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Part 3 Conversations第三部分 会话练习1 Travaling by train in England1.在英国搭乘火车Peter: Good morning. Could you tell me the times of trains to London, please?彼得:早安请告诉我去伦敦的火车发车时间好吗?Booking clerk: Yes. There are trains at 7:59,9:18, and :3.售票员:好的7点59分、9点18分和点3分各有一班Peter: What time does the 7:59 train get to London?彼得:7点59分的火车几点到达伦敦?Booking clerk: At 9:36.售票员:9点36分Peter: What about coming back? Id like to come back at about 7 p. m.彼得:回程的时间呢?我想在晚上7点左右回来Booking clerk: There one at 7: p. m. and the next one is at 7:0 p. m.售票员:晚上7点分有一班,再下一班是7点0分Peter: Mmm, how much is a return ticket?彼得:喔,回来票多少钱?Booking clerk: If you get on bee p. m. or after 6 p. m. ,there is a saver return which is 9 pounds. An ordinary return is pounds.售票员:如果您在下午点之前或6点之后上车,有优惠票价9英镑的当天来回票普通来回票要英镑Peter: An ordinary return, please彼得:请给我普通来回票 Travaling by train in America.在美国搭乘火车Adam: What time does the train Boston leave?亚当:去波士顿的火车什么时候开?Booking clerk: 9:5 on Platm , Track B.售票员:9点5分,在号站台,B轨道Adam: When does it arrive?亚当:什么时候抵达波士顿?Booking clerk: It should be there at :5, but it may be a little late.售票员:应该是点5分到,不过有时候会误点Adam: How much is a one-way ticket?亚当:单程票一张多少钱?Booking clerk: It .00.售票员:3美元 39An inventive marathon runner has created a curious contraption to help him share every step of his race experience with thousands of online supporters. Joseph Tame, 33, plans to run the Tokyo marathon on Sunday hooked-up to his 'iRun', a homemade gadget which will stream the entire 26.2 miles live to social networking sites. 马拉松选手留给我们的印象标签有很多,比如:健美、大汗淋淋或者矫健等等,但是我们却从未把马拉松选手与智能手机划上过等号3岁的马拉松选手Joseph Tame在筹备周日的东京马拉松比赛时“颇富有创新意识”地将这次比赛设计成“智能手机马拉松”赛事,他将4台iphone还有2台智能手机绑在身上,为了全程6.2公里)转播他的赛事过程Media producer Joseph said: 'I really love mobile technology and wanted to create a citizen's broadcast of a major sporting event, such as the marathon. 'Watching it on television doesn't give a true impression to the viewer whereas this will make the experience much more real.' 33岁的马拉松选手Joseph Tame说道:“我是一个‘智能手机控’,身为一名马拉松选手,我想创造一个以运动员身什?从运动员的角度,向电视机前关注体育赛事的观众朋友们提供尽可能多的体育赛事情况的更新报道。以前都是别的媒体报道体育赛事,我觉得,参加赛事的运动员自己来报道赛事这种形式更能体现体育的价值。The self confessed 'digital activist' said: 'I'm under monumental pressure to complete this marathon now, but it'll be great to share the experience with my followers. 'If people tweet me during the race, I'll respond and thank them for their support. 马拉松选手Joseph Tame还说道:“这是我头一回以这种形式参加马拉松比赛,我感受到了前所未有的压力。但是,我觉得这是一种和持我的人分享马拉松喜悦的最好的方式。哈哈,还有,如果在我跑步的过程中,有微上的网友向我发信息,我会及时回复,并感谢他们的持。因为,这是最好的互动形式,全世界的人都能亲身体会到马拉松的乐趣。 /201103/126924

Mistrust between U.S. and Malaysian air-accident investigators has hampered a multinational probe into the jetliner that went missing three weeks ago, people familiar with the investigation said, with no clear leads emerging about who or what was responsible for its disappearance.熟悉调查情况的人士称,美国和马来西亚空中事故调查人员之间的互不信任妨碍了一项针对三周前失踪客机的跨国调查,目前还没有发现清晰的线索明谁或者什么因素应当为客机的失踪负责。As search ships raced to try to confirm airborne sightings of potential wreckage in the newest search area, officially both sides said cooperation between the two countries is good. But people familiar with both countries efforts say that isnt always the case.搜寻船只争先恐后地试图实在最新划定的搜寻区域目击到的物体就是失踪飞机的残骸,美国和马来西亚均表示两国之间的合作顺利。但熟悉两国行动的人士称,两国之间的合作并非一直顺利。U.S. investigators say they arent getting a full flow of information from the Malaysians - - prompting some to complain to headquarters in Washington that they feel relegated to the margins, according to several people familiar with the matter. Malaysian investigators, meanwhile, are wary of information leaks they believe are occurring more regularly among their counterparts from Washington.