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2018年06月21日 04:31:01 | 作者:飞度【健康管家】 | 来源:新华社
"Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe led groups of excited kids dressed in Hogwarts uniforms as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park officially opened on Friday to long lines and snarled traffic.Radcliffe, Rupert Grint who plays the boy wizard's best friend Ron Weasley, and other actors from the blockbuster movie and book series, were on hand at Universal Orlando as fans lined up more than eight hours to be among the first visitors.Before dawn, the backup of Potter fans began to block the main highway through Orlando near the entrances to Universal, prompting the theme park to open its parking garage at 5 am -- 30 minutes earlier than planned, according to local media.Visitors said that by 8:30 am the line to get inside wrapped around the exterior of Universal's Islands of Adventure park, of which the Wizarding World is one of six unique sections. And the wait for the signature ride, the Forbidden Journey, reached at least 90 minutes, at one point."It was worth it, just because I'm a Harry Potter fanatic," said Kelsey Rigg, 18, a British transplant to Florida who at 3 am joined a crowd of several hundred people.Universal executives did not immediately have information about crowd size.The 20-acre Harry Potter park reportedly cost 0 million to build and recreates the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and other places dreamed up by author J.K. Rowling in her fantasy novels about the boy wizard and his friends.Attractions include the Dragon Challenge, a high-speed ride based on the Triwizard Tournament, a fictional 13th century contest between students of the three most prestigious magical schools of Europe.Vocabulary:on hand: available 现有,在场backup: an accumulation caused by clogging or a stoppage 拥堵wizardry: 巫术背单词 — 装英语词汇201006/106768Israel Says No to Cease-Fire, Vows to Press Offensive以色列拒停火 要求对方先停袭击 Israel has rejected international pressure for an immediate, even if temporary, cease-fire five days into its offensive against Hamas militants and infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. Despite massive damage and a toll of nearly 400 Palestinians killed, Hamas also remains defiant, continuing to fire rockets ever deeper into Israel. 以色列拒绝国际社会立即停火的要求,甚至也拒不接受临时停火的要求。与此同时,以色列对加沙地带哈马斯激进分子及其基础设施的打击进入第五天。尽管空袭造成大范围的破坏,巴勒斯坦人死亡总数接近400人,但是哈马斯还在坚持抵抗,继续向以色列更为纵深的地带发射火箭弹。After meeting Wednesday afternoon, Israeli cabinet ministers decided against a French proposal for a 48-hour cease-fire to allow humanitarian aid to reach Gaza.  以色列内阁部长星期三下午开会之后决定,不接受法国提出的停火48小时、以便人道援助物资进入加沙的建议。Deputy Foreign Ministry spokesman Yariv Ovadia tells VOA, the ministers studied several informal proposals and decided there was no one to talk to on the other side.  以色列外交部副发言人亚里夫·奥瓦迪亚对美国之音记者说,内阁部长们研究了几项非正式提议后,决定以色列不可能跟对方的任何人进行会谈。"We haven't heard anything from Hamas," Ovadia said. "On the contrary, what we've heard from Hamas was that they're going to keep firing missiles on Israeli cities and trying to kill Israeli civilians. Hamas started this atrocity and doesn't want to end it."  奥瓦迪亚说:“我们还没有听到来自哈马斯的任何停火的表态。相反,我们从哈马斯得到的信息是他们将继续向以色列城市发射火箭弹,设法杀害以色列平民。哈马斯挑起了这场暴行,而且不想罢手。”Israel has said it would allow a further 2,000 tons of food and medical supplies into Gaza. It has also given authorization for several dozen ill and wounded Gazans to seek medical treatment in Israel. 以色列曾经表示,会允许再向加沙运送2千吨食品和医疗物资。以色列还批准几十名加沙的伤病人员到以色列寻求救治。