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青岛女子医院有哪些山东省青岛三院引产多少钱那些年我们穿过的T恤,捧腹喷! -- :19: 来源:sohu 语言是人类生活在这个星球上最伟大的发明之一,人们通过语言交流,不同的语言之间还可进行翻译其实,像小编就是不同语言文字之间的传送带,但是,有些东西真的是不能翻译!真的是不能翻译!所以我们今天不聊翻译,聊情怀!下面送上让老外送上一片膝盖的T恤衫英文印花,让你体验一把什么叫翻译见光死! One of the great things about the world we live in is the rich and diverse variety of languages that you can find across the globe. The only problem is that, as you can see from these pictures, sometimes these languages don't quite translate... 以前,英语老师总是说,去外国千万不能穿印着英文的衣,会闹笑话的其实不是所有都会闹笑话,恩,不是所有,是绝大部分…… In homage to hilarious translation fails, We has compiled this list of t-shirts from East Asia that don't quite say what they should . Some of them don't say anything at all (well, not unless ;temmby woroing terrislylastly; means anything to anyone?). But while all of them may have failed as far as translation is concerned, they have all definitely succeeded in making us laugh. Hard. 清纯的外表,口口的T! T恤上的单词自行查找,没错,这次翻译软件绝没有崩坏,但你三观说不定会被崩坏! My Chinese Friend Doesn't Understand English. This Is Her Favourite Top 这张照片是一小哥在养老院拍的,话说这T恤上的图文还真是很配 I Deliver Food To Seniors Who Live In Homes As A Side Job. This Woman's Shirt Made My Day 小伙子看起来很凌乱,纯真的眼神中透着些许口口! 黑帮老太 Gangsta Granny 作为Emniem的大粉,小编上眼就瞧出了是姆爷的歌,但姆爷的歌三观大都不太对,小朋友快快脱下…… My Brother Teaches English In Vietnam. I Don't Think This Young Student Or His Parents understood What His T-Shirt Meant 真不知道这位同志会不会当成色狼…… Oops 完全没有宿醉的样子,姑娘看起来蛮精神的 My Buddy Is Teaching Young Kids In Taiwan. This Is His Student 这姑娘T-Shirt上只有一个大写的歧视!穿成这样出国旅行,讲真,怎么嗝屁的都不知道 My Wife Photographed This Woman In Beijing Last Week. Better Not Wear That Shirt When You Travel, Lady English Source: Boredpanda青岛市妇幼保健医院有失败的案例吗 麦当劳明年将启动新口号:Lovin' Beats Hatin' -- :0: 来源:   It sounds like they're not 'lovin' it' as much as they used to.  The world's biggest fast food chain has unveiled a new slogan in an attempt to stop its sales from sinking.  'Lovin Beats Hatin' will be launched next year, and is a campaign aimed to sp happiness in the face of Internet hate.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the roll-out will include a spot during Super Bowl XLIX on February 1.  The marketing ploy comes at a time when worldwide sales dropped by 30 per cent in the third quarter of last year.  The current catchphrase 'I'm Lovin' It' will still remain as a global slogan.  An inside source said the change is aimed 'to sp happiness in the face of Internet hate,' but the WSJ did not elaborate on what that precisely means.  Officially, the company is staying mum about the possibility.  'We're always working with our partners on great new creative,' said a spokesperson. 'It's highly speculative and premature to talk about Super Bowl ads and future campaigns next year.'  The reported change will come during a tough time the world's largest hamburger chain.  