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旅游骗局警惕 --9 :: 来源: 旅游骗局警惕中国式一个礼仪友好之邦,但是你旅行时你依然需要警惕一些旅游骗局喜爱旅游的你,有没有亲身体验过类似的经验呢?欢迎和我们分享!China is a very eigner-friendly country when it comes to traveling but you still need to be alert potential travel scams and traps. What was the worst travel scam you've ever fallen ? You're welcome to share your story with us.futsanglung (UK)The two s as used in Mount Wutai.You order off a with low prices but when you question the cost at the end of the meal they produce a with inflated prices. To avoid this make them write the price on the order m and leave a copy on the table.This trick is carried out on both Chinese and eigners.vf8tcat (US)I am an American. Several years ago I was returning from a work trip in Thailand and decided to stop in Beijing a few days bee going on to Washington. I had never seen the Great Wall and wanted to have that experience.The tour was great. But afterwards the tour guide insisted on taking me to a small pottery plant. There a lady took me on another tour showing how craftsmen made hand-painted copper pottery. She then took me to the show room to see which item I wanted to buy. I hadn’t planned to buy anything. She applied some gentle but distinct pressure to buy “something”. Wanting to look like a respectful American I said what the heck and selected a small copper vase. It turned out to be about 5,00 yuan (0). I later discovered this to be a massive rip-off that was basically designed Westerners. They would never attempt to charge Chinese or other Asian countries this much.Dragons8 (Singapore)In Sanya, most traps belong to those with northern accents running restaurants, even the local also get cheated by them, using threats and strong arm tactics to harass customers to order their foods.When you ask the cost of a live fish in the tank, they just e a cut throat price and straight away kill the fish by throwing onto the floor. How can you bargain when the fish is aly dead?Mutuxingzhe (China)It's a horrified travel trap I've ever fallen . So please do not believe in those cheaper "beijing one day tour" that costs you less than 0 yuan. The guild is equal to a robber,a gangster. The post said the tour includes "badaling great wall", but they lead you to "jiayuguan", including"ming dynasty cemetery", but only let you see a glimpse through the bus window and always push you to buy, buy, buy and at the end of the trip, all passengers are pushed to a basement jam shopping center, and through a series of elaborate hoaxes, a so-called overseas eigner appeared, just said lots of bullshits to cheat you to buy jams when we bought something and go back to the bus,the guide disappeared,and slowly, we realized this is a hoax, but the bus driver just rudely said "I have no idea".Ratfink (Australia)I've had taxi drivers try to scam me in Africa, Italy, Hungary, Romania as well as China, Indonesia and the Philippines.The best thing to do is to find out what the average fare is and know the approximate route to be taken to get to major locations in a city. Have addresses written down in the local language and do your research online.I've never had problems with travel agents as I have used the same travel agent the past 35 years and she is ultra reliable and very much on the lookout scams from hotels and agencies.Cq (US)Last week, I was stopped by two women who asked me if I was American and if they could practice English with me. This took place in the shopping mall next to the Grand Hyatt Hotel. I had heard of this scam bee, but they seemed sincere. They asked if we could have coffee so they could "practice English." I was suckered because I'm an ESL instructor!! Also, I was alone. I agreed, but instead of a coffee house, they headed down a sidestreet near the mall to a Chinese tea house.They ordered tea and wine the 3 of us. We chatted, but they were more interested in discussing me than themselves. Finally, it was time to pay. They produced a that listed each pot of tea at 750RMB! They passed the bill to me. The total bill was 3000RMB, or 0!It was obvious that they and the tea house were working together. They kept saying, just use your credit card. I realized by then it was a scam to bilk me on my credit card. Scared to death, I threw 300 RMB on the table and ran.Seneca (US)In China the discount is advertised in loud and shrill announcements, written and said out aloud on megaphones.In Yangshuo's West Street you can find beautifully-crafted chopsticks in a dedicated chopstick shop. There is no pricer rebate advertised but Chinese customers enquiring about them will be offered a percent reduction while laowai visitors are brushed off rudely with the claim there is no discount available. In isolated cases a 5 percent discount was grudgingly granted.NTM3 (UK)When I go to Beijing I never join any tours.It might get quite a bit more expensive, it is true, however, I have much more fun and enjoyment going by myself or with my family.Tour guides will take you to see the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, etc., let you see some hutongs and take you to some stores where they probably might have a commission depending on how much everyone buys. And you will finish your tour by eating the Quanjude duck. Everyone is happy and returns home.Beijing is much more than that. There are wonderful places where you can enjoy the typical food of Beijing, shows, shopping centers, etc. that unless you go by yourself you will never taste or see because the tour guides will never take you there.Bee joining a tour think twice.In , I took one taxi from Nanjing Road to Shanghai South Railway Station. The fare meter was moving faster than its normal pace. On the way I did not ask him about the pace of the fare meter. After reaching the station he asked me to pay RMB378 which was much more than the normal charge. When I disagree with his fare he even wanted to punch me. Then I called one police officer and explained him the case with my broken Chinese. After half an hour of high voltage drama police caught the Taxi driver. The police officer told me that the fare meter was fake one and the taxi driver did not have the license to drive a taxi in shanghai. Thanks to the Police officer. I was treated nicely. 旅游骗局警惕。

