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2019年01月22日 09:00:21 | 作者:飞度技术养生咨询 | 来源:新华社
Fosun, the private conglomerate run by the man dubbed “China’s Warren Buffett”, has taken a big step into the European real estate market by signing a joint venture deal with UK-based asset manager Resolution Property.掌门人有“中国巴菲特”之称的民营企业集团复星(Fosun)与英国地产基金管理公司Resolution Property签署了一份合资协议,从而向进军欧洲房地产市场迈出了一大步。The deal is the latest evidence that Fosun, which owns companies in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and mining to media and holidays, has embarked on a big international expansion.这份协议是最新的据,明在多个行业(从制药和采矿,到媒体和度假)拥有业务的复星,已踏上大规模国际扩张之路。Led by Guo Guangchang, Fosun last month signed a joint venture deal with British travel company Thomas Cook, selling holidays to Fosun’s Chinese Club Med resorts and a number of Chinese hotels selected by Thomas Cook.由郭广昌执掌的复星,上月与英国旅游公司托马斯錠克(Thomas Cook)签署合资协议,销售复星的中国Club Med度假村、以及托马斯錠克精选的一批中国酒店的假日旅游务。In April it partnered private equity investor TPG Capital to buy circus and entertainment company Cirque du Soleil.今年4月,复星联手私募股权投资者德太集团(TPG Capital),收购了马戏团及公司——太阳马戏团(Cirque du Soleil)。And in May it bought Bermuda-based insurer Ironshore.5月,复星收购了总部位于百慕大的保险公司Ironshore。Fosun’s activity is part of a wider trend of Chinese companies investing in Europe. In a number of deals over recent months, several large Chinese groups have bought second and third tier European financial services companies.复星的一系列动作是中国企业加快在欧洲投资的更广泛趋势的一部分。近几个月,中国的数家大型集团接连出手,收购了欧洲多家二三线金融务公司。Xu Xiaoliang, Fosun Group vice-president, said the Resolution deal marked “a significant step in Fosun’s global approach”.复星集团副总裁徐晓亮表示,与Resolution的交易标志着“复星地产全球化布局的又一重要事件”。“We have focused on finding experienced and professional overseas investment and management platforms as our priority,” he said. Fosun was “building up global investment capacity”.“我们认为成熟的海外专业资管平台,是复星地产应首先考虑的投资对象,”他表示。复星正在“打造全球化投资能力”。Fosun’s debut UK property deal came in 2013 when it acquired Lloyds Chambers in the City of London, and it stepped into the US in the same year, buying 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza in New York.复星的首笔英国房地产交易是在2013年完成的,当时它买下了伦敦金融城的Lloyds Chambers大楼,同年复星还进军美国,买下纽约天大楼——大通曼哈顿广场一号(One Chase Manhattan Plaza)。 /201507/384191A lethal new strain of bird flu has emerged in China. The H10N8 virus killed a 73-year-old woman in Nanchang City, according to a case report in the Lancet on Wednesday.一种致命的新型禽流感病毒已在中国出现。《柳叶刀》(Lancet)周三发表的一篇病例报告称,H10N8禽流感病毒已导致南昌市一名73岁的妇女死亡。Mingbin Liu from Nanchang City Centre for Disease Control and Prevention told the journal that the pandemic potential of this new strain should not be underestimated.南昌市疾病预防控制中心的刘明斌告诉记者,不应低估这种新病毒引爆疫情的潜力。“A second case of H10N8 was identified in Jiangxi Province on January 26,” he said. “This is of great concern because it reveals that the H10N8 virus has continued to circulate and may cause more human infections in future.”“1月26日,江西省确诊了H10N8的第二个病例,”他表示。“这令人高度关注,因为它显示H10N8病毒仍在继续传播,可能在未来感染更多人。”The two H10N8 infections both followed contact with live poultry, suggesting that the virus moved into its human victims directly from birds, although this has not been confirmed.