunman entered Jokela High school in Finland and shot dead 7 pupils and a headteacher and injured 10 others.He then shot injured himself and is currently in a critical condition in hospital.Last night,details were posted on the youtube website,predicting the massacre in detail,including a plan of attack listing the time,date and target.Youtube has now withdrawn over 80 s links to his account,some of them featuring * .Channel 4 news access some of the pages before they all withdrawn,which some of you may find disturbing.J Miller has this report on the massacre at Jokela High School,40 miles north of Finland's capital Helsinki.Children started running towards the police line sometime after midday,followed by dinner ladies,running for their lives.The headteacher had announced over the school's public addresses,* all students should remain in their classrooms.By now though,she was dead as were five boys and two girls in this little town near Helsinki.The quiet community * from unthinkable.This sort of thing doesn't happen here."The shooter came to the fire doors and started running towards me with the gun in his hand,shouting.After this I locked the door to my classroom when I escaped downstairs.I ran down the lower corridor when the shooter was running towards me..While running away,I saw the dead body of an adult on the left-hand side of the door.I saw my pupiles at the class windows.They asked me what to do.I asked them all to jump out the window."This,the chilling ,posted on Youtube by the killer just hours earlier.It's entitled "Jokela High school massacre" and dated today.It pictures a man posing with the gun.Everyone else assumes he was the killer although it has yet to be confirmed by the police.Backing music,from a US hardcorn industial rock band KFMDM are known famous to one of the column by High School killers."When police arrived in the schoolyard,we managed to contact the target individual and police * cammand to the target individual to which he responded by firing one shot at the police.No one was here when the shot was fired."We now know the killer shot himself from head,but survived and was taken to hospital in an extremely critical condition.The web entry for Sturmgeist89 on Youtube is revealing.He downloaded 89 clips since mid-October when Youtube closedown his last account under the allies natual select.Another of the s,posted on Monday,shoes a man firing a pistal at an apple.It's entitled "just testing my gun".There follows a wider shot still in the forest which appears to show Sturmgeist89 .With the fire on,he just calls Catherine.He acknowledges his fantacy audience.There are many other pictures among this web pages. He identifies himself as a Pekka-Eric Auvinen 18 years of age.He described himself as an unemployed synical extensionlist.A fellow pupil of Jokela High School described him today as a militant radical from mad strange place where extreme left meets extreme right.On Youtube,he wrote screens of hatefeeled probes.There should be no mercy,he said,for the * of the earth.Humanity is overrated."I am prepared to fight and die for my cause"he wrote"I am a natural selector and will eliminate all who I see is unfit.Most of you are too arrogant and closed minded to understand."He went on"Rememberitical,this is my war.Don't blame anyone else for my actions.I told nobody about my plans.Don't blame the movies I see,th music I hear,the games I play,or the books I .No,they had nothing to do with this."Pekka-Eric Auvinen posted pictures of himself playing a game which he called"me being British SAS special forces".On the site,he listed his interests and hobbies as extensionlism,missounds to be politically * and womenHis music of choice,aggressive rock.Favorite writers MB or What Packer Auvinen did today is clearly not something he wanted or intended to survive.He's had his moment of * now,like his violent as Virginia **.Tonight Youtube's spokesperson told Channel 4 news our hearts go out to the families of those who've lost loved ones in this tragedy.We have removed the and disabled the uses of account. 