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嘉兴激光脱毛还会再长吗平湖去痤疮多少钱海盐县妇幼保健院祛疤痕多少钱 HONOLULU — Allan Akamine has looked all around the winding, palm tree-lined cul-de-sacs of his suburban neighborhood in Miliani here on Oahu and, with an equal mix of frustration and bemusement, seen roof after roof bearing solar panels.檀香山——在这个位于欧胡岛米里拉尼郊区的社区中布满棕榈树的蜿蜒死胡同里,艾伦·阿卡米那(Allan Akamine)环顾四周,看到一个又一个装着太阳能组件的屋顶,眼中透露出些许失望、些许困惑。Akamine, 61, a manager for a cable company, has wanted nothing more than to lower his 0 to 0 monthly electric bill with a solar system of his own. But for 18 months or so, the state#39;s biggest utility barred him and thousands of other customers from getting one, citing concerns that power generated by rooftop systems was overwhelming its ability to handle it.61岁的阿卡米那是一家有线电视公司的经理,他非常希望通过自己的太阳能系统减少每月六七百美元(约合4000元人民币)的电费开。但在将近18个月的时间里,该州最大的电力公司不允许包括他在内的数千名顾客获得太阳能系统,称他们担心屋顶太阳能发电系统的发电量会超出他们的处理能力。Only under strict orders from state energy officials did the utility, the Hawaiian Electric Company, recently rush to approve the lengthy backlog of solar applications, including Akamine#39;s.只有在州能源官员的严令之下,夏威夷电力公司(Hawaiian Electric Company)才于最近匆匆批准了长期积压的太阳能系统使用申请,其中就包括阿卡米那一份。It is the latest chapter in a closely watched battle that has put this state at the forefront of a global upheaval in the power business. Rooftop systems now sit atop roughly 12 percent of Hawaii#39;s homes, according to the federal Energy Information Administration, by far the highest proportion in the nation.这是一场受到密切关注的斗争的最新进展,这场斗争将该州置于全球电力领域剧变的前沿。据美国能源信息署(Energy Information Administration)透露,大约12%的夏威夷住户装有屋顶太阳能发电系统,这是到目前为止美国太阳能系统安装比率最高的地区,远超其他州。“Hawaii is a postcard from the future,” said Adam Browning, executive director of Vote Solar, a policy and advocacy group based in California.总部位于加利福尼亚的政策及宣传组织“力挺太阳能”(Vote Solar)的执行理事亚当·布朗宁(Adam Browning)说,“夏威夷是一张来自未来的明信片。”Other states and countries, including California, Arizona, Japan and Germany, are struggling to adapt to the growing popularity of making electricity at home, which puts new pressures on old infrastructure like circuits and power lines and cuts into electric company revenue.其他州和国家——比如加利福尼亚州、亚利桑那州、日本和德国——正在努力适应自主发电愈发普遍的情况,这给电路、输电线等老旧的基础设施造成新压力,致使电力公司的收入减少。As a result, many utilities are trying desperately to stem the rise of solar, either by reducing incentives, adding steep fees or effectively pushing home solar companies out of the market. In response, those solar companies are fighting back through regulators, lawmakers and the courts.因此,很多电力公司极力阻止太阳能系统的推广,它们要么减少激励措施、增加高昂的收费,要么将提供家用太阳能系统的公司基本挤出市场。作为回应,这些太阳能公司通过监管机构、律师和法院进行回击。The shift in the electric business is no less profound than those that upended the telecommunications and cable industries in recent decades. It is aly remaking the relationship between power companies and the public while raising questions about how to pay for maintaining and operating the nation#39;s grid.与近几十年颠覆电信及有线电视产业的转变一样,电力领域的转变产生了同样深远的影响。这种转变正在改变电力公司与公众之间的关系,同时带来了相关问题——如何付维护和运营国家电网的费用。The issue is not merely academic, electrical engineers say.电气工程师表示,这不仅仅是理论问题。