两个H10N8病例均发生在接触活禽之后,似乎表明病毒是从禽类直接进入受害者体内,尽管这一点尚未得到实。Western specialists said that, while the emergence of another flu variant capable of killing people was a concern, they were more worried by the H7N9 strain that emerged in China last spring.西方专家表示,尽管出现又一种能够杀死人的禽流感病毒令人担忧,但他们更担心去年春天在中国出现的H7N9病毒。The World Health Organisation is reporting five to 10 new cases daily of H7N9, although “so far there is no evidence of sustained human-to-human transmission,” it says. Sustained transmission between people could lead to a new flu pandemic.世界卫生组织(WHO)目前每天报告5至10个H7N9新病例,尽管该组织表示,“迄今没有持续人传人的据”。人与人之间持续传播可能导致一场新的流感疫情。“It is not clear how serious H10N8 would be in a young healthy person,” said Wendy Barclay, professor of influenza virology at Imperial College London. “The [genetic] sequence details given in the paper are quite reassuring: there is no obvious clue that the virus is specially adapted to humans.”“尚不清楚H10N8如果进入健康的年轻人体内会有多严重,”伦敦帝国学院(Imperial College London)流感病毒学教授温迪#8226;巴克利(Wendy Barclay)表示。“文中给出的(遗传)序列细节相当令人宽慰:没有明显的线索表明,病毒已出现专门针对人类的变化。”Jeremy Farrar, flu expert and director of the Wellcome Trust, pointed out that the world has become much better recently at surveillance and at sharing information on emerging infections. “It is highly unlikely this event would even have been noticed or reported just a few years ago,” he said.流感专家、维康信托(Wellcome Trust)基金会主任杰里米#8226;法勒(Jeremy Farrar)指出,近年世界在监测和分享关于新型感染的信息方面已有大幅改进。“就在几年前,这起事件也不太可能得到注意或报道,”他表示。“But we do not understand what causes pathogens to cross into humans, cause disease and become transmissible,” Dr Farrar added. “As a result we cannot judge how worrying an individual event is and therefore have to worry about them all.”“但我们不知道是什么原因导致病原体跨越物种界限,进入人体,引发疾病并变得具有传染性,”法勒医生补充说。“因此我们无法判断孤立事件有多么值得忧虑,因此对所有此类事件都应保持担心。”Prof Barclay pointed out that the three avian influenza viruses that are currently a focus of attention – H5N1, H7N9 and H10N8 – “are not the only ones out there being picked up. An H6N1 virus infected a woman in Taiwan last year, and H9N2 viruses have occasionally also infected people in recent years,” she said.巴克利教授指出,目前各方关注的三种禽流感病毒——H5N1、H7N9和H10N8——“不是仅有的感染人的禽流感病毒。去年台湾有一名妇女感染H6N1病毒,近年H9N2病毒偶尔也会感染人,”她表示。 /201402/275323

Clampdowns on bank secrecy in Europe and a proliferation of billionaires in Asia helped Hong Kong and Singapore attract more overseas money over the past two years than rivals such as Switzerland, according to a report by Deloitte.咨询机构德勤(Deloitte)的一份报告称,欧洲对保密制度的打击以及亚洲亿万富翁数量的增多,促使香港和新加坡在过去两年吸引的海外资金规模超过瑞士等竞争对手。The consultancy’s annual ranking of wealth centres highlights how the Asian cities are seen by the world’s rich as the best places to park money amid global tighter regulation of private wealth managers in Switzerland and elsewhere.德勤的年度财富中心排行榜显示,亚洲城市正被全球富人视为最佳资金存放场所,此际,全球对瑞士和其他地区的私人财富管理机构加强了监管。Many of those wealthy people are from China, which helped propel the amount of money flowing into Hong Kong to rise 47 per cent to 0bn during 2012-2014. Singapore saw a 32 per cent increase in the value of funds entering the state to 0bn, according to the report.很多富人来自中国,促使2012年至2014年流入香港的资金规模扩大47%,至6400亿美元。