After posting yet another disappointing quarter, McDonald's CEO Don Thompson admitted last week that the company hasn't been keeping up with the times and that changes are in store its U.S. restaurants.  相关内容  麦当劳似乎不像以前那么“喜欢”它了  为遏制销量下跌,这家全球最大的快餐连锁店日前公布了一个新口号  明年,麦当劳将启用“Lovin' Beats Hatin'(爱胜过恨)”作为新口号,并推出一个活动在网络仇恨不断的时代传播快乐  据《华尔街日报报道, 麦当劳将在年月1日的美国橄榄球超级碗(Super Bowl XLIX)中首次公布这一口号  麦当劳推出这一营销策略适逢其去年第三季度全球销售额下滑 30% ,业绩可谓惨淡  “I'm Lovin' It(我就是喜欢)”仍将是麦当劳全球性的广告标语  据内部知情人士透露,麦当劳此举是为了向仇恨互联网者传播快乐,不过《华尔街日报并没有详细说明这一口号的准确含义  而麦当劳方面也对此保持沉默,未对这一新口号推出的可能性作出解释  “长久以来,我们一直在跟我们的伙伴不断创新,”麦当劳发言人称,“现在讨论麦当劳超级碗广告和明年的活动目前为时过早,时机尚不成熟”  麦当劳正经历一段艰难的时期  面对又一个惨淡的季度,麦当劳CEO唐·汤普森(Don Thompson )上周承认,“此前麦当劳并没有紧跟时代的步伐,麦当劳美国餐厅准备好了改变”真实力!刘烨称帝上海国际电影节 -- :9:3 来源:chinadaily 6月19日,随着金爵奖和亚洲新人奖的颁发,第19届上海国际电影节落幕 The 19th Shanghai International Film Festival concluded on June 19th, , with the Golden Goblet and the Asian New Talent Award being handed out. 由刘杰导演的中国电影《德兰获得最佳影片奖该电影的故事设定在世界80年代,讲述了汉族的信贷员在藏族的村落工作并经历文化冲突 De Lan, a Chinese film directed by Liu Jie, picked up the best film award. The film is set in the 1980s. It tells a story about how a loan officer who is of Han nationality experiences culture shock when working in a village inhabited by Tibetans. 中国演员刘烨凭借电影《追凶者也中的角色获得了最佳男演员奖他表达了对导演的感激之情,并感谢了生命中最重要的三个女人——母亲,妻子和经纪人日本演员藤山直美凭借电影《团地中的表现获得了最佳女演员奖 Chinese actor Liu Ye won the best actor award his role in Cock and Bull. He expressed his gratitude to the director as well as the three most important women in his life: his mother, his wife and his manager. The best actress award went to Japanese actress Naomi Fujiyama her permance in Danchi. 由张扬导演的电影《皮绳上的灵魂获得了最佳摄影奖 Paths of the Soul by Chinese director Zhang Yang was awarded Best Cinematography.日照中医医院中医

青岛八一医院专家惊呆!美国9岁女童练误杀教练 --30 :5: 来源: Authorities have released of an Arizona weapons instructor teaching a 9-year-old girl how to operate an Uzi just a moment bee she fatally shot him.  美国亚利桑那州一名乌兹冲锋教练在教一名9岁女孩操作冲锋时,因女孩操作失误被其击毙官方已公布当时的录像  Charles Vacca, 39, was pronounced dead Monday after being airlifted from the Bullets and Burgers shooting range to a hospital.  周一,39岁的查尔斯·维卡从这个名叫“汉堡与子弹”的射击场被直升机送到医院后抢救无效而身亡  The Mohave County Sheriff's Department says the shooting was accidental and occurred when the recoil from the weapon sent bullets spraying over the girl's head, according to The Washington Post.  据华盛顿邮报的消息,莫哈维县警方称这个意外发生在女孩扣动扳机、体的反冲力将武器冲向她头顶的时候  In released Tuesday by the department, Vacca is seen showing the girl how to stand and hold the weapon. The child, who is not being named, fires the Uzi in single-shot mode. Vacca then sets the weapon to automatic, keeping his head near the gun as the girl fires.  通过周二公布的视频可以看到,维卡正在向女孩示范如何站立及如何拿这个未透漏名字的女孩朝目标开了一之后维卡将设置成自动模式,在女孩开的时候他的头离很近  “The guy just dropped,” Sheriff Jim McCabe told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.  “他随即就倒下了”警长吉姆·麦卡比对报说  On his Facebook page, Vacca's posts ranged from pictures of his target practice to pro-gun rhetoric.  