In solar-rich areas of California and Arizona, as well as in Hawaii, all that solar-generated electricity flowing out of houses and into a power grid designed to carry it in the other direction has caused unanticipated voltage fluctuations that can overload circuits, burn lines and lead to brownouts or blackouts.在加利福尼亚州、亚利桑那州及夏威夷州这些阳光充足的地区,太阳能发的电从住宅输出,进入将电流引向另一个方向的电力网,这种电流带来了出乎意料的电压波动,可能会使电路超载,烧毁电线,导致限制用电或停电。“Hawaii#39;s case is not isolated,” said Massoud Amin, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Minnesota and chairman of the smart grid program at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, a technical association. “When we push year on year 30 to 40 percent growth in this market, with the number of installations doubling, quickly — every two years or so — there#39;s going to be problems.”“夏威夷的情况并不是孤立的,”明尼苏达州大学(University of Minnesota)电气工程及计算机工程教授、电气电子工程师学会(Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)智能电网项目负责人马苏德·阿明(Massoud Amin)说。“当我们推动这个市场每年增长30%至40%,每两年安装数量迅速翻倍时,就会出现问题。”The economic threat also has electric companies on edge. Overall, demand for electricity is softening while home solar is rapidly sping across the country. There are now about 600,000 installed systems, and the number is expected to reach 3.3 million by 2020, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.这种经济风险也让电力公司感到不安。总的来说,在家用太阳能系统在全国范围能迅速流行的时候,电力需求有所减缓。据太阳能行业协会(Solar Energy Industries Association)透露,目前已经安装的太阳能系统达到了60万个,这个数字有望在2020年达到330万。In Hawaii, the current battle began in 2013, when Hawaiian Electric started barring installations of residential solar systems in certain areas. It was an abrupt move — a panicked one, critics say — made after the utility became alarmed by the technical and financial challenges of all those homes suddenly making their own electricity.夏威夷的这场斗争始于2013年,当时夏威夷电力公司开始阻拦某些区域的居民安装太阳能系统。该电力公司对住户突然自主发电带来的技术和经济挑战感到非常担心,于是做出了这一出人意料的举动,批评人士称之为惊慌失措的反应。The utility wants to cut roughly in half the amount it pays customers for solar electricity they send back to the grid. But after a study showed that with some upgrades the system could handle much more solar than the company had assumed, the state#39;s public utilities commission ordered the utility to begin installations or prove why it could not.电力公司应该为顾客输送回电网的太阳能电力付费用,该电力公司想要将价格减半。但一项研究显示,电力公司系统升级后可以处理远超过原本设想的太阳能电力。因此,该州的公共事业委员会命令该电力公司开始安装太阳能系统,否则就要明无法安装的原因。It was but one sign of the agency#39;s growing impatience with what it considers the utility#39;s failure to adapt its business model to the changing market.这只是一个迹象,说明委员会对该公司越来越不耐烦,他们认为该公司没能改变商业模式,以适应不断变化的市场。Hawaiian Electric is scrambling to accede to that demand, approving thousands of applications in recent weeks. But it is under pressure on other fronts as well. NextEra Energy, based in Florida, is awaiting approval to buy it, while other islands it serves are exploring defecting to form their own cooperative power companies.夏威夷电力公司正在匆忙行动,来适应相关需求,在最近几周通过了数千份申请。但该公司在其他方面也面临压力。总部位于佛罗里达州的NextEra能源公司(NextEra Energy)正在等待收购该公司的计划获得通过,而其他接收该公司电力务的岛屿正在寻求自立,创设自己的电力合作公司。Installers — who saw their fast-growing businesses slow to a trickle — are also frustrated with the pace. For those who can afford it, said James Whitcomb, chief executive of Haleakala Solar, which he started in 1977, the answer may lie in a more radical solution: Avoid the utility and its grid altogether.