据几位知情人士透露,美方调查人员称,马来西亚方面没有向他们提供完整的信息,美方一些调查人员因此向华盛顿总部抱怨他们感觉自己被排挤了。与此同时,马方调查人员对于信息泄露问题非常警觉,他们认为美国方面泄露信息的情况越来越多。With a little more than a week left on the battery life of Malaysia Airlines 3786.KU -2.38% Flight 370s data recorders, known as black boxes, search crews were on their way to the new search zone where five planes had spotted debris potentially related to the plane. Though investigators have determined the Boeing BA +1.01% 777 went down somewhere in the Indian Ocean, based on satellite data, a criminal probe into the flights disappearance has yielded few clues in the two weeks since the Malaysian government announced its suspicion that a deliberate act brought down the Boeing 777.现在马航370航班的黑匣子电池寿命只剩下一周多一点的时间。搜救人员已前往新的搜寻区域进行搜索,此前有五架飞机在那里发现了疑似失联客机的残骸。虽然调查人员根据卫星数据确信失联的波音777坠入了印度洋,但一桩针对该航班失踪的刑事调查却线索寥寥。两周前马来西亚政府宣布他们怀疑马70航班因蓄意行为失联。Twin probes into how and why the plane went down rest largely in the hands of Malaysian police and air-safety officials, and Americans working in Kuala Lumpur are convinced their side is mainly getting bits and pieces, rather than a full download from the Malaysians, said one U.S. official briefed on the investigation. Members of the on-site U.S. contingent are vetting all the information they do get, to ensure accuracy, the official added.一位获悉调查情况的美国官员称,针对飞机如何以及为何失联展开的两项调查主要由马来西亚警方和航空安全部门的官员负责,目前在吉隆坡的美方调查人员确信美方只从马来西亚方面获得了一些零散的信息,而不是全面信息。这位官员还说,在现场的美国调查人员正在审核所有已获得的信息,以确保信息的准确性。In Malaysia, the government has tight control over the media and leaks of information arent common. By contrast, some people on the Malaysian side perceive Washington to be full of leaks, particularly in the first few days after the plane vanished March 8.在马来西亚,政府对媒体管制严格,所以信息泄露的情况并不常见。相比之下,马来西亚的一些调查人员认为,美国方面屡屡发生信息泄露,特别是在失联客机于3日失踪后的头几天里。Last week, Malaysia handed over its most important physical evidence to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation - -pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shahs home flight simulator and computer- -for analysis. But before the FBI analysis was complete or the Malaysian government had a chance to make an announcement, a flurry of media reports from Washington revealed that the bureau hadnt found anything to explain Flight 370s disappearance.上周,马来西亚将最重要的物――马70航班的机长扎哈里(Zaharie Ahmad Shah)在家中的飞行模拟器和电脑,交给了美国联邦调查局(Federal Bureau of Investigation, 简称FBI)进行分析。但还没等FBI分析完成、马来西亚政府宣布相关分析结果,就有一连串的美国媒体报道披露FBI没有发现能够解释飞机失踪原因的任何线索Washington seems to be a leaky boat, said one person familiar with the Malaysian investigation. It erodes trust. Nevertheless, this person said concern about the Americans role isnt seriously impeding the investigation. We have been surprised at how many people we have been able to rope into this, this person said.一位熟悉马来西亚调查情况的人士称,华盛顿似乎是信息泄露的源头,这破坏了两国间的信任。不过该知情人士称,美国调查人员所充当的角色带来的担忧并没有严重妨碍调查。我们能说那么多人来参与调查,这已经出乎我们的意料了。Still, according to people familiar with the matter, U.S. aviation officials are operating largely out of the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and shuttling to meetings with Malaysian officials- -instead of being based full-time in Malaysian offices alongside local investigators, as would often be the case. The U.S. team includes a handful of investigators from the FAA and National Transportation Safety Board.不过,据知情人士透露,这一次美国航空部门官员基本上绕开了美国驻吉隆坡使馆,在使馆外与马来西亚官员进行了会面,而不是采用以往常见的做法,派调查人员驻马来西亚办公室,与当地调查人员一起工作。美国调查团队包括了一批来自美国联邦航空局(Federal Aviation Administration, 简称FAA)和美国全国运输安全委员会(National Transportation Safety Board, 简称NTSB)的调查人员。