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Chinese telecom technology firm Huawei last Tuesday launched its premium Huawei P10 smartphone in Kenya as it continues its aggressive push for an increased stake in the local smartphone market.中国电信技术公司华为于上周二在肯尼亚推出了华为P10高端智能手机,继续其在当地智能手机市场增加份额的攻势。Huawei P10, the latest addition of the P series, is aimed at the socially-and-tech-conscious people and combines the art of portrait photography, inventive technology and genuine workmanship.华为P系列的最新款--华为P10,主要针对有社交和科技意识的群体,并且将人像摄影、技术创新和精良的工艺结合了起来。Mark Hemaobin, Managing Director Huawei Mobile Eastern Africa, said the Huawei P10 was in line with Huawei#39;s global strategy to manufacture products that integrate humanity and technology.华为东非地区总经理何茂彬表示,华为P10符合华为“制造融合人文与科技的产品”这一全球战略。;As culture and technology continue to traverse in every aspect of our world, we want to deliver new products and experiences that ultimately improve and enhance life,; said Hemaobin in a statement issued in Nairobi.何茂彬在内罗毕声明:“文化和技术一直贯穿在我们生活的方方面面,我们要生产新产品,提供会改善并提高生活品质的用户体验。”The latest smartphone features artistic portraits with precise 3D facial detection, dynamic illumination, portrait enhancements, natural bokeh effect and Huawei Hybrid Zoom as well as the world#39;s first Leica front camera with a new, brighter sensor and larger aperture for outstanding self-portraits.这款智能手机主打精确的三维人脸检测、动态光照、图像美化,拥有自然的背景虚化效果和华为混合变焦,以及全球第一的徕卡前置摄像头,这个摄像头有一个更亮的传感器和大光圈,为用户带来更好的自拍体验。;We understand that our users are particular about great photo moments and selfies, so we spent a considerable amount of research and design making it even better,; said Hemaobin.何茂彬说:“我们了解到用户比较在意自拍,所以进行了相当多的研究和设计,使我们的产品在这方面做得更好。”The Huawei P10 is part of Huawei Mobile Kenya plans to increase its smartphone sales by 50 percent by end of 2017.华为P10是华为肯尼亚到2017年底使其智能手机销售量增加百分之50的计划的一部分。Owing to its innovative products and growing recognition as a premium device brand, Huawei Consumer Group shipped in 139 million smartphones during 2016, contributing to 25.9 billion U.S. dollars in annual revenue.由于其创新产品和作为优质设备品牌越来越多的认可,在2016年,华为消费群体购买了1亿3900万智能手机,使华为年收入达到259亿美元。 /201706/512194

The French department store Printemps launched the the use of Alipay, one of China#39;s biggest payment services, at its flagship store last Wednesday, making it the first department store in France to use the service.法国巴黎春天百货公司旗舰店上周三启用付宝,成为法国首家采用该务的百货公司。付宝是中国最大的付务之一。The Alipay app allows consumers to purchase goods quickly and easily by transacting money via the QR code generated by their smartphone.消费者可以使用付宝应用,通过智能手机生成的二维码完成付,从而快捷轻松地购买商品。Having 450 million users in China, this service is familiar to many Chinese tourists travelling to France, which is why Printemps adopted it as a new payment solution for its Chinese customers.在中国拥有4.5亿用户的这项务,对许多到法国旅游的中国游客来说是很熟悉的。这就是为什么巴黎春天百货公司采用它作为其中国顾客的最新付解决方案。;Chinese tourists are one of our most important clientele, we#39;ve developed many special services to welcome them in a better way, and we are particularly happy that we can offer them this exclusive service in France by applying Alipay payment,; said Annalisa Loustau, chief marketing and communication officer at Printemps.巴黎春天百货公司市场营销和公关总监安娜丽莎·洛斯陶表示:;中国游客是我们最重要的顾客群之一,为了更好地吸引中国游客,我们推出了许多特殊务。能够在法国启用付宝付,为他们提供这种专属务,我们感到非常开心。;The department store has integrated Alipay regulations into its central management system and has announced it will roll out the service at its 18 other stores by the end of this year.巴黎春天百货公司已将付宝规定融入其中央管理系统,并宣布将在今年年底前在巴黎春天其他18家分店推出付宝务。Mrs Zhu, a Chinese customer living in France for two years, told Xinhua that most of her payments in France were made using bank cards, which she doesn#39;t find as convenient as the mobile payments she used in China.已经在法国居住了两年的中国顾客朱女士在接受新华社采访时表示,她在法国的大部分费用都是用卡付的,她没有找到像在中国时移动付那样方便的方式。;I got used to paying by mobile payments in China, now I feel good that I can use it again in France and I believe my friends coming from China will like it,; said Zhu.朱女士说道:“我习惯了在中国的那种移动付方式,现在我可以在法国再次使用这种方式我感到很高兴,我相信我来自中国的朋友都会喜欢它的。” /201611/479176

Apple Inc has filed two patent applications in China, in a move to prepare for new smartphone features that can resonate with local consumers.苹果公司已在中国提交了两项专利申请,为推出中国消费者特别关心的智能手机新功能做准备。The California-headquartered firm filed two applications to patent its dual-SIM card technologies in China, which enable one phone to support two carriers at the same time, according to the official website of China#39;s State Intellectual Property Office.中国国家知识产权局官网显示,总部位于加利福尼亚州的苹果公司提交了两项申请,在中国为其双SIM卡技术申请专利,该技术能够让一部手机同时持两个运营商。The two applications, filed in February and March respectively, are still awaiting approval, and they are Apple#39;s latest efforts to lure consumers away from competitors such as Samsung and Huawei which have aly unveiled similar features on their top-end devices.两项申请的提交时间分别为今年2月、3月,目前仍在等待审批。这是苹果公司试图从三星和华为等已在其高端设备上推出类似功能的竞争者手中吸引走消费者的最新努力Nicole Peng, research director at Shanghai-based consultancy Canalys, said the dual-SIM card features are popular among businessmen in China and other Southeastern Asian countries.总部位于上海的咨询公司Canalys的研究主管妮科尔·彭表示,双SIM卡功能在中国和其他东南亚国家的商人之间非常流行。;The move can help Apple battle mounting competition, though it will take time to apply the new functions to smartphones,; Peng said.妮科尔·彭说:“虽然还需要时间将新功能应用到智能手机上,不过该举措可以帮助苹果公司在日益激烈的竞争中保持竞争力。”The news came shortly after Apple set up its first China research and development center in Beijing, with registered capital of 100 million yuan (.99 million).这一消息是在苹果于北京设立了第一个中国研发中心后不久传出的,该研发中心的注册资本为1亿元人民币(折合1499万美元)。The center will have roughly 500 employees and the total investment will be up to 300 million yuan, the local government said.据当地政府表示,该中心将会有大约500名员工,总投资将高达3亿元。 /201610/471439

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