200805/39914国家地理:China's Lost Girls 被抛弃的女孩[5]Chinese officials now say that the gender imbalance poses a major threat to China and could trigger crimes like prostitution, forced marriages and abductions of women. These crimes have aly begun. Zhu Wenguang is a private detective who earns his living by rescuing women who've been kidnapped. He says he's rescued about 100 women in the past decade. "So what, what are all these things here? Showing me.""These are all files related to those kidnapped women."Families go to him for help after their daughters have been kidnapped and sold as wives to men in other provinces."Mr. Zhu, I have a map of China. I wonder if you could just show me where the most women are being kidnapped.""I've been to almost every province except Tibet to rescue abducted women. I am really sympathetic for their sad and bitter experience. They are sold to the poorest places and live a miserable life, treated no better than animals. Some of them have broken legs, broken arms. Some of them were beaten black and blue all over the body." Zhang Chuanli is one of those women. Mr. Zhu rescued her after she'd been kidnapped and taken nearly a thousand miles from her home in Sichuan all the way to Inner Mongolia. So apparently Ms. Zhang wrote this letter to Mr. Zhu, and asking to be rescued, and this is her file. "You're kidnapped and sold as a wife? Or, or what happened?" "I was sold to become somebody's wife. It was very difficult for me. The man treated me very badly and he was sick as well. The rest of the family watched me all the time. When I tried to escape, I was beaten badly. It was terrible. I felt like I wanted to die."It's not clear how many kidnappings are a result of China's gender imbalance. But experts predict that (if) it gets worse, they'll certainly increase. "Do you know why your husband had to buy you? Do you know what the reason was?" "He couldn't find a wife. He was sick and old and needed to find one, for not much money.""Do you know how much you were sold for?" "About 3,600 yuan, I was told later by a relative."3,600 yuan, that's about 435 dollars. Zhangquanli says the man raped her repeatedly and after a year she had his child. "Where is your son now?""The son is still there in Inner Mongolia. When I was rescued, the whole village came out, and surrounded the vehicles and tried to stop us. The police fired shots in the air, and tried to stop the crowd. But it didn't work. They wouldn't let me take the child. We almost didn't get out ourselves.""Is that difficult to be away from your son now?" "It's very hard. I'm sad about it, but I couldn't take him with me."If it wasn't for my mom and dad, I bet I'd still be in the orphan, orphanage. And I wouldn't be here right now and I wouldn't be living in America. I would just be living in China but and I'll be...200709/17507Global Market Volatility Continues美众院否决救市计划影响还在持续  World markets are mostly lower amid continuing fallout from the failure of the U.S. House of Representatives to approve a bailout package for troubled financial institutions. 美国国会众议院否决金融救市计划的影响还在继续,世界大部分股票市场出现下滑。Stock markets in Japan and Australia posted steep losses of more than four percent, while Hong Kong had a modest gain of less than one percent. Among major European markets, only London was higher in midday trading, while U.S. markets posted early gains after suffering the biggest ever single-day point loss Monday. 日本和澳大利亚的股市跌幅超过4%,香港股市小幅上扬不到1%。在欧洲主要市场中,只有伦敦股市在中午交易时出现上扬,而美国股市在星期一经历了历史上最大的单日跌幅后在星期二早上有所上涨。Investors in many countries are increasingly panicked, according to senior manager Martin Hannecke of the Hong Kong-based financial firm Tyche Group. 香港金融投资顾问公司桥川集团的高级经理汉内克认为,许多国家投资者的慌乱情绪在增长。"There is a huge amount of uncertainty now," he said. "The investors here have been looking to go into cash [sell assets] and they have seen substantial losses." 他说:“现在的不确定性很高。投资者们都想着套现,而他们的资产价值已经大幅下跌。”Less than an hour before trading began on Wall Street, President Bush reaffirmed the need for congressional action to stave off further financial upheaval. Mr. Bush spoke hours after European leaders pleaded with their American counterparts to avoid further delay in tackling the situation. 在离华尔街开市不到一小时的时候,美国总统布什重申了国会采取行动避免进一步金融动荡的必要性。