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新疆空军乌鲁木齐医院做红色胎记手术多少钱新疆医科大学附属肿瘤医院脱毛多少钱Sonny:Hi,Gramps.桑尼:爷爷您好。Gramps: Hi Sonny…What did you learn in school today?爷爷:嗨今天在学校学了什么?Sonny: That laughter can add many years to your life!桑尼:笑声可以给你更长寿!Sonny: Where’re you goin’ Gramps?桑尼:你到哪里去你呢,爷爷?Gramps: To burn all my joke books爷爷:烧了我所有的笑话书 /201507/383895乌鲁木齐隆鼻哪个医院比较好 Every luxury company fears the “Danniella Westbrook effect”. The phenomenon named after the former EastEnders actress recalls the deleterious impact she had on the Burberry clothes brand after she and her toddler daughter were photographed clad head-to-toe in beige check. The snobbish world of fashion judged the photo a travesty and Burberry’s sales in the UK were hit.所有奢侈品公司都惧怕“丹妮拉#8226;韦斯特布鲁克(Danniella Westbrook)效应”。这个根据前伦敦东区女演员命名的现象让人们想起她对柏利(Burberry)饰品牌造成的伤害,此前,她和自己蹒跚学步的女儿被拍到从头到脚一身都是柏利经典的米色格纹。势利的时尚界把这看做是一场拙劣的模仿,柏利在英国的销量因而受到了冲击。Louis Vuitton is facing a similar issue in China. While the brand’s owner, the French luxury retailer LVMH, has not fallen foul of any Burberry-style moment, it is nevertheless experiencing brand fade as consumers in higher-tier cities increasingly shun its products, according to data from China Confidential, an FT research service. LV’s problem in one sense is much like Burberry’s: it has become too ubiquitous for its own good.法国奢侈品零售商路威酩轩集团(LVMH)旗下品牌路易威登(Louis Vuitton)在中国也面临着类似的问题。虽然LVMH没有遭遇任何的“柏利时刻”,但英国《金融时报》旗下调研机构《中国投资参考》(China Confidential)的数据表明,随着中国一线城市消费者越来越避免选择其产品,该集团同样在经历品牌衰退。在某种意义上,路易威登的问题与柏利很相似的:物极必反。Just 18.8 per cent of survey respondents in China’s first-tier cities — Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen — said LV was the luxury brand they most aspired to own, compared with 38.3 per cent among consumers surveyed in third-tier cities, China Confidential’s data show (see chart). Indeed, although LV remains the most popular luxury brand in China, Prada is eclipsing it in first tier cities, the data show.《中国投资参考》数据显示(见图表),在中国一线城市——北京、上海、广州和深圳,只有18.8%的受访者称路易威登是他们最渴望拥有的奢侈品牌,而在三线城市,这一比例为38.3%。数据显示,虽然路易威登在中国的确仍是最受欢迎的奢侈品牌,但在一线城市,普拉达(Prada)正盖过其风头。This is at least partly because of the zeitgeist among China’s wealthier and more cosmopolitan consumers for individuality and exclusivity. Such people recoil from the idea that they will be seen sporting the same brand as, say, the mistress of a “bao fa hu” — overnight millionaires or billionaires — coal mine owner from a lower-tier city in the gritty inland province of Shanxi.至少部分原因在于中国较富裕阶层的时代精神,以及越来越见多识广的消费者对个性和独特性的追求。这类人不愿看到自己身穿与“暴发户”的情妇同样的品牌——暴发户是指一夜暴富、身价百万或亿万的煤老板,通常来自内陆山西省的尘土飞扬的中小城市。This aversion comes through in surveys. A large proportion of first tier city respondents said they specifically avoided purchasing brands that too many other people owned. When asked to rate the reasons for their luxury purchases on a scale of one to five (with higher scores indicating greater agreement), survey respondents gave a 3.92 rating to “expressing my personal tastes”.这种厌恶在调查中显露无疑。一线城市的很大一部分受访者称,他们特意避免购买那些被很多其他人拥有的品牌。当被要求对购买奢侈品的理由进行从1至5(分数越高表明越认同)的打分时,受访者对“展示个人品味”给出了3.92分。The dwindling popularity of LV also shows up among Chinese travellers making purchases overseas. China Confidential’s recent annual survey of 1,277 Chinese outbound travellers showed that just 10.7 per cent of travellers who purchased designer goods on their most recent trip overseas purchased an LV-brand item, down from 15.5 per cent in a 2014 survey.路易威登下滑的人气也反映在到海外购物的中国游客身上。《中国投资参考》最近对1277名中国出境游客的年度调查显示,最近一次海外旅行中购买过名牌商品的游客中,只有10.7%的人购买了路易威登的产品,相比2014年的15.5%有所降低。The decline was particularly pronounced among high-income travellers, with just 12.9 per cent of those with annual household incomes in excess of Rmb350,000 (,500) buying LV on their most recent trip, compared with 24.3 per cent a year earlier.这种降低在高收入游客中表现尤为明显,家庭年收入超过35万元人民币(合5.65万美元)的游客中,只有12.9%的人在最近一次旅行中购买过路易威登的产品,而去年同期的比例为24.3%。LVMH is aly moving to reposition its brand in response to these shifts, including an expansion of LV product ranges with subtler logos, as well as a greater emphasis on its faster-growing sub-brands such as Céline and Fendi. The French luxury retailer is also working to control its pace of store expansion in China.LVMH已经开始对其品牌进行重新定位以应对这些变化,包括扩大带有不易察觉标识的路易威登产品的范围,并给予诸如赛琳(Céline)和芬迪(Fendi)等增长更快的子品牌更多的重视。LVMH也在努力控制中国专卖店的扩张步伐。But its latest financial results suggest that there is plenty of work to do. LVMH’s Asia ex-Japan revenue, to which China is the main contributor, fell 6 per cent year on year in the first quarter of this year, steeper than the 1 per cent year-on-year decline in regional revenue in 2014. With China’s anti-corruption campaign showing no sign of relenting and with consumers increasingly favouring subtler, lesser-known brands, the company faces a struggle to reclaim the cachet of exclusivity from the atrophying impact of ubiquity.