在维卡的Facebook主页上,他曾经发布的内容有打靶练习的图片,也有打前后的一些心情  Ronald Scott, a Phoenix-based firearms safety expert, told the Associated Press that there should have been stricter safety rules.  美国凤凰城的安全专家罗纳德·斯科特告诉美联社,的安全使用应该有更严格的规定  "You can't give a 9-year-old an Uzi and expect her to control it," Scott told the publication. “  你不能给一个9岁小女孩冲锋并且指望她能掌控它”斯科特说  Bullets and Burgers is located in the Mojave desert, about 5 miles away from Las Vegas.  事发的“汉堡与子弹”射击场位于距离5英里(约0公里)远的莫哈维县青岛市哪里看妇科好 退欧还是留欧?荷兰也即将面临抉择 -- :5:58 来源: 英国退欧余波震荡北海,引起部分国家交流而另一个问题也逐渐引起人们的关注,荷兰会成为下一个退出欧盟的国家吗? Geert Wilders, leader of the Eurosceptic Freedom Party, was among the first to congratulate his colleagues across the North Sea securing their "Independence Day".吉尔特·威尔德斯是荷兰反欧盟自由党领袖,他是第一批为其英国同志取得“独立日”胜利而送上祝贺的人There are shared concerns about European immigration and Brussels bureaucracy among the Dutch electorate.荷兰的选民对欧洲移民和欧盟官僚主义有着相同的看法And yet, "Nexit" is by no means inevitable.但是,“荷兰退欧”并非不可避免In fact, according to the rules of the Advisory Referendum Act there is no legal possibility of holding a vote on the Netherlands’ membership of the EU. Referendums can cover only new legislation and treaties, and are only advisory.事实上,根据《咨询公投法案的规定,对荷兰的欧盟成员国身份进行表决不存在法律上的可能性公投只能覆盖新法案和新条约,而且只能是咨询性的The only way to hold a Nexit vote would be to change existing legislation, and that is only likely to happen if Mr Wilders wins elections next year.唯一有可能使得荷兰退出欧盟的办法是修改现存的法律,而那只有威尔德斯在明年的大选中胜出才有可能办到Most recent polls suggest a slight majority of voters oppose the idea of an in-out Nexit vote. A Maurice de Hond survey suggested that 53% were against a referendum.最近大部分的民调都显示,略微过半的人反对进行一场荷兰退欧投票据Maurice de Hond的调查显示,53%的人反对进行公投"We don’t see the EU as a threat as a big imperial monster, we see it as something you can negotiate with," says Hans Steketee, editor of the NRC Handelsblad newspaper.NRC商报编辑汉斯·斯特克蒂说道:“我们不认为欧盟是一个庞大帝国怪物那样的威胁,我们认为是可以和欧盟进行谈判协商的”"It’s like Brussels sprouts, you might not like them but you eat them because you know they’re good you. My gut feeling is that people will say: ’Oh well, if this is what happens after Brexit we should definitely think twice.’"“这就好像芽甘蓝一样,你也许不喜欢但是你还是要吃它,因为你知道它们对你的身体有好处我的直觉是人们会说:‘呃,如果英国退欧之后发生了这么多事,那么我们一定要对荷兰退欧一事三思而后行’”Nestled in a booth in a cosy cafe beside an Amsterdam canal, prominent Eurosceptic campaigner Thierry Baudet warns me of a deliberate and cynical attempt by European politicians to punish the UK to prevent others from following suit.在阿姆斯特丹运河旁边一个舒适的咖啡馆里,著名反欧盟活动家蒂埃里·宝迪依偎在卡座里警告我说,欧洲政治家正蓄谋对英国进行打击报复,以防止其他成员国也效仿脱离欧盟"Do they really think this is the way to keep countries in? By scaring and fighting Britain?" says Mr Baudet, one of the key instigators of an April referendum in which Dutch voters rejected an EU trade deal with Ukraine.宝迪说道:“他们真的认为这个方法能把欧盟成员拧在一起吗?通过吓唬和打击英国?”荷兰今年月份举行了一场公投,荷兰选民们拒绝了一个和乌克兰的欧盟贸易协定,而宝迪正是煽动这场公投的一个主要人物However one potential deterrent could be a cap on bankers’ bonuses imposed by the Dutch government in .