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The number of millionaires is on the rise as the growth of private wealth around the world surged in 2013.随着2013年全球各地私人财富激增,百万富翁的人数也增加。The total number of million households reached 16.3 million in 2013, or 1.1 percent of all households globally, according to a report by the Boston Consulting Group on Monday. In 2012, meanwhile, that number was just 13.7 million.据波士顿咨询集团(Boston Consulting Group)周一发布的一份报告显示,2013年,拥有百万财富家庭的总数达到,630万,约占全球人口.1%。而在2012年,这个数字仅为1,370万。Of those figures, the U.S. holds the highest number of millionaires, with 7.1 million, along with the “highest number of new millionaires (1.1 million).”在这数字当中,美国拥有710万名百万富翁,数量最多,而且“新增百万富翁人数也最高,10万”。China, too, saw robust growth with 900,000 more millionaires entering the ranks to 2.4 million total. Those numbers easily surpass Japan, where millionaires are down to 1.2 million households “driven by the 15 percent fall in the yen against the dollar,according to the report.中国也新0万百万富翁,总数达到240万。据这份报告称,这个数字轻松超过了日本。日本百万富翁家庭数量减少到20万,原因是因为“到了受日元兑美元汇率下5%的影响。”The report also stated that the highest density of millionaire households is in Qatar, where 175 out of every 1,000 households are above that threshold. All findings in the report are based on U.S. dollars.这份报告还表示,卡塔尔百万富翁家庭密度最高,,000个家庭中就有175个家庭超过百万美元的门槛。以上所有数据都基于美元计算 /201406/305344

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army on Tuesday accused the US of stoking tensions in the South China Sea as it released a muscular new military doctrine envisaging far-flung combat operations.中国军方周二发布了一份彰显军事实力、展望远程作战的军事白皮书,并谴责美国加剧了南中国海(South China Sea)的紧张局势。At the launch of a security white paper, PLA spokesman Yang Yujun said unnamed “outside powerswere trying to “tarnish the Chinese military’s reputation and create an atmosphere of exaggerated tension在发布这份防白皮书时,中国国防部新闻发言人杨宇军表示,“外来势力”正在努力“抹黑中国军队,刻意渲染地区紧张局势”。他并未说明外来势力是指谁。“We cannot eliminate the possibility that this is to create excuses for the actions that certain countries may be planning to take,said Colonel Yang. “This is not a new trick, and has been used many times in the past.”“也不排除这是为个别国家今后可能采取的一些行动寻找借口,”杨宇军大校说,“这也不是什么新的伎俩,历史上大家已经见过多次了。”International concerns have risen in recent months over China’s accelerating efforts to create habitable islands on remote coral reefs in the South China Sea, mirroring efforts by neighbours including Vietnam, Taiwan and the Philippines intended to buttress maritime claims in the region.近几个月来,国际社会对中国在南中国海域遥远的珊瑚礁上建造可居住岛屿感到日益担忧。中国的做法跟越南、台湾和菲律宾等邻国或地区类似,以持本国在该地区的海上主权要求。In the past month, the US has stepped up surveillance flights over the Chinese construction projects. In one case, a P-8 Poseidon aircraft carried a camera crew from television network CNN, which broadcast radio warnings issued by the Chinese navy. The US is considering flying surveillance missions even closer to the islands, as well as sailing warships within a few miles of them, as part of a new, more robust US military posture in the area.过去一个月里,美国增加了对中国海上工程的监视飞行。几天前,一架P-8海神(Poseidon)海上巡逻机搭载了CNN的一个摄制组执行了一次这样的飞行任务,后者报道称,中国海军对此发出了无线电警告。美国正考虑派飞机前往距离这些岛屿更近的区域执行监视任务,并派战舰驶入距这些岛屿几英里的海域内,以彰显美国在该地区更强硬的军事力量。