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青岛永久除汗毛青岛去眼袋手术费用是多少青岛青医附院整形多少钱 Students who did about an hour of ;mindfulness training; for eight days subsequently did better on the GRE as well as tests of working memory and mind-wandering.假如一名学生在连续八天的时间里每天做半小时的“正念冥思”,他在参加GRE考试或者做短期和注意力分散的测试时表现会更好。Improving memory and ability to focus takes years of cultivation and training, but getting the most out of your abilities as they stand is another valuable skill.问题:互联网可能会损害我们的注意力周期和短期记忆,但公司仍要求员工“集中注意力”。同时,尽管标准化的考试成绩很少能预测一位学生将来事业上是否成功,但高校的招生部门仍乐此不彼。改善和集中注意力的能力需要经过多年的培养和训练,但尽最大可能把你已有的能力发挥出来也是一种有价值的技巧。METHODOLOGY: Researchers at University of California at Santa Barbara had 48 undergraduate students take either a mindfulness class or a nutrition class. Classes met for 45 minutes four times per week for two weeks. They were taught by ;professionals with extensive teaching experience in their respective fields.; The mindfulness class ;emphasized the physical posture and mental strategies of focused-attention meditation.; As they describe that class more specifically:方法:在圣芭芭拉的加州大学研究人员把48名大学生分成两组,一组参加正念培训班,另外一组参加营养学培训班。这两个培训班都是每节课45分钟,每周四节课,连续上两周的课。学生们由在各自领域有丰富教学经验的专业人员上课。正念培训班的重点“在于做集中注意力冥思时所采用的身体姿势和精神策略”。他们对这个班的学习内容做了具体的描述如下:It required participants to integrate mindfulness into their daily activities and to complete 10 minutes of daily meditation outside of class. During class, participants sat on cushions in a circle. Each class included 10 to 20 minutes of mindfulness exercises requiring focused attention to some aspect of sensory experience (e.g., sensations of breathing, tastes of a piece of fruit, or sounds of an audio recording). ... Classes focused on:要求参加者把冥思融入到日常生活的行为当中,每天在课外完成10分钟的冥思。上课时参加者围坐在坐垫上,每节课包括10-20分钟的冥思练习,要求把注意力集中到某种感官体验上(如呼吸的感觉、一块水果的味道,或播放录音的声音等)。上课的重点在于:Sitting in an upright posture with legs crossed and gaze lowered, distinguishing between naturally arising thoughts and elaborated thinking保持身体挺直双腿盘坐的坐姿,目光低垂,辨别出自然产生的想法和故意的思维。Minimizing the distracting quality of past and future concerns by reframing them as mental projections occurring in the present通过改变思维方式把过去和未来关心的事项变成当下的精神投射以减少它们带来的干扰。Using the breath as an anchor for attention during meditation在冥思时利用呼吸来做注意力的“锚地”(即把注意力集中到自己的呼吸上来)。Repeatedly counting up to 21 consecutive exhalations [Ed. note: presume inhalations occurred as well.]在数到21的时间里连续吐气,反复做(设想在这期间也有吸气发生)。Allowing the mind to rest naturally rather than trying to suppress the occurrence of thoughts.让头脑自然休息,不要试图去压制头脑里产生出来的思维。The students in both classes took the GRE (Graduate Record Examinations; the standardized tests considered for grad school application) before and after the two-weeks of class, as well as tests of memory and distractibility, where they counted their ;task-unrelated thoughts; while doing things that required concentration.两个班级的学生在上这两星期课的先后都参加了GRE考试,还进行了和注意力分散的测试,在测试中他们对需要集中注意力时产生的“与任务无关的思维”进行了计数。RESULTS: Scores improved in the mindfulness-trained group, but not the nutrition-trained group. For one, their average GRE verbal score went from 460 to, two weeks later, 520. They also improved on tests of working memory and focus (had fewer task-unrelated thoughts).结果:参加正念培训班的学生成绩有了提高,但参加营养学培训班的学生却没有改进。