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呼和浩特隆鼻哪个医院好内蒙古骨科医院祛痣多少钱Japan Extends Economic Sanctions Against North Korea日本宣布对北韩经济制裁延长半年 Japan has extended economic sanctions against North Korea, citing the reclusive country's lack of progress on an international nuclear disarmament agreement. The extension of sanctions comes as six-party nuclear talks continue to stall. 日本延长了对北韩的经济制裁期限,理由是这个封闭自守的国家在执行解除核武装的国际协议方面缺乏进展。日本是在朝核六方会谈仍陷于停顿的情况下延长有关制裁的。 Japan's economic sanctions against Pyongyang will remain in place for another six months. They were first imposed in October 2006 after North Korea infuriated the international community by testing a nuclear device. That same month it also test-fired a long-range missile. 日本对北韩的经济制裁将延长六个月。有关制裁是2006年十月开始行使的,之前北韩进行的一项核武器试验激怒了国际社会。同在2006年十月,北韩还试射了一枚远程导弹。Japan's top government spokesman, Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura, said North Korea has failed to fully account for all of its nuclear activities, as stipulated in an international agreement to end its nuclear program. 日本人政府的首席发言人、日本内阁官房长官町村信孝说,北韩没有遵照中止本国核项目的国际协议规定,没有全面汇报本国所有的核活动。Machimura said the sanctions are meant to demonstrate Japan's resolve to seek a comprehensive resolution of the nuclear and missile issues.  町村信孝说:“有关制裁旨在展示日本寻求全面解决核武器及导弹问题的决心。”He noted that Tokyo is prepared to end part or all of the sanctions if North Korea takes action to resolve those issues, and settle a long-standing abduction dispute that has prevented the two from forging diplomatic relations for decades.  他指出,如果北韩采取行动解决那些问题并解决引发长期争端的绑架问题,那么日本当局准备部分或全面中止制裁,有关绑架的争端几十年来一直阻挠两国建立外交关系。The six party talks on resolving the North Korea nuclear dispute has made progress, but the discussions have stalled pending North Korea's full accounting of its nuclear activities, including the plutonium that was used to power its first nuclear test blast in 2006.  朝核六方会谈取得了一些进展,但是北韩至今尚未全面说明本国所有的核活动,包括为它2006年第一次核试爆提供动力的金属钸的问题,有关会谈因而陷于停顿。 Pyongyang has received energy and economic aid in return for complying with disarmament steps, but has not yet complied with a declaration agreement that was due at the end of 2007. 平壤得到了能源和经济援助,作为它同意采取解除本国核武装步骤的回报,但是北韩至今尚未遵行呈交核活动完整清单的协议,根据协议,北韩应在2007 年年底前交出这份清单。Tomohito Shinoda is a professor of politics at the International University of Japan. He says Japan is especially sensitive to the threat of North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile program because it is so close to its militaristic neighbor. 日本国际大学政治科学系副教授信田友仁说,日本对北韩的核弹及弹道导弹项目构成的威胁特别敏感,因为日本是北韩这个有军事野心国家的近邻。"Many Japanese experts believe that their nuclear weapons could be targeted to American forces in Japan," he said. 信田友仁说:“许多日本专家认为,北韩的核武器可能针对驻日美军。”In 1998, North Korea shocked the world by launching a long-range ballistic missile that flew over Japan before falling into the ocean. The ed States and Japan have been working since then to strengthen Japan's defense mechanisms in case of an attack by North Korea. 1998年,北韩发射远程弹道导弹的行动震惊世界,这枚导弹在坠入海洋前飞越了日本上空。美国和日本从那时以来一直努力加强日本防务机制,以便对付北韩可能发动的袭击。A lack of progress on resolving the abduction dispute between North Korea and Japan is another reason why Tokyo is extending the sanctions. Machimura reiterated that Japan would not establish diplomatic relations until the issue is resolved.  北韩和日本之间旷日持久的绑架纠纷不得解决也是东京延长制裁的另一个原因。町村信孝重申,日本在绑架问题尚未解决前不会与北韩建立外交关系。North Korea admitted in 2002 that it kidnapped 13 Japanese nationals in the 1970's and 80's to train its spies. Five have returned to Japan, and Pyongyang says the other eight are dead. Japan says North Korea must provide more information about its citizens, and says others may have been kidnapped, but Pyongyang considers the case closed. 北韩2002年承认曾经为了训练本国间谍而在上世纪七十年代和八十年代绑架了十三名日本人。其中五人已返回日本,平壤说,另外八人已经死亡。日本表示,北韩必须提供有关这些日本公民的更多信息,并说可能还有其他人也曾被绑架,但是北韩却认为有关案件已经结案。 