安装公司看到快速增加的业务逐渐放缓,也对进度感到不满。哈雷阿卡拉太阳能公司(Haleakala Solar)首席执行官詹姆斯·惠特科姆(James Whitcomb)表示,对于那些能够负担得起的人来说,可能有一个比较激进的解决方案:避开这家电力公司和它的电网。惠特科姆在1977年创立了哈雷阿卡拉。Customers are increasingly asking about the batteries that he often puts in along with the solar panels, allowing them to store the power they generate during the day for use at night. It is more expensive, but it breaks consumer reliance on the utility#39;s network of power lines.顾客越来越多地问及他常常装入太阳能组件的电池,这种电池使得太阳能系统能够储存白天发的电,以供夜间使用。这种太阳组件比较贵,但打破了顾客对该公司电力网的依赖。“I#39;ve actually taken people right off the grid,” he said, including a couple who got tired of waiting for Hawaiian Electric to approve their solar system and expressed no interest in returning to utility service. “The lumbering big utilities that are so used to taking three months to study this and then six months to do that — what they don#39;t understand is that things are moving at the speed of business. Like with digital photography — this is inevitable.”“我实际上帮助人们摆脱了电网,”他说。“行动迟缓的大型电力公司习惯花三个月的时间进行研究,然后再花六个月采取行动,他们并不了解,事情随着商业发展的变化而变化。就像数码摄影一样,这是不可避免的。”摆脱电力网的人中包括一对厌烦等待夏威夷电力公司批准过程的夫妇,他们表示无意重新使用电力公司的务。 /201504/371147A notorious dog meat festival in southwest China has sparked an outcry among the nation’s growing ranks of pet lovers, who say the event has spurred an illicit trade in stolen pets.在中国南方声名狼藉的肉节,引发了正不断增多的宠物爱好者的公开抗议。这些宠物爱好者表示,肉节活动刺激了被窃宠物的非法贸易。Dog meat is a popular winter food in parts of China and Korea, where the rich meat is believed to help keep people warm. But the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, which will be held this weekend in Guangxi near the border with Vietnam, has caused domestic and international outrage, with opponents saying many of the animals are cruelly treated and illegally obtained.在中国和韩国部分地区,肉是一种很受欢迎的冬季食品,其丰富的肉质被视有助于保暖。然而,将于本周末举办的玉林肉节(Yulin Dog Meat Festival),已经引起了中国国内甚至国际上的愤慨。该活动将在毗邻越南的中国广西自治区举办。反对者表示,在该活动中许多动物遭到了残酷对待,它们的获取途径也是非法的。The festival has for several years been galvanising China’s animal rights movement, which has arisen as the number of prosperous middle-class pet owners has grown. Many activists plan to travel to Yulin to protest against the festival, where an estimated 2,000 dogs a day are slaughtered.在中国拥有宠物的中产阶级人数不断壮大之际,中国的动物保护组织也随之崛起。多年来玉林肉节的举办,令这些组织深感震惊。许多动保人士计划赶赴广西玉林,抗议这一肉节活动,预计肉节的日屠数量达2000条。Originally a summer solstice celebration, the local government began promoting the event as a dog meat festival in 2009. The Yulin government began to distance itself last year amid an outpouring of online criticism.玉林肉节最初只是夏至的庆祝活动。2009年,当地政府开始以肉节的品牌宣传这一活动。去年,由于网上出现的大量批评声,玉林政府开始放弃自己原本的宣传定位。“Average people are not aware of the cruelty that dogs experience in the process of dog meat production. If they knew, they wouldn’t be saying this is simply a question of whether you love dogs or not,” said Zhang Yuanyuan, a volunteer who plans to travel to Yulin from Shenzhen in an attempt to persuade often-hostile locals to ditch the practice.计划赶赴玉林的志愿者张媛媛(Zhang Yuanyuan,音译)表示:“普通人不知道肉生产过程中,所经历的残酷对待。