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After the sensation of Qing dynasty drama series Legend of Zhen Huan, another TV series that’s widely aired in China has come to an end.继清朝古装剧《后宫甄嬛传》爆红之后,另一部国内热播电视剧集宣告剧终。Angel Heart, said to be “one of the most topical Chinese TV series of 2012”, focuses on a hospital and the stories of patients’ and staff.《心术》,这部被称为“2012年度中国最具话题性的电视剧之一”,主要聚焦于某医院中医患之间发生的一系列故事。The theme of hospitals in a TV series isn’t new. Here, let’s take a look at some classic medical drama series and categorize them.有关医院主题的剧集,这已不是第一回了。这里,让我们来分门别类地盘点一些经典的医疗题材剧集。Series which focus on love聚焦爱情的医患剧集Healing Hands (1998)《妙手仁心》(1998年)The Hong Kong TV series focuses on the loves and romantic relationships of the doctors and nurses at a fictional hospital in Hong Kong.香港电视剧《妙手仁心》主要讲述了发生在香港一家虚构的医院中,医生与护士之间的感情故事。Though the series is noted for its realism in depicting medical situations (the Hong Kong Hospital Authority loaned hospital equipment and facilities for filming), audiences seem to be more attracted to the complicated loves and dubious relationships among the main characters, who are all popular TVB television station’s actors and actresses.虽然这部剧集因再现医疗界真实状况而闻名(香港医院为剧组拍摄提供了医疗设施),但观众似乎更钟情于主角间复杂的情爱以及暧昧关系,这些主角全部由TVB当家花旦和小生来出演。Grey’s Anatomy (2005-present)《实习医生格雷》(2005年至今)The series is one of the most popular and familiar US drama series to Chinese audiences.对于中国观众而言,该剧是最热门也是最广为人知的美剧之一。During the eight years it has aired, audiences have been impressed and not only by how these doctors save lives.在该剧播出的八年中,医生救人的场面给观众们留下深刻印象,但吸引观众的并不止这些。Of course, the doctors at Seattle’s Grace Hospital deal with life-or-death situations on a daily basis–it’s in one another that they find comfort, friendship and, at times, more than friendship.毫无疑问,西雅图格雷斯医院的医生们每天都要面对生死攸关的状况,而他们彼此安慰,友情渐生,甚至有时还会擦出超越友谊的火花。Together they’re discovering that neither medicine nor relationships can be defined in black and white. Real life only comes in shades of gray.同时他们渐渐发现,无论是医学还是爱情,都不是非黑即白的。真正的生活只能处于其中的灰色地带。Programs which offer a slice of reality一窥现实生活的电视剧Angel Heart (2012)《心术》(2012年)Based on the same-titled novel by Liu Liu, who is known for writing sharply about topical issues, Angel Heart is based in the neurosurgery ward of a hospital and reveals the relationship between doctors and patients.该剧根据作家六六的同名小说改编而成,六六以犀利风格点评热点话题而著称。《心术》以一家医院的神经外科为背景,揭示了医患关系状况。The series reflects the seamier side of medicine in China, especially after several recent real-life hospital scandals. It depicts problems such as the difficulty and high cost of getting medical treatment and conflicts between doctors and patients.这部电视剧反映了中国医疗界的阴暗面,尤其是最近社会上曝出多起医院风波之后。该剧描绘了医患矛盾,以及看病难、看病贵等问题。The White Tower (2003-2004)《白色巨塔》 (2003-2004年)The Japanese TV series, adapted from a novel by Japanese writer Toyoko Yamasaki, focuses on the life of two doctors at Naniwa University Hospital in Osaka. One stops at nothing to rise to a position of eminence and authority, while the other busies himself with his patients and research.这部日剧改编自日本作家山崎丰子的小说,讲述了大阪浪速大学医院中两位医生的故事。一位为追求名誉和权力不择手段,而另一位则致力于治病救人和医学研究。By contrasting the life of the two, the series unveils the distortion and corruption of medicine in Japan and the inside story of high-level power struggles.通过对比两位医生的人生,该剧揭示出日本医疗界的扭曲与腐败,以及高层权力斗争的内幕。 /201206/185871