爱的力量Love Power -- :7:19 来源: Wealways say that love has great power to fix anything. But what power does lovehave and how it works? In my opinion, love is the firmest connection betweenpeople. The relationship between people may be connected due to variousreasons, but love helps people understand and accept each other. So people cankeep their relationship much longer. Besides, love can heal a wounded heart. Sometimes,we may be hurt by others or we may suffer some unexpected accidents. They ofcourse will depress us. But love given by others can pull us out of depression.Because they love us, they will be around us and help us.我们常说爱有巨大的力量可以弥补任何东西,但是爱到底有什么力量?它是怎样给我们力量的呢?我认为,爱是维系人与人之间的关系最牢固的纽带人与人之间的关系可能会因为种种原因而形成,但是能让人们相互理解、相互接受,所以关系能维系得更久另外,爱能治愈一颗受伤的心有的时候,我们肯能会被他人伤害,或是遭遇到意想不到的灾祸,这都会使我们感到沮丧,但是他人给予的爱却能把我们脱离沮丧,因为他们爱我们,所以他们会相伴左右,向我们伸出援手。

Welcome Speech 欢迎词 -- :31:5 来源: Welcome Speech 欢迎词Ladies and gentlemen,  Welcome to our school. I'm very glad to introduce our school to you.  This is our teaching building, which has xis storeys. The teachers and students are working and studying there.  The three-storeyed building on the left is our library, which has more than 60,000 books. On the right there is a gymnasium and a swimming pool. We often have P.E. there.  That's all about our school.女士们,先生们:    欢迎你们来到我们学校我很高兴地向你们介绍我们学校  这是我们的教学楼,共有六层老师和学生都在这里学习和工作  左边的三层楼房是我们的图书馆,那里有6万多本书在右边有一个体育馆和游泳池,我们经常在那里上体育课  这就是我们学校。

一年级英语作文:This is me --1 01:1:31 来源: Hello, everybody! My name is Michael. I'm a hay boy. Because I laugh every day. I have a big family. There are three people in my family, my mother, my father and I. My parents are managers and I'm a student. I study in Grade Seven, Cla Eleven, Dongzhou Middle School. It#39 a nice place. There are many students in my cla. I have a good teacher, Mi Jiang.  My favorite leo are English and Maths. I like dogs very much. I have only one dog. Its name is Doudou. It#39 a pretty dog. Oh, I got to tell you something about my old friend. His name is Tad. His hoy is playing basketball. So he is taller and stronger than I. He has two big eyes and long hair. He is my best friend. This is me, a hay boy!。

我的身体很差-- :5:   My health sucks.   我的身体很差   sucks这个词在英语中被用得非常频繁一般来说,它可以用在任何的主语后边来表示一件东西非常差。

Lost 寻物启示() -- ::38 来源: Lost 寻物启示()  My schoolbag with one Chinese book, one English book, three notebooks and a pencil-case. It's green with a cat picture on it. My name is Mike. Please call 33675 if you find it. Thanks a lot!  丢失书包,里面有一本语文书,一本英语书,三个笔记本和一个铅笔盒书包是绿色的,上面有小猫图案我叫迈克,如有人找到,请打电话33675.非常感谢!。

我的乌龟(My Turtle) --1 :55: 来源: 我的乌龟(My Turtle)  hi! good friends. my name is susie. i’m ten years old. this is my pet. it’s a turtle. he is also ten years old. his name is sandwich. he eats ten small fishes every day .  look at him! he has a beautiful shell and two small eyes. he also has a long tail.  now my turtle wants to have a little sister. they can play, sleep and walk together. now, mr sandwich, please reach out your hand and say “bye-bye.” my friends,please call me. my telephone number is one two three four five.。

行使(Exercise) -- :55: 来源: 行使(Exercise)   e home from school .and eating habits are pretty good. i try to lot of vegetabies ,usually ten to eieven times a week.and i eat fruit everyday and i drnk milk everyday. ofcourse,i love junkfood too, but i try to eat it only once a week.oh,and isleep nine hours every night. so you see,i look after my health lifestyle helps me get good grades.  good food exercise help me to study better.。