如果他们知道,他们不会说这只是你爱不爱的问题。”张媛媛计划从深圳赶赴玉林,试图劝说当地人放弃这一行为。不过,当地人对他们往往充满敌意。A four-year study by Hong Kong-based group Animals Asia documented networks of dog traders that bring strays or stolen pets to northeast, central and southern China, especially during the winter months when dog meat is popular. The investigation found that stolen or stray dogs were so cheap that breeding dogs for meat was unprofitable.总部驻香港的亚洲动物基金(Animals Asia)开展了一项为期四年的研究,对肉交易商组成的网络做了记载。这些肉交易商将走失或失窃的宠物运往中国的东北、华中和华南——特别是在肉受欢迎的冬季。该调查发现,被窃或走失的太过廉价,致使饲养肉变得无利可图。A survey conducted by Animals Asia in rural areas found that 70 per cent of Chinese villagers had lost at least one dog to thieves.该组织在中国农村地区开展的调查发现,70%的村民丢失过至少一条。“A lot of the animals that we see in these trucks are in such horrendous condition that by the time they get to the ultimate trade markets a lot of them have died,” said Mary Peng, whose veterinary business in Beijing has treated dogs rescued from trucks bound for slaughterhouses.Mary Peng在北京拥有多家兽医店,曾治疗过从前往屠宰场的卡车中救出的小。她说:“我们在这些卡车上看到的许多动物,都处于极其可怕的生存状态,导致它们中的许多在抵达最终交易市场时已经死去。”Some of the activists travelling to Yulin may unwittingly be encouraging the trade in dogs by paying to rescue them from dog dealers. Last year saw ugly scenes of dealers in Yulin mistreating dogs in front of crowds of tourists and activists to spur them into buying the injured animals.部分前往玉林的动保人士,可能会由于掏钱从贩手中救下小,无意中鼓励了贩活动。去年,玉林曾出现过贩在游客和动保人士面前虐,以刺激他们买下受伤小的丑陋场景。The practice of buying the dogs has split the Chinese animal rights community, with many believing it is counter-productive. “I am completely opposed to this,” said Ms Zhang, arguing that it simply adds to the market for dogs. “You can’t just look at how many dogs are being eaten but also the violent capture and transport of these dogs.”买下小的行为也在中国的动物保护界产生了分歧,许多人认为这么做会产生反作用。张媛媛声称,这么做只会扩大贩市场的规模。她说:“我完全反对这么做。你不能只关注人们吃了多少,还要关注对这些的暴力捕获和运输过程。” /201506/382343嘉兴市第一医院治疗狐臭多少钱

嘉善县治疗黄褐斑多少钱嘉兴做双眼皮价格 嘉兴曙光整形美容医院比基尼脱毛怎么样

嘉善县第一人民医院切眼袋手术多少钱If you#39;ve ever wondered what it takes to market instant noodles in China, take a look at food and beverage giant Tingyi Holding Corp.#39;s results for the first half of this year.如果你对如何在中国营销方便面感到好奇,那不妨来看看食品及饮料巨头康师傅控股有限公司(Tingyi Holding Corp., 简称:康师傅控股)今年上半年的业绩。Tingyi, owner of the #39;Master Kong#39; noodle brand and a partner with PepsiCo Inc., lists some of its promotional highlights so far this year in its report to the Hong Kong stock exchange, including:北京一家超市中码放的康师傅和统一企业方便面。作为“康师傅”方便面品牌的持有者以及百事公司(PepsiCo Inc., PEP)的合作伙伴,康师傅控股在提交给香港交易所的中期财报中列举了今年以来的部分重要营销活动,具体如下:-An ideological-sounding campaign called #39;Adherence to Dreams, Loyalty to Original Taste.#39;-进行了以“坚持梦想忠于原味”为主题的品牌推广活动。-A promotional tie-in with the World Cup called #39;watching soccer match overnight by eating braised beef noodles#39; which the company notes #39;substantially extended the opportunities of eating instant noodles.#39;-借势世界杯话题,进行“熬夜看球,要吃红烧牛肉面”的世界杯网络传播。该公司称,这一活动大幅延伸了“方便面食用时机”。-A push for Tingyi#39;s pickled mustard flavored products, featuring the slogan #39;not only sour and crisp, plenty of flavours are even better#39; and an intriguing-sounding promotion called #39;You are the winner of sour and crisp expert award.