The embassy declined to comment on the level of cooperation between the two countries.对于两国之间的合作程度,美国驻马来西亚使馆不予置评。Malaysian authorities take pride in having assembled a broad multinational coalition to search the Indian Ocean for the wreckage of the Boeing 777, and in the process ceded some of their authority to direct the hunt. The government has repeatedly sought outside help to locate and eventually try to retrieve remnants of the plane carrying 239 people, asking for everything from satellite imagery to search planes to specialized underwater recovery equipment.马来西亚召集了一广泛的跨国搜救力量,在印度洋搜寻失联波77飞机的残骸,在此过程中马来西亚移交了一部分指导搜寻工作的权力,马来西亚当局对此引以为傲。该国政府已多次向外界寻求帮助,希望国际力量协助其确定飞机位置并最终试图找到失踪飞机残骸。从卫星图像、搜救飞机到专用水下搜救设备,马方向外界寻求了一切搜救力量。失踪的马航客机上载39名乘客和机组人员On the criminal aspect of the investigation, Malaysian police are working very closely with the international agencies, Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein told reporters Friday.马来西亚国防部长希沙慕丁#8226;侯赛Hishammuddin Hussein)周五对记者表示,在刑事调查方面,马拉西亚警方正在与国际机构进行密切合作。But investigators from the Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing Co. focusing on aircraft performance and systems have expressed concern about poor coordination and information flow, according to people familiar with the matter.然而据知情人士透露,关注飞机性能和系统的FAA的调查人员和波音公司(Boeing Co.)表达了对协调不力和信息流不畅通问题的担忧。Boeing, without the full involvement of Malaysian investigators, has run some computer models of the last phase of the flight, highlighting another point of tension in the probe, two people familiar with the matter said. These so-called engineering simulations seek to lay out the most likely movements of the plane before and after it is presumed to have run out of fuel. Such work typically would be more closely coordinated with leaders of the overall investigations, according to these people.两位知情人士称,波音在没有马方调查人员全面参与的情况下用计算机模拟了失联客机飞行的最后阶段,这也凸显出了两国在调查中的紧张关系。这些所谓的“工程模拟engineering simulations)试图展示假定飞机燃料耗尽之前和之后的移动情况。这两位知情人表示,这种工作通常需要整个调查工作的领导者在场,这样才可以更紧密地协调进行。Boeing on Friday re-emphasized that it continues to serve as a technical adviser to the NTSB.波音周五再次强调,该公司将继续担当NTSB的技术顾问。An FAA spokeswoman said the agencys working relationship with the Malaysian Directorate General of Civil Aviation has been strong for many years and has continued to be strong throughout the investigation.FAA发言人表示,多年来,FAA和马来西亚民航总局(Malaysian Directorate General of Civil Aviation)一直保持着密切的合作关系,在此次调查中也继续保持着这种关系。The current tensions between U.S. and Malaysian investigators have roots in issues that appeared three weeks ago, people familiar the matter said, soon after the flight dropped off civilian radar March 8 en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur.知情人士称,当前美国和马来西亚调查人员之间的紧张气氛在三周前就已经初见端倪了日从吉隆坡飞往北京70航班从民用雷达上消失后不久,双方的合作就开始出现问题。From the beginning, according to a U.S. government official and others, Boeing was upset that it took about three hours- -much longer than would be typical- -for Malaysian authorities to inform company representatives the jet hadnt been heard from.美国政府官员和其他人士透露,波音从一开始就对马来西亚当局在大约三小时后(比一般情况下晚了许多)才通知公司代表客机失联消息的做法感到不悦。Boeings team remains quite frustrated and doesnt trust the process, according to one person familiar with the companys views.一位了解波音看法的知情人士称,波音的团队仍相当沮丧,他们并不信任调查过程。FAA and NTSB officials didnt play a prominent role in briefing Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak just before his somber announcement Monday that Flight 370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean. The analysis was based primarily on work done by satellite-operator Inmarsat ISAT.LN +0.07% PLC and the U.K.s Air Accidents Investigation Branch, the NTSBs British counterpart. Officials in Kuala Lumpur and the AAIB have a long-standing relationship on safety matters.