而其最新财报表明,还有大量工作要做。LVMH在亚洲地区(日本除外)的收入——中国是主要的贡献者——今年第一季度同比下降6%,大大超过2014年1%的同比跌幅。中国的反腐行动没有任何放松的迹象,加上消费者越来越偏爱一些标识不显眼、不为大众熟知的品牌,这让LVMH面临着一个难题:在其无处不在的影响力的式微中,如何重新树立起独一无二的品牌威望。 /201504/372531Dogs have been man’s best friend for thousands of years, a source of companionship and loyalty since the Stone Age.几千年以来,都是人类最好的朋友,从石器时代开始就是人类忠诚的陪伴。Now scientists suspect they have discovered the root of the relationship - a dog really does understand his master’s voice.如今,科学家们猜测他们找到了友谊的根源——真的能听懂他的主人在说什么。Researchers have found that pet dogs process language in a similar way to humans.研究者发现,宠物的语言处理和人类有一定相似度。They learn to recognise the words that are spoken - the groups of consonantsand vowelsthat make up spoken commands.他们会学着去辨认主人的话——这些由一系列辅音和元音组成的口头命令。But tests suggest they also notice the more subtle aspects of human communication - the emotional tone, intonation and volume changes that influence the meaning of language.不过试验表示,他们也发现了人类交流上一些微妙的方面——情绪基调、声调和音量会对语言的意思产生影响。Scientists at Sussex University think this is because dogs process language in the same way as we do.苏塞克斯大学的研究者们认为,的语言在某种意义上和我们是一样的。They tested the way different aspects of language seemed to go through different parts of the brain.他们试验后发现脑中不同的领域似乎掌管不同方面的语言。Humans have a ‘hemispheric bias’ when it comes to communication, with different aspects of language favouring the left or right side of the brain.人类在交流时会有“半脑偏见”,不同方面的语言会有左右脑不同分工处理。The researchers’ tests suggest that dogs process speech in the same way.研究者的试验发现们也是如此。A group of 25 dogs were placed between two speakers playing recorded commands - such as ‘come on then’.25只被放养在两个发出命令的人身边——比如发出“过来”这样的命令。When the command was delivered in a flat, emotionless tone, the dogs turned right, suggesting the animals were concentrating on the words, not the intonation.当命令以一种平的,不带感情的语调说出来时,马上向右转,这说明动物对词语有反应,而不纠结于声调上。But when the commands exaggerated intonation or emotion, the animals turned left.不过当放大了声调和情绪时,向左转了。The results suggest that like us, dogs process different aspects of human speech in different parts of the brain, perhaps indicating why they can be trained to follow people.结果显示,和我们一样,脑中不同的区域掌管不同的语言,这也许是为何他们能被训练成人类好帮手的原因。Researcher Dr David Reby, from the University of Sussex, said: ‘This is particularly interesting because our results suggest that the processing of speech components in the dog’s brain is divided between the two hemispheres in a way that is actually very similar to the way it is separated in the human brain.’苏塞克斯大学的大卫·雷贝学者说道:“这很有意思,因为我们的研究成果表明了大脑也有半球分区来掌管语言,这和人类大脑有着一定相似度。”Victoria Ratcliffe, who co-wrote the paper, added: ‘Although we cannot say how much or in what way dogs understand information in speech from our study, we can say that dogs react to both verbal and speaker-related information and that these components appear to be processed in different areas of the dog’s brain.’论文的第二作者维多利亚·拉克特里夫补充道:“虽然从研究中,我们不能说明多大程度上明白语言中的信息,我们可以说对口头的或者说说出口的信息都会有反应,而且这些似乎是由大脑中不同的区域在掌管。”In their paper, published in the journal Current Biology, the scientists wrote: ‘The striking correspondence between dogs’ and humans’ hemispheric biases reported here may reflect convergent evolution if dogs have been selected to respond to human vocal signals during domestication.’在他们的这篇刊登于《当代生物学期刊》的论文中,学者们写道:“和人类半脑偏好的惊人一致性也许反映了在驯化中,如果被选为对人类口头信号作出反应,他们就会拥有聚集性的进化。” /201412/347534昆玉去抬头纹多少钱

乌市整形美容医院激光脱毛多少钱In the rare free moments she has had this year between visiting Ebola centres in west Africa and pleading for support in front of the UN, Dr Joanne Liu, international president of Médecins Sans Frontières, re The Plague by Albert Camus. Unsurprisingly, it had extra resonance this time. She was particularly struck by the narrator Dr Rieux’s statement that he keeps going because he has never managed to get used to seeing people die. Telling me this, she pauses. “I think today it’s one of our problems. Somehow we got used to death and then we dehumanised it. We account for conflicts in figures. Ebola is 13,500 infected, 5,000 people have died…#8201;People are losing their sense of empathy, their sense of wanting to do something.”身为无国界医生组织(MSF)的国际主席,廖满嫦医生(Dr Joanne Liu)今年颇为忙碌,她不时要前往西非的埃拉疫区,还要赴联合国(UN)请求援,不过她还是忙里偷闲重读了阿尔贝#8226;加缪(Albert Camus)所著的《鼠疫》(The Plague)。不出所料,这次阅读让她感触更深了。她尤其被书中的叙述者李欧医生(Dr Rieux)的自白所打动:他之所以能坚持下去,是因为他始终不习惯看到人们死去。说到这里,她停顿了一下,接着说道:“我觉得这是我们现在的一个问题。我们不知怎么就习惯了死亡,在对待死亡问题上变得没有了人情味。我们用数字来说明事故。埃拉病毒已造成13500人感染,5000人死亡……人们正在失去同情心,没有了想要做点什么的心思。”