布什发表讲话的几个小时以前,欧洲国家领导人恳请美国领导人避免在解决金融危机方面进一步延迟。German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that she and the German government expect that a U.S. financial rescue package will be approved this week, which she described as a vital precondition for creating new confidence in the markets. 德国总理默克尔说,她本人和德国政府期待美国在本周之内通过金融救市计划。她说,这是市场重建信心的重要先决条件。Meanwhile, a European Union Commission spokesman said the ed States must take responsibility and show leadership for its own sake and the sake of the world. 与此同时,欧盟委员会的一位发言人说,美国必须为自身和全世界的利益承担责任并发挥其领导作用。Just as the Bush administration has felt compelled to rescue or take over troubled American financial institutions, two Belgian banks have now received emergency bailouts. Ireland has moved to guarantee bank deposits. Central banks around the world have aggressively injected money into financial systems to counteract tight credit that could strangle economic expansion. 就在布什政府觉得不得不接管陷入困境的美国金融机构的同时,两家比利时获得了紧急救助,爱尔兰政府采取行动保障人们在里存款。世界各国的中央积极向金融系统注入资金,以应对可能使经济增长停滞的信贷紧缩。The increasingly-global financial crisis began with a rash of U.S. home foreclosures after a prolonged period of loose credit that saw millions of Americans acquire home mortgages they could not afford. U.S. housing prices have plummeted during the past year, and new figures show further sharp declines in America's biggest housing markets. 这场在全球蔓延的金融危机开始于美国住房因房主没有能力偿还房贷而被没收的浪潮。在房屋市场危机发生前,美国在很长一段时间里信贷过于宽松,导致数百万美国人获得了他们无力偿还的房屋抵押贷款。在过去一年中,美国的房价大幅度下跌,新的数据显示,美国几个最大房屋市场中的房价在进一步快速下降。Without swift intervention, the situation will get more grim, according to University of Maryland Business and Management Professor Peter Morici. 美国马里兰大学商业及管理系教授莫里奇认为,如果政府不对市场进行快速干预,形势就会进一步恶化。"We are going to see [U.S.] unemployment in the double digits if we do not do something fast," he said. "And we are going to see housing prices stay depressed, banks failing, the FDIC [Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation] insurance fund running out of money and the Congress having to bail that out." 他说:“如果我们不尽快采取行动,美国的失业率就会达到两位数。我们还会看到房价继续低糜,倒闭,联邦存款保险公司用尽其保险基金,而国会不得不出面挽救。”U.S. congressional leaders have pledged to renew efforts to pass an economic rescue package later in the week. 美国国会领导人保他们将再次努力,在本周晚些时候通过挽救经济的计划。200810/51278

Now with banks losing more than 30 million pounds to online crime last year, consumers are being warned today that they must start taking responsibility for their own security or possibly lose out. It comes as a report claims there is a new victim of cyber crime in the UK every ten seconds with more than 3 million offences committed last year. The vast majority involve cases online harassment, including threatening e-mails and blackmail. Our technology correspondent Benjamin Cohen is with me now.Host: So what does this report tell us about the scale of cyber crime?C: It looks like it's actually much larger than we initially thought, about 90% of online cyber crimes don't actually get reported to the police, and these are statistics being gathered from other sources, let's have a look at some of them. We can see that there is almost 2 million cases of online abuse, now includes things like psychological harm, and bullying on children sites like bebo, on the youth site facebook, racism and homophobia. There's also a huge amount of online sexual offences: 850,000. They include child-abusing glooming, in addition to unwarranted sexual approaches via work/ e-mail, but a really interesting point there is that online financial fraud has around 207,000 instances of that each year. And they include so-called phishing attacks, and that's when you got an e-mail supposedly from your bank asking you to log in and give your security details. The money from your account is then emptyed to an account of another victim. And then transferred out of the UK, and that's actually very difficult for the banks to be able to trace and difficult for them to recover.H: And that's where this rather alarming warning comes in, today the banks may not continue to keep paying out in these instances. C: It's important to stress that the moment banks do pay out in most cases, but they have been saying to me that that's when the terms of conditions