200804/34377内蒙古附属医院整形美容 Now, add more, let's, let's continue emotional cheating here for a second, (Yes. )alright? It, it hit a nerve with those people. What'd the women in the poll say? Which would bother them more, emotional or physical? Basically, seventy percent considered emotional cheating cheating. They basically said that they'd both bother them the same, but when said is the emotional cheating. If you guys are just talking to a woman, and thinking about a woman, and maybe having a lunch, is that cheating? Almost three quarters said yes. Alright. The majority of the women said they would not take their husbands back if they found out that he had cheated. What did . . . , the poll say about whether women would cheat? Well, this is where the polling statistics kinda fly at each other. ur. . Statistically, fifty percent of the women and men in this country supposedly cheat. Eighty percent of the women in the poll said they had not cheated. Now once again, So you can't believe them, right? Er, well, that flies in the face of (which means defy, oppose)statistics but it was interesting when I asked these women in a group and I started to pull it apart . Do a lot of women you know? Are they faithful? Would they cheat? Certainly, I was not getting an eighty percent no from that. And by the way, the question you asked them was "would you cheat on your husband if you were guaranteed that you wouldn't get caught" (yeah) which is a pretty wide open question. Yeah, and what's really, really interesting is when I asked them, are they married to their ideal men, two-thirds said yes. But at the same time, you know, do you fantasize about other men? A third said yes, they fantasize about other men. So, you know, this is a little. . . Now, what're you, what're you tackling tomorrow? Tackling tomorrow? Basically sex versus friendship, which is more important in a relationship? Cuddling or intercourse? Amazing when you ask a woman, would you rather cuddle? Would you rather have sex? We got a nation of cuddlers out there. And for us guys, we got some to learn there. It's hard to believe that we are talking about this. (Yes, it is. ) Actually. But anyway, Donny Deutsch thanks very much. And if you want more information about this, check out our website at today. msnbc. com and you can catch more of Donny's insights on this topic on the Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. That's tonight at 10/9 central time on CN. 200808/46991Bush Aims to Strengthen Relations on European Trip布什总统将出访欧洲  Less than one month after his return from the Middle East, U.S. President George Bush is heading abroad again, this time to Europe. He will hold talks with European Union leaders and visit the capitals of key allies: Germany, France, Italy, and Great Britain. 美国总统布什结束中东之行回到美国还不到一个月,即将再次出访,这次的目的地是欧洲。布什将跟欧盟领导人举行会谈,访问重要盟友德国、法国、意大利和英国的首都。You might call this George W. Bush's farewell tour. As his presidency draws to a close, he is making the rounds of European capitals - stressing the importance of trans-Atlantic relations. 可以把布什的这次出访称为告别访问。布什在总统任期即将结束之际访问上述欧洲国家首都,目的是强调大西洋两岸关系的重要性。Those ties have been strained throughout much of his presidency, in large part due to the war in Iraq. 在布什担任总统的大部分时间里,美国跟这些国家的关系紧张,主要原因是伊拉克战争。Tensions rose during the run up to the war, and have only begun to ease a bit in the last few years. The White House has made a concerted effort to reach out to Europeans. 伊拉克战争即将打响时,美国跟欧洲盟友的紧张关系升级,最近几年才稍微有所缓解。白宫全力以赴,争取与欧洲和解。The president's message: there is more that unites us than divides us. 布什想让欧洲知道:让我们团结的因素大于我们的分歧。"The alliance of Europe and North America is the main pillar of our security," he said. "Our robust trade is one of the engines of the world economy. Our example of economic and political freedom gives hope to millions, who are weary of poverty and oppression." 布什说:“欧洲和北美联盟是我们实现安全的主要柱。我们之间繁荣的贸易是推动世界经济增长的动力之一。我们的经济和政治自由榜样让厌倦贫穷和压制的成百上千万人有了希望。”Mr. Bush visited Europe three times in the 12 months following his second inauguration. And, in February 2005, he became the first U.S. president to set foot in the Brussels headquarters of the European Union. 布什在第二届总统任期的头一年曾经先后三次访问欧洲。2005年2月,布什成为第一位访问欧盟布鲁塞尔总部的美国总统。"