No one can accuse MSF or the woman who leads it of that. Since the current outbreak of Ebola was confirmed in Guinea in March, the organisation has worked with more than 6,000 patients, manning the front lines in west Africa for months before the world started to take notice. MSF realised this epidemic was different from previous ones almost immediately. “Our experience [with Ebola] is that it’s in a remote village and the chain of transmission dies very quickly#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;That’s it. It’s over in less than three months,” says Liu. “This was different because it was geographically sp.” But the international community didn’t want to know: “We were told that we were getting too excited and ringing the alarm when everything was under control.” Matters were complicated by the sheer number of global crises demanding attention this year. “There was South Sudan and the Central African Republic [CAR]#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;DRC#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;Ukraine#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;and then Gaza was a full-blown crisis in July.”对于这种状况,没人能指责MSF或是这位女主席。自从3月份几内亚实爆发了埃拉疫情以来,该组织已经接治了6000多名病人,在其坚守西非前线几个月后世界才关注起这次疫情。MSF几乎立刻就发现,此次埃拉疫情不同于以往。“根据我们的经验,埃拉疫情一般发生在偏远村庄,传播链很快会中断……就是这样。疫情会在不到3个月内结束。”廖满嫦称,“而这次爆发的疫情并不一样,因为病毒能在地域间传播。”然而,国际社会并不想了解其中究竟。“我们听到的说法是,我们过于激动了,大惊小怪,其实一切都在控制之下。”今年国际上发生了太多需要关注的危机,这使事情变得复杂。“有南苏丹内战和中非共和国政变……刚果民主共和国……乌克兰……接着是7月加沙地带全面爆发的危机。”MSF works in all of those places, with more than 32,000 staff in 67 countries last year. Founded in 1971 and largely privately funded, it provides independent humanitarian aid while bearing witness to what it sees on the ground.MSF在所有这些地方都在运作。该组织成立于1971年,大部分经费靠私人捐助,去年成员总数超过32000名,遍布67个国家。MSF提供独立的人道救援,同时也现场见各种灾难。Liu only became international president in October 2013. It seems an understatement to say it’s been a tough first year on the job. “It has hijacked all my life,” she laughs. When thinking about how best to describe it, three words keep coming back to her. Challenging — there have been so many places needing attention. Overstretched — the whole sector has reached its limits. And gap — a hole has been exposed in people’s ability to respond. “We’ve been running behind a train that is moving faster than the response has been in west Africa since the beginning,” she says.廖满嫦于2013年10月才出任MSF国际主席。如果说任期第一年是艰难的,似乎有些轻描淡写。“这份工作绑架了我全部的生活,”她笑着说。当她思考如何形容这份工作比较恰当时,脑海中不停地闪现三个词。挑战性——始终有太多地区需要关注。超负荷——这一领域已经达到了极限。差距——人们做出反应的能力暴露出了不足。她称:“我们就像一直跟在火车后头跑,与我们在西非做出反应的速度相比,它要快得多。”. . .……Liu was born in Quebec, Canada to Chinese immigrant parents. For her, MSF is a calling. As a teenager she a book by a French doctor about his time with the organisation and that was that. “I remember ing that when I was young and saying, ‘Oh my god, this is a real life,’” she says. After her medical training she volunteered with the organisation repeatedly, spending time in the field from Darfur to Haiti and heading the Canadian branch. The opposite of self-promoting, she shows little interest in her own achievements: “I find myself a bit boring because I somehow always wanted to be MSF.”廖满嫦出生在加拿大魁北克一个华裔移民家庭。对她而言,加入MSF是受到了感召。她年少时读过一本法国医生写的书,讲述他在该组织工作的经历。“我记得读那本书时我还很年轻,我说‘我的天啊,这才是真实的生活’,”她说。在接受过医疗培训后,她多次成为该组织的志愿者,在达尔富尔、海地等多个地方工作过,后来还负责加拿大分。对于个人取得的成就,她非但没有夸夸其谈,反而显得不太乐意提起:“我觉得自己有点无趣,总是想着要当个无国界医生。”Boring is not the word most would use to describe someone whose work, this year alone, has seen her travel to Syria, the CAR, Myanmar, the DRC and Sierra Leone among other countries, not to mention multiple trips to the UN and Montreal, where much of her life remains. Liu is a force to be reckoned with: the words flow out of her, punctuated only by the occasional “how you say” as she pauses to allow her French-English translation skills time to catch up with her brain.因为这份工作,她仅今年内就去过了叙利亚、中非共和国、缅甸、刚果民主共和国和塞拉利昂等等许多国家,更别提还多次前往联合国和蒙特利尔(她主要生活的地方),对于这样一个人,多数人都不会用“无趣”来形容。与她交谈需要集中精神认真应付:她侃侃而谈,只是偶尔插句“你怎么说”做个停顿,给点时间让自己法译英的技巧赶上大脑思考的速度。This is a woman who, while based in Switzerland, planned to spend her August holidays doing shifts in the Canadian hospital with which she remains associated as a paediatric emergency physician — “to keep a clinical hand in”. Ebola put a stop to that but she is determined to find somewhere to practise in Geneva. She laughs when asked how she fits it all in. “I feel that [in] any position of this kind of exposure and commitment, you have to accept that you won’t be as balanced as you would like. I always think of it as a privilege, an honour.”常驻瑞士,却计划着利用8月份的假期在加拿大医院(她仍然是该院的儿科急诊医生)轮班——“要保持临床的工作”,她就是这样一个女人。