  A panel of experts working for the World Health Organization says that exhaust fumes from diesel engines can actually cause cancer, B reported. It concluded that the exhausts were definitely a cause of lung cancer and may also cause tumors of the bladder.据英国广播公司报道,世界卫生组织专家称,柴油发动机排放的废气确实会引发癌症,并得出结论:废气无疑是肺癌诱因之一,还可能引发膀胱肿瘤。The study based its findings on research among high-risk workers such as miners, railway workers and truck drivers. However, the panel said everyone should try to limit their exposure to diesel fumes.通过对高危工作者如矿工、铁路工作人员和卡车司机进行调查,科学家得出上述结论。但他们强调,每个人都应尽力避免置身柴油废气环境。The International Agency for Research on Cancer has now labeled exhausts as a definite cause of cancer.国际癌症研究所已将废气明确列为癌症诱因之一。Diesel exhausts are now in the same group as carcinogens ranging from wood chippings to plutonium, and from sunlight to alcohol.和木屑、放射元素钚、阳光、酒类一样,柴油废气也是致癌物。It is thought people working in high-risk industries have about a 40% increased risk of developing lung cancer.据预测,高危行业工作者患肺癌的几率比正常人要高出40%。 /201206/186859



  Having recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary, I wanted to learn how my husband and I could help immunize ourselves from future strains and stresses on our marriage. Since we inherit most of our conceptions of marriage from our families, peers and social groups, I was drawn to Tara Parker-Pope#39;s scientific exploration of relationships in For Better: The Science of a Good Marriage. After her 17-year marriage ended, the New York Times Well Blog columnist Parker-Pope sought an objective, fact-based understanding of what went wrong in her own relationship. Whether you think of your significant other as your soul mate, life partner, husband or wife, Parker-Pope offers insights to help you strengthen your most profound relationship in life.最近我和丈夫刚刚庆祝了第一个结婚周年纪念日,我想学习一下我们如何才能避免未来婚姻中的磕磕绊绊。由于我们大多数有关婚姻的观点都继承自我们家人、同辈朋友和社会群体,因此当我最近读到塔拉·帕克·蒲伯的《期待更好:幸福婚姻的科学》一书时,我被书中对婚姻关系的科学探索所吸引。在结束了17年的婚姻之后,这位《纽约时报》的客专栏作家开始寻找对于自身恋爱关系中的问题的客观有事实根据的理解。不论你对你的灵魂伴侣、生活搭档还是丈夫或妻子,这些重要的另一半怎么看,帕克·蒲伯所提供的深刻见解都能帮助你增强生活中最深远的那层关系。If you are in a new and thriving marriage, a fulfilling partnership of many years, or evaluating whether you want to take the next step, Parker-Pope#39;s tips from ;For Better; will help you maintain, booster or rekindle the relationship bliss:不论你是正享受甜蜜的新婚,还是经营了多年的幸福婚姻,抑或正在盘算是否要进行下一步,那么帕克·蒲伯在本书中提供的小贴士会帮助你维持、增进或者重新点燃你的幸福爱情。1.Celebrate the small stuff.1.庆祝点滴小事。;It#39;s not enough that your partner knows that you take pride in her or her accomplishments. You have to show it. Making a fuss over the small, good things that happen every day can boost the health of your marriage.;“如果你的伴侣只知道你为她或者她的才能而骄傲,这还不够。你必须将此表现出来。多挖掘每天发生的微小的美好的事情,这会促进婚姻的健康发展。”2.Learn how to fight productively.2.学会如何有效地争吵。;The key to fighting productively is to recognize when a disagreement is going in the wrong direction and to take steps to calm things down and repair rifts.;“有效争吵的关键在于,认识到争论是在何时偏离了方向,并且采取措施让事情平静下来并修复分歧。”3.Silence is not golden.3.沉默并非是金。;By staying quiet and avoiding conflict when things bothered them, they had missed important opportunities to cultivate and grow their relationship.;“如果出现困扰时仍保持安静、避免冲突,那么他们就失去了滋养感情和增进感情的重要机会。”4.Don#39;t put negative thoughts into the universe.4.不要总是有消极想法。;Men and women who had pondered thoughts of divorce in 1980 were nine times more likely to have gotten divorced by the end of the study.;“在1980年开始的一项研究中,曾有过离婚想法的男女,到研究结束时离婚的可能性是其他人的9倍。”5.Plan together.5.一起计划。;Couples who planned a baby#39;s arrival or who were equally joyous at becoming parents were far more likely to maintain their marital happiness or even enjoy an increase after the baby was born.;“计划生育宝宝或是同样满足于为人父母的夫妻更易保持婚姻幸福,有的在宝宝出生后婚姻幸福感得到了提升。”6.Maintain a circle of friends and support.6.维持朋友圈和给予持。;Strong friendships outside the marriage can take the pressure off your relationship, help you work things out away from your spouse, and ultimately protect your marriage from unnecessary stress and discord.;“婚姻之外牢固的友谊能减轻你因爱情所承受的压力,帮助你在不依靠伴侣的情况下解决问题,最终保护你的婚姻免受不必要的压力与不和。”