are kept, and that's when people are acting responsibly. And it cost them 33 million pounds last year. That was a rise of 23 million pounds than the previous year. But paying out when it's not their fault, isn't that financially viable for the banks and they're starting to say the consumers need to take responsibility for their own actions online. If you repeatedly fall victim to a phishing scam, when the bank has clearly after the first attack has explained to you what need to do to prevent yourself becoming a victim subsequently, of course you might expect them to turn around and question whether they should be paying out. C: And the bank, and the banking industry is reviewing their, their codes in relation to online bank. And there can be a new code of conduct out in March of 2008. And if you wanna get any, viewers wanna get any tips, then view Channel4.com/news, um we put some tips of how to avoid being scammed in the future. H: OK, thanks.200805/39857

Olympics Fans Excited About Beijing Games奥运即将开幕 奥运迷们情绪高涨 The 2008 Olympics are about to begin in Beijing and excitement is running high among the hundreds of thousands of fans from inside China and around the world. Many visitors are taking advantage of free time between Olympic events to tour some of Beijing's historic sites. 2008年奥运会即将在北京拉开帷幕,中国乃至世界各地的数十万奥运迷们情绪高涨。许多人还利用奥运赛事之间的空闲时间前往北京的各个历史景点观光游览。It is a steamy morning at Beijing's imperial Summer Palace, a sprawling complex of ancient royal residences and gardens. Aly visitors are teeming through its archways and paddling boats on its misty lake. 这是北京一个炎热的早晨。在颐和园这个皇家故居与园林中,游人们已经挤满了拱廊,另一些人则在烟波鳞鳞的昆明湖上泛舟。Xie Jing Lian, a retired calligrapher, stoops over a flagstone walk as he draws Chinese characters with a large wet brush. In elegant brushstrokes, he has written 'The Olympics have arrived' on the flagstones. 谢景连(音译)是一名退休的书法家。他弯著腰,用一把巨大的刷子,蘸著水,在石板路上书写汉字。他用遒劲的字体在石板路上写下“奥运会来了”几个大字。Lian says it is hard to get tickets to Olympic events and there are long lines but the games are good for China. 他说,奥运会赛事的入场券很难买,到处都得排长队,不过,奥运会对中国有好处。He says the games will help the Chinese economy and will also strengthen relations with other countries. Moreover, he says they will stimulate Chinese to work harder and help their country. 他说,奥运会有助于中国经济的发展,也会加强与其他国家的联系。他还说,奥运会促使中国人更加努力地工作,为国家作贡献。Wang Tian Xiu is a smartly dressed lady living in London who has come for the games. She says the authorities in preparing for the games made many improvements, such as new parks and public facilities. And she says the city is much cleaner than before. She acknowledges that a lot of money has been spent but says it is worth it. 王天秀(音译)旅居在伦敦,她穿着时髦,她是特意回中国看奥运的。她说,筹备奥运的有关方面确实作出了很多的改善,修建了新公园和公共设施等。她说,城市比以前干净了很多。她承认政府投入了很多钱,但是这很值得。"It's a good time for Chinese people to show off to the international world and just to show the people our country has grown big. We have the power to hold the event. We have the power to stand in the international industry. And it's so perfect. I'm very proud to be a Chinese," said Xiu. 她说:“这是中国人民向全世界展示的好机会,告诉别人,我们国家变得强大了。我们有能力主办奥运会。我们有能力立于世界之林。这太棒了,我很骄傲我是中国人。”In the heart of Beijing, Chu Xia has brought her daughter, Li zi yan, a ruddy-cheeked seven-year-old, to visit the imperial palace complex called the Forbidden City. 在北京市中心,楚霞(音译)正带著她7岁的女儿李子颜(音译)在游览故宫紫禁城。小姑娘有著红扑扑的脸蛋。She says her daughter was born the year that China won the bid to host the Olympics. She promised then to bring her to the games and now, she says, my dream has come true. 她说:“我们孩子出生的时候是2001年。那时候,孩子出生的时候,我就决定2008年奥运会的时候就到北京来领孩子看看奥运会。中国是2001年7月13号申报成功,所以7年之后,这个愿望终于实现了。”A tall Lithuanian with a full red beard who calls himself Sekla acknowledges that the Olympics have brought international criticism on issues ranging from the environment to political repression and human rights. He notes that his country almost boycotted the games this year because of a crackdown on anti-China protests by independence-minded Tibetans in March."I am quite happy that it didn't come out of [like] this. Because our athletes come to show their results, They come here for sport. So I think in this event sport should be number one and then only after through sport put some political pressure or one or other government," said Sekla. 