埃拉终止了这一计划,但她决定在日内瓦找个地方继续执业。当被问到如何适应这一切时,她大笑起来。“我觉得,处在这种要面对公众、肩负着使命的职位上,你就得接受一个事实,你没法做到像你希望的那样,各个方面都兼顾到。我总是把它看作一种殊荣,深感荣幸。”Her relentless travel schedule has also served up some difficult insights. “Our humanitarian aid system is sick and needs to be fixed. It needs to get a reality check and get back humanity,” she says. She recounts with disdain a supposed DRC success story about a displaced woman with the resilience to support herself. It turned out she had become a prostitute. “I can’t believe that you’re giving me that#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;That’s resilience for you?” she says, then mentions another visit to a displaced persons camp in the CAR. “People were talking to me with their two feet in mud. And I said, ‘This is not possible, that in the 21st century we still have to see that.’ And that for me is really a call for how can we do better?#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;Can I stand on a spot where I don’t have my two feet in water?”不停出差也使她得以深入了解情况。她称:“我们的人道救援体系出了问题,需要被修复。这需要进行一次现实检查,重新回到人道主义的宗旨上。”她以不屑的口吻讲了一个发生在刚果民主共和国的故事,一个无家可归的妇女,坚强地自力更生养活自己,被视为一个成功的援助案例,结果发现她已经当了。“我不敢相信你就拿这个回报我……这就是你的坚强?”她称,接着又提到了在中非共和国一次探访难民安置营的经历。“人们跟我说话时,两只脚还踩在泥里。我说,‘这不可能,都21世纪了我们还能看到这种情况。’这使我认真思考,我们怎样做得更好?……我能站在一个不用把双脚踩在水里的地方吗?”MSF is not necessarily the popular kid in the humanitarian aid playground. For one thing, it is unusual in having financial autonomy: 89 per cent of its funding comes from individual and private donors. The flexibility that such independence brings also ushers in critics. “Some people say that sometimes we’re a loner, and I accept that. And some people say we’re arrogant and it happens and I’m quite aware of that,” says Liu. “But it’s important to be self-sustaining because that’s what gives you the capacity to respond quickly.” In the case of Ebola, this meant arriving on the spot while others were still having meetings.在人道救援圈子中,MSF未必是受欢迎的。拥有财务自主权是该组织与众不同的一个地方:其89%的资金来自个人和私人捐助者。这种因为财务独立而具有的灵活性也招致了批评。“有些人说,有时我们是孤单的,我同意这个说法。还有人说我们是傲慢的,确实是这样,我也相当清楚这一点,”她说,“但是自给自足很重要,因为这才使你拥有迅速反应的能力。”以埃拉疫情来说,这意味着,在其他人还在开会讨论时,MSF便抵达了疫区。Once in the thick of something, MSF stresses the importance of staff sharing what they see. So Liu stood up repeatedly in front of the UN and begged for boots on the ground, rather than mere promises. “I think that when people heard MSF say we were losing the battle, it was a bit of a shock for everybody.” Still, she feels it was the return home for treatment of two infected American missionaries in August that really woke people up. “All of a sudden it was knocking at our door#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;these were our neighbours, these were our colleagues, these were our people#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;And when it changed from them to us, then it got traction,” she recalls.每到形势最紧张的时候,MSF会强调成员们分享各自见闻的重要性。因此,廖满嫦反复向联合国请求采取实际行动,而不仅仅是口头承诺。“我觉得,当人们听到MSF说我们正在输掉这场战争时,每个人都有点震惊。”然而,她认为,直到8月份两名受感染的美国传教士回国接受治疗时,人们才真的醒悟过来。“突然间,它就敲响了我们的家门……这些人是我们的邻居,我们的同事,是我们的同胞……而当‘他们’变成‘我们’时,才引起了关注,”她回忆称。For Liu, the effect of such proximity was not surprising. Indeed, she thinks the closeness that most MSF workers have to situations propels them to act. For these doctors, it’s not just nameless people in a far-off country who are dying but the cousins of the nurse who has been with them since the beginning of the epidemic. MSF employs a ratio of about 10 national staff to every international member and Liu believes they are the true heroes. “To do it for four weeks [the average international staff placement] is straining but to be living with Ebola for the last eight to nine months, it’s really, really hard,” she says. “Most of our staff have either lost family members or friends, as well as living in the constant potential fear of being exposed.” Thirteen have died so far.在廖满嫦看来,近距离接触疫情所产生的这种影响并不令人意外。事实上,她认为,多数MSF工作人员因为接近疫情,驱使他们采取行动。对这些医生来说,将死的不是在遥远国家的无名人氏,而是自疫情开始一起做事的那位护士的表亲。MSF从每个国际成员国聘请约10名医生,廖满嫦相信他们都是真正的英雄。“连续做4周工作(国际员工的平均安排)的强度很大,但在过去8-9个月里面对埃拉,这真的很难很难,”她称,“我们多数人员不是失去了家人,就是失去了朋友,还要生活在可能暴露在病毒中的恐惧中。”目前为止,已有13人死亡。Liu is fiercely protective of the people that she works with: “What makes MSF, the strength of us, it’s our people.” In April, the organisation lost four staff in an attack on hospital grounds in CAR, and the question of how best to work in increasingly dangerous contexts — Syria, Libya, South Sudan, Somalia among others — remains unresolved. “Hospitals being targeted, patients being targeted, ambulances being targeted#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;the last spot that was supposed to have a minimum of respect has been violated in 2014,” she says. She believes it critical that MSF maintains a hands-on presence. How precisely that can happen will be one of her focuses in 2015.