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A: Seriously, I don’t know why we need to get a new TV. B: Honey I told you aly. I can’t appreciate the graphics level and detail of the games on my Playstation 3 on our old TV. C: Good afternoon folks! How can I be of service today? B: I’m looking to upgrade to a newer, bigger television set. C: You’ve come to the right place! What size are you looking for? A: Just a normal sized TV for our living room. C: I see. Well this set here is on sale. It’s a forty six inch HDTV screen and has all the works. Three HDMI connectors, USB, VGA and S - Video ports. It even has a DVI port so you can hook up your PC or laptop! This is without a doubt the complete home theater experience! B: This is exactly what I need! Can you imagine watching movies or playing games on this thing? A: Honey, I think it’s a bit too big. I don’t even think it will fit in our living room. C: Not to worry, we will deliver and install it in your home. It comes with a wall mount so you can just hang it on the wall like a picture! B: This is great! How much will this set me back? C: Lucky for you, this is the last one we have in stock so it’s half off! B: I’ll take it!【文章大意】对话围绕买新电话进行。男主人想买台新的电视来玩游戏,务员为他推荐了一款高清电视,电视有很多功能,而且半价,最终男主人决定买下来。 /201010/115107。

大家好!欢迎来到OMG美语!我是白洁。兴奋用美语怎么说?really excited 很激动I heard it#39;s supposed to snow today! I#39;m really excited! I love snow!听说今天要下雪啊! 激动啊!我喜欢雪!Stoked 很兴奋I#39;m so stoked!! Maybe it will snow so much that we#39;ll have a snow day!我好兴奋啊!也许雪下得大,要漫天白雪了呢~Pyched 很兴奋 /201401/273885。

【病句诊断】It is written for common ers.这本书是为普通读者写的。【辨析讲解】句中所指的普通读者中的普通之义是;一般的,普通的;,指属于大部份人或物的属性,相对于;个别;而言。而;common;是;普通的,平常的;意思,指大多数人或事物所共同具有的,常见的,常常发生或无特殊地位的。例如:The mistake is common to the beginners of English. 这个错误对于英语初学者来说是常见的。那么,是指属于大部份人或物的属性,应该用general。【诊断结果】It is written for general ers.【举一反三】Computers is now in general use.电脑现在在广泛使用。 /201202/172620。

内蒙古高院今日宣布重审“女厕奸杀案”。1996年,18岁的呼格吉勒图报警女厕内发现尸体,被认定为奸杀案凶手执行死刑,9年后另一杀人嫌犯自述为真凶。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道:Eighteen years after a convict was executed for murder, the highest local court in Inner Mongolia autonomous region has decided to rehear the case, reported Xinhua News Agency on Thursday.据新华社周四报道,在案犯因谋杀被执行死刑18年后,内蒙古高院决定重审此案。【讲解】rehear the case是重审案件。1996年4月9日,18岁的呼和浩特卷烟厂工人呼格吉勒图向警方报案,在烟厂附近的公厕内发现一具下身的女尸。被认定对死者进行强奸并掐住死者的脖子致其窒息死亡(rape and choke a woman to death)。虽然据存疑(despite doubts about the evidence),但是在案件发生的61天后,呼格吉勒图便被执行了死刑(execute)。但是9年后,也就是2005年,被媒体誉为“杀人恶魔”的内蒙系列强奸杀人案(cases of raping and killing women)凶手(murderer)赵志红落网,并交代(confess)了10起案件,其中就包括上述案件。内蒙古高院发言人李生晨在新闻发布会上表示,法庭经过审查后发现“原审据以定罪量刑(evidence leading to the conviction)的据不确实、不充分(incorrect and insufficient)”,因此决定重审。呼格吉勒图的母亲自2005年开始就一直试图明儿子的清白(prove her son#39;s innocence),接到该再审决定书(retrial decision)后当场痛哭流涕(burst into tears)。李生晨表示,鉴于原审被告人呼格吉勒图已经死亡,决定采取书面形式审理,不开庭(not hold a public hearing)。将严格依法按程序(strictly according to the due process)、公正及时(in a fair and timely manner)审理此案,如果认定该案确有错误,将严格依照法定程序,坚决依法予以纠正(surely correct it according to the due process)。 /201411/343491。

