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1) Be friends first1)首先要做朋友Yes, of course, you’re no longer boyfriend and girlfriend – now you’re husband and wife. That’s a big deal and it’s a pretty massive change. There’s no way that you wouldn’t notice this.是的,当然,你们已经不再是男女朋友关系——你们现在是夫妻关系。这是很重大的一件事,而且是一个非常巨大的改变。你肯定会注意到这一点。But if you don’t act like the two of you are friends, you’re going to let all the ups and downs of life get in the way. Things won’t always be super great and you won’t be happy all the time. You’re going to have long, exhausting weeks at work. You’re going to have an epic cold that won’t go away for six weeks. You’re going to struggle to balance everything in your life, from your marriage to your best friends to your career and hobbies.但是如果你在做事的时候不再像朋友一样,那么你的人生会出现起起落落。事情不会总是那么顺利,而且你也不会一直都很开心。你将会有冗长累人的工作周。而且你会经历史无前例的感冒,6周都好不了。你会挣扎着平衡生活中的方方面面,从婚姻到最好的朋友,再到你的事业和爱好。If you and your now husband stop being friends first, you might not be super compassionate toward each other when life doesn’t go as planned. And that would be a real shame since it would basically mean forgetting that whole “in sickness and in health” thing.如果你和你的丈夫不再首先像朋友一样相处,那么当生活不按照计划进行的时候,你们互相之间或许不会那么富有同情心了。而且这将会是真正的羞辱,因为这基本上意味着忘掉所有的“生病和健康”的事情。2) Be your own person2)做你自己You can’t magically get rid of your life just because you’re married now. You need to still be your own person. If you don’t, you’re going to resent your husband for making your entire life about him… and that’s not fair since it will be your decision and your doing.你不可能像魔法一样来摆脱自己的生活,仅仅是因为你现在结婚了。你还是需要做自己。如果你不再做自己,你将会怨恨你的丈夫,恨他将你的整个生活都变成了他的……而且这并不公平,因为这是你自己的决定和做法。Think about what matters to you the most in your life. That Saturday morning barre cardio class? Spending a quiet Sunday afternoon baking chocolate chip cookies? Girls night out and trips with your friends and seeing your parents and sister on a regular basis?想想你生活中最重要的事情。周六的扶手杠有氧运动课程?在周日下午安静地烤巧克力薄饼甜点?定期与闺蜜晚上一起闲逛,和你的朋友旅游,看望你的父母和?Don’t get rid of your interests and hobbies or stop seeing the people that mean the most to you. It’s unhealthy to be laser focused on your relationship, and your husband probably doesn’t want to give up everything and everyone that he loves, either.不要放弃你的兴趣爱好,不要停止看望对你重要的人。将所有的注意力都集中在你们关系上是不健康的,你的老公或许也不会像放弃他喜欢在乎的一切事和人。 /201703/4949611.Papaya1.木瓜You may not find these fruits growing anywhere near your apple orchards, but this tropical fruit offers a ton of health benefits.你可能在你家的苹果园附近找不到木瓜,但是这种热带水果却对健康大有裨益。MSN discusses how papayas are high in vitamin C, which helps support your immune system, protect against arthritis, and prevent cardiovascular disease.MSN讨论过木瓜中富含多少维他命C,这有利于增强你的免疫系统,防范关节炎和预防心血管疾病。They are also rich in fiber and antioxidants, and this together makes the papaya an effective fighter of cholesterol build-up in the arteries, which again works to prevent heart disease.此外,它们还富含纤维素和抗氧化剂,这些使得木瓜能够有效抗击堆积在动脉内的胆固醇,从而再次预防心脏病。2.Kiwi2.猕猴桃The kiwi, or kiwifruit, is small in size but big in nutritional impact. This little fruit contains plenty of vitamin C to support the immune system and fight heart disease and cancer.猕猴桃,或称奇异果,体型虽小,但是营养效应却很大。这种小果子富含维他命C,能够增强免疫系统,抗击心脏病和癌症。3.Grapes3.葡萄Grapes are high in vitamins A, C, and B6, and they are high in minerals like potassium, calcium, and iron.葡萄富含维他命C、维他命A、维他命B6和钾、钙和铁等矿物质。If you#39;re looking to increase your bone strength, the copper, manganese, and iron in the grapes can help strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.如果你想要增强骨骼强度,葡萄中的铜、猛、和铁能够帮助你增强骨骼和预防骨质疏松症。