Our strong friendship is essential to peace and prosperity across the globe, and no temporary debate, no passing disagreement of governments, no power on earth will ever divide us," the president said. 布什说:“我们的牢固友谊是世界和平与繁荣不可或缺的,任何一时的争论、任何政府之间过去的分歧、任何力量都不会将我们分开。”The goal was to change the tone, to ease the bitterness of the war, according to John K. Glenn, who heads the foreign policy program at the German Marshall Fund of the ed States. 美国德国马歇尔基金会对外政策项目负责人约翰.格伦认为,布什欧洲之行的目的是改变调子,缓和战争给美国和欧洲盟友之间造成的不愉快。"What we have seen over the past couple years is, you might think of it as a kind of a gentleman's agreement not to discuss Iraq," he said. "And, instead, trans-Atlantic relations have been fairly bolstered by a vision of a kind of global agenda - what are the challenges that face us all? And that list is fairly formidable." 格伦说:“过去两三年的情况看起来好像是一种君子协定,就是大家同意不讨论伊拉克问题。实际上,泛大西洋国家之间的关系出于对全球的看法而得到了加强。这种看法是,我们大家共同面临的挑战是哪些?这些挑战相当可怕。”The list includes Iran, the rise of China and Russia, and economics - especially trade. 这些挑战包括伊朗问题,中国和俄罗斯的崛起,以及经济,特别是贸易问题。On Iran in particular, President Bush embraced the European diplomatic initiative led by Germany, France and Britain. 尤其在伊朗问题上,布什接受了德国、法国和英国所倡导的欧洲外交动议。"The U.S. and Europe rarely have the kind of big, deep disagreements that they used to have over Iraq," said Glenn. "There certainly is [was] the complaint about a lack of consultation and coordination that we used to hear, in particular, over the issues of the Middle East. Instead, U.S.-European relations seem to be on a fairly functional, fairly working level and to be reasonably successful." 他说:“美国和欧洲很少存在像伊拉克问题上那么巨大而深刻的分歧。我们听到过双方抱怨彼此缺乏磋商和协调,特别是在中东问题上。不过,美国和欧洲的关系似乎处于比较顺畅、比较好的水平,也相当成功。”In the final years of his term, President Bush has seen a new group of European leaders come to the fore who have signaled more of a willingness to work with the ed States. Angela Merkel of Germany and Nicholas Sarkozy of France have brought about great change according to veteran journalist Reginald Dale, who is now an analyst with the Center for Strategic and International Studies. 在布什总统任期的最后时间里,一批新的欧洲国家领导人崭露头角,他们表示更倾向于同美国合作。美国智库战略与国际问题研究中心的分析员雷金纳德.戴尔曾是一位资深记者。他认为,德国总理默克尔和法国总统萨尔科奇给欧洲带来了很大的改变。"Sarkozy even ran for office with the nickname of 'the American,' and made no secret of the fact that he wanted to patch up relations - not only patch up relations with the ed States, but that he admired the ed States," he said.  他说:“萨尔科奇甚至以‘美国人’为昵称来参加竞选,并且公开表示他不仅想修补和美国的关系,而且很欣赏美国。”Dale says that fondness for the U.S. may be bearing fruit. 戴尔说,对美国的喜爱也许正在产生良好的效果。"The whole climate in Europe has actually moved more favorably from President Bush's point of view," he said. "And even - we are beginning to see slightly less anti-Americanism in Europe at the popular level." 他说:“实际上,从布什总统的角度看,欧洲整体上变得更加友善了。我们甚至开始看到欧洲普通老百姓的反美情绪已经略微减弱。”The improvement in the image of the ed States, according to European public opinion surveys, is slight but real. In part, experts say, it may be because of the prospect of change in the White House as Americans prepare to elect a new president. 欧洲的民意调查结果显示,美国形像的改善虽然有限,但却是实实在在的。有关专家说,这种变化的部分原因可能是美国人准备选举新总统,白宫内将出现变化。But Dale says it may also be a function of a growing realization that the two sides need each other. 但是,戴尔说,还有一个原因可能是,双方越来越认识到彼此需要对方。"The relationship between Europe and the ed States will be absolutely key to solving the problems of the 21st century," he said. "Where else can the ed States ultimately look for allies but Europe? It has to be Europe." 他说:“美欧关系绝对是解决21世纪各种问题的关键。除了欧洲,美国最终还能去哪里寻找盟友呢?只能是欧洲。”Dale says, despite their fundamental problems, the Americans and the Europeans share basic values of the rule of law, democracy and freedom. He says their bond is unique, and unlike any other in the world.  戴尔说,虽然美欧关系存在一些根本性问题,但是双方都信奉法治、民主和自由的基本价值观。他说,双方的凝聚力是独特的,和其它任何国家都不同。200806/41479呼和浩特抽脂