马来西亚总理纳吉Najib Razak)周一黯然宣布70航班“坠入了南印度洋”。在马方宣布这一消息之前,FAA和NTSB的官员在向纳吉布通报情况方面并没有扮演一个重要角色。飞机坠海结论的主要依据是卫星公司Inmarsat PLC和英国空难事故调查署(UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch, 简称AAIB)的分析结果。马来西亚官员和AAIB官员在安全事务上有长期合作关系The Malaysians have a much closer association with the AAIB than with the NTSB, according to one person familiar with Malaysia Airlines operations. There is simply a greater comfort level there.一位熟悉马来西亚航空营运情况的知情人士表示,马来西亚与AAIB的联系比它与NTSB的联系要密切得多,马来西亚觉得与AAIB合作更安心一些。NTSB spokeswoman Kelly Nantel said there is no friction between the U.S. and Malaysian investigators, adding they are all working together, with one common goal.NTSB发言人南特尔(Kelly Nantel)称,美方和马方调查人员之间不存在擦,所有人都在为一个共同的目标而努力。Malaysian authorities say that background checks have been completed on all passengers by their countries of origin and that no one stands out as a suspect. At the same time, Malaysian and U.S. officials also say they havent ruled out any potential cause for the planes disappearance, including the possibility that a passenger was involved.马来西亚当局称,失踪飞机上所有乘客的背景调查已经由他们的原籍国家完成,没有发现疑犯。与此同时,马来西亚和美国官员还表示,他们不排除造成飞机失踪的任何潜在原因,包括乘客人为造成的可胀?Most of the 14 countries with passengers on the plane havent disclosed how they conducted the background checks or what guidelines they followed in clearing passengers. Chinese officials didnt respond to requests for comment how it conducted its background checks on the 153 Chinese citizens on board. Malaysia, too, hasnt provided details other than to say it focused on possible terrorism, sabotage and personal or psychological issues.机上乘客来自14个国家,这些国家大多没有对外披露它们是如何进行背景调查的,也没有披露它们是遵循怎样的标准排除了乘客的嫌疑。记者要求中国政府官员就政府如何对机53名中国公民进行背景调查置评,但没有得到回应。马来西亚政府也没有提供相关细节,只表示,他们的背景调查集中在可能的恐怖主义、破坏活动、个人或心理问题方面。Indonesia said it relied on international guidelines in clearing all of its seven passengers, but didnt say who wrote the guidelines. We dont use our own standard, said police spokesman Agus Rikwanto. We use the standard used internationally that is used in investigating any suspicious individual. The results are they are cleared.印尼称,他们按照国际标准排除了机名印尼乘客的嫌疑,但没有透露这些标准是谁写给他们的。印尼警方发言人Agus Rikwanto说,“我们没有采用我们自己的标准,而是采用了国际上用于排查疑犯的标准,调查结果排除了他们的嫌疑。”来 /201403/282972

Looking Trousers挑选裤子款式What can I do you?我能帮您什么吗?I am looking a pair of trousers. Do you have any good ideas?我想要条裤子,你能给我点建议吗?What about jeans? It the fashion now.牛仔裤怎么样,现在正流行的I dont like it.Actually I am looking slacks.我不喜欢牛仔裤,其实我是在找条宽松裤Then,how about this?售货员:这件怎么样?It seems all right.Do you have pantaloons?它看上去不错,你有马裤吗? 1968必背句型:A:The legal adviser is not competent to try the case.该法律顾问无权审理该案件B:Why cannot try the case?为什么不能?The court has no right to try the case.该法院无权审理该案件You are not competent to go through our in-house training.你无权参加我们公司的内部培训You have no right to go through our in-house training.你无权参加我们公司的内部培训延伸阅读:A:When was this put into effect?这个什么时候生效?B:Six weeks elapsed bee the legal adviser document was put into effect.法律顾问的文件6周以后生效New natural law was put into effect after two weeks.新自然法两个星期后生效Fiscal law has been put into effect.财政法已经生效When is labour law put into effect?劳工法什么时候生效? 5