根据这份报告,流入新加坡的资金规模增长了32%,至4700亿美元。Over the same period, Switzerland managed only a 2 per cent rise in the money it attracted from overseas, to tn. But it remains the largest wealth management centre — measured by assets coming from abroad — followed by the UK, the US, and Panama and the Caribbean.同期,瑞士吸引的海外资金规模仅增长2%,至2万亿美元。但根据来自海外的资产规模衡量,瑞士仍是全球最大财富管理中心,排在后面的分别是英国、美国、巴拿马和加勒比海地区。Deloitte did not rank centres by assets under management, which would include domestic wealth. But its ranking of locations by funds flowing from outside indicates where the wealthy perceive as being the best destination for their money.德勤没有按照管理资产规模对金融中心进行排名(这将包括国内财富),而是按照从外部流入的资金规模编制排行榜,这显示了富人对资金的最佳去向的地区偏好。The consultancy said its findings suggested that European centres such as Switzerland “suffered from the combined effect” of the eurozone crisis and regulations such as Fatca — the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act which is intended to detect and deter tax evasion by US citizens via overseas accounts.德勤表示,研究发现,瑞士等欧洲财富中心“受到”欧元区危机和美国《海外账户纳税法案》(Fatca)等监管规定的“双重影响”。《海外账户纳税法案》旨在发现并遏制美国公民通过海外账户避税。Singapore is growing fast as a money management centre because of a rising number of wealthy entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. Its three local banks are providing stiff competition for longer-established groups such as JPMorgan, Citi and Swiss banks Credit Suisse and UBS.因东南亚(特别是印尼)富有企业家数量不断增多,新加坡正迅速成长为财富管理中心。新加坡国内3家正对根大通(JPMorgan)、花旗(Citi)以及瑞士瑞信(Credit Suisse)和瑞银(UBS)等更久负盛名的构成有力竞争。Singapore has for some years been projected to overtake Switzerland as the world’s largest wealth management centre. But Deloitte’s findings suggest that Hong Kong may have a better chance of taking the top slot.数年来,外界一直预测新加坡将取代瑞士,成为全球最大财富管理中心。但德勤的报告显示,香港更有可能拔得头筹。Mohit Mehrotra, global wealth management group leader at Deloitte, said Hong Kong overtook Singapore in 2012 in terms of attracting offshore wealth. “The trajectory of growth in Singapore from 2008 to 2014 has been fairly positive, but it’s just that growth in Hong Kong has accelerated a lot faster,” said Mr Mehrotra.德勤全球财富管理团队负责人莫希特#8226;梅赫罗特拉(Mohit Mehrotra)表示,在吸引海外财富方面,香港在2012年超过新加坡。他表示:“2008年至2014年,新加坡的增长轨迹相当乐观,但香港的增速要快的多。” /201502/359376

Whenever a company suffers a setback or calamity, business school professors and management journalists lay out the lessons for other businesses.每当一家公司遇到挫折或者灾难,商学院教授和管理类新闻记者就会为其它公司总结经验教训。That was true for General Motors and its faulty ignitions (make sure employees who spot problems bring them to management’s attention) and Starbucks’ UK tax difficulties (don’t underestimate consumers’ ability to do you damage).在通用汽车(General Motors)的点火开关缺陷(教训是保发现问题的员工将问题传达到管理层)事件上是这样,在星巴克(Starbucks)在英国遭遇税务问题(教训是别低估消费者给你造成损失的能力)的时候也是这样。But there does not appear much other companies can learn from Malaysia Airlines’ travails. Its twin disasters – one passenger jet lost and the other apparently shot down – are too unusual to generate advice for anyone else.但是其它公司似乎没办法从马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines)的困境中学到什么。一架客机失踪,一架客机则明显被击落,马航遭遇的这两起灾难太不寻常,不能给其他人带来什么重要教训。