In addition to aiding in bone health, grapes are great for the heart, as they help to prevent blood clots and ultimately can help prevent heart attacks.除了有助于骨骼健康,葡萄还对你的心脏大有益处,因为他们有助于预防血栓,并最终防止心脏病。4.Dragon Fruit4.火龙果Dragon fruits are more than just beautiful to look at — they are also full of beneficial nutrients.火龙果不仅颜值高,他们还富含有益的营养素。Mercola describes dragon fruits as having a number of benefits such as high vitamin C content, multiple B vitamins, protein, carotene, and fatty acids.Mercola称火龙果益处良多,如较高的维他命C含量,多种维他命B、蛋白质、胡萝卜素和脂肪酸。This fruit also contains calcium to support bones and teetht.这种水果还含有钙,能够增强骨骼和牙齿,铁能够提高能力。5.Blackberries5.黑莓It#39;s no secret that berries are good for you. They are high in vitamin K, C, A, and B vitamins as well as calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium.浆果有益于你的身体已经不是什么秘密了。它们富含维他命K、维他命C、维他命A、维他命B、钙、铁、镁和钾。Blackberries are great for supporting the health of the heart, skin, and bones.此外,黑莓还对增加心脏、皮肤和骨骼健康很有帮助。 /201611/476899

Considering bleaching my teeth想想漂白我的牙齿吧Considering getting an eye lift...想想做个眼皮拉皮吧……Considering acknowledging the fact that we all get older, and that death is an undisputed fact...想想承认我们都会变老,死亡是一个无可争议的事实吧…… /201701/488295

Vacations are a memorable experience, don#39;t let them ruin your bank account.度假是让人难忘的经历,但不要让它毁了你的账户。1: Choose the right time of your trip1:选择正确的旅行时间Just as it is with the real estate business, the best way of saving money on travel can be streamlined to just one thing and that#39;s timing. Try your best to time your trip during the less desirable times, for instance, late at night, midweek or even early in the morning. If you#39;re booking online, you can leverage the flexible travel-date search which allows you to compare fares for those dates a few days on either side of the target. This way you can shave a few days off from the weeklong trip and get back to your destination on a less busy weekday.就像房地产生意一样,旅行时最好的省钱方法可被简化为一点:时间。尽量在不那么尽如人意的时间出行,例如深夜、周中,甚至是清晨。如果你是在线订购,那你可以灵活地搜索旅行日期,这可以让你比较去时和来时的机票价格。这样你可以在长达一周的旅行中休息几天,然后在不太忙的工作日回家。2: Consider traveling during the shoulder season2:考虑在平季出行In case you can#39;t afford to visit some famous destination during an off-season, you may try visiting during the shoulder season, which is the time in between the peak season and the off-peak. For instance, if you#39;re visiting Walt Disney, the shoulder season may be May and September when the crowds are pretty thin. As long as quality experience is concerned, a 4-day weekend could be fun than an entire week during the peak season.如果在淡季你负担不起去一些著名景点,那你可以尝试在平季去这些景点,平季指的是旺季和淡季之间的时间段。比如,如果你打算去华特迪士尼,那平季就是五月和九月,那时人流量不多。如果想要在旺季品质出游,那四天的旅行可比一整周的旅行有趣得多。3: Be smart about your insurance requirements3:了解自己的保险要求If you#39;re traveling, the most important thing to carry is a travel insurance policy. You may check out insurance resources for all types of information but make sure you carry even the minimum coverage on your travel insurance policy. If it#39;s not something that#39;s too expensive, the travelers should definitely get the different travel coverage that they may need during traveling. Since you will be traveling in an unknown place, chances are high that you may face an accident. During such situations, nothing can be better than having adequate insurance coverage.如果你在旅行,那要携带的最重要的东西就是旅游保险单了。你可以查看各类保险信息,但一定要确保带上保险单,甚至最低覆盖范围的保险单都行。如果东西不是很贵,那旅行者肯定可以获得旅行时可能需要的不同的旅游保险。既然你要去不熟悉的地方旅行,那很有可能你会出事。在此类情况下,没有什么比全面覆盖的保险更有用了。