面试英语口语Lesson39:About the Job of a Salesperson经典对话:70.I came in answer to your advertisement a salesperson.我是来应征贵公司所招聘的售货员一职的71.I see.Will you walk this way,please?我明白了,请到这边来好吗?7.What experience have you had?你有什么经验呢?73.Im afraid I havent had any experience in just this sort of work.Im studying business administration in college.I want to get a job that would tie in with my studies.这种工作我恐怕没有什么经验我大学学的是商业管理,我想找一个与所学知识有关联的工作7.Have you got any selling experience at all?你有售货的经验吗?75.I worked in a department store in a small town last summer vacation.我去年暑假在一个小城镇的百货店工作过76.What subjects did you like most at university?你在大学时最喜欢什么课程?77.I like sales strategies most.我最喜欢销售策略这门课78.Now tell me about your educational background.请给我讲讲你的教育背景79.I graduated from Beijing College of Commerce.我毕业于北京商学院750.I majored in commerce.我主修商业专业751.What courses have you completed?你修过哪些课程?75.The courses I completed are marketing,business law,business English,statistics,marketing principles,sales management,distribution theory,economics and psychology.我修过的课程有:市场营销、商业法、商务英语、统计学、营销原理、销售管理、商品配销理论,经济学和心理学753.Why would you like to work with us?你为什么愿意来我们这儿工作?75.It a job Im interested in,and your company is one of the best known.Although I have no work experience as a salesperson,the job description you sent was very interesting.It a job Ive been dreaming of since I was at university.贵公司是最有名气的公司之一,我也喜欢这种工作虽然我没有什么销售员的经验,你们给我的职位说明很有意思,这是我上大学时就想从事的工作755.Do you know anything about this company?你了解本公司吗?756.Yes,a little. As you mentioned just now,yours is an American capital company.As far as l know your company is a world famous one which produces cosmetics and skin -care products.我知道一些,正如你所提到的,贵公司是一家美资公司,据我所知,贵公司是一家世界著名公司,生产化妆品和护肤品757.In what department did you work?你以前在哪一部门工作呢?758.I was in women Fashion Department.我在女装部工作759.Have you got an excellent record in English?你英语成绩好吗?760.Yes,I think I can manage English conversations with American staff members.是的,我认为我可以和美国员工进行英语会话情景案例:Dialogue A(I Interviewer主试人 A Applicant申请人)I: Come in,please.A: Is this the General Manager office?I: Yes,it is.Be seated,please.A: Thanks.I: May I have your name?A: Linda Li.I was asked to have an interview this afternoon.I: Yes.How old are you,Miss Li?A: Im 5.I: How many people are there is your family?A: Four.They are my father,my mother,my elder brother and me.I: What do your parents do?A: My father is a purchaser at a department store and my mother is a saleswoman at the same store.I: Now tell me about your educational background.A: OK.I graduated from Beijing College of Commerce.My major is commerce.I: What courses have you completed?A: The courses Ive completed are marketing,business law,business English,statistics,marketing principles,sales management,distribution theory,economics and psychology.I: How are your grades?A: I have got an average of 90 points.I: What subject did you like best at college?A: I liked sales strategies best.I: Can you explain why?A: I like dealing with people.It quite challenging.I: Have you got an excellent record in English?A: Yes,I obtained nearly full marks in English.I: That only your written work, Im afraid.What about your oral English?You know,some staff members in this company are Americans as ours is an American capital company.So conversational English is very important in our company.A: I think I can manage English conversations with American staff members.At college I often practice oral English with my classmates or cassettes.I: Why are you interested in the job?A: Because I love your company.Yours is one of the effective and respectable companies in this area.I: I see.Have you worked anywhere else?A: Yes.Four years ago,I began to work in a developing company in Nantong. One year later,I came to Shanghai,and worked in a small