“I think in the past few weeks, it seems that suddenly there is a lot of uproar regarding this,said Colonel Yang. “There has been a lot of hype surrounding this news. Is it because the South China Sea has shrunk and become more crowded?”“为什么最近这一段时间或者说最近几周以来,突然这个事情就闹起来了,这个信息就炒起来了,是不是南海突然间缩小了?”杨宇军大校说。“我可以告诉大家,南海很宽阔,一点也没有缩小。”The war of words takes place against a broad rethink of China’s defence policy, presented in the white paper on Tuesday.这场口水战发生之际,各方正对中国防务策略进行广泛的反思。这种反思在周二发布的白皮书中也有呈现。“China’s Military Strategy the eighth such white paper since 1998, emphasises the evolution of the country’s security needs away from simple territorial defence towards an offensive capacity overseas.这是中国998年以来发布的第八什?中国的军事战略》白皮书,强调中国的安全需求正从简单的国土防御转向海外进攻能力。The paper also highlighted information and propaganda as key strategic elements in the “winning of informationised local warsthe same day as the PLA opened an account on Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter.白皮书强调,中国要将军事斗争准备基点放在“打赢信息化局部战争上”。中国国防部在发布白皮书的同日,还在新浪微上开通“国防部发布”账号。Army operations would “continue to reorient from theatre defence to trans-theatre mobility according to the document, while the navy would shift its focus from “offshore waters defenceto “open-seas protection The air force, meanwhile, would shift focus from “territorial air defenceto “defence and offence白皮书称,中国陆军要继续实现”机动作战、立体攻防”的战略要求,海军要将战略重点从“近海防御”转向“远海护卫”,空军则要实现“国土防空型向攻防兼备型转变”。A new counter-terrorism law still under discussion would for the first time legalise the stationing of Chinese troops abroad without a UN mandate, seen as a precursor to military operations further afield.中国正在讨论制定一部反恐法。这部法律将首次授权中国军队在没有获得联合国授权的情况下执行海外任务。外界认为,此举可能为中国在更远地区采取军事行动铺平道路。While the white paper promised that China would never attack first, it also made clear that China perceived itself to be surrounded by threats. It described “new threats from hegemonism, power politics and neo-interventionismas well as from terrorism, separatism,while insisting that “anti-China forces have never given up their attempt to instigate a “colour revolutionin the country.尽管白皮书承诺中国将不会率先发起攻击,但它也明确表示,中国面对多元复杂的安全威胁,包括“霸权主义、强权政治和新干涉主义”,以及恐怖主义和分裂势力,并强调“反华势力”一直没有放弃在中国制造“颜色革命”的努力。来 /201505/377415

LEGAZPI, the Philippines As Typhoon Hagupit churned across the Philippines on Sunday, residents of the eastern part of the island nation expressed relief that they had joined the hundreds of thousands who had evacuated to safer ground.菲律宾黎牙实比——上周日,随着台风“哈格比Hagupit)席卷整个菲律宾,该岛国东部居民表示欣慰,因为他们和其他数十万人已经被疏散到安全地带。Eleanor Llaneta, 60, decided to follow the advice of her neighborhood captain and leave her home in Albay Province, on the southeastern tip of Luzon Island, on Friday, more than a day before Typhoon Hagupit made landfall.埃莉诺·兰尼塔(Eleanor Llaneta)现年60岁,她听从居民区负责人的建议,于上周五离开了自己在吕宋岛东南端阿尔拜省的家,比台风“哈格比”抵达提前了一天多时间。In past years she might have considered staying put, but a year’s worth of news about the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan, which left more than 7,300 people dead or missing after hitting the Philippines in November 2013, convinced her that prudence was the best course.如果是过去几年,她可能会考虑留在家里,但台风“海燕0131月袭击菲律宾,导致300人死亡或失踪,这一年来相关新闻不断,所以她相信,谨慎是最好的选择。“We only knew about storm surges after Tacloban,said Ms. Llaneta, referring to the city that Haiyan left filled with mud, debris and dead bodies just over one year ago.