年荷兰政府颁布了对奖金上限的规定,这有可能起到潜在的威慑作用Prime Minister Mark Rutte has tried to reassure the banking industry, suggesting the cap of % of annual salary is "flexible eigners".首相马克·吕特曾试图安抚业,表示说年薪%的上限“对外国人有灵活的安排”The Dutch cap is far lower than the 0% cap set by the EU in response to public outrage at excessive bankers’ pay during the financial crisis.在金融危机时,民众对于家们的过高收入感到愤怒,欧盟对此设立了一个0%的上限,而荷兰的上限只有%,要比欧盟低得多And Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem appears less keen to remove those limits. "The really big investment banks are driven by a bonus culture, the majority of pay there is bonuses, and I don’t see any room that in the Netherlands," he says.而财政部长戴塞尔·布鲁姆似乎不太热衷于解除这些限制他说道:“真正的大投资是由奖金文化驱动的,收入的大部分来源是奖金,而在荷兰我没有看到任何这样的情况” Mark Rutte, the fallout from Brexit is personal as he lost a close friend and ally in David Cameron.对于马克·吕特来说,英国退欧的后果只局限在他个人,因为他失去了一个至交和盟友--卡梅伦They texted regularly - "mostly about stupid stuff," he told me recently.两人经常互发短信--“都是一些蠢东西,”他最近告诉我说And the self-confessed anglophile prime minister took a somewhat softer stance than other European leaders over Brexit, arguing that Britain should not be rushed, given the country had "collapsed - politically, economically, monetarily and constitutionally".马克·吕特自认为是一个亲英派,在英国退欧一事上他采取了一个比其他欧洲领导人都要温和的立场,认为英国不应该受到太大冲击,因为这个国家已经“崩溃了--无论是从政治、经济、货币、还是宪法上来说”That message was perhaps partly to his own electorate - suggesting they should be careful what they wish .这一信息也许部分是针对荷兰的选民--建议他们对其所渴望的事情小心谨慎Ahead of parliamentary elections in , Brexit has presented him with a valuable opporty to show what the Netherlands has to gain from remaining in the EU.在年议会大选前夕英国退欧给了他一个宝贵的机会,使得他能够展示留在欧盟荷兰能够获得的东西Instead of spawning referendums elsewhere in Europe, the UK vote could serve to counter the Eurosceptic rise in the Netherlands, France, Sweden and elsewhere.不把英国当做榜样来引起其他欧洲国家也进行退欧公投,反而可以用英国退欧一事来打击荷兰、法国、瑞典和其他地方反欧盟主义的抬头But with eight months bee the Dutch election, there is plenty of time the tide to turn.但是目前距离荷兰大选还有8个月,有充足的时间来使得局势反转青岛中心医院打胎流产好吗

山东省第二医院如何神奇“金字塔”帮你变身衣橱女神~ -- :31: 来源:chinadaily A pyramid is more than just an ancient Egyptian burial site and a reminder of dietary restrictions, it can also dictate the division of items in your wardrobe. One’s closet should follow the balance of the fashion pyramid, divvied up as such: 说起金字塔,不要以为它只是一种古埃及文化遗迹,或者是减肥者参照的营养结构图,在你整理衣柜里什物的时候,金字塔也可以发挥重要的分类作用每个人的衣柜都应该照这种时尚界的金字塔原则来分类整理,这一金字塔结构是这样的: LEVEL 6: The bottom level (6) should make up about 35% of your total haul and include your wardrobe ‘basics.’ They are, in essence, the staple pieces that highlight and drive the overall look. 属于时尚金字塔的最底层(第6层)的什物包括你衣柜中最基本的一些东西,它们应该占你衣柜所有空间的35%这些东西是决定你每天的造型、并为你的魅力加分的基础物件 LEVELS amp; 5: Both quadrant (casual clothing) and 5 (professional clothing) should % of your wardrobe. 