department store as a salesgirl.and now Im secretary to Gemeral Manager of Xin Xin Department Store.I: OK.We have received your letter and resume in answer to your advertisement in the paper.Id like to talk about your qualifications the position.A: I think you must have got a lot of replies to your advertisement.I: I havent counted the exact number of the replies,but I think there were at least thirty the job.However,many who applied dont have the qualifications we require.We only picked out the ten best replies interviews.And yours is just among them.A: Thanks.Im glad that my letter is acceptable.I: You mentioned in your letter that you had worked in a small department store as a salesperson.In what department?A: Ladies fashion.I: Did you like the job?A: Yes, I liked it very much.In fact,I have a good taste in dress.I think Im interested in clothing design and like to be dressed in fashion.I: Well,Miss Li,it was nice talking to you.However,we want to interview the other applicants bee making any final decision.You will hear from us soon.Thank you your coming,Miss Li.A: Thank you Sir.I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.Notes注释:1.Be seated,please.请坐.My father is purchaser at a department store and my mother is a saleswoman at the same store.我父亲是一家百货商店采购员,我母亲是同一商店的售货员3.I have got an average of 90 points.我各门成绩平均90分.Yes.Four years ago,I began to work in a developing company in Nantong.有过四年前我开始在南通一家正处于发展阶段的公司工作5.We only picked out the ten best replies interviews.And yours is just among them.我们只挑选了十位最优秀的申请人来参加面谈,你的材料是其中之一6.Ladies fashion.女装部7.In fact,I have a good taste in dress事实上,我对时装很有眼光Words and Expressions:salesperson n.售货员tie in with 与……有关联commerce n.商业marketing n.市场营销statistics n.统计学psycology n.心理学cosmetics n.化妆品skincare products 护肤产品skincare一词由skin(皮肤)+care(护理)组成English convesations 英语会话purchaser n.采购员,购买者sales strategies 销售策略,销售方法pick up v.挑选ladies fashion 女式时装 756A decision by Warren Buffetts Berkshire Hathaway Inc. BRKB -0.14% to end a large wager on the municipal-bond market is deepening questions from some investors about the risks of buying debt issued by cities, states and other public entities. 位于内布拉斯加州奥马哈市的伯克希尔哈撒韦公司近日终止了为82.5亿美元市政债券承保的信用违约掉CDS)。该公司在本月提交给监管机构的季度备案文件中披露了此事。一个了解这笔交易的人说,这其实是将巴菲特在金融危机之前押下的美0多个州将按时付账单的赌注提前五年结束The Omaha, Neb., company recently terminated credit-default swaps insuring .25 billion of municipal debt. The termination, disclosed in a quarterly filing with regulators this month, ended five years early a bullish bet that Mr. Buffett made before the financial crisis that more than a dozen U.S. states would keep paying their bills on time, according to a person familiar with the transaction. CDS是一种与保险类似的合约,如发生债券违约,伯克希尔哈撒韦公司就要负责付赔偿金。这位知情者说,这些CDS最初由雷曼兄弟控股公司(Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.)007年购买,也就是这个华尔街投行申请破产一年多以前The insurance-like contracts, which required Berkshire to pay in the event of bond defaults, were originally purchased by Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. in 2007, more than a year before the Wall Street firm filed for bankruptcy, the person said. 没有披露有关终止文件的细节。目前并不清楚此举会给伯克希尔哈撒韦公司的市政债券赌注带来盈利还是亏损。该公司81岁的董事长兼首席执行长巴菲特拒绝置评Details of the termination, with the Lehman Brothers estate, werent disclosed. It isnt clear whether Berkshires move will leave the company with a profit or loss on the wager. Mr. Buffett, Berkshires 81-year-old chairman and chief executive, declined to comment. 一些投资者说,决定终止这些CDS表明世界上最精明的投资者之一巴菲特对美国地方政府的财政状况持怀疑态度。若果真如此,那么此举对已经购买了这些债券的投资者可能是一个警告。