正念培训班学生的GRE成绩由两周前的460分提高到了520分,对短期和注意力集中进行测试的成绩也比以前有了提高(与任务无关思维的次数减少了)。IMPLICATIONS: Taking time to think about your thoughts, breathing, posture, and the like can be valuable to overall cognitive functioning. This is the opposite of staying in a library for 86 hours fueled by Adderrall and anxiety. Kaplan#39;s GRE prep course is , 299, and a ton of people buy it. Meditation is free, so while that much is invested, this is probably worth checking out. Even if you can#39;t find time to meditate exactly, there#39;s always a moment to think intensely about fruit or ;your breathing as an anchor.;意义:花一点时间来思考一下你的思维、呼吸、姿势以及诸如此类的事情对整体的认知功能会有好处,这样做与待在图书馆里86个小时靠吃安神丸来集中注意力正好相反。卡普兰的GRE准备课程要卖1299美元,有许多人购买了这个课程,而冥思却是免费的。既然这么大的代价也舍得花,我们不妨来试一试冥思的功效。即便你没有时间来做冥思,花上片刻时间来想一想水果的味道或者“把呼吸作为集中注意力的锚地”总是可以的。 /201305/242200Mr. Brown came to an inn on a very cold day, and could get no room near the fire.在一个寒冷的冬日, 布朗先生来到一家小客栈,发现火炉旁边已经没有空位了。He called to the hostler to fetch a peck of oysters, and give them to his horse.于是,他让旅店的马夫去拿些牡蛎来喂他的马。;Will your horse eat oysters?; said the hostler.“您的马吃牡蛎吗?”马夫问道。;Try him, ; said Mr. Brown.“你试着喂喂吧。”布朗先生回答。Immediately the people ran to see this wonder, and Mr. Brown who alone remained in the room, chose the best seat by the fire and made himself comfortable.  顷刻间,人们都跑去看这一奇观,而布朗先生却独自呆在屋里,他在火炉旁找了个最好的座位,舒舒地坐在那取暖了。青岛割双眼皮手术大概价钱

山东省青岛做双眼皮好的医生Building a huge ball out of more than 175,000 rubber bands(1) is dangerous business. Really. "The rubber bands ... sometimes they'll break. That hurts," said Steve Milton, whose 4,594-pound rubber band ball was certified Tuesday as the world's largest by Guinness World Records officials. "As long as you wear your safety goggles(2), you're good."Milton, 26, of Eugene, Ore., watched as four bodybuilders rolled the multicolored(3), rubbery mass — 5 1/2 feet high and 19 feet around — onto a giant scale in downtown Chicago for the official weigh-in(4).He raised his arms over his head in Rocky-esque style when Guinness judge Sarah Wagner announced his ball had bounced(5) the previous 3,120-pound record-holder from the books. That record was set by John Bain of Wilmington, Del., in 2003."It was just a great project with me and my kids," said Milton, who worked on the ball with his 6-year-old son, Bryce Milton, and soon-to-be stepson(6), Austin Johnson, 7. "We did a little bit of research on how big rubber band balls are, and realized there was one out there that was 3,120 pounds and we knew we could do it."Milton credited his success to a simple credo(7): add to the ball every day, even if it was for just a few minutes."We tried to do at least ten to 20 pounds a day," said Milton, who moved the ball to the garage after it dawned on(8) him the growing globe would soon be too big to fit through the door. "Some days we'd take off, and not do anything, but we definitely stuck with it."Milton's fiancee, Nicole Johnson, said she thought at first that her family might be a little crazy."I was wondering," Johnson said. "But it turned into a fun project for all of us."Milton bought the rubber bands, finally striking a deal with a manufacturer to buy them in bulk(9).Guinness judge Wagner, who is based in London but flies around the globe certifying records (her previous assignment was the world's longest line of pizza in Italy), said the atmosphere for the weigh-in was great."You meet all kinds of people all over the world, and it's lovely because people have passions and you get to help realize them." 