But for now, despite growing international pressure for a cease-fire, Israeli officials say they will press their offensive and they insist any cease-fire must ensure that militant rocket attacks against Israel stop. 但是在目前,尽管国际社会不断要求以色列停火,而以色列官员却表示,他们会加强打击行动,并坚持认为任何停火都必须以激进分子停止火箭弹袭击为担保。Israeli war planes carried out further bombing runs in Gaza Wednesday, hitting Hamas government offices and underground tunnels on the Gaza-Egypt border. And, Israel continues to amass ground troops around Gaza in preparation for a possible ground offensive. 以色列战机星期三继续轰炸加沙,击中哈马斯几处办公大楼和加沙与埃及边界的地下通道。另外,以色列继续在加沙周边地区集结地面部队,为可能发动地面进攻做准备。But, despite massive damages and rising casualties, Hamas too is maintaining a tough line.  不过,尽管以色列空袭造成了重大破坏、伤亡人数不断上升,哈马斯继续坚持强硬立场。In parts of Israel the sound of sirens has become a daily occurrence - the warning sounds of incoming Hamas rockets, striking ever deeper into Israel, including Beersheba in the Negev, over 40 kilometers southeast of Gaza. 在以色列部分地区,警报声几乎成为家常便饭,听到警报声响,人们就知道哈马斯的火箭弹打过来了。火箭弹的射程越来越深入以色列境内,火箭一直可以打到加沙东南方向40多公里开外的地方,包括内盖夫的贝尔谢巴。And, Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum makes it clear the group is not begging for a truce.  哈马斯发言人巴荷姆也明确表示,哈马斯不会祈求停火。Barhoum said what's needed immediately is for the Arab and Islamic countries to unite and stop this aggression, lift the siege, open the crossings and rebuild Gaza. 巴荷姆说,眼下需要的是阿拉伯和伊斯兰世界团结起来,制止这场侵略,解除围困,开放过境点,重建加沙。The militants have kept up their rocket attacks, hitting ever deeper into Israel. Rockets have hit not only town near Gaza, such as Sderot and Ashkelon, but also Ashdod to the north of Gaza and Beersheba to the southeast.  激进分子一直没有间断向以色列发射火箭弹,其火箭弹越来越向纵深地带发射,不仅击中斯德洛特、阿希科伦等加沙附近的城镇,而且加沙以北的阿什杜德和东南方的贝尔谢巴也成为哈马斯火箭弹光顾的地方。As the violence continues, so do diplomatic efforts to stop it. Arab League foreign ministers met in Cairo to discuss the crisis. Turkey's Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan was on a foray to Syria and Jordan Wednesday and is also due to visit Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Israel's Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni is expected to hold talks in Paris Thursday and French President Nicolas Sarkozy may visit Israel early next week. 在暴力继续的同时,外交人士也在加紧努力制止目前的暴力局面。阿拉伯联盟成员国外长在开罗开会讨论目前的危机。土耳其总理埃尔多安星期三短暂访问叙利亚和约旦,他还计划访问埃及和沙特阿拉伯。以色列外长利夫尼预计星期四在巴黎举行会谈,而法国总统萨科齐可能于下星期初访问以色列。01/60158Background: 一家用来只供宠物飞行使用的航空公司听起来很奇怪,不过美国最新的 Pet Airways 宠物航空改装了几架货运飞机就准备来运送宠物们。宠物的主人们只要付250美元 (大约合人民币1,700元)就可以把他们亲爱的宠物伙伴送上这次宠物之旅,此次旅程出发日期是年7月14日。An estimated one million animals fly each year in America, usually in a plane's cargo hold. One such trip for Jack Russell Terrier Zoe was enough to convince her owners Alysa Binder and Dan Wiesel that pets needed to travel in style. The husband and wife team came up with the idea of Pet Airways. Some of the 50 'pawssengers', as they're called on America's newest airline, probably couldn't help but wag their tails when the maiden flight was y for take off on Tuesday. One of the first to board was Vito, a Border Collie and Australian Shepherd mix. Her owner, Heather Donahue, saw her off: Heather Donahue:"Well it was important for me that my dog Vito had a comfortable flight. And he's not a suitcase, you know, he's a family friend and a part of the family, so it was really important for us that he be safe and comfortable and be able to have a vacation with us."Cats and dogs are able to enjoy pre-boarding walks and at each of the five airports Pet Airways serves, there is even a pet lounge providing pre-flight entertainment. Upon boarding, the jet-setters are escorted by pet attendants who see to their every need during the flight. The first flight, from New York to Los Angeles, was a success says Pet Airways. Flights are booked solid for the next two months and the airline is aly considering expanding. Within the next three years it hopes to serve the pet jet-set in 25 North American cities.