7.Overcompensate for mistakes.7.过度补偿错误。;Do marriage math. Even when you make a mistake, tell yourself that you#39;re going to do at least five positive things for your spouse to make up for it, and then do them. And don#39;t wait until you bicker to turn on the charm. Nice gestures and comments go far in a marriage, they are easy to do, and they will help insulate your marriage from being damaged by the inevitable bad days.;“做一下这道关于婚姻的数学题。当你犯了错误,告诉自己你要对伴侣做至少5件积极的事情来补偿,然后照做。不要等到你们发生了口角才来展现你的魅力。优美的姿态和言语在婚姻中十分奏效,这很容易做到,它们还有助于使你的婚姻免遭不可避免的坏情绪日子的侵害。”8.Set the marriage bar high.8.设高婚姻的门槛。;Husbands and wives who hold their partners to a reasonably high standard have better marriages. If you expect a better, more satisfying relationship, you improve your chances of having one.;“将伴侣的档次提升到合理高度的夫妻会有更幸福的婚姻。如果你期望有一段更美好、更令自己满意的婚姻关系,那么你就要提升拥有它的可能性。”9.Give it a break.9.给婚姻适当的空间。;Sometimes, improving your marriage means giving it a break. Increasing your connections with family, friends and society is good for your marriage.;“有时候,改善婚姻质量意味着给它一些空间。增加你跟家人、朋友和社会的联系对婚姻有好处。”10.Be aware of your body language.10.注意你的肢体语言。;Eye rolling is a painfully obvious sign of contempt, and it#39;s a powerful predictor that your relationship is in serious trouble.;“转眼珠的动作非常明显地表现出了蔑视,这强有力地预示了你的婚姻关系陷入了大麻烦。” /201207/192633


  As baby photos go, this collection has got to be one of the most adorable. And certainly the most magical.宝宝影集大家都在拍,但这组肯定是最可爱也最神奇的照片之一。A mother who admits being completely obsessed with fairy tales commissioned a professional photographer to take a series of beautiful images of her baby daughter, and in all of them her little girl adopts the starring role in all her favourite stories, including Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.一位承认自己对童话故事着迷的母亲,找了一位专业的摄影师为自己的宝贝女儿拍了一组非常可爱的照片,小姑娘扮演成妈妈喜欢的故事中的角色,包括梦游幻境的爱丽丝、小红帽、睡美人和白雪公主。The pictures of baby girl Maddie, daughter of Nicole Lepper of Monmouth, Illinois, were taken by American photographer Wendi Riggins in Iowa.这位名叫妮可的母亲来自美国伊利诺斯州蒙茅斯,照片中她的小宝贝名叫曼迪,照片由来自爱荷华州的摄影师文迪-瑞金斯拍摄。Wendi, 30, said: #39;Nicole, loves fairy tales, and her entire family are fans of the TV show Once Upon a Time. It was from this love that the concept of baby fairy tales came about.30岁的摄影师文迪表示:“妮可非常喜欢童话故事,他们一家人都是电视剧《童话镇》的粉丝,正是因为这么热爱童话,所以才有了这个拍摄宝宝童话的想法。”#39;Nicole planned and shopped for the perfect outfits and pieces. We talked multiple times a week, throwing around ideas, picking out props and brainstorming on ways to make each and every set perfect.#39;“妮可自己计划并采购了完美的装和配饰,我们讨论过很多次,想出了很多不同的点子集思广益,挑选了合适的道具让每个场景都看起来非常完美。”Little Red Riding Hood meets a big white #39;wolf#39; in the woods (but even he couldn#39;t eat something as cute as Maddie), left, and Peter Pan floats overhead as Maddie pouts into the camera as Wendy Darling, accompanied by Nana the dog, right.左边的图片:小红帽在森林里遇到了一直大白“狼”(不过这么可爱的曼迪它肯定舍不得吃);右边的图片中,曼迪扮成了童话故事《彼得·潘》中的小姑娘温蒂,小飞侠彼得·潘从她的头顶飞过,旁边正是她的娜娜。Maddie takes a seat and prepares to settle down with a good book of her favourite fairy tales.曼迪坐好准备专心阅读她最喜欢的童话故事。Maddie dresses up as the dinkiest Cinderella ever, left, and plays the prettiest Snow White there ever was, right.左边的图片中,曼迪打扮成最小的灰姑娘;右边的图片中又变身最可爱的白雪公主。Time for tea? Baby Maddie dressed up as Alice in Wonderland, playing with cards and #39;eat me#39; cakes at the Mad Hatter#39;s Tea Party.喝下午茶时间到了?宝宝曼迪扮成无意间闯入幻境的爱丽丝,在疯帽子先生的茶话会上玩着扑克和写着“吃掉我” 的蛋糕。After an exhausting dressing-up extravaganza, baby Maddie takes a well-deserved nap, and dreams of all the magical adventures she#39;s been having.在一场华丽的化装游戏结束后,小宝宝曼迪也累了,好好地睡了一觉,也许会梦到她刚刚经历的那些魔幻冒险。 /201301/222642