用175000根橡皮筋做成一个球是很危险的工作。真的。Steve Milton说:“有时候,橡皮筋会断,会伤到人。除非戴上护目镜,否则很危险。” 周二,他制作的4594磅橡皮筋球通过吉尼斯世界纪录官方审核成为世界最大橡皮筋球。26岁的俄勒冈州尤金小伙儿Milton看着四个大力士将高5 1/2英尺、周长19英尺的色橡胶团推上位于芝加哥的巨型天平,进行官方称重。吉尼斯评委Sarah Wagner宣布Milton打破2003年特拉华州威尔明顿John Bain创下的3120磅纪录。Milton像拳击获胜者一样把手臂高举过头顶示意。Milton与六岁的儿子Bryce Milton和7岁的准继子Austin Johnson一起制作,他说:“这是我和孩子们的大工程。我们首先了解到世界上最大的橡皮筋球为3120磅,我们认为我们可以超越。”Milton透露简单的成功秘诀:每天都缠,哪怕只缠几分钟。Milton说:“我们试图每天增加10至20磅,中途也停止过,不过最终又专心制作了。” 当他意识到这样下去球会越变越大,可能很快就出不了门的时候,他把球移到车库中。Milton的未婚妻Nicole Johnson说,最初她认为她的家人有点疯狂。Johnson说:“开始我觉得很困惑,但是后来这变成全家人的活动。”Milton负责购买皮筋,后来索性从生产商那里批量购买。基尼斯评委Wagner说称重时候的氛围太棒了。Wagner住在伦敦,终日在世界各处飞来飞去为世界纪录做见人,上一次是在意大利见世界最长的比萨队。“你在世界各地见到各种各样的人,很高兴看见人们心怀,而你能帮助他们实现梦想。” /200805/39778在青岛botox注射瘦腿哪家医院 Thousands of British nurses think it is fine to have an affair with one of their patients, according to research.Almost one in 10 nurses think breaking the age-old taboo of starting a relationship with one of their patients is acceptable while one in six said they knew of a colleague who had a sexual relationship with a patient they were looking after.The findings, published by the Nursing Times, will add weight to the controversial remarks by Conservative peer Lord Mancroft that nurses are "promiscuous" and "unprofessional".Mancroft faced a backlash after he claimed he was ignored by nurses and forced to listen while they discussed their drunken antics and sexual encounters while being treated for gastroenteritis at the Royal ed hospital in Bath last summer.The survey's findings suggest many of the UK's 400,000 nurses are prepared to run the risk of being struck off for sleeping with patients and also that relationships between nurses and patients are not uncommon.In January the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (CHRE) issued strict new rules reminding nurses that they face disciplinary action if they embark on a sexual relationship with a current patient.The rules also say that relationships with former patients will often be deemed unacceptable. The regulations have proved contentious with nurses who say many such relationships end in marriage.The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) says the survey findings, of 3,600 nurses, are "very concerning". 一项调查显示,英国有数千名护士认为与病人发生暧昧关系可以接受。近十分之一的护士认为打破传统禁忌、与病人谈恋爱可以接受;六分之一的护士称,她们的同事与自己护理的病人发生过性关系。这项在《护理时代》上发表的调查结果将为英国上院议员、保守党人曼克劳弗特对护士的一番有争议的评价提供“据”,他认为护士“生活混乱”、“缺乏职业道德”。去年夏天,曼克劳弗特因患肠胃炎前往位于巴斯的皇家联合医院就治,他称在其住院期间,护士们对其不管不问,反而在那讨论她们喝醉后的滑稽动作和性话题。曼克劳弗特的这番言论遭到了强烈抨击。而这项调查结果表明,在英国的四万名护士中,有很多人会不顾被开除的风险,与自己的病人发生关系;此外,护士与病人谈恋爱已不是什么新鲜事。优质医疗健康护理委员会于今年1月发布了行业新规,根据新规定,如果护士与正在接受治疗的病人发生性关系,将会受到严厉的纪律处分。规定中还提到,即使病人出院后,这种行为也不可接受。但这些规定遭到了护士们的异议。她们称,很多这样的恋情最后都开花结果。该调查共有3600名护士参加。皇家护士学院称,调查结果“非常令人担忧” /200803/29699青岛抽脂的价格