词汇cargo hold货舱 Jack Russell Terrier杰克罗素梗 (一种白色梗类犬) pawssengers指乘客 'passenger',这里用了爪子'paw' ,蹄,意思就是这些乘客都是动物 wag their tails摇尾巴 maiden flight首航 Border Collie and Australian Shepherd mix边境柯利犬和澳洲牧羊犬混血 saw her off送行,告别 pre-boarding登机前 jet-setters乘飞机到处旅行的人(这里指乘坐此次航班的宠物) escorted护送 see to their every need照看及满足它们一切需求 booked solid(航班)完全预订满了 expanding扩大注:听力内容来自于B UKChina,转载请注明出处.08/81979On a previous show we discussed how, every 200,000 years or so, the north and south poles switch places. Not that the places themselves move—rather, the entire magnetic field of the earth flips around, resulting in the pole we now call “north” being on the southern tip of the planet, and vice versa. Why does this happen? Although it seems pretty solid, the outer core of our planet is in a molten state. That means it’s partway between what most folks would call liquid and solid. Much of this molten interior is iron and nickel. These are elements that conduct electricity very well. It’s the fluid metals that move about inside earth that generate a magnetic field around our entire planet. Although from close up these metals are bubbling like hot soup, you could also say that in general their motions follow a pretty steady pattern. That’s why the magnetic field on earth is pretty stable.【生词注释】switch v.转换magnetic field 磁场flip vt.快速翻动tip n. 顶端solid adj. 固体的, 坚固的molten adj. 熔化的partway adv. 到某种程度interior n. 内部close up n. 靠近bubble v. 冒泡, 沸腾在先前的节目中我们讨论了每隔20万年,地球的南北极都要互换位置,不仅是地点的移动,而是整个地球的磁场快速翻转,导致我们现在称作“北极”的地方原来在地球的南端,正好与原来磁场相反。这种现象为什么会发生呢?尽管地球的外壳看起来很牢固,实际上它处于融化的状态中,那意味着地壳处于液体和固体间的中间形态。这种溶化物质的大部分组成部分是铁和镍。这些都是极易导电的物质。它们也是在地球内部流动的液体金属,从而形成了整个地球的磁场。尽管从近处看,这些金属就像热汤那样冒泡,你也可以说从整体上来看,他们的运动遵循着一种十分稳定的模式。那也是地球磁场十分稳定的原因。 201111/160149

US House Adjourns as Democrats, Republicans Feud Over Health Care, Other Measures 众院休会 两党就医保等分歧严重 Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Congress engaged in procedural battles and traded allegations on Wednesday as lawmakers attempted to conclude work on legislative priorities near the end of the congressional session. Senate Republicans used procedural tactics to delay Democrat's efforts to move toward a vote on health care reform, while House lawmakers approved a defense bill and a job creation measure amid partisan bickering over responsibility for the U.S. economic situation.星期三,美国国会议员试图在议会会期结束之前完成对一些当务之急法案的审议工作,民主共和两党议员打程序战,并且互相指控。参议院共和党人试图利用程序手段来拖延民主党试图尽快对医保法案投票的努力。在就谁该对美国经济现状负责的争论中,众议院通过了一项国防出法案以及一项增加就业机会的法案。In a day of frenetic activity before it formally adjourned for the year, the House approved the last of 12 government spending bills for the 2010 fiscal year that began last October.众议院在今年正式休会之前,度过了紧张的一天,通过了2010财政年度12项政府出议案的最后部分。2010财政年度由今年10月份开始。The 6-billion defense appropriations measure includes 8 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Senate began considering the bill late on Wednesday before adjourning.这个高达6360亿美元的国防拨款中,有1280亿用于伊拉克战争和阿富汗战争。参议院星期三晚些时候在休会之前就此议案开始审议。Congress will have to approve more money for Afghanistan in the new year, estimated at between billion and billion, to support President Obama's 30,000 U.S. troop surge. As part of a package of bills, the House also approved a 4 billion measure aimed at easing the difficult U.S employment picture by creating new transportation and other infrastructure jobs, providing more financial aid to U.S. states and local governments and expanding unemployment benefits.