  It may come as a shock to husbands fond of accusing their wives of frittering the family finances on shoes and handbags, but a study has found that women are in fact better at budgetingthan men. 一项研究发现,女性在花钱方面其实比男性更有计划,这可能会让那些总爱抱怨妻子爱买鞋买包的丈夫们感到吃惊。 Women keep track of their spending and are less likely to build up debts through loans and credit cards, according to new research. 这项最新调查表明,女性会记录自己的开,而且因贷款和使用信用卡而背上债务的可能性较小。 Men are more prone to ignoring mounting debts and forgetting to pay bills, whereas women chip away at credit card bills with regular repayments, the study found. 调查发现,男性往往不理会越来越多的积压债务,而且常忘记付账单,而女性则会按时付信用卡的账单。 The survey of 3,000 Britons by Love money.com found that men have an average debt of £2,176 on their credit cards compared to £1,987 for women. Men tend to spend their money on gadgets and rely on credit to cover the costs, it found. 这项由Lovemoney.com网站开展的、针对三千名英国人的调查发现,男性信用卡上的平均债务为2176英镑,而女性为1987英镑。另外,调查还发现,男性爱买配件、器具等一些小玩意,而且喜欢用信用卡付。 A spokesman for the money management website said the findings gave the lie to accusations that women are irresponsible with their money. 该资金管理网站的一名发言人说,这些发现表明,认为女性花钱无度的说法是不符合实际的。 "For years, women have been thought of as the big spenders, splashing their cash on clothes," he said. 他说:“多年以来,女性一直被认为花钱无节制,把很多钱花在买衣上。” "But it seems men are gaining their own reputation when it comes to managing their finances while women are learning how to handle their money."“但在理财方面,男性似乎更有一套,而女性仍在学习之中。” A quarter of men admitted they often repay credit card bills late or forget them altogether, compared to 17 per cent of women who make the same mistake. 四分之一的男性坦称,他们经常拖延付信用卡账单或干脆忘记付,而相比之下,只有17%的女性会犯同样的错误。Vocabulary:fritter: to waste time or money on things that are not important 浪费(时间、金钱);挥霍budget :to be careful about the amount of money you spend; to plan to spend an amount of money for a particular purpose 谨慎花钱;把……编入预算chip away: remove or withdraw gradually 逐步瓦解、消除 /201110/159174

  A UK study has claimed that only-children are more contented than those with siblings because they do not have to fight for their parents#39; attention。澳大利亚《每日电讯报》14日报道称,英国一项研究发现,比起家有兄弟的孩子,独生子女的生活更加幸福,因为后者不必为争得父母的宠爱而明争暗斗。Thirty-one percent of children said they were hit, kicked or pushed by a sibling ;quite a lot; or ;a lot.; Almost a third of teenagers said they were called ;nasty names; and 18 percent said their belongings had been taken by a brother or sister. In all, 54 percent of siblings said they had been involved in some form of bullying。研究报告中,31%的孩子称受到兄弟拳打脚踢推推搡搡的次数“较多”甚至“非常多”。而几乎三分之一的青少年反应自己常被兄弟冠以“恶意绰号”,其中有18%的孩子报告称哥哥会夺己所爱。总体来说,54%的“为为哥”者承认自己曾“恃强凌弱”。Figures from a study tracking the lives of 100,000 people in 40,000 British homes suggest only-children could be happier because they receive all the attention from their parents and do not have to fight for praise or assistance。该研究跟踪调查了来自4万个英国家庭的10万人口,调查结果表明,独生子女可能更为幸福,因为他们能够从父母处获得更多的注意力,且不必为得到表扬、获得鼓励而明争暗斗。The conclusion was supported by Hollywood actress Natalie Portman: ;I would never have been an actress if I weren#39;t an only child because my parents would never have let me be the star of the family at the expense of another child.;好莱坞女星娜塔莉-波特曼拥护该结论道:“如果我不是独生子女,我就永远不会成为一个女演员。因为父母不可能为了让我成为一个明星,而牺牲掉另外一个孩子的前途。”University of Warwick professor Dieter Wolke said: ;from anecdotal reports, quarreling siblings increase stress for parents, and some just give up intervening or intervene inconsistently, leaving the field wide open for the bully sibling.;英国华威大学教授迪特尔-沃克说道:“从一些有趣的报告中我们发现,兄弟吵成一团会让父母头痛不已,一些家长于是放弃‘调停’,或者减少‘调停’的次数,致使大欺小的现象屡屡发生。” /201212/214711

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