第四层(属于休闲衣物)和第五层(职业装)的物品都应该占你衣柜空间的% LEVELS amp;3: The second and third level of the pyramid should each consist of % of your wardrobe. These two sections are split into Seasonal items (swimsuits, winter coats) and eveninggoing-out clothes. 位于金字塔第二层和第三层的物件应该各占你衣柜空间的%左右金字塔的这两层属于应季物品(泳装、防寒大衣)和晚会聚会着装 LEVEL 1: The very top of the pyramid hosts the final 5% of your wardrobe, the finishing touches (aka accessories). 金字塔最顶端的物件应该占有你衣橱中最后5%的空间,这是你每天造型中最后的点睛之笔(就是首饰呐) 外国人眼中的百味小龙虾 -- :33: 来源: 你知道外国人眼中的中式小龙虾是怎样的吗?让我们一睹为快吧! Matthew Rea has eaten crawfish in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, and many other places in China.Matthew Rea在北京,上海,重庆,成都,四川和许多中国的其他The first time he tried the Chinese version of his favorite seafood, the hot and spicy crawfish, he immediately loved the dish.第一次他尝试这种中国版的最爱海鲜—热腾腾地麻辣小龙虾,他就立即爱上了这道菜"I like the spice," he said, adding that there was a big difference in taste from what he is used to in the US.他说:“我喜欢这种口味”,他补充道,这和美国的口味很不同In China, the crawfish is usually first laid out in the restaurant, pre-cooked, and then cooked again more flavor, Rea said.在中国,龙虾通常先被摆放在餐厅里,预煮一下,然后再煮一下增加口味,Rea说Coming from Louisiana in the US, a place known its long celebrated history of crawfish delicacies, Rea thinks it’s great that Chinese foodies have made crawfish the latest star of their snack culture.Rea来自美国路易斯安那,这是一个因为虾这种美味佳肴的悠久历史而闻名的地方,他认为中国美食家将小龙虾变成小食文化的新星很棒"While more flavor, it also makes the meat chewier. In Louisiana, we just cook them once, and the meat is tender," he said.他说:“尽管口味比较重,但是这让肉更有嚼劲在路易斯安那,我们只烹饪它一次,肉质比较柔软”"So, there’s a trade-off between spice and texture; I like both."“所以,在口味和质地之间需要权衡,我两个都喜欢”Rea has been living in China since . In , he co-founded Ruijin Cajun restaurant in Shanghai, which serves authentic Cajun and Creole food. He is opening a new location right next door to a Chinese place that does Chinese-style crawfish.自年以来,Rea就一直生活在中国年,他合伙在上海创办了瑞金卡津餐厅,提供地道的卡里奥和卡津食物他在做中式小龙虾的旁边开了一家新店Rea hopes that the two crawfish cooking styles and two businesses could be complementary.Rea希望两种龙虾烹调方式和两种商业可以互补Crawfish is a freshwater shellfish that resembles a small lobster. It is considered a delicacy by many and has become increasingly popular in China over the last decade, especially as a nighttime snack.小龙虾是类似于龙虾的淡水贝类它被很多人视为美食佳肴,在过去的十年里,在中国变得越来越流行,尤其是作为午夜小食Every summer, the crawfish becomes a hot topic, with lots of media reports and posts discussing its popularity, its rising prices every year, and whether the shellfish is an internationally shared delicacy. So, the Metropolitan invited eigners to discuss the beloved food.每个夏天,小龙虾都会成为热门话题,很多媒体报道都在讨论它的盛行,它每年上涨的价格,以及贝类是否是一种国际共享的美食佳肴,首都邀请外国人讨论这种钟爱的食物"One of the major differences is that we eat it as a kind of afternoon barbecue. The Chinese almost exclusively eat crawfish after dinner as a late night snack," said Rea.Rea. 说:“最大的不同就是,我们把它作为下午野餐吃,中国人毫无例外的在晚饭后把它作为午夜零食吃”山东省中医医院在线咨询青岛带环在哪家医院好



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