“塔克洛班出事之后,我们才知道有风暴潮这种东西,”兰尼塔说。她指的是一年多之前,海燕袭击塔克洛班后,这座城市变得满是泥土、瓦砾和尸体。By late Sunday, what had been classified as a super typhoon was far weaker than Haiyan was when it hit, and was continuing to weaken. The storm, which is expected to push its way across the country until Wednesday, was generating strong winds and rain, but the overall effect was not as devastating as worst-case scenarios had anticipated.到周日晚间为止,超级台风“哈格比”的威力远不如“海燕”巨大,而且还在继续减弱。预计这场风暴将席卷菲律宾各地,直到周三。它带来了强风和暴雨,但整体破坏性没有人们预期的最坏情况那么糟糕。The government announced Sunday evening that at least three people were confirmed to have been killed by the storm, including a 1-year-old girl and a 65-year-old man who both died of hypothermia in the central province of Iloilo. The president’s office said “reports of a few casualties have unfortunately been receivedfrom the town of Dolores, where the storm first made landfall, but the full toll there was not clear.周日晚上,政府宣布,已经实至少人在风暴中遇难,其中有一岁女孩和一5岁的男子,两人都是在菲律宾中部的伊洛伊洛省因为体温过低丧生的。总统办公室说,“不幸收到了”来自多洛雷斯的一些伤亡报告,那是“哈格比”登陆的第一个地方,但该地的完整伤亡数字尚不清楚。In Albay Province, Ms. Llaneta and about 560,000 others were evacuated ahead of the storm, according to local officials. As of 4 a.m. Sunday more than 1.2 million people had been evacuated nationwide, Gwendolyn Pang, secretary general of the Philippine Red Cross, wrote on Facebook.在阿尔拜省,兰尼塔和大约56万人在风暴到来之前被疏散了,地方官员们说。到周日凌晨四点,菲律宾全国有20万人被疏散,菲律宾红十字会秘书长彭美Gwendolyn Pang)在Facebook上写道。Hagupit is expected to hopscotch across islands as it makes its way west. Maximum sustained winds near the center had dropped to about 100 miles an hour by Sunday morning, but the slow churn over the nation could dump large amounts of rain, setting off floods and mudslides.“哈格比”在向西部移动的时候,预计会跳动着穿过整个岛屿。周日早晨,近中心最大持续风速降至约每小00英里,但这样的缓慢移动可能会将大量雨水倾倒在菲律宾,引发洪水和泥石流。With full assessments of damaged areas far from finished, the government is not y to declare success publicly in riding out the storm. Still, officials and aid workers sounded notes of optimism that darker predictions of the storm’s destructiveness would not materialize.受灾区域的全面评估还远未结束,政府尚不准备公开声明已经成功度过了这场风暴。不过,官员和救援人员表现得很乐观,他们觉得,关于这场风暴破坏性的可怕预言不会实现。“The picture looks O.K. so far in the daylight,said Kate Marshall, a spokeswoman for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. “But we still don’t know what happens when the typhoon moves northwest.”“迄今为止,白天的状况看上去还行,”红十字会与红新月会国际联合International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies)发言人凯特·马歇尔(Kate Marshall)说。“但是,我们仍然不知道当台风向西北移动时,会发生什么事。”Nearly a day after Hagupit hit, Albay had yet to record a storm-related death or serious injury, said Jukes Nunez, an Albay special operations officer. “Disaster preparedness, we want to make it part of daily life, just like brushing your teeth,Mr. Nunez said. “We are one of the most vulnerable areas in the Philippines.”“哈格比”登陆将近一天之后,阿尔拜尚未出现与风暴相关的死亡或重伤记录,阿尔拜的特殊行动官员朱克斯·努涅Jukes Nunez)说。“我们希望备灾能成为日常生活中的习惯,就像刷牙一样,”努涅斯说。“阿尔拜是菲律宾最脆弱的地区之一。”The Mayon volcano rises over Albay, adding a further risk of landslides to the wind, floods and storm surges that often follow typhoons. In 2006, Typhoon Durian dumped heavy rain on the area, setting off mudslides that buried villages below Mayon and killing more than 1,000 people.