廖满嫦对一起共事的人有强烈的保护欲:“是什么成就了MSF,我们的力量,是我们的人。”4月,中非共和国的医院遭受袭击,该组织失去了4名员工,而在越来越危险的环境——叙利亚、利比亚、南苏丹、索马里等等——如何更好开展工作的问题仍然没有解决。她称:“医院成为袭击目标,病人成为目标,救护车成了目标……这些原本应受到最起码尊重的仅存之地,在2014年被侵犯了。”她认为,MSF保持亲临现场是至关重要的。如何确实做到这一点,将成为她2015年的工作重点之一。And what about that Ebola train? Are we still running behind? “I think that what is happening now in some places is we’re jumping in the train and trying to get hold of the brake,” she says. “What has been the hampering, the hindering factor is fear#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;People are scared to deploy, scared of being infected.” Her hope is that the episode will teach the international community that someone needs to take responsibility before such a crisis escalates again in the future. “We all know that if the world had woken up in the spring, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”那么“埃拉列车”怎么样了?我们仍然跟在后面跑吗?“我想有些地方的情况是,我们跳上了火车,并试着控制刹车,”她称,“一直以来的障碍,造成阻碍的因素是恐惧……人们害怕采取行动,害怕被传染。”她希望这件事将使国际社会明白,有人需要担起责任,以防未来这样一场危机再次升级。“我们都知道,如果世界在今年春天能警醒,我们就不会处在今天这种局势。”When we talked, Liu was about to get back on a plane to west Africa to reassess the situation. MSF is hosting trials there and she is determined to make sure that any new treatment will be accessible to those on the ground. (On her return she will speak out about the potential for a double failure, both initially and now in adapting the response.) For her, the most crucial thing is keeping the world’s attention. “It’s like when you’re sick and you have pneumonia and you’ve been given antibiotics for 10 days and then you start to feel better after three days and would like to stop taking your antibiotics,” she says. “We’re just getting ahead of the game. We need to finish.”我们谈话时,廖满嫦准备乘机返回西非,对埃拉疫情进行重新评估。MSF在那里组织试验,她决心确保任何一种新治疗手段将能被用于处在疫情中心的人。(回去后,她将阐述双重失败的可能性,包括最初的应对措施和现在的对策调整。)对她来说,最重要的事情是让全世界的人继续关注疫情。“就好像你生病,得了肺炎,医生给你开了10天的抗生素,刚治了3天你感觉有所好转,就想停了抗生素,”她说,“我们刚要在游戏中占得优势。我们要完成它。”Alice Fishburn is the deputy editor of FT Weekend Magazine本文作者为《FT周末杂志》(FT Weekend Magazine)副主编 /201412/350939乌市水磨沟区丰唇手术费用 PARIS — I have just another piece about French decline and malaise. My first reaction is: Enough aly! As I’ve said before, malaise is to France as the Royal family is to Britain: a perennial condition that each people lives off.巴黎——我刚刚又读到一篇以法国的衰落和不安情绪为题的文章。我的第一反应是:够了!正如我以前所说,不安情绪之于法国,就如同王室之于英国:是每个人早就习以为常的东西。It was 18 years ago that, as a correspondent in Paris, I wrote: “France today is racked by doubt and introspection. There is a pervasive sense that not only jobs — but also power, wealth, ideas and national identity itself — are migrating, permanently and at disarming speed, to leave a vapid grandeur on the banks of the Seine.”18年前在巴黎当通讯记者的时候,我曾经写道:“怀疑和自省的氛围让今天的法国备受煎熬。人们普遍感觉,正以惊人的速度永远离法国而去的不只是工作机会,还有权力、财富乃至国家认同感本身,遗留在塞纳河岸的唯有空洞乏味的的伟大。”Well, almost two decades on France is still here, as are the jeremiads that accompany it. One should not mistake grumbling, in its French iteration, for unhappiness. That would be far too literal-minded, almost Anglo-Saxon!可是,过了将近20年,法国依然伫立在这里,与此同时,关于法国的种种哀叹依然没有消散。别以为法国人翻来覆去地发牢骚,就表示他们不幸福。那样的话就太死脑筋了,简直堪称盎格鲁-撒克逊式的死脑筋。France is stubborn. It is an idea, after all. Ideas must be defined against something. France has little choice but to define itself against the English-speaking world, rushing after money when other consolations abound. It was the French epicure Brillat-Savarin who noted: “I have drawn the following inference, that the limits of pleasure are as yet neither known nor fixed.”法国很固执。说到底,它是一种理念。理念总得靠点什么来衬托和突显。法国别无选择,只能用放着那么多别的慰藉不要、偏去追逐金钱的英语世界来衬托和突显自己。法国美食家布里亚-萨瓦亨(Brillat-Savarin)曾经说过:“我得出的结论是,到目前为止,快感的界限既不为人所知,也非固定不变。”Perhaps it’s the perfection of Paris in these early spring days that makes all the chat about moroseness seem facile — the sweet breeze, the wide bright sky on the banks of the Seine, the low-slung bridges with their subtle fulcrums, the early-morning silence (enveloping enough for the sound of a woman’s heels on the sidewalk to be audible), the city’s gentle awakening, the curve of a zinc roof, the flat-topped pollarded trees along the gravel pathways of the Tuileries, the etched shadows on limestone, the streets that beckon and the boulevards that summon.或许是这早春巴黎的完美无缺让一切与郁闷有关的话题都显得没了意义——习习的清风,塞纳河岸上方广阔明亮的天空,有着精巧点的低矮桥梁,清晨的寂静(寂静到可以听见一个女人穿着高跟鞋走在人行道上),缓缓苏醒的城市,锌皮屋顶的曲线,杜乐丽花园(Tuileries)里的碎石小径两旁顶部修剪得平平整整的树木,映在石灰石上的影子,摆手致意的小街巷,高声招呼的林荫大道。If this is the vapid grandeur of a fading power, I’ll take it!