So, if you#39;ve just started planning your next family vacation, make sure you follow the above mentioned 3 tips in order to save money on your vacation. Be smart and informed if you hire a travel agent as they can often deceive you into paying extra dollars. Steer clear of agents from shady agencies.所以,如果你已经开始计划下一次的家庭旅行,那一定要确保遵循上述的三条建议,可以在旅行中省钱哦。如果你通过旅行社出游,那一定要机智、实时把握信息,因为旅行社通常会骗你付额外费用。千万不要找名声不好的机构。译文属 /201705/507638“Please give this a chance. Have an open mind. Enjoy the show.”“请给它一个机会,放下成见,欣赏这部影片。”That plea, made by the director Ang Lee before the first New York Film Festival screening of his film “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk,” was not typical at a premiere. But then, this was not a typical premiere.这是导演李安(Ang Lee)在其新作《比利#8226;林恩的中场战事》(Billy Lynn#39;s Long Halftime Walk)首次在纽约电影节(New York Film Festival)上映时的请求。这样的请求在首映式上并不典型。不过话又说回来,这也不是典型的首映。The film was the first feature to be screened in the combination of 4K resolution, 3-D and 120 frames per second. That is a higher frame rate than any previous film, and the last time a director experimented with that, Peter Jackson’s “Hobbit” films, moviegoers and critics alike balked at the uncomfortably realistic images.这是首部结合了4K度、3D和每秒120帧技术放映的正片。这样的帧率比以往任何一部影片都高,上一次有导演尝试这样的帧率,还是彼得#8226;杰克逊(Peter Jackson)在拍摄《霍比特人》(Hobbit)系列时。当时,观众和影评人都不敢直面画面,因为它们逼真到令人不适的程度。Mr. Lee said that he had put the finishing touches on the movie the day before and that this would be the first time it was shown to an audience. This one happened to include members of the cast (Kristen Stewart, Chris Tucker, Steve Martin, Vin Diesel, Garrett Hedlund and, in the title role, the newcomer Joe Alwyn) as well as film reporters and critics all together.李安说,他前一天才完成了电影的收尾工作,这是该片第一次和观众见面。现场的观众包括片中的演员(克里斯汀#8226;斯图尔特[Kristen Stewart]、克里斯#8226;塔克[Chris Tucker]、范#8226;迪塞尔[Vin Diesel]、加内特#8226;赫德伦[Garrett Hedlund]和饰演主角比利#8226;林恩的新人乔#8226;阿尔文[Joe Alwyn]),以及电影记者和影评人。Unlike most of the other highly anticipated titles at the festival, this one didn’t play at Alice Tully Hall because that theater is too large to get the correct distance between the dual laser projectors and the screen. Instead, a roughly 300-seat theater at the AMC Lincoln Square on the Upper West Side was chosen.不同于电影节上其他大部分备受期待的影片,本片未在爱丽丝塔利厅(Alice Tully Hall)放映,因为那里太大,两台激光放映机和银幕之间的距离不对。放映地点选在了上西区AMC林肯广场(AMC Lincoln Square)一个大致容纳300人的电影院。The first three rows were off limits because they would not provide an acceptable 3-D viewing experience. And a new screen, the RealD Ultimate Screen, was installed in the theater expressly for this premiere and the forthcoming run of the film. It was engineered to increase the brightness of 3-D movies by 85 percent over a standard screen.前三排没有坐人,因为这些位置无法提供可接受的3D观影体验。为了这场首映和即将开始的影片上映,电影院特意安装了一块新的RealD终极银幕(Ultimate Screen)。它能令3D电影的亮度比标准屏幕提亮85%。As the lights went down, stars and critics donned their 3-D glasses, not quite knowing what to expect. The film’s first few minutes seemed to be an adjustment period as viewers got used to the feel of such high-res images. But the audience seemed to settle into the story, based on Ben Fountain’s novel of the same title, about an Army soldier who participates in a football halftime show while also reminded of his traumatizing combat experiences in Iraq.随着灯光暗去,明星和影评人纷纷戴上3D眼睛,大家并不太确定将会看到什么。影片的开始几分钟似乎是一个调整期,观众慢慢习惯了这种高分辨率画面。但他们似乎沉浸在了影片讲述的故事中。这个故事改编自本#8226;方丹(Ben Fountain)的同名小说,讲的是一名参加一场橄榄球比赛中场表演的陆军士兵,想起了自己在伊拉克作战的痛苦经历。“It felt different than a movie,” said Jane Raab, a television producer who was in the audience. “It felt like a kind of virtual reality.”“感觉和电影不一样,”观众中的电视制作人简#8226;拉布(Jane Raab)说。“感觉像一种虚拟现实。”