武川县激光治疗痤疮价格Oh! Thank you very much! Earth Wind amp; Fire in the Black Eyed Peas, everybody. As I'd like to call them "Earth Wind in Fiber". It's a nice breaker/an ice-breaker, don't judge me yet. Welcome to the 57th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. That's right, 57, which means 50 years ago today, people who worked in television could only suspect that they were inadequate. You've noticed some of us are wearing a magnolia is for support of the victims of Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans is my hometown, and I have family in Mississippi. Our thoughts and our prayers go out to everyone affected. I guess I don't have to point out that this is the second time I've hosted the Emmy's after a national tragedy, and I just want to say that I'm honored, because it's times like this, we really, really need laughter.But today, we're here to celebrate television. Personally, I love TV. Some people call it "the idiot box". Really, well, if we didn't have television then how could we be watching a show honoring the people who make television on television if there was no television? Idiots! I think the reason that we love award shows so much is because they're exciting. We don't who is gonna win or lose, well we know that HBO is gonna get a butt load of awards, but, you know, people say that HBO wins because they can show cursing and naked people. Let's be honest, we like to watch naked people cursing in real life, not not in real life. It's actually not that pleasant. It's Grandma, put your clothes on, it's Thanksgiving. We're trying to watch the parade. Ah? Where did you learn that word? Which reminds me if Ian McShane from that Deadwood wins tonight, uh, get the children out of the room, and the pets. They don't need that.You know what, I keep hearing myself saying words like wining and losing and awards as if that's what tonight is about. Like somehow, wining an award will validate you. Come on, if you don't win tonight, it doesn't mean you're not a good person, it just means you are not a good actor. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. It just means that you're not as good as the other people in that category. Kidding again. Winning is not important, what is important is how you feel about yourself, and of course you're gonna feel a lot better about yourself if you win. But let's be realistic. Most of you tonight will not win, so, let's look at the bright side of not winning. Give me a minute, there's gonna be something.Well, you don't have to get up, you can stay comfortably seated, and you don't have to make an acceptance speech, which is, that's not easy, that's a lot of pressure, because no matter how hard you try to thank everybody, somebody is gonna feel left out, somebody is gonna have their feelings hurt. You know, well, I guess those eyebrows've just waxed themselves. She'd look like a monkey if it weren't for me. Here is a tip the best acceptance speech you can give is, I'd like to thank everyone who helped me get this, and you know who you are. followed by a …… It's the best thing. But please don't say you didn't expect it. You're nominated, you had a one-in-five chance. Except for Blythe Danner. Blythe Danner is nominated for 3 categories this year. Blythe, your speech? Yours should be the shortest. Just walk up and say, "I knew it." Let's face it. Everybody wants to win, this is show business. But tonight, let's try something; let's just try to put aside our ego, our envy, our jealousy, our judgment. What am I saying? That's what we've got this year.But seriously, I think overall in the scheme of things, winning an Emmy is not important. Let's get our priority straight, I think we all know what's really important in life, winning an Oscar. They're for movies. Man, I'd love to host that show. All right, everybody have fun, relax. Everybody win a drunk tonight. I'll see you in a minute.200807/44411呼和浩特光子脱毛的副作用 国家地理:Alligator Bites Scientist 惊悸一刻Our next amazing rescue proves that working in an isolated and wild environment can be a risky endeavor. The llanos or wetlands of Venezuela, National Geographic's Brady Bar, a wildlife biologist is working with Venezuelan scientist and conservationist Maria Muyos. They're studying anacondas living in the wetlands at the river's edge, where they come