对冲基金经理、个人持有伯克希尔哈撒韦公司股票的马修斯(Jeff Matthews)说,巴菲特之所以提早取消CDS,很可能是不想再拥有这个敞口了,因此在能跑的时候就跑Some investors said the decision to end the bet indicates that one of the worlds savviest investors has doubts about the state of municipal finances. If so, the move could be a warning to investors who have purchased such debt. In canceling the contracts early, Mr. Buffett probably doesnt want this exposure anymore and is getting out while he can, said Jeff Matthews, a hedge-fund manager who personally owns Berkshire shares. 马里兰大University of Maryland)史密斯商学院(Robert H. Smith School of Business)教授、也持有伯克希尔哈撒韦公司股票的卡斯(David Kass)说,巴菲特可能认为美国地方财政现在的风险要比当初伯克希尔建立此头寸时大。目前,投资者正疯狂买入市政债券,不断推高债券价格,压低收益率。一项跟踪高信用评级市政债券的指数年初至今的表现要好过美国国债。据数据提供商Lipper统计,投资者上周向美国市政债券共同基金注入.64亿美元,为连续第18周资金净流入David Kass, a professor at the University of Marylands Robert H. Smith School of Business who also owns Berkshire shares, said Mr. Buffett may perceive more risk to municipalities than when Berkshire entered into the positions. Berkshires move comes as investors are flooding into municipal debt, keeping bond prices high and yields low. An index of highly rated municipal bonds has outperformed government bonds so far this year. Last week, investors poured 4 million into municipal-bond mutual funds, marking 18 consecutive weeks of inflows, according to data firm Lipper. 上周四,美国加州发售00亿美元短期债券,发售规模创今年以来市政债券之最。大型投资者对于这批债券的需求十分旺盛,从而使得加州能.33%.43%的利率发013年年中到期的债券,这些债券将帮助加州满足本财年的现金流需求Last Thursday, California sold billion in short-term notes in the biggest municipal debt sale year to date. The offering saw strong demand from large investors, and California was able to borrow at rates of 0.33% and 0.43% for notes maturing in mid-2013 that will help the state meet its cash flow needs for the current fiscal year. 投资者本来可能视美国国债为市政债券的替代投资品,但前者较低的新发行量和超低收益率让投资者一直极为关注市政债券,尽管在这方面已经出现了很多警告标志,如加州已有三个城市按照联邦破产法第九章申请了破产保护A relatively low supply of new bonds being issued and ultralow yields on Treasury debt that investors might otherwise consider as an alternative to municipal bonds have kept interest in municipal bonds strong despite numerous warning flags, such as the 9 bankruptcy-protection filings by three California cities. 虽然市政债券出现违约的情况还很少见,但分析人士说,最近接二连三的破产申请令投资者不安。例如,加州斯托克顿市正提议将大幅削减债权人所获金额作为该市进行债务重组的一部分。穆迪投资者务公Moodys Investors Service)上周警告称,加州各地发行的市政债券的违约风险正在上升,原因是很多城市面临巨大的预算缺口。惠誉国际评Fitch Ratings)周一发布报告预测说,很多地方政府的财政状况持续承压Although actual defaults remain rare, analysts said the recent bankruptcy filings raise troubling issues for investors. Stockton, Calif., for example, is proposing large reductions in the payments bondholders will receive as part of its restructuring. Moodys Investors Service warned last week that the risk of default on municipal bonds in California is rising due to large budget gaps faced by many cities. A Fitch Ratings report Monday predicts continued stress for many local governments. 伊利诺伊州金融(Illinois Finance Authority)主席、为陷入财务困境的城市和公司提供咨询的机构Development Specialists Inc.首席执行长布兰德(Bill Brandt)说,此事需要引起关注。他说,这些地方政府的领导人中有很多似乎随时准备让债权人成为纳税者圣坛上的祭品,而不是让纳税者向债权人低头,而现实情况历来都是如此 /201208/196389

必背句型:A:I have a deadline to meet.我必须遵守期限B:Then you will be busy.那样你会很忙Im running out of time.我现在时间紧迫I dont have enough time to finish that job.我时间不够了Im under the gun.我被这期限压得喘不过气来延伸阅读:A:Youve done a very good job.你做得不错B:I think half of the credit should go to you.我想我成功一半的功劳应该归你Oh,it nothing special actually.哦,实际上没什么特别的I played only a small part in the whole thing.我在这件事里只起了很小的作用Thank you,but it not really all that good.谢谢你,不过确实没那么好 7588

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