如果这就是一个衰落大国的“空洞乏味的伟大”,那我愿意接受!It is April, “mixing memory and desire,” as T.S. Eliot put it. Cruel would be an overstatement. There are places you come to at an impressionable age that will never leave you. Forty years ago, I lived as a student in a tiny apartment at the bottom of the Rue Mouffetard. I was studying French and giving English lessons three times a week in a lycée in a southern suburb famous principally for its prison. I would return in the early evening and wander around the market — the mackerel glistening on their bed of ice, the barded chickens, the plump endives, the serried ranks of eggplant, the bawdy invitations to buy the last of the silvery sardines for a song, acrid Gauloise smoke in the wintry air. Paris was release from a crimped Britain. A single window on the city was enough.正如T·S·艾略特(T.S. Eliot)所言,这是“混杂着回忆与欲望”的四月。用残酷一词来描述它未免显得太过夸张。如果你在容易受到外界影响的年纪到过某些地方,那它们就会永远留在你的记忆中。40年前,我还是一名学生,住在穆浮达街(Rue Mouffetard)尽头的一间小公寓里。我当时正学习法语,每星期在一所公立中学给学生上三次英语课。那所学校位于主要以监狱闻名的南郊。我会在傍晚时分赶回来,逛一逛穆浮达街市场——鲭鱼在冰床上闪闪发光,鸡肉被片成了薄片,菊苣丰满多肉,茄子密密匝匝地排成排,小贩发出猥琐的邀请,说只要唱首歌就可以把最后一点银亮的沙丁鱼买走,寒冷的空气中飘散着高卢牌(Gauloise)香烟的刺鼻味道。巴黎让我得以逃离束缚多多的英国。只要在这座城市里拥有一扇窗,对我来说就已足够。My Parisian sojourn culminated with the boiling summer of 1976. City fountains dried up. People sat dazed on park benches staring into the haze. Not a bottle of water could be found. The city was as romantic as a war zone. Pensioners died in little airless maids’ rooms under those zinc roofs. Nobody knew. Brittle leaves on plane trees dangled motionless.在1976年的那个酷暑,我结束了在巴黎的逗留。当时,城里的喷泉水流枯竭。人们坐在公园的长凳上,盯着雾霭发呆。一瓶水都找不到。当时的巴黎像战区一样夸张。锌皮屋顶下,老年人死在狭小且不通风的小屋里,无人知晓。悬铃木的树叶一动不动地耷拉着。Of course, Britain has raced ahead since, Thatcher-revolutionized itself, uncrimped itself, and London has become the global city par excellence, while Paris has merely burnished the credentials of its beauty. France has grown sullen in its defiance of global modernity. Well, so be it!当然,英国后来走到了前面,掀起了一场撒切尔革命,摈弃了诸多束缚。伦敦变成了出类拔萃的全球化城市,而巴黎只是把它美丽之都的招牌擦了擦。和全球现代化作对的法国变得郁郁寡欢。可那又怎么样!Few countries would have handled the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 with such rigor, transparency and speed. Watching Brice Robin, the Marseille prosecutor, I was reminded that public service in France is still a high calling that draws many of the country’s best minds. It is not a mere second-best to the lucrative private sector. Once again the police — applauded by left-wing crowds in the vast demonstration after the Charlie Hebdo killings in January — showed superb professionalism. President Fran#231;ois Hollande was measured and composed, his response appropriate at every step.鲜有国家能以法国那样缜密、透明和迅速地应对德国之翼9525航班坠机事件。看着马赛检察官布里斯·罗班(Brice Robin),我想起法国的公共务依然是一项要求颇高的职业,吸引了该国很多极优秀的人才。它可不是屈居富有的私营领域之下的次等选择。警方再次表现出了高超的专业水平。今年1月,在《查理周报》(Charlie Hebdo)杀人事件后出现的大规模示威游行中,警方就受到了左翼民众的称赞。总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗德(Fran#231;ois Hollande)慎重沉稳,每一步的应对都恰如其分。France is a country that works. It could work better. But it works in its way. And if it worked better, by the standards of the Anglo-Saxon world, it would also lose some essence of its particular functionality.法国是一个正常运行的国家。它可以运行得更好。但它有自己的运行方式。如果按照按盎格鲁-撒克逊世界的标准来看,它的运行达到了更好,它那独特的功用性就会出现一些本质上的损失。Last September, I wrote of my attempts to sell a village house I’ve owned for 20 years and the real estate agent who began her pitch by saying: “Monsieur, you cannot sell it. This is a family home. You know it the moment you step in. You sense it in the walls. You breathe it in every room. You feel it in your bones. This is a house you must keep for your children. I will help you sell it if you insist, but my advice is not to sell.”去年秋天,我写了打算卖房子的经历。那是一处在乡下的房子,在我名下已经20年了,房地产经纪人张口一句话却说:“先生,你不能卖。这是家宅。一走进来就知道。你能从墙里感受它,在每间屋里都能呼吸到它,你能在骨子里能感觉它。你必须把这座房子留给你的孩子。如果你坚持要卖,我会帮你,但我的建议是别卖。”Since then, I’ve been asked many times what happened to the house. I sold it. She was right: It was a mistake. The world needs real estate agents who tell you not to sell your home — and they are only to be found in France.从那时候开始,我多次被问到那处房子怎么样了。我卖了。她说得对:那是个错误。这个世界需要那种让你不要卖房子的房地产经纪人——只有在法国,才能找到这样的经纪人。 /201504/371240阿图什市做双眼皮手术多少钱

