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长春阳光妇科医院在那长春妇科医生在线qq咨询A: Welcome to the National Post. How may I help you? B: Hi, I would like to send this package to China, and these postcards as well. A: Very well. You will need some stamps for the postcards and I need to weigh that package, too. B: Great. How much is this going to cost? A: Well, it depends. Do you want to send it via priority, express or standard mail? B: What’s the difference? A: Well, standard mail can take up to fifteen working days. Priority is a bit faster and will arrive in about five to eight working days. Express is the fastest, but it’s also the most expensive. It only takes three days and you can track your package online. B: I see. Well, there’s no rush. Please send it via priority mail. Please be extra careful, the contents of the package are fragile. /201105/137868长春那好家做人流好 1、 传授秘诀,口语入门 come in, relax我们每星期天上教堂We go to church every Sunday.We are going to church next Sunday. 我们下个星期要去教堂We went to church last Sunday.我们上个星期去过教堂了。练习:我们平时天天要上学:We go to school on weekdays.我们每个周末都去公园:We go to park every weekend.我们都在周六去看电影:We go to the movies on every Saturday我们每个月都要去探访我祖父母一次:We visit our grandparents once a month我们每星期一召开部门会议:We have a department meeting on Mondays.我们每星期一到市场购物:We go to the market every Monday.2、 电话英语一点通 English for the telephone.上班族的电话英语(6)希望对方要找的人是在的Andrew#39;s Hair Salon, this Andrew.Andrew this is Linda Chen.Hi Linda, what can I do for you?I need to set up an appointment to get my hair fixed.For what day?Thursday morning.Marry Wang#39;s Office, this Marry.Hi Marry, this is Tom.How can I help you?I need to see if you can get together today.Tri-Star Lawyer FirmMay I speak to John Chen please?This is John.Hi my name is Peter. I have to referred to your firm3、 旅行英语一点通 Tourist English行程安排英语(7)还车I would like to return the rental car.May I get the keys and see some ID (identification card) please?Let#39;s go outside and take a quick look at the car. I need to fill out a report on the return condition of the car.I noticed the left front tyre is a little low.That#39;s fine, we#39;ll take care of that.Is the gas full?Yes I fill it out on the way here. /201312/267847大家好!今天我们来看一看美语里和冰有关的短语To Be On Thin Ice 如履薄冰I#39;m afraid to ask my boss for time off.He relies on me to do a lot of stuff around the office everyday.Who could replace me?我不敢跟老板请假,每天办公室有很多事靠我处理,谁能替我呢?You might be on thin ice if you ask for too much time off.如果你请假太多就真的危险了。break the ice 打破僵局put something in ice 推迟 /201503/361572榆树市妇幼保健院治疗宫颈糜烂好吗

长春妇科炎症治疗要多少钱今天下午,十二届全国人大常委会第十次会议听取国务院关于提请审议《关于设立烈士纪念日的决定(草案)》的议案。草案规定,每年9月30日国家举行烈士纪念日。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道:BEIJING - China is planning to set September 30 as Martyrs#39; Day to commemorate those who lost their lives fighting for national independence and prosperity.北京消息,中国拟将9月30日定为烈士纪念日,以纪念那些为争取国家独立和繁荣牺牲生命的烈士。【讲解】Martyrs#39; Day是烈士纪念日。今天下午,十二届全国人大常委会(Standing Committee of the National People#39;s Congress)第十次会议听取国务院关于提请审议(submitted for discussion)《关于设立烈士纪念日的决定(草案)》的议案。草案(a draft bill)规定,每年9月30日国家举行烈士纪念日。1949年9月30日是人民英雄纪念碑(the Monument to the People#39;s Heroes)的奠基日,在国庆节(National Day)的前一天开展国家纪念活动(National commemoration activities),既可以弘扬爱国主义(foster patriotism),又可以提升社会主义核心价值观(bolster core socialist values),又能与党和国家领导人10月1日上午向人民英雄纪念碑敬献花篮(lay flowers)等烈士纪念活动相衔接,因此草案将9月30日确定为烈士纪念日。 /201408/323388九台街道人流费用 北京住建委最新公示的网签数据统计显示,“国五条”细则出台后的一周(3月2日~8日),北京二手住宅网签量达到了9400套,环比上一周 (2月23日~3月1日)大幅增加了140.5%,与上月同期(2月2日~8日)相比更是大幅增加了279.5%。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道Pre-owned home sales almost tripled in Beijing last week, following the latest moves by the State Council to control the property market.上周,在国务院推出房地产市场新规后,北京二手房销售量翻了近三倍。【讲解】pre-owned home就是二手房。3月1日,中央政府发布“国五条”实施细则,从严调控房地产市场(property market)。“国五条”细则要求,二手房交易(transaction)的个人所得税(income tax)由交易总额的1%-2%调整为按差额(profit)20%征收(levy)。专家表示,新规刺激了二手房市场(pre-owned market)的活跃,买家(buyer)和专家(seller)都担心20%的征税。一份网络调查显示,三分之一的人改变了购房计划(home-purchase plans)在北京、上海这样的一线城市(first-tier cities),购房者(homebuyers)很担忧新规,28.1%的人表示他们会尽快完成购买手续(buying process),在二线城市(second-tier cities),数据为10.25%。北京有80%的潜在买家(potential buyer)计划在2013年抢购(snap up)房产,其中大多数为首次置业者(first-home buyers)。 /201303/229634吉林长春一院官网预约免费

长春人流价格最便宜医院9 Nice day, isn#39;t it?第9单元 好天气,不是吗?A: Nice day,isn#39;t it?甲:好天气,不是吗?B: It sure is.乙:当然是啊。A: lt#39;s a good day for a picnic.甲:真是个野餐的好天气。类似用语Beautiful day,isn#39;t it? 好天气,不是吗?Nice weather,isn#39;t it? 好天气,不是吗?Lovely day,isn#39;t it? 好天气,不是吗?百宝箱weather指“天气”,是不可数名词,因此不能说“It#39;s a nice weather.”而应说“It#39;s nice weather.”o与weather常易混淆的另一个单词是climate。climate指某地区长时间内天气的情况,即“气候”,是可数名词,因此可说“It#39;s a pleasant climate.’’(真是怡人的气候。) /201503/364497 长春做人流手术哪家医院安全桦甸做无痛人流哪家医院最好的



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