作为成套议案的一部分,众议院也通过了一项总值1540亿美元用于缓解美国就业困难的议案。其中包括创造新的交通和其他基础设施建设工作,为州政府和地方政府提供更多的财政援助,以及扩大失业救济。Debate on this and other matters was marked by complaints from the Republican opposition about what they call out-of-control spending by Democrats and President Obama. Republican Jeb Hensarling of Texas:关于这个议案及其他问题的争论,一个特点是,共和党抱怨民主党和奥巴马总统的出失控了。来自德克萨斯州的共和党议员贺萨林说:"You cannot spend your way into more jobs, you cannot borrow your way into more jobs, you cannot bailout your way into more jobs," said Jeb Hensarling. "That is not the recipe."“你不能花钱来买工作,你不能借钱来买工作,你也不能靠救济来创造工作。这根本就不是解决办法。”12/92582

New theatre 新剧Dreams within dreams 梦中梦A haunting vision of Haruki Murakami’s “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle”村上春树《奇鸟行状录》萦绕于人心的影像Aug 27th 2011 | EDINBURGH | from the print edition ADAPTING a novel for the stage requires courage, vision and a spirit that refuses to kowtow to the original author. But few novels can have been as hard to rework as “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle”, Haruki Murakami’s surreal and unwieldy 600-page exploration of fear. Stephen Earnhart’s adaptation (written with Greg Pierce), seven years in the making, had its world premiere at the Edinburgh festival on August 21st. Like a dream, it is wondrous, incomprehensible and poignantly memorable in all sorts of unexpected ways.将一本小说搬上舞台需要勇气、见识以及拒绝向原作者卑躬屈膝的精神。没有几本小说能像村上春树的《奇鸟行状录》——洋洋洒洒六百多页对恐惧的超现实主义且难以处理的探索——一样难以被改编。斯蒂芬#8226;爱恩哈特的改编(与格雷戈#8226;皮尔斯合写)在经历了七年之久的制作后,终于在八月二十一日的爱丁堡艺术节上与世人首次见面。它就像一个梦,极尽意想不到之能事,令人惊奇、困惑并过目难忘。First published in English in 1997, this Japanese novel was immediately hailed as a masterpiece, despite its fierce resistance to explanation. Mr Earnhart, a former producer for Miramax Films, has applied some cinematic flourishes to this production, which often recalls the bizarre cinema of David Lynch. The novel’s hallucinatory world is evoked through film projections, puppets and music. The mood is haunting and confusing, and peppered with bewitching details, like a white bird that suddenly flutters from bedsheets and flies away. 尽管这部日本小说晦涩难懂,它于1997年首度发行了英译本后便立刻被称为一部杰作。米拉麦克斯电影公司的前任制作人爱恩哈特先生将一些电影化的综合修饰应用于这部作品,这常常让人联想到大卫#8226;林奇离奇的电影。这本小说中的异幻世界通过影片投射、木偶与音乐而建构得来。它的气氛震撼人心、使人困惑,穿插着类似一只白色小鸟突然从床单上展开羽翼并飞向远方这样令人迷醉的细节。201109/152197

FBI investigates IndyMac failure Federal authorities are looking into whether the mortgage lender committed crimes in making home loans to risky borrowersThis is the second biggest bank failure in US history, so it seems only obvious that the Feds will be involved and try to find out if the mistakes made were honest ones or something more sinister.Indymac was taken over by regulators last week, and now we learn it's been investigated for possible fraud. Sources with knowledge of the investigation tell/s/ CNN the FBI is looking into weather any crimes were committed when Indymac made home loans to risky borrowers. The FBI would not comment, but one source says the investigation is focused on the company and not individuals of this time. "I would suspect that looking at data appraisals, data underwriting/s/ which would mean false statements on low applications." And now if the bank is being taken over by regulators, experts say it will be easier for the Feds to get their hands on what they need to conduct their probe. "There's been so many issues associated with the mortgage failures and the subsequent losses. The question is weather the FBI has enough resources work in this cases."The Bureau says it's made investigating mortgage fraud a priority