他说:“我很开心,那样的事没有发生。因为我们运动员是来展示成果的,他们来这里是为了体育。因此,我认为在奥运会上,体育是第一位的。然后只有在奥运后,再通过体育向一国政府或他国政府施加一些政治压力。”Canadian Dave Summers says it is understandable that political protest often accompanies the Olympics. 加拿大人萨默斯说,奥运会经常伴随政治抗议是可以理解的。"The political side, it's always going to follow because it's such a large event in the world that people look to to get attention. And any large event like this will obviously be a platform for them to get their message across," said Summers. "So it doesn't surprise me there's a lot of different opinions coming out around the world." 他说:“政治总是会尾随而至的,因为这是令全球嘱目的大事件。任何像这样的大事很明显都会成为人们希望其他人了解自己信念的平台。因此,全世界冒出不同的观点和声音,我对此并不感到吃惊。”Back at the Summer Palace, Xiu, from London, says the international community should understand that China is emerging from centuries of isolation. 来自伦敦的王天秀说,国际社会应当理解中国是在被隔绝了几个世纪后崛起的。"Every country has its problems at the beginning of the development of its economy. It can't be missed [denied], it's true," added Xiu. "But China is still a developing country at the moment. In the future we definitely can tackle this issue." 她说:“在经济发展初期,任何国家都会遇到问题。这是无可否认的事实。但是,中国目前仍然是发展中国家, 我们将来一定会解决这些问题的。In an archway, a tall elderly gentleman named Peng Shi Yong is singing a traditional Chinese ballad. 在拱廊上,一个叫彭世勇的高个子的老人在唱著中国传统民歌。He says he was a music teacher who was purged during the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s and sent far away.He says back then he could not imagine that one day his country would host the Olympics. He says the focus of the Games should on the athletes many of whom have spent their lives preparing for this moment. 他说,在那个时候,他不能想象中国有一天可以主办奥运会。他说,运动员应该是奥运会关注的对象,他们中的许多人毕生都在为这样一个时刻的到来在作准备。200808/45637

Writing was on the wall for Chuck Prince wasn't it?Writing was on the wall for Chuck prince not just related to the sub-prime crisis and the additional four maybe eight billion of asset write-downs we will see in the fourth quarter or quarter one next year ,but also because the citi, oh, sorry, wall street had questioned severely whether he was the right man in the first place. the succession issue following on from Sandy Weill back in 2003, was never, was never liked by the street.yeah, their exposure to the subprime market is big but it's not that big,it's enough, it's not enough to cause the major damage to the company.well,you're both right and wrong in saying it. This is half the problem,we don't actually know what the total exposure to the SIVs, or to the pa(per), to essentially the paper , that is floating around the world so it clearly is substantially higher than I think has been alluded to by Chuck prince in the very confident statement he made a few months ago.what I most gonna say is that the bigger of the two problems for Chuck Prince was the, was citigroup itself, that the unveiled the nature of the business.That's absolutely right .I mean, it, to be fair to him, he came in 2003 as a lawyer. And now that's a problem because he had precious little banking experience he was thrust to the Enron issues that didn't help his cost base was far too high the investors don't believe that he has brought that down fast enough and so on and so forth and now we have this the sub-prime situation which is what 3 months old today in terms of the way that markets have given the banking set to the clout, you know a real clouty.yeah we've, this problem will get worse not better.Stan O'neal last week Chuck prince over the weekend , who's next ?Well,I think there is a lot of pressure on the Bear Stearns, because Bear Stearns was the, was where this should really came to a head but of course European banks aren't out of the morrow either, I mean BNP paribas they've had, they've had exposure ,Is there a bank in, a major bank in Europe and in the US that hasn't had exposure so all of them will be seriously questioned by the investors, so I think this is the, this is only the start of the pile.Notes:SIV: A structured investment vehicle (SIV) is a fixed income maturity transformation fund, similar to a CDO or Conduit. 200807/43634

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