It is hard to see what the airline itself can learn from the tragedies. The first is still unexplained. The second was not its fault. It was flying over a war zone, but so were other respectable carriers.马航自身能从这些悲剧中学到什么也很难说。第一起事故至今还未查明原因。第二起事故错不在马航。马航客机的确飞经战区,但是其他优秀航空公司也这样做。Given these awful misfortunes, it is understandable that the airline is contemplating changing its name and starting again as something else.考虑到这些可怕的不幸事故,也难怪马航正在考虑更改公司名称,以新的身份重新开始。We can see how extraordinary Malaysia Airlines’ plight is by looking at the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s safety report.看一看国际民航组织(International Civil Aviation Organisation)的安全报告,我们就能理解马航的困境有多不寻常了。In 2013, 3.1bn passengers took a scheduled international or domestic flight. Of those, 173 died in an accident. This year’s figures will be higher – there have been other fatal crashes, including that of Air Algérie in Mali – but they will still be a tiny proportion of passengers.2013年,有31亿名乘客乘坐国际或者国内的定期航班,其中有173人死于事故。今年的死亡人数会更高——除了马航两起事故以外,还发生了其他坠机事故,包括阿尔及利亚航空公司(Air Algérie)的飞机在马里坠毁——但依然只会占乘客总数的很小一部分。But not even these statistics show how unusual the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 and the downing of Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine were.但仅仅这些统计数字还不能说明马航MH370航班失踪和MH17航班在乌克兰东部坠落有多么不同寻常。The vast majority of air accidents take place while aircraft are landing or taking off. Just 10 per cent of 2013 accidents happened mid-flight.绝大多数飞行事故是在飞机降落或者起飞时发生的。在2013年发生的飞行事故中,仅有10%发生在飞行途中。And while both Malaysian aircraft were Boeing 777 jets, turboprop planes are more likely to crash. As many as 46 per cent of aircraft accidents involve turboprops, even though they account for a far smaller percentage of the world’s commercial fleet than jets do.马航失事的两架客机都是波音(Boeing)777喷气式飞机,相比之下,涡轮螺旋桨飞机更有可能发生坠机事故。在世界商用飞机中,涡轮螺旋桨飞机所占比例比喷气式飞机要小得多,但前者发生的空难却占到了46%的比例。There will be small lessons the airline industry can learn from Malaysia Airlines’ experience. They will have another look at how they communicate with customers after a tragedy. I was impressed, flying on Malaysia Airlines after its first disaster, to note that, rather than avoiding the subject, Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, its chief executive, expressed his sorrow on the front page of the in-flight magazine.航空业可以从马航的事件中学到一些小小的经验。他们应该反思在悲剧发生后怎么和客户沟通。在马航的第一起灾难发生后,我乘坐了马航的客机,发现马航没有对事故避之不谈,在飞机上的杂志的头版文章中,马航首席执行官艾哈迈德#8226;乔哈里#8226;叶海亚(Ahmad Jauhari Yahya)表达了他的悲痛之情,这给我留下了深刻的印象。As to the lessons on flights across war zones: as Hugh Dunleavy, Malaysia Airlines’ commercial director, wrote in the Sunday Telegraph, a central international body should determine what is safe, not individual airlines.对于飞经战区的飞机的经验教训是:就如马航的商业总监休#8226;邓利维(Hugh Dunleavy)在《星期日电讯报》(Sunday Telegraph)上发表的文章中所写的,应该由一个主要国际组织,而非个体的航空公司,来确立安全标准。Malaysia Airlines appears to have suffered from two episodes of extreme misfortune rather than mismanagement (unless we discover something new about the lost aircraft).让马航陷入困境的,似乎是这两起极其不幸的事故,而非管理不善(除非我们发现失踪客机的新信息)。Yet its business is suffering. Bookings are down. “In this part of the world in Asia people are more superstitious so this works against them,” an industry executive told the Financial Times. It is not just in Asia; many others will hesitate before booking one of its flights.