and signed nearly 200 agents. In all, it's investigating 21 companies, officials won't offer any details, but CNN has previously confirmed that the nation's largest mortgage lender - Countrywide financial is part of that probe. "Our mortgage fraud case load has doubled in the past 3 years to more than 1400 pending investigations. We've engaged each of our 56 field offices to focus on this criminal priority. "And these investigations are very complicated, they'll take a lot of time, so don't expect any announcements anytime soon. For CNNmoney.com, I’m Kelli Arena.参考中文翻译:联邦调查局正在调查该抵押贷款巨头涉嫌将家庭贷款借给高风险借贷者。这是美国历史上倒闭的第二大。非常明显,联邦调查局将会介入,调查其真实性,是否存在欺诈行为。IndyMac上周由监管机构接管,现在由于涉嫌欺诈正在接受调查。该调查的相关知情者告知CNN,FBI正在调查在IndyMac有无将家庭贷款贷给高风险者而犯罪。FBI没有发表任何,但是有消息说,此次调查集中于该公司,而没有针对某一个个体。“我怀疑那些数据评估,可能在申请程序的表述方面存在一些错误。”现在,如果被监管机构接管,专家说,联邦调查局在调查方面更容易着手。“跟抵押贷款失败和随后的破产相关的问题非常多,问题是FBI有没有足够的资源来调查这个案件。”联邦调查局说,他们目前把调查贷款欺诈案放在首位,已经签署了接近20个文件。他们总共调查21个公司,相关官员不会透漏细节,但是CNN之前以前得到实,国家最大的贷款巨头——Countrywide金融公司是调查对象之一。“在过去的三年里,贷款欺诈案的压力增加了一倍,共产开了1400多次调查。我们所有的56个下属办公室都把贷款欺诈案放在首位。”这些调查非常复杂,而且非常耗时,所以不要期待很快宣布调查结果。200812/57699

Indonesian airlines were banned from entering European air space in June 2007 after several fatal accidents.在发生了数起造成人员伤亡的事故之后,印度尼西亚各航空公司于2007年6月被禁止进入欧洲领空。In March of that year a flight operated by the national carrier, Garuda, crash-landed in central Java killing 21 people. In early 2006, an Adam Air flight disappeared on a flight from the Javanese city of Surabaya to the island province of Sulawesi with 102 people on board. 当年三月,国营的嘉鲁达航空公司(Garuda)一架飞机在印尼爪哇岛中部紧急着陆,造成21人丧生。2006年初,亚当航空公司(Adam Air)一架航班在飞行途中失踪,当时那架飞机从爪哇的苏腊巴亚市飞往苏拉威西岛,机上有102人。The Indonesian government lobbied strongly for the ban to be lifted. The decision incensed Indonesian airline operators and government leaders. Some public officials declared they would not travel to Europe until Garuda was allowed to land there. 印尼政府极力进行游说,要求取消这项禁令。这项决定激怒了印度尼西亚航空公司经营者和政府领导人。一些政府部门官员宣称,在印度尼西亚航空公司获准在欧洲降落之前,他们不会去欧洲旅行。Domestic operators also complained, saying they lost business after travel agents advised visitors not to fly with local airlines. 本地航空公司运营者也抱怨说,旅行社经纪人建议游客不要乘坐国内航空公司旅行,让它们丢了生意。The president of the Garuda Pilots Association, Stephanus Geraldus, welcomes the European Union's decision to end the band. He says it will improve Indonesia's tourism industry. 嘉鲁达飞行员联合会主席斯特凡努斯·热拉尔多斯(Stephanus Geraldus)欢迎欧盟结束禁令的决定。他说,这将改善印尼的旅游业。"As long as I know the passengers from Europe are not able to continue direct from Europe to Indonesia because of the ban, because there is no insurance for that," he said. "So we are happy that the EU is open aly and removed the ban, it means then that passengers are able to fly direct from Europe." 热拉尔多斯说:“据我所知,因为没有安全保障,欧盟实行了这项禁令,从欧洲过来的乘客因此无法直接从欧洲进入印尼。现在欧盟向我们开放了领空,取消了禁令,这就是说乘客可以直接从欧洲过来,这让我们感到满意。”The EU's air safety arm approved flights by Garuda Airlines, Mandala Airlines and two charter operators, Airfast Indonesia and Prime Air. 欧盟负责飞行安全的部门批准嘉鲁达航空、曼达拉(Mandala Airlines)航空公司以及两家包机航空公司-印尼快捷航空(Airfast Indoniesia)和Prime Air的飞机可以进入欧盟国家领空。The EU says it recognized the "significant improvements" and accomplishments made by the Indonesian civil aviation authority in the area of safety. 欧盟说,欧盟认识到印尼民航机构在飞行安全方面取得的“显著改善”和成就。Work with European aviation safety experts, the Indonesian Directorate General for Civil Aviation has improved technical oversight of airlines, created clearer safety codes and granted its aviation regulator stronger powers. 在欧盟航空安全专家的参与下,印尼民航总署改善了对航空公司的技术监督、制定了更加明晰的安全规则,还给了印尼航空管理人员更大的权力。Garuda was the only Indonesian airline to fly to Europe but it ceased in 2004 because of a downturn in tourist numbers. The national carrier says it plans to reestablish routes to Europe next year. 此前,嘉鲁达航空是飞欧洲的唯一一家印尼航空公司,不过由于游客人数下降,该公司于2004年停飞欧洲。这家国营航空公司说,计划明年恢复飞欧洲的航线。All other Indonesian airlines remained banned from entering European airspace. An EU official says their status is under review.所有其它印尼航空公司仍然被禁飞欧洲。欧盟一位官员表示,正在对其它航空公司的情况进行审查。07/78318