across a caiman. This South American crocodilian is rarely a threat to humans. I've got the head, I've got its head. Right here. But get too close. It's unleashed...Wow, wow, wow, you alright? You alright? Does it get your finger? No, my, my, my hand. Shh. I'm pulling it out. Pull it out, pull it out, pull it out. You Ok? The caiman struck without warning, going from dead still to jaws' clamp shot in precisely one tenth of a second. They do not prey upon humans, but the caiman clearly saw these scientists as threatening. And when a caiman does attack, its jaws close with incredible force, 350 pounds of force. I did everything I could to pry those jaws apart and I just could not do it. Finally the caiman decided to release her hand. Without Brady's help, the outcome could have been worse, a lot worse. It was fortunate that I was on top of the animal. If it had rolled, she could have lost her hand. A caiman, like all crocodilians, attacks by grabbing its victim with sharp teeth and then it rolls to rip off a mouthful of flesh. Had this carnivorous reptile been able to roll over, Maria's hand could have been severed. This attack leaves no doubt that an animal as powerful as the caiman must be treated with the utmost respect and caution.New Words:llano: (n.) A large, grassy, almost treeless plain, especially one in Latin America. 大平原caiman: (n.) Any of various tropical American crocodilians of the genus Caiman and related genera, resembling and closely related to the alligators. 凯门鳄pry: (n.) To raise, move, or force open with a lever. 撬动200708/16994呼和浩特永泰医院去痣多少钱

呼和浩特市第一医院激光去痣多少钱Okay, so, some of the gripes are major and some of the gripes are minor, but Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster have written a book called "Working With You Is Killing Me: Freeing Yourself from Emotional Traps at Work", and the management consultants say:"looking at this book would teach you how to deal with the aggravating people who make you d going into the office." They join us now. Good to have you with us.Good morning.I say "Good morning" with some trepidation. Don't (inaudible) But, it, it's always er.. risky to try to summarize a book to the authors of that book. But, as, as I what you say, you say "Quit complaining",(Right),"Do something". But, and this is the part that surprised me, the best thing to do is to change yourself because you are not gonna change the other person.That's right, Charlie. What we found in working with many, (a) thousands of people over the last 20 years is that we all know it's futile to try and change another person. So, the best thing you can do is begin by changing your internal reaction and then we give you very concrete tools for how to change your experience.What, what's this business about unhooking yourself?Right, well, we give you this process. It's actually four steps and the first two steps are to cool down your system. Because as we all know when we get upset, when someone, those co-workers really annoy you, you immediately get upset. So the first two steps are to deep breathing or doing some sort of physical exercise if you can run out of the building and walk around the block.Yeah you say you spend a lot time talking people off the ledge(exactly),which is essentially calming them down .It's cooling their system down.Okay, but once you've done that and that seems very intuitive, then what do we do?Well, the next two steps would be taking action.Yes, to unhook verbally as what we say, so you find something to move the situation forward and you take the high road not accusatory but a win-win kind of communication, and then you look for a business tool whether it's documentation of some kind or sending out an e-mail or referring to a job description.Okay, but it seems, isn't it a little defeatist to say you have to change yourself? Er, the, the... really it's 'me' that has to change as supposed to the other person?Well, have you ever changed anybody?I've tried many times; it's not really possible. So if you...No, you can't, you can't affect a personality transplant in other people, I agree with that. You can't change somebody. But if you can change your reaction to them you'll have a much better love-work life.Yeah but they are still gonna be annoying, aren't they?That's right. That they are not gonna change and part of the book we explain to you how to depersonalize and detach and stop taking it personally.Alright, you spend a lot of time telling me about types of workers, co-workers and types of bosses.