In a question-and-answer session with the director and cast afterward, Mr. Diesel described watching the movie as “such a heavy experience.”在随后的导演和演员问答环节,迪塞尔称观看该片是“一个非常沉重的经历”。He continued, “The technology allows you to come into the story in a unique way. And you just realize that you’ve been overwhelmed by the drama.”他接着表示,“技术让你能够用一种独特的方式进入故事。你会发现,你完全沉浸在了剧情中。”Some critics put it differently.一些影评人却有不一样的说法。In a review reminiscent of the critical response to “The Hobbit,” David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter wrote that the new film had “the somewhat alienating hyperreal sharpness of many outsize hi-definition flatscreen TVs.”《好莱坞报道》(The Hollywood Reporter)的戴维#8226;鲁尼(David Rooney)在一篇影评中写道,影片“就像很多超大高清平板电视一样,超真实的清晰度让人产生疏离感”。这篇文章让人想起了影评人对《霍比特人》的评价。And Mike Ryan at Uproxx wrote, “To be honest, the visuals are so distracting, I’m not entirely sure if there’s a movie of merit in there or not.”Uproxx的迈克#8226;瑞安(Mike Ryan)写道,“老实说,视觉上太让人分心,我都不完全确定是不是真的在看电影。”But Owen Gleiberman at Variety offered a positive take, writing, “In ‘Billy Lynn,’ the way that everything we see is so alive, so there, seems to have given Lee and his screenwriter, Jean-Christophe Castelli, the freedom to create a movie of unusual, glancing intimacy and formal fluidity, one that’s willing — far more than most movies — to live in the moment, and to lure the audience inside that moment.”但Variety的欧文#8226;格莱贝尔曼(Owen Gleiberman)给出了积极的评价。他写道,“在《比利#8226;林恩》中,我们看到的一切都那么鲜活,那么真实,这似乎赋予了李安和他的编剧让-克里斯托夫#8226;卡斯泰利(Jean-Christophe Castelli)创作一部有着与众不同的、即席的亲近感,形式优美流畅的电影的自由。远不同于大部分电影,它愿意活在那一刻,愿意吸引观众进入那一刻。”The festival showed the film several times on Friday, holding a ticket lottery for the limited seats. New York and Los Angeles audiences can see it in its full frame-rate, highest-resolution 3-D format starting Nov. 11. The film will also be released nationwide in various other formats, all director-approved.该片周五将在电影节上放映多场。因为座位有限,将通过抽奖的形式发放门票。从11月11日开始,纽约和洛杉矶的观众将能看到全帧率的最高分辨率3D影片。影片也将以各种格式在全美发行,所有格式均得到了导演的批准。 /201610/472902

These two photographs show the amazing transformation of a Miss Universe beauty queen.下面两张照片显示了一位环球冠军惊人的转变。But the most incredible part of Chalita Suansane#39;s rise to stardom is how quickly she went from geek chic to belle of the ball.不过,最令人难以置信的部分还是查理塔·苏安珊逆袭的过程,她以惊人的速度从一名不起眼的学生变成了女神。The 22-year-old#39;s beauty pageant career only kick-started last year — and she never harbored dreams of being a successful model.22岁的她去年才开始参加选美比赛--并且她从未梦想过自己会成为一名成功的模特。Taken as recently as a year ago, pictures of Chalita, who was studying microbiology at Mahasarakham University at the time, show how she barely resembles the person she is now.从一年前还在马哈沙拉堪大学学习微生物学的查理塔拍的照片上可以看出,那和如今的她可是一点也不像。Photos from a private album taken within the last year and obtained by MailOnline show she wore thick-rimmed glasses and had braces.根据她私人相册里去年拍的照片以及《每日邮报》获得的一些照片显示,她戴着厚厚的有框眼镜,穿着吊带。It was only in July last year that her sister applied for Miss Thailand on her behalf — and it everything changed. So what was the secret of her transformation?直到去年7月,她的为她递交了泰国比赛的报名表--然后一切都改变了。那么她成功转变的秘密是什么呢?Chalita said, ;I never thought I would ever be a model. My sister just joked that we should send in my resume for the Miss Thailand competition.;查理塔表示:“我从来没想过我会成为一名模特。我只是开玩笑说,我们应该交份简历参加泰国比赛。”;When I applied for Miss Thailand my face didn#39;t change at all. I just did a lot of exercise and lost some weight. The rest was down to make-up, healthy eating and sunbathing. And a few new dresses.;“那个时候我的长相一点也没变。我只是做了一些锻炼减肥。剩下的就是化妆品、健康饮食和日光浴的功劳了。对了,还添置了几件新衣。” /201703/496438

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