On the eve of high-level economic and political talks between the ed States and China, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton highlighted the importance of strong economic and trade ties to both countries during a visit to China's commercial capital, Shanghai. During a visit to a Boeing aircraft maintenance facility in Shanghai, Secretary Clinton focused on issues important to the U.S. side in this week's economic talks. She said for trade to work in any economy, there must be a level playing field where domestic and international companies can compete freely. The top U.S. diplomat said, "For example, transparency in rule making and standard setting, non-discrimination, fair access to sales to private sector and government purchasers alike - and the strong enforcement of intellectual property rights - are all vitally important. That's what drives innovation, benefits consumers, and ultimately stimulates broad-based and sustainable growth." Saying it is a "win-win" situation for both countries, Clinton said American companies want to compete in China, selling goods made by American workers to Chinese consumers. "Greater economic engagement here and across Asia by U.S. companies - and especially rising exports - help create jobs for American workers, higher standards of living for Asian consumers, and a more balanced global economy, which is good for everyone," said Clinton. On Monday and Tuesday, nearly 200 U.S. officials from nearly every corner of American government will be in Beijing for high-level talks known as the Strategic and Economic Dialogue.  They will discuss pressing political issues, such as North Korea's attack on a South Korean naval ship, Iran's controversial nuclear program and China's spotty human rights record. They will also discuss issues of economic balance and competition.Secretary Clinton said there is aly progress on the Chinese-U.S. economic front. The U.S. remains the largest single country market for China's exports, while U.S. merchandise exports to China have more than tripled since 2001, and trends suggest that growth will continue. Standing in front of a Boeing 737 jetliner, colorfully painted with the logo of the World Expo now going on in Shanghai, Secretary Clinton said the aerospace industry is the ed States' leading export sector, with every billion in aviation sales translating into 11,000 jobs for American workers.Currently, more than half the commercial jetliners operating in China are made by Boeing, and some 450 more are on order. Secretary Clinton said they only represent a fraction of the 0 billion China is likely to spend on commercial jetliners if it triples its commercial aviation fleet by 2028 as projected.Secretary Clinton said, "If Boeing captures a significant portion of those sales, it will translate into tens of thousands of additional good jobs for American workers. And the growth of air travel in China and the region will create new jobs here and abroad. President Hu has rightly called Boeing's role in China a 'win-win' for both countries."During the coming days, that sort of economic cooperation will be taking center stage in Beijing.201005/104613

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