然而马航的业务正在蒙受损失。机票预订减少了。“亚洲人更加迷信,所以这会对他们产生不好的影响,”一位行业主管告诉《金融时报》的记者。不只是在亚洲,其他地方的人在预订马航航班时也会犹豫不决。So should Malaysia Airlines change its name? One person I expected to answer “definitely” was Paul Argenti, professor at Dartmouth’s Tuck business school who, over a decade ago, studied 40 years of name changes and found that the company benefited in every case.那么马航是否应该改名?我认为有个人应该会回答“当然”,那就是达特茅斯大学(Dartmouth)塔克商学院(Tuck business school)的保尔#8226;阿根提(Paul Argenti)教授。十多年前,阿根提教授研究了40年以来公司改名的案例,发现每个案例中改名的公司都从中受益了。He told me he expected to find the same results today. The reason was that a name change usually went along with a new strategy.他告诉我,他认为现在也会是同样的结果。因为改名的同时,公司通常也会采取一种新的发展战略。Malaysia Airlines needs one of those, and did even before its twin tragedies. The company has made net losses for the past three years. As with many large carriers, its long-haul operations are doing reasonably well, but its short-haul business is suffering because of competition from low-cost carriers such as AirAsia.马航需要一项新策略,甚至早在两起悲剧发生之前就需要新策略了。在过去的三年中,马航连年净亏损。与其他许多大型航空公司一样,马航的长线航班业绩相当良好,然而短线航班业务则因遭受来自亚洲航空(AirAsia)等廉价航空公司的竞争而表现不佳。But Prof Argenti told me that he thought that, even with a new strategy, Malaysia Airlines was the one company he had come across that should not change its name. There would be no point. Its disasters were just too big.可是阿根提教授却告诉我,他认为,即使采取新策略,马航也是目前为止他遇到的唯一一个不应该改名的公司。因为改名毫无意义。马航遭遇的灾难太严重了。What about Valujet, the US airline that, after a 1996 crash in the Florida Everglades, re-emerged, successfully, as AirTran? That was a US incident, Prof Argenti said. “This is a global story that everyone is following.”那么美国瓦卢杰航空公司(Valujet)的例子呢?1996年在佛罗里达大沼泽地发生坠机事故后,这家公司更名为穿越航空(AirTran),成功再次崛起。阿根提教授说,那是一起美国的事故。“马航事件则是每个人都在关注的全球性事件。”He is right. Whatever Malaysia Airlines becomes, people will remember what it was. It needs to fix its business and win back fliers’ trust. A name change won’t help.他是对的。不管马航改叫什么,人们都会记得它曾经叫着什么。马航需要重整业务,赢回乘客的信任。改名起不了什么作用。 /201408/318653

Things just keep getting worse for McDonald’s .对麦当劳(McDonald)来说,情况还在持续恶化。On top of ongoing problems at home, where U.S. customers have been cutting back on its cheeseburgers and fries for nearly a year, the world’s largest restaurant chain last month had to contend with restaurant closings in Russia and a food safety scandal in Asia that decimated its sales in China and Japan.由于近一年来美国顾客对芝士汉堡和炸薯条的消费量持续降低,麦当劳在美国本土已经遭遇难题。雪上加霜的是,这家全球最大的餐饮连锁商上个月还得应对俄罗斯的餐厅关闭事件,另外亚洲的食品安全丑闻也让中国和日本的麦当劳销售额跳水。The result was a 3.7% decline in global same-restaurant sales in August, along with a warning to Wall Street that McDonald’s gross profit rate would take a hit. That was a much deeper decline than the 3.1% drop analysts were expecting, according to Consensus Matrix, and continued a trend that seen the chain frequently miss analyst projections.这一切使得麦当劳8月的全球同店销售额下跌了3.7%,华尔街还警告说,麦当劳的毛利率也将遭受重挫。根据Consensus Matrix公司的预计,麦当劳毛利率的下跌幅度将远大于3.1%,他们还表示,该公司未来的表现恐怕会时常低于分析师的预期。McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson tried to put a brave face on it, saying the company had faced “headwinds” around the world and was trying to “effectively navigate” them to find its footing again.麦当劳的首席执行官唐o汤普森试图勇敢地面对当前的困难。他表示公司在全球都面临着“逆风”的局面,他们将设法“有效导航”,从而重回正轨。But he has a big job ahead of him. In the U.S. which accounts for one-third of revenues, same-restaurant sales at restaurants open for at least the last 13 months (to strip out the effect of openings and closings) fell 2.8% compared to the 2% decrease Wall Street experts were anticipating. That continued a trend of poor U.S. results as intense breakfast competition, price-conscious consumers looking for cheaper items and operational screw-ups have kept diners away in droves. Last month, McDonald’s finally lost patience and announced it was replacing the head of its U.S. and Canada division less than two years after he was appointed. In 2013, McDonald’s reported a decline in U.S. same-store restaurant sales for the year , breaking a 10-year streak of gains.不过他面临着很大的问题。在贡献麦当劳三分之一收入的美国,过去至少13个月中保持营业的餐厅中(为了排除开业和停业造成的影响),麦当劳的同店销售额下跌了2.8%,比华尔街专家预测的2%跌幅还要多。由于日益激烈的早餐竞争,麦当劳的表现持续低迷。关注价格的顾客正在寻找更为实惠的餐厅,而麦当劳的运营混乱也让用餐者陆续离开。上个月,麦当劳终于失去了耐心,宣布将替换任职不到两年的美国和加拿大区主管。麦当劳在2013年的报告中表示,当年美国的同店销售额开始出现下降,这中断了之前连续十年的增长态势。In Asia, things were even worse, as a food safety scandal that hit McDonald’s in July proved to be the gift that keeps on giving. Sales in Japan fell 25% last because of the scandal, and a large sales decline in China carried over into August. The Chinese subsidiary of McDonalds’s largest meat supplier, OSI Group, was recently fined forselling expired meat to McDonald’s, Yum Brands’ KFC, and other chains in the country after being caught by a Shanghai TV channel in late July re-labelling expired meat packages and using expired beef to make patties. McDonald’s was short on beef and chicken for three weeks in China following the ordeal.在亚洲,随着7月重创麦当劳的食品安全丑闻演变成一部长剧,情况甚至变得更加糟糕。由于丑闻,麦当劳在日本的销售额猛跌25%,而中国的销售额下滑一直持续到8月。今年7月末,东方卫视爆料称,麦当劳的最大肉类供应商福喜集团(OSI Group)在中国的分公司给过期肉类重新贴标签,使用过期牛肉制作肉饼,并向麦当劳、百胜餐饮(Yum)的肯德基(KFC)和其他中国的食品连锁公司出售该类产品。福喜现已为此遭到罚款处罚。这一事件发生后,麦当劳中国区的牛肉和鸡肉短缺持续了三周。McDonald’s said the China problem would lower its third quarter profit by 15 to 20 cents per share, or as much as 6 million (based on 981 million shares outstanding), and that it is working overtime to win back the trust of customers there.麦当劳表示,中国的这起事件将使公司第三季度的每股利润降低15至20美分,即降低多达1.96亿美元(麦当劳的净发股票为9.81亿),公司将努力赢回该市场的顾客的信任。Despite the recent closings of a few McDonald’s restaurants in Russia against the backdrop of that country’s conflict with Ukraine, Europe was a relatively bright spot, with the Brits helping mitigate some of the pain in Russia and elsewhere. Still, the company spoke ominously of “weak consumer sentiment” in Europe affecting sales and profit for the third quarter, which includes September.尽管最近在俄罗斯与乌克兰冲突的大背景下,几家俄罗斯的麦当劳门店被关闭,但欧洲区的表现相对较为出色,英国人帮忙缓解了俄罗斯和其他地区给麦当劳带来的阵痛。尽管如此,麦当劳表示,欧洲区的前景依然不容乐观,“疲弱的消费者信心”将会影响包括9月在内的第三季度的销售额和利润。Seems worldwide, fewer and fewer people have been saying “I’m loving it,” with little relief in sight for McDonald’s.从全球范围来看,还在说“我就喜欢”的人似乎越来越少。对麦当劳而言,情况几乎还没有好转的迹象。 /201409/327713

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