海慈医院激光祛疤价格Young people from less-privileged homes are more likely to graduate from college and earn more if raised by two married parents.不富裕家庭的年轻人,若是由父母双亲抚养长大,更有机会大学毕业并获得高薪。Young adults are 44 percent more likely to have graduated from college if they were raised by their married parents.在由已婚父母养育下长大的年轻人大学毕业的机会要多出44%。In fact, the opportunity story begins with our families—in particularly, with our parents. As the Nobel-prize-winning economist James Heckman recently noted, “the family into which a child is born plays a powerful role in determining lifetime opportunities.”事实上,机会始于家庭——特别是父母。诺贝尔经济学奖得主詹姆斯·海克曼最近指出,“家庭在孩子的出生中扮演了强有力的角色,决定了其一生的机会。”Research indicates that adolescents raised in intact, married homes are significantly more likely to succeed educationally and financially. The benefits are greatest for less privileged homes—that is, where their mother did not have a college degree.研究表明健全的婚姻家庭中长大的青年人在教育上和经济上都更有可能成功。在母亲没有大学学历的不富裕家庭,家庭完整就是最大的优势。As the next graph indicates, young men and women who hail from intact, married homes are much more likely to graduate from college. More precisely, young adults are at least 44 percent more likely to have graduated from college if they were raised by their married parents. This is important because a college degree is associated with better work opportunities, lower odds of unemployment, and a substantial wage premium.来自完整家庭的年轻男女更有可能从大学顺利毕业。确切的说,已婚家庭长大的青年人大学毕业的机会要多出44%。而大学毕业至关重要,因为它意味着更好的工作机会,更低的失业率和工资的大幅溢价。The marriage bump is strongest among families where the parents didn#39;t go to college (the left half of the graph above). Among less-educated families, the children of married parents earn about , 000 more than their peers from non-intact families, as the next chart shows. The association between intact families and income is not significant for children of college-educated parents.父母没念过大学的家庭婚姻是最坎坷的 。下图表明,受教育程度低的家庭中,已婚父母的孩子同离异家庭的同龄孩子相比能多赚4000美元,而对受教育程度高的家庭的孩子来说,家庭完整与收入之间的关系并不大。Adolescent family structure also has important implications for family formation among young adults. The next graph indicates that men and women who hail from intact families are about 40 percent less likely to father or bear a child outside of wedlock. This is important because nonmarital childbearing reduces your odds of successfully getting and staying married down the road, maximizing your income, and of providing a stable home to your children.青少年的家庭结构对年轻一代成年人家庭的形成有着重要的意义。下图表明,完整家庭中成长起来的男女婚外生育的几率要小40%,这一结论非常重要,因为非婚生育将使你今后成婚和维系婚姻都步履维艰,大幅加薪机会渺茫,甚至为子女提供一个安稳的家都遥不可及。Marriage might even have economic benefits at the citywide level. A recentstudy from Harvard and UC-Berkeley found that the most important predictor of economic mobility was the low share of single moms in a community. Mobility for poor kids was highest in the Salt Lake City metro area, which also happens to have one of the lowest rates of single motherhood of any major metro area in the country.婚姻甚至在全市层面带来经济效益。哈佛和加州大学伯克利分校最近一项研究表明一个社区经济流动性的最重要迹象是该社区的单身母亲为数不多。盐湖城大都会区是贫困孩子的流动率是最高的地方,也是全美大都会区母亲单身率最低的地方。 /201311/264420 Former England captain David Beckham is to retire at the end of the season. The 38-year-old signed a five-month deal at Paris St-Germain in January and donated all of his salary to charity。前英格兰队队长贝克汉姆将在季末退役。38岁的小贝在今年1月与巴黎圣日耳曼签订了五个月的合同,并将自己的薪资全部捐给了慈善机构。Beckham made 115 appearances for England and 394 for Manchester ed, winning six Premier League titles and the Champions League。小贝代表英格兰队出场115次,代表曼联俱乐部出场394次,六次获得英超联赛和欧冠联赛冠军。