新疆空军乌鲁木齐医院整形科There are many ways yoga makes you a better person. Moreover, it makes you more beautiful. Believe it or not, but it’s really true. Yoga is a wonderful beauty practice anyone can take part in. It’s a great exercise that helps reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure, ease symptoms of anxiety and depression, and can make you look and feel younger and happier. Here are a few amazing ways yoga makes you a better person.瑜伽有很多方法使你一个更好的人。此外,它会让你更美丽。不管你相不相信,但这是真的。瑜伽是一个美妙的美丽练习,任何人都可以参加。这是一个很好的运动可以帮助减少压力、降低血压、缓解焦虑和抑郁的症状,可以让你看起来和感觉更年轻和更快乐。这里有一些令人惊异的方式瑜伽会让你变成一个更优秀的人。1. It makes you strong1、它会使你强大Yoga makes us strong, and, as you know, a strong woman is always beautiful. Yoga tones your whole body, especially your core, arms, butt and thighs. If your self-esteem needs a boost, yoga can really help. Numerous studies have shown that yoga helps understand yourself internally so you become aware of all those potential which lies within you. You may not notice it at first, but in time, you will understand that you know yourself better and you are much stronger than you seem.瑜伽让我们强大,如你所知,一个强大的女人总是美丽的。瑜伽调理你的全身,特别是你的核心,手臂、臀部和大腿。如果你的自尊需要提振,瑜伽就能真正帮助你。众多研究表明,瑜伽有助于了解自己内部所以你开始意识到所有这些你身上潜在的东西。你可能不会一开始就注意到它,但随着时间的推移,你会明白到你知道自己更多,你比你看起来更强大。2. It makes you calm and collected2、它让你平静和镇定When a woman is stressed, she doesn’t look confident and beautiful. Yoga is one of the best ways to keep stress away. Doing yoga daily will make you calm and collected, and will help you stay positive and handle problems better. When you are calm and collected, you are much prettier than when you are stressed, remember it.当一个女人感觉到有压力,她看起来不自信和美丽。瑜伽是消除压力的最好方法之一。每天做瑜伽会让你平静和镇定,并将帮助你保持乐观和更好地处理问题。当你平静和镇定,记住,你比有压力的时候更漂亮。3. It makes you humble3、它让你谦卑Another way yoga makes you a better person is by giving you a great sense of humility. In one word, it makes you humble. When you fail at a pose, you don’t give up, right? You keep practicing until you succeed. This way, you learn how to admit your mistakes and forgive yourself, along with other people. Yoga makes you feel more comfortable with your imperfections.另一种方法瑜伽会让你变成一个更优秀的人是通过给你巨大的谦卑。总的来说,它会让你谦卑。当你失败在一个姿,你不要放弃,,对吗?你继续练习直到你成功。这种方式,您将学习如何承认自己的错误,,原谅自己还有别人。瑜伽让你感觉更容易接受自己的不完美。4. It makes you happier4、它让你更开心Even if you are not good at yoga, it can still make you happier. The thing is, yoga stimulates brain-calming GABA, lowers stress, and keeps you positive. Moreover, yoga stimulates serotonin production in your brain. When you feel sad or stressed, find a few minutes to practice yoga and you will see the result. You will be much happier and more positive, and a positive woman is usually a beautiful one, so make sure you always have time for yoga.即使你不擅长瑜伽,它还能让你更开心。事情是这样的,瑜伽刺激伽码氨基丁酸镇静大脑,降低压力,让你保持乐观。此外,瑜伽会刺激你的大脑5 -羟色胺产生。当你感到悲伤或有压力,找几分钟来练习瑜伽,你就会看到结果。你会变得更快乐和更积极的,乐观的女人通常是美丽的,所以确保你总是有时间做瑜伽。5. It gives you a healthy body5、它给你一个健康的身体While yoga can help you lose weight, it can also give you a healthy body. Yoga improves flexibility, prevents joint pain, and helps the body stay fit, of course, with a healthy eating plan. A worn out body is not beautiful, but a healthy body is. Doing yoga is one of the best ways to make yourself healthy and more beautiful. After all, if you don’t have a healthy body, how can you cope with all life situations and become a better person?瑜伽可以帮助你减肥也能给你一个健康的身体。瑜伽可以提高灵活性,防止关节疼痛,并帮助身体保持健康,当然,要有一个健康的饮食计划。疲惫不堪的身体并不是美丽的,但一个健康的身体就是美丽。做瑜伽是一个最好的让自己健康、更漂亮的方法。毕竟,如果你没有一个健康的身体,你怎么能应付生活中的一切况和成为一个更好的人呢?6. Good posture6、好的姿势It’s always lovely to see a lady with a great posture. Good posture makes every woman feel confident and gorgeous and she looks much more beautiful and healthier than a woman slumped over. If you want to improve your posture, yoga is a must. Try some easy yet effective poses such as warrior one, chair, plank, crow, and some others, you will have a better posture in just a few weeks.看到一个女士和好的姿势是令人愉快的。好的姿势让每个女人感到自信和美丽,她看起来比、衰落的女人更美丽和更健康。如果你想改善你的姿势,瑜伽是必须的。尝试一些简单但有效的姿势,如战士、椅子、板材、鸡鸣,等等,你会在短短几周有一个更好的姿势。7. Perfect skin tone7、完美的肤色Yoga improves blood circulation in each area of the body, including your face. This gives you a naturally perfect skin tone and a rosy glow. The movements create a great blood circulation that helps move stagnant lymph fluid along in the body. Try to do a couple of poses and your cheeks will look much rosier, I promise!瑜伽可以改善身体的每一个领域的血液循环,包括你的脸。这给你一个自然的完美的肤色,光照人。这个动作创建良好的血液循环,帮助体内淋巴流体沿着身体流动。尝试做几个姿势,你的脸颊看起来会更红润,我保!If you’ve never done yoga, you should definitely try it today. You will notice so many benefits in your life. You don’t have to do difficult poses, if you are new to yoga. Opt for simpler poses to achieve more beauty and flexibility from head to toe. I try to do yoga every day, even if it’s just for several minutes. Ladies, do you practice yoga? Do you agree that yoga can make any woman look more beautiful?如果你从来没有做瑜伽,你今天应该试一试。你会在你的生活中注意到很多好处。你不必做困难的姿势,如果你是瑜伽新手。从头到脚选择简单的姿势来实现美丽和灵活性。我尽量每天都做瑜伽,哪怕只是几分钟。女士们,你练习瑜伽吗?你同意瑜伽能让任何一个女人看起来更漂亮吗? /201412/350917 Eating porridge, brown rice or corn each day could protect the heart against disease, Harvard University has found哈佛大学发现每天食用麦片粥、糙米或谷物能预防心脏疾病。