马荣火山(Mayon Volcano)矗立在阿尔拜,因此在这里,台风不仅可能带来风、洪水和风暴潮,还会有山体滑坡的风险006年,台风“榴莲”给该地区带来的暴雨引发了泥石流,掩埋了马荣下面的村庄,导致逾千人丧生。One significant development in disaster preparedness here is a much wider knowledge of the threat from storm surges, the walls of water pulled along by typhoons that can quickly flood low-lying coastal areas. In Tacloban last year a wall of water from Typhoon Haiyan ripped across a peninsular neighborhood known as San Jose, crumpling cement houses and causing many deaths.这里的备灾活动出现了一个显著进步,就是有远比从前更多的人,对台风带来的风暴潮威胁有所了解。它是台风卷起的巨浪,能够迅速淹没沿海的低洼地区。去年,在塔克洛班,台风“海燕”卷起的巨浪横扫了半岛上一个名为圣何塞的居民区,水泥房屋遭到损毁,导致很多人丧生。An assessment of that disaster by a German government-funded sustainable development agency said that many residents in Tacloban where the storm surge was the cause of most of the fatalities had not been familiar with the risks and did not evacuate. “Serious warnings and more effective evacuations along the coastline could have saved many lives,the report said.德国政府资助的一个可持续发展机构对那场灾难进行了评估,指出在塔克洛班,导致绝大多数人死亡的罪魁祸首是风暴潮,而那里的居民不了解它的威胁有多大,所以没有撤离,“在沿岸地区发布郑重警告,进行更加有效的疏散,可以挽救许多人的生命,”该报告称。In the year since Haiyan, residents have been exposed to much more discussion about the risks of typhoons, and evacuees in the city of Legazpi said that had contributed to their willingness to leave their homes.在“海燕”灾难发生后的一年中,居民接触到了更多关于台风风险的讨论,黎牙实比市的撤离者说,这种讨论让他们变得更加愿意离开自己的家园。“We were hearing all of this news on the radio about storm surges,said Maria Ampo, 46, who weathered the storm in a classroom in Bagumbayan Elementary School along with more than 30 people ranging in age from a month to 82 years old. “That’s why now we’re worried about it.”“我们在电台里听到风暴潮的各种消息,6岁的玛丽亚·安珀(Maria Ampo)说。“这就是为什么现在我们担心它的原因。”风暴期间,她和其他30余人待在巴贡巴扬小学(Bagumbayan Elementary School)教室里,其中最年幼的刚出生一个月,最年长2岁。The evacuation of so many people is an impressive step in preparedness here, Ms. Marshall said. “A million people evacuated that’s pretty huge for a country like the Philippines,she said. “Even so, we’re waiting to see what happens next. We’re not out of the woods yet.”本次备灾行动疏散了这么多的人,令人印象深刻,马歇尔说。“对于像菲律宾这样的国家来说,疏散一百万人非常不容易,”她说。“即便如此,我们正在等着看,接下来会发生什么。我们尚未脱离险境。”来 /201412/347280

The ed Nations refugee agency says the world needs to better focus on responding to the hundreds of thousands of people making ;risky; sea journeys in search of asylum or migration.联合国难民署说,国际社会必须更有效地解决数十万人为寻求庇护或移民而冒险渡海的问题。UNHCR chief Antonio Guterres is hosting a conference Wednesday and Thursday in Geneva to discuss rescues at sea, ways to encourage safer forms of migration and addressing the underlying causes of why people are fleeing their countries to begin with.联合国难民署高级专员古特雷斯星期三和星期四在日内瓦主持一次会议,讨论海上救助问题以及如何鼓励采取较安全的移民途径,并设法解决导致人们逃离家园的根本原因。The agency says at least 348,000 people have tried to make sea crossings so far this year, a likely record, with 4,272 reported deaths.联合国难民署说,今年至少4千人试图渡海,据报很可能272人死亡。The most dangerous routes have been across the Mediterranean Sea where more than 3,400 people have died in 2014. The area has seen a surge of activity with 207,000 people trying to make the trip, which the U.N. says is more than triple the previous high from 2011.最危险的路线是地中海,2014年有3400多人死在途中。地中海上的难民人数不断增多,今0千人曾冒险渡海。联合国说,这个数目011年增加了两倍以上。来 /201412/350385

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