Here, in his statement released today, Beckham talks about his decision to retire from playing。在他今天发布的声明中,小贝说明了他退役的决定。;I#39;m thankful to PSG for giving me the opportunity to continue but I feel now is the right time to finish my career, playing at the highest level。“我非常感谢巴黎圣日耳曼给我继续征战绿茵场的机会,但是我觉得现在是结束我职业生涯的最佳时机,在最高水平的联赛当中。”;If you had told me as a young boy I would have played for and won trophies with my boyhood club Manchester ed, proudly captained and played for my country over one hundred times and lined up for some of the biggest clubs in the world, I would have told you it was a fantasy. I#39;m fortunate to have realised those dreams。“如果在我年轻的时候,你告诉我,我会在曼联俱乐部效力并且赢得无数的奖杯;同时代表英格兰出战超过百场并且成为队长;效力世界许多伟大的俱乐部,我会回答你,那只是一个幻想。但我很幸运的实现了这些幻想。”;To this day, one of my proudest achievements is captaining my country. I knew every time I wore the Three Lions shirt, I was not only following in a long line of great players, I was also representing every fan that cared passionately about their country. I#39;m honoured to represent England both on and off the pitch。“直到这一天,我最骄傲的成就是成为英格兰队的队长。我知道当我每一次穿上三狮军团的战袍,我不仅仅是一名球员,我代表的是关心着英格兰的每一个球迷。我很荣幸能够成为英格兰队的代表,无论是场内还是场外。”;I wouldn#39;t have achieved what I have done today without my family. I#39;m grateful for my parents#39; sacrifice, which made me realise my dreams. I owe everything to Victoria and the kids, who have given me the inspiration and support to play at the highest level for such a long period. I also want to thank Simon Fuller and his team for their continued support。“如果没有我的家人,我不会实现今天的成就和梦想。我感谢我的父母,为我所做出的一切,是他们让我实现了现在的成就。我更感谢维多利亚和我的孩子们,是他们一直给予我持,让我在这么长的时间内有高水平的发挥。我也更感谢西蒙-福勒和他的团队给予我的鼓励。”;I want to thank all my team-mates, the great managers that I had the pleasure of learning from. I also want to thank the fans who have all supported me and given me the strength to succeed。“我要感谢我所有的队友,以及所有的主教练,我很荣幸可以从他们身上学到很多。我也要向球迷表达由衷的感谢,他们都持我给予我巨大的动力。”;Nothing will ever completely replace playing the game I love, however I feel like I#39;m starting a new adventure and I#39;m genuinely excited about what lies ahead. I#39;m fortunate to have been given many opportunities throughout my career and now I feel it#39;s my time to give back.;任何事情都不能取代我对比赛的热爱,然而现在我将开始一个新的冒险。想到我新的未来,我十分兴奋。在我的职业生涯中我很幸运,现在的我是时候回到生活当中了。”The midfielder made his England debut against Moldova in 1996 and captained the side from 2000 to 2006, making his 115th and final England appearance in a 3-0 win over Belarus in 2009.这位中场球员于1996年在英格兰对尔多瓦的比赛中代表英格兰队初次露面,随后的2000年到2006年出任英格兰队队长,而第115次代表英格兰队出征是在2009年3比0胜白俄罗斯,这也是他的最后一次代表英格兰队出战。Including PSG#39;s recent Ligue 1 title win, Beckham has won 19 trophies - 10 of them league titles - in a playing career spanning 20 years, and is the only English player to win championships in four countries。包括巴黎圣日耳曼最近一次在法甲联赛中的胜利,贝克汉姆在他长达20年的足球生涯中一共赢得了19次奖杯——其中10次是以队长的身份,而且他也是唯一一位在四个国家获过冠军的英国球员。Beckham#39;s club football career:贝克汉姆的足球俱乐部生涯:1993-2003: Manchester ed曼联1994-1995: Preston North End (loan)普雷斯顿北区(租借)2003-2007: Real Madrid皇家马德里2007-2012: Los Angeles Galaxy洛杉矶2009-2010: Loan spells at AC MilanAC米兰(租借)2013: Paris St-Germain巴黎圣日耳曼 /201305/240549李沧区儿童医院专家挂号多少钱青岛四方区注射瘦脸针多少钱



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