A small bowl of porridge each day could be the key to a long and healthy life, after a major study by Harvard University found that whole grains reduce the risk of dying from heart disease.哈佛大学一项主要研究调查发现,每天食用一小碗麦片粥是健康长寿的关键。全谷物能降低患心脏疾病死亡的风险。Although whole grains are widely believed to be beneficial for health it is the first research to look at whether they have a long-term impact on lifespan.尽管人们普遍认为全谷物有益健康,该项研究还是首次调查全谷物对人的寿命是否有长期影响。Researchers followed more than 100,000 people for more than 14 years monitoring their diets and health outcomes.花费超过14年的时间,研究人员跟踪调查了10万以上志愿者的饮食和健康状况。Everyone involved in the study was healthy in 1984 when they enrolled, but when they were followed up in 2010 more than 26,000 had died.所有志愿者1984年加入该项研究时健康状况良好。但是在2010年的跟踪调查中,研究人员发现已有2,600人死亡。However those who ate the most whole grains, such as porridge, brown rice, corn and quinoa seemed protected from many illnesses and particularly heart disease.然而,那些食用较多全谷物的志愿者,如食用麦片粥、糙米、谷物和藜麦,似乎免受很多疾病,特别是心脏疾病的侵害。Oats are aly the breakfast of choice for many athletes and also for dieters, who find the high fibre levels give them energy for longer.燕麦,研究人员发现其含有的高纤维素能给人们提供更持久的能量,已经成为很多运动员的早餐选择,也是节食者的不二之选。But scientists found that for each ounce (28g) of whole grains eaten a day – the equivalent of a small bowl of porridge – the risk of all death was reduced by five per cent and heart deaths by 9 per cent.科学家发现每天食用每盎司(28g)全谷物—相当于一小碗麦片粥—将死亡风险降低了5%,心脏疾病造成的死亡风险降低了9%。“These findings further support current dietary guidelines that recommend increasing whole-grain consumption,” said lead author Dr Hongyu Wu of Harvard School of Public Health.“这些发现进一步持当前的饮食指南,建议多食用全谷物食品,”哈佛大学公众健康主笔作者吴宏宇士说到。“They also provide promising evidence that suggests a diet enriched with whole grains may confer benefits towards extended life expectancy.”“研究发现也提供可靠据,表明全谷物饮食可能利于健康长寿。”The findings remained even when allowing for different ages, smoking, body mass index and physical activity.甚至考虑年龄,吸烟、体质指数及物理运动因素时,该研究发现仍旧有效。Whole grains, where the bran and germ remain, contain 25 per cent more protein than refined grains, such as those that make white flour, pasta and white rice.保有原来的麸皮和胚芽的全谷物,比起用于制作白面、意大利面食和白饭的细粮,蛋白质要多出25%。Previous studies have shown that whole grains can boost bone mineral density, lower blood pressure, promote healthy gut bacteria and reduce the risk of diabetes. One particular fibre found only in oats – called beta-glucan – has been found to lower cholesterol which can help to protect against heart disease. A bioactive compound called avenanthramide is also thought to stop fat forming in the arteries, preventing heart attacks and strokes.当前研究显示全谷物能促进骨骼生长,降低血压,增加益生菌,降低患糖尿病的风险。只能在燕麦中找到的纤维素—β-葡聚糖—能降低胆固醇,预防心脏疾病。燕麦中抗氧化物,被称为avenanthramide,能防止动脉脂肪形成,减少心脏病和中风的威胁。Whole grains are also widely recommended in many dietary guidelines because they contain high levels of nutrients like zinc, copper, manganese, iron and thiamine. They are also believed to boost levels of antioxidants which combat free-radicals.全谷物营养价值高,富含锌、铜、锰、铁和维生素B1元素,能增加抗氧化物质来对抗自由基,很多饮食指南都极力推荐。The new research suggests that if more people switched to whole grains, thousands of lives could be saved each year. Coronary heart disease is Britain’s biggest killer, responsible for around 73,000 deaths in the UK each year. Around 2.3 million people are living with the condition and one in six men and one in 10 women will die from the disease.新项研究表明,如果更多的人转食全谷物,每年可能拯救成千上万的生命。冠状动脉(心脏疾病)病是英国的头号杀手,每年近7,300人死于心脏病。近2,300,000患有心冠状动脉疾病的人群中,每6名男性,每10名女性中,就有1人死于心脏疾病。Health experts said the study proved that whole grains were beneficial to health健康专家称研究明了全谷物有利健康。Victoria Taylor, Senior Dietician at the British Heart Foundation, said: “This is an interesting study and reinforces existing dietary recommendations to eat more foods high in fibre.Victoria Taylor,英国心脏协会的高级营养师称:“这是一项有趣的研究,它建议人们多食用高纤维素食品。”“People with a higher intake of whole grains also tended to have a healthier overall lifestyle and diet so it might not be the whole grains alone that are having the benefit in relation to cardiovascular disease.“摄入更多全谷物的人也趋于拥有更加健康的生活方式和饮食习惯,因此在抵御心血管疾病方面,可能不只是全谷物在做贡献。”“But at this time of year when we are all making resolutions to eat better, switching to whole-grain versions of b, breakfast cereals, pasta and rice is a simple change to make.”“此时此刻当你下决心吃好吃健康时,只需一个小小的转变,吃全谷物的面包、谷类早餐、全谷物意大利面食和米饭即可。”The research is published in the journal JAMA: Internal Medicine.该项研究发表被刊登在JAMA: Internal Medicine上。 /201501/356819阿克苏治疗腋臭多少钱新疆医科大学附属肿瘤医院做抽脂手术多少钱



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