#39; Perhaps as a result of these efforts, #39;market share in the high-end pickled mustard flavor market continue to increase,#39; the company notes.-为推动酸菜口味方便面的销售,提出了“不止酸爽,超多口味更爽”的口号,并开展“酸爽行家奖的就是你”的促销活动。该公司称,高价酸菜口味方便面的市场占有率继续提升。-An online show called #39;Eating missions must be accomplished.#39;-打造了网上美食节目《食命必达》。As for the results themselves--which saw net profit rise 17.9%--analyst opinions were mixed, with Barclays noting that Tingyi#39;s revenue for the second quarter was down 2%. That said, Barclays believed that the company #39;has all the building blocks in place to substantially improve its margins over the next 3-5 years.#39;康师傅控股上半年净利润增长17.9%。对于该公司的业绩,分析师们看法不一。巴克莱(Barclays)指出,康师傅控股第二季度收入下滑2%。即便如此,该行认为,康师傅控股具备了在未来三至五年大幅提升利润率的所有条件。BOCOM International meanwhile worried about Tingyi being squeezed by competition from rival company Uni-President China, which has introduced a new line called Gemian, or #39;revolutionary noodle#39;, which BOCOM deemed #39;delicious.#39;交银国际(BOCOM International)担心,康师傅控股正面临来自统一企业中国控股有限公司(Uni-President China Holdings Ltd., 简称:统一企业中国)的竞争压力,统一企业中国推出了名为“革面”的新产品线,而交银国际认为这款产品“美味可口”。 /201408/322690 A court in Beijing ordered that the man,aged 55 and only known by his surname Chen, had to be removed from the hospital after living there for more than three years.北京一家法院判决这名55岁的陈姓男子离开医院,他在医院里已经呆了三年多了。But when police turned up to at the hospital yesterday afternoon, they discovered that he had chained himself tothe bed railings.但是当警方昨天下午出现在医院里时,他们发现他用铁链把自己锁在了病床上。Officers were then forced to cut the locks and remove a visibly distressed Mr Chen,who was still dressed in his hospital-issue pyjamas, and struggling with police.警方剪掉了锁,并将看起来相当痛苦的陈先生带出了医院,他当时依然穿着医院的睡衣,并和警方挣扎。Mr Chen was first admitted to the Beijing Jingmei Group Hospital in August 2011 to receive treatment for injuriessustained in a road traffic accident.陈先生2011年8月份入住北京集美集团医院,以治疗交通事故中的伤势。After being treated, he went home after a month but two months later returned complaining of pains in his left leg.在接受治疗后,一个月后他回到了家里,但是两个月后又回到医院,抱怨说左腿疼。Again doctors treated him after he wasdiagnosed with deep vein thrombosis and three months later said he was y to go home.医生再次治疗了他,他得的是深静脉血栓形成,住院三个月后,医生说他可以准备回家了。But Mr Chen refused, saying he was in so much pain that he was unable to straighten out his legs. He said it was the hospital#39;s responsibility to take care of him and refused to leave, even missing his son#39;s wedding.但是陈先生拒绝了,称他太痛苦了,根本无法伸直自己的脚。他说医院有责任照顾他,并且拒绝离开,甚至错过了自己儿子的婚礼。The hospital stopped providing him with treatment in July 2012, after he was unable to pay any of his medical bills.在他无力承担任何医疗费用后,医院从2012年7月份开始停止给他治疗。They were then granted a court ordered earlier in the week to have Mr Chen forcibly removed from his hospital bed.本周早些时候,法院判决将陈先生从医院移出。It came after tests were carried out that showed he was healthy, even though he disputed this.此前已经对他进行检查,结果表明他身体健康,尽管他有异议。It is thought that he was taken back to his home in the Mentougou district of Beijing.据称他被带回到北京门头沟家中。 /201502/359822浙江嘉兴割双眼皮医院那里好嘉兴曙光中西医整形医院做双眼皮手术好不好



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