今日短语with a bang 隆重的例句University Games opened in Beijing with a bang.世界大学生运动会运在北京隆重开幕。 /201501/352777。

028 possibility and impossibility1. In all likelihood, I think this teem will win.2. There is no likelihood of his coming again.3. It seems hardly likely that they will agree with you.4. I guess he’ll fail the exam.5. Is there any possibility of their success?6. They’re predicting a good harvest this year.7. There’s a much probability that he can be saved.8. I suppose he could have gone to Europe.9. Maybe he has too much money.10. Who do you think will win the game?Dialog 1#65279;M: I’m sure it will be wet when we arrive.W: Yes. I dare say it will be.M: It will be Sunday so I expected everything will be closed.W: No. I don’t think that’s possible. Some places are sure to be open.M: But the bank should be closed so we shouldn#39;t to be able to get some money. W: Mmm, you may be right.M: Do you think we’ll need our overcoats?W: No. We couldn’t possibly.M: Why not?W: It will be summer. So it will be hot.M: Is that very likely in England?W: Yes. It could happen.Dialog 2W: Sam, what shall I do with my stocks? Will I lose money?M: There’s a possibility.W: What do you mean by that?M: I mean if you don’t sell your shares now, it’s quite likely that you’ll end up losing your shirt.W: Is that so?M: Absolutely. Take my word for it.Dialog 3M: This cake tastes terrible. I’m sorry. Let me get something else to eat.W: Well. It’s not too bad. But you may have used too much flour.M: I don’t think so. I’m sure I used two cups.W: Well. Perhaps you’ve left it in the oven for too long.M: Yes. I might have.Dialog 4W: I can’t find my purse. Have you seen it?M: No, I haven’t.W: I’ve looked everywhere for it. I must have left it somewhere. I hope I haven’t lost it.M: Perhaps you left that at school.W: No, I had it when I left school this afternoon.M: Well. Didn’t you go around to the Smith after school? You might have left it there.W: Yes, I’d better give her a call now.M: But she can’t be home now. She might have gone to the library.W: Perhaps I should call her later.Dialog 5W: Waiter, I’m afraid you must have calculated my bill wrong.M: There’s a possibility. I’ll check it.W: Thank you.M: That’s all right. I’ll be right back.Dialog 6M: Lisa, I’ve been thinking of something.W: What is it?M: Well. I’ve done a lot of business for my company. And now I feel like going into business for myself.W: Do you mean you want to sell up your company of your own?M: There’s a possibility. What do you say?W: That’s not a bad idea. Bet after all you should get some sound financial guarantee.As you are a student of English, it is very likely that you will be interested in England. That’s where the language was first spoken. Bet England is often called by other names. This often confuses people. And I wonder if you know what these names actually mean. So what I’d like to tell you about now is this matter of names. I believe you’ve heard people use the names English, Britain or Great Britain. And perhaps you’ve also heard people talk about the British Ireland. /201403/279608。

A: Oh, man. I had the best supper last night. My wife made a stir-fry and it was amazing! B:I love stir fry crispy bitesized vegetables covered in a mixture of soy sauce and oyster sauce. Wilted greens and fresh bean sprouts. Throw in some onion and garlic and ginger! Mmm! Mmm! It’s almost lunchtime. I would die for a plate of stir fry right now! A: Well, you can keep the vegetables, I’ll take the meat. The stir fry my wife made was really hearty, with chunks of beef and slivers of bell peppers and onion... B: What? You call that a stir fry? More meat than vegetables? That’s the worst insult you could throw at a Chinese stir fry. What a disgrace to the wok she fried it in! What you had is equivalent to a fajita without the wrap! Silly Americans! /201105/136397。