(Right)So,give me the, the most common annoying type of co-worker.The most common annoying type of co-workers, actually what the viewers were talking about, er, they are called "boundary-busters". So, whether it's someone who invades your space, makes too much noise, eats up your time, chews your ear off. Those are boundary-busters.And how do I deal with them?Most of the time you do have to confront the boundary-buster. But what we suggest is again cool your system down(Correct! ) ,make sure, you know, make sure you take the high road and when you do confront and communicate with them, you say in a way that they actually say:Oh,okay, I hear you, rather than yelling at him. What we tend to do is" You are so loud" instead of saying:" you know what, it really bothers me, I can't concentrate when your, when your voice goes up, so can you please calm it down? " So it's a way, it's a communication style and we give many examples in "Working With You Is Killing Me".Okay, and, and what's the worst kind of co-worker? May not be the most common but the worst.Well, what we call the worst kind, what we've decided among ourselves is the "saboteur" and this is because this person will speak very sweetly to you. And in the meantime, stab your back, one way or another, behind, behind you.Right, and what I do about that?Well, you have to be your own, wage your own PR campaign. As soon as you detect that somebody is talking negatively about you. And usually somebody will warn you or you can sense that your relationships with other people are deteriorating. You, you need to just make sure that you're at every meeting and you know when this person is speaking to someone else that you can get in and find out what they are saying. And wage your own PR campaign get people to speak better of you, at ultimately they get caught.Right. The key with the saboteur is you have to detect it. So if someone says to you something like watch out for Susie Q, She's known for doing that kind of thing, you really wanna listen.If they tell you she is a snake, she is probably a snake.(She perhaps...Exactly)And most common problem with the boss?Er, you know, personally I think it's the exploder, although a second too, would be the avoider. You know, the boss that...Exploders are the one who yell(s) at you, the avoiders are the one who doesn't address the problem.Exactly. They are afraid of confrontation and they are both equally awful. Nobody wants to get yelled at, and no one wants a boss that doesn't have your back. If you go to them for a raise but that would be a confrontation for them to get you a raise, they're just not gonna do it.So...When does it get to the point that either you have to quit or the annoying person has to quit?That's a really good question. And what we say in "Working With You Is Killing Me" is that, you actually have to figure out your tolerance level and you also need to determine what are your fatal attractions. For some people an exploder as Cathy mentioned is tolerable, they can...if they use our technique and learn to manage up, they can deal with it; for others that is just not acceptable and the toxins from working with someone like that literally wear away at their health.You know, when you really ask people in "Working With You Is Killing Me" is to, to learn to assess yourself and what your tolerable level is ,what you can really tolerate.All right , all right , thanks to both of you, appreciate it. 200809/48375 内